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Is New York City Open

Child Care And Summer Activities For Children Will Begin Opening In New Jersey

New COVID Vaccines Sites Open In New York City, On Long Island

Gov. Philip D. Murphy of New Jersey announced that over the next several weeks the state would permit child care services to fully open and some summer programs for children to begin operating.

During his daily briefing on Friday, the governor said he would sign an executive order allowing child care services to open to anyone on June 15 they have been open for children of essential workers.

As more and more workers prepare to get back out to their jobs, we must ensure a continuum of care for their children, Mr. Murphy said.

Outdoor, non-contact sports practices can begin on June 22, and youth day camps, including city summer programs, can open July 6.

The governor said he believed the state would be able to reduce restrictions on gatherings by June 12 in a way that will allow for greater indoor religious services. He did not give specifics but said his administration would work with religious leaders to determine proper safeguards for services.

Other updates from Mr. Murphys briefing:

  • The state is creating a $100 million relief program to help low and moderate-income families to pay rent.Very low-income families and those at risk of homelessness could receive up to 12 months of rental assistance.

  • The governor announced 131 new deaths of the virus, bringing the states death toll to 11,531. He reported 183 new virus-related hospitalizations, which he called a meaningful decrease from the previous days report of 365.

New York City Will Fully Reopen To Visitors In July

There is positive news for those hoping to visit New York City as it plans to fully reopen on 1 July. This is 16 months after it closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Citing strong vaccination numbers in the city, Mayor Bill de Blasio told MSNBCs Morning Joe show that the plan is to open stores, business, offices and theaters “full strength” on that date. Governor Andrew Cuomo has also revealed that seating in bars will be permitted again from 3 May, while the 12am food and beverage service curfew will be lifted for outdoor dining areas from 17 May and indoor dining areas beginning 31 May.

The citys official destination and marketing organization, New York City & Company, revealed that it is reemerging with new outdoor dining spaces, chic new hotels and revamped transportation services. A major push towards reopening has come in the form of a $30 million marketing campaign investment announced by de Blasio. The NYC Reawakens initiative aims to show that New York City is a “fairer, better and more vibrant city than ever before.”

There are new plans and initiatives with issues like sustainability, diversity and spreading the wealth throughout all five boroughs, and an emphasis on taking the lessons learned from the shutdown and implementing them in new ways. One plan involves expanding outdoor dining into a full-fledged outdoor cafe scene like the ones often found on the streets of Paris or Milan.

Tell Us About The Moments That Have Brought You Hope Strength Humor And Relief

The coronavirus outbreak has brought much of life in New York to a halt and there is no clear end in sight. But there are also moments that offer a sliver of strength, hope, humor or some other type of relief: a joke from a stranger on line at the supermarket a favor from a friend down the block a great meal ordered from a restaurant we want to survive trivia night via Zoom with the bar down the street.

Wed like to hear about your moments, the ones that are helping you through these dark times. A reporter or editor may contact you. Your information will not be published without your consent.

Reporting was contributed by Luis Ferré-Sadurní, Christina Goldbaum, Jeffery C. Mays, Jesse McKinley, Andy Newman, Azi Paybarah, Joel Petterson, Aaron Randle, Dana Rubinstein, Matt Stevens and Katie Van Syckle.

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New York State Guidance

At the state level, most coronavirus restrictions were lifted on June 15. The government no longer requires businesses to maintain social distancing or masking and cleaning protocols businesses are free to continue implementing these measures on an individual basis if they choose. In addition, businesses no longer need to gather patrons contact-tracing information.

Restrictions remain in effect for large-scale indoor event venues . Proof of vaccination can be used to eliminate social distancing and mask requirements. Unvaccinated or unknown vaccination status individuals who are over the age of four must continue to present proof of a recent negative diagnostic Covid-19 test result and wear masks within the venue. But social distancing can be reduced or eliminated between tested attendees, allowing venues to reach 100 percent capacity in all sections.

Health and safety protocols, like masking and social distancing, remain in place in certain settings, including public transit and schools.Proof of full vaccination status can be provided by attendees through paper form, digital application or the New York State Excelsior Pass.

For more information, visit

New York City Barbershops And Salons Are Open That Doesn’t Mean Business As Usual

New York City

On a sticky September Saturday, Linwood Dillard and Shakeya Mervin work tirelessly on two of their regulars. Both barbers and business partners, Dillard and Mervin bring haircuts to the residents of Harlem, New York seven days a week on a reassembled white minibus on Lenox Avenue.

And while the essence of a traditional barbershop remains present, the familiar sounds of buzzing clippers and lively conversations are drowned out on the mobile barbershop. In addition to the bustle of Harlem, the barbers compete to be heard over the loud hum of the generator that powers the bus.

Many people in the beauty industry have found themselves tasked with getting creative to remain in business as the public continues to grapple with the fear of reinfections and emerging variants of Covid-19. Even as New York City has officially reopened, barbers and hairstylists fear a future where their regulars may no longer need their services.

Dillard, also known as “Da Barber God” by his customers for his sharp razor and clipper skills, isn’t worried though. “People trust me because everyone around here knows us,” he said. “We could be out and about and people are like, ‘Hey you’re the barbers from the bus.’ So, even during the pandemic my clients never left.”

“Harlem is my home, and this is my location,” he said. “I stayed in this spot during the pandemic, and parking here is kind of like, ‘Hey, I’m back.'”

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City Positive Testing Rate Falls To 5 Percent

Only 5 percent of people in New York City tested for the coronavirus were positive, the lowest daily figure the city has yet recorded, Mayor de Blasio said on Friday.

A low positive rate is an indicator that the virus is spreading more slowly. At the height of the outbreak in early April, more than 70 percent of those tested in the city were positive, Mr. de Blasio said.

What a good sign this is, the mayor said.

Other news from Mr. de Blasios morning briefing:

  • The city will provide two million free face coverings to businesses and workers as part of the plan to help over 200,000 people get back to work once the city meets state criteria to begin reopening.

  • The city will provide 10,000 tablets with built-in internet to senior citizens in public housing. The computers will let isolated New Yorkers see their doctors via telemedicine appointments.

Teen Who Pleaded Guilty In Deadly Botched Robbery Of Tessa Majors Gets 9 Years To Life

De Blasio believes that the new initiative will piggy back off of the success of its predecessor, the Open Streets program.

“This is the kind of thing that people are going to love because it has all the life and vitality, of New York City. All the diversity, all the energy will be on display in these Open Boulevards. So this is going to be the summer of New York City and the Open Boulevards are going to be a great example of the reason people will flock here to experience what we have in a way that no other place on earth has.”

The city will be opening 10 boulevards across the five boroughs to begin on a rolling basis in the next few weeks.

“This is a crucial piece of a recovery for all of us doubling down on what is great about New York City, doubling down on the things that make us special.everyone will benefit,” the mayor said. “Neighborhoods will benefit for sure. Restaurants will benefit…we want all of them to be strong in the year 2021. Open Boulevards is going to help us do that.”

According to de Blasio, the city will also continue to focus on where the need is greatest to bring equity to its streets through public spaces and programming in the 33 neighborhoods hardest hit by the pandemic.

Projects are already underway in 20 if the 33 neighborhoods, according to the mayor. The projects include:

  • New Open Streets

NYC Open Streets, Open Restaurants to Become Permanent, Year-Round Initiatives

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New York City Is Back

  • New York City is back.
  • America’s biggest city is recovering as New Yorkers return and its economy reopens.
  • It’s not the same as pre-pandemic NYC, but it’s the beginning of the city’s next chapter.

I knew New York City was back when I found myself dancing on top of a booth in an East Village bar last weekend.

The night began with dinner out and ended with another bargoer’s drink on my shoe, eating pizza on the street, and an invitation from a six-pack-wielding stranger for my friends and I to drink beer and play “Mario Kart” at his apartment.

That is all to say: It was a normal Saturday night in NYC, one event in a weekend that felt very much like the Before Times. I also worked in the Insider office for the first time that Friday and hit the gym on Sunday.

Pfizer made all these adventures possible, and it seems that the vaccines are having the same effect on New Yorkers across the city.

For the past month, I’ve noticed the magical and exhausting things that make New York New York coming to life again: a stalled 1 train, a crowded 6 train, getting turned down by a full cab, tourists getting in my way of shopping on Fifth Avenue, trying four newly opened restaurants, the throngs of sunbathers and picnickers in Central Park, and the familiar murmurs of gossip and chatter over wine glasses on a rooftop. It’s not just a feeling: New York City’s economy is genuinely healing.

The 15 Best Places For Open Mic In New York City

Coronavirus Update: NYC School Still Open, For Now

Soul Train: Open Mic with Ron Grant – Sundays Read more.

New York Habitat: Put on your dancing shoes and come here for a night of jukin’ and jivin’. Don’t miss out on the open mic Sundays, there’s some amazing talent.

Flora Gnr: Open mic with Cheryl is incredible ! – Monday night

Angela Cook: Be sure to go on a Monday night. They have an open mic for only three dollars! Cheapest open mic spot in the city.

Mad Mimi: Be sure to check out the open mics!

Geoffroy Bablon: Get here EARLY for the open mic nights. Better yet, get a $20 “VIP” ticket online, and then you’ll still want to get there early but at least you’ll have a chair from which to watch the show.

Deveter Lane: Tuesday Nights this summer stop by for the Blues open mic with The Back Alley Players

Shermaine Johnson: Food is fantastic and reasonably priced & great spot to meet legendary celebrities especially on the Thursday open Mic night

Jas Brown: Thursday nights are the best!! Open mic is amazing, almost everybody can sing and celebrity sightings aren’t rare! Try the strawberry butter on the cornbread 🙂

Gina Robertello: Great open mic place – if u want a good piña colada this is a good spot – sidecar? Nit so much.

Angel: Small piano bar. We went on a Saturday night and they had open mic. Since it’s small, we didn’t have to wait too long to sing. No cover, but they make up for it with drink prices.

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The City Record Online

The City Record Online is now a fully searchable database of notices published in the City Record newspaper which includes but is not limited to: public hearings and meetings, public auctions and sales, solicitations and awards and official rules proposed and adopted by city agencies.

Visitors can to receive notifications by email in their areas of interest and also download bid documents . Returning Visitors: If you have previously set up an account on CROL please click to validate your registered account on our new site. You will need to complete the sign up process using the email linked to your former account to access your previous notification settings. After completing this step, you will be able to log in directly on return visits.

The City Record print edition and The City Record Online are produced by the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services.

Were Coming Back As The Smartest Cuomo Says Of New York State

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York said regions around the state are moving into Phase 2 of reopening, and that New York City will enter Phase 1 on June 8.

And everyone knows weve been looking at the numbers, looking at the metrics in terms of different regions across the state. The overall state was hit the hardest by this virus. And were coming back as the smartest. This is all about opening smart, which means what? Which means youre tracking the virus. And we can now track it on a day-to-day basis to help us, inform us about our decisions and how we should react. We can rely on this data, and the five regions that have been in Phase 1 can now move to Phase 2. Phase 2 is all office-based jobs, real estate services, retail, reopening barbershops, hair salons, reopening reopening in New York City is more complicated as we know. But we are on track to meet all the metrics. Hospital capacity of 70 percent, we want 30 percent hospital capacity. So God forbid something goes wrong, we have the hospital beds. We have to have the testing in place, which we do, the contact tracing is being brought up to speed. We are on track to open on June 8, which is one week from Monday and next week as I mentioned, well be following up on these issues.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said on Friday that New York City, one of the global centers of the coronavirus pandemic, would begin reopening on June 8, the first step in ending one of the countrys strictest lockdowns.

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The Virus Is Forcing Nyc To Consider Borrowing Billions

The coronavirus pandemic has plunged New York City into a dire fiscal crisis and forced top officials to contemplate a maneuver that once brought New York to disrepair: letting the city borrow billions of dollars to cover basic operating expenses.

Numerous fiscal experts and public officials, including Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, are leery of giving the city permission to take on significant debt, sensitive to the history of reckless borrowing that led the city to the brink of bankruptcy in 1975.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has asked legislative leaders to grant him permission to issue bonds to cover operating costs, saying he would do so only as a last resort.

Doing so, however, has become a real possibility: Legislative leaders are discussing the issue with the governors office and city officials.

Mr. Cuomo said on Thursday that issuing bonds to pay for operating expenses was fiscally questionable.

We dont want to create a situation where the state or any local government borrows so much money that they cant repay it, and then you have to start to cut service and now youre in that vicious downward spiral, he said. New York City has been there before.

Scott M. Stringer, the city comptroller, said that if the city borrowed $7 billion to cover expenses, it could be on the hook for more than $500 million a year in debt payments for the next 20 years.

New York City Will Reopen 100% On July 1 Mayor Bill De Blasio Says

Gallery of New York City
  • New York City will fully reopen starting July 1, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced.
  • The city as of Wednesday had administered more than 6 million doses of Covid vaccines, with roughly 36% of the city’s adult population fully vaccinated, according to city data.
  • “We are ready for stores to open, for businesses to open, offices, theaters, full strength,” the mayor said.

New York City will fully reopen starting July 1, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Thursday.

“We are ready for stores to open, for businesses to open, offices, theaters, full strength,” de Blasio said in announcing the date on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

It’s the first time the city will be fully reopen in more than a year. The first shutdown began March 2020 when the city became the U.S. epicenter in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he would like to see the city reopen before the date pitched by de Blasio. “I don’t want to wait that long. I think if we do what we have to do we can reopen earlier,” Cuomo said, according to NBC New York.

Restaurants, gyms, shops, hair salons and arenas will open at full capacity. Smaller theaters could reopen over the summer and Broadway is on track for opening by September. Schools will be back at “full strength” in the fall.

New York City has recorded 923,953 coronavirus cases and 32,461 virus-related deaths as of Wednesday.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether mask mandates will stay in place through the summer.

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