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Is It Safe To Travel To New York

New York Travel Restrictions Can I Travel To New York Right Now

Is It Safe To Visit NYC Right Now? | NYC Tourism Update (April 2022)

TravelPost COVID Travel GuideNew York Travel Restrictions Can I travel to New York right now?

New York has come a long way from being marked as the state with the highest level of COVID-19 infection to the lowest in the country. While the city has granted more free access for travelers, the authorities continue to take up strict measures that help limit the spread of COVID-19. Find out all that you need to know before you plan a visit to New York. Disclaimer: This blog is updated weekly to the best of our knowledge. For the latest travel advisories, we recommend checking the official government website.

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The Subway Is Perfectly Safe To Use

One of the most frequently asked questions about travel to NYC concerns the subway: is it safe? Absolutely! Subway crime has fallen drastically since the nineties. In 1990 the subway saw more than 17K crimes per yeartoday, that number is closer 2k .

Before the pandemic, four million people used the subway every day. With so many places to visit in New York, locals tell us that the subway is the best form of New York transportation even now.

Taking the subway for the first time can be intimidating. Our NYC locals say it’s easy once you get the hang of it, but they can share more tips if you’re nervous.

Local Tip

In the #beforetimes, New Yorkers would skip empty cars they were usually empty for a reason. Now it’s good to find an uncrowded car, but the subway is much less crowded than it used to be.

How Do I Not Look Like A Tourist In New York City

Always act like you know what youre doing. Youll need to act confident. Abide by the sidewalk rules by walking on the right side, always keep walking, and adjust your speed to the people around you. New Yorkers tend to walk fast, so try to keep up. And another thing you should do is not wear New York branded clothing, as this is a dead giveaway.

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Staying Safe From Men In New York

Being a woman means constantly being on guard against the threat of sexual assault. New York is not home to more sexual assaults than any other place in America its simply a place where you need to acknowledge that it does happen.

The majority of sexual assaults in New York and the world are not of the rapist-jumping-out-of-the-bushes variety most of the time, its perpetrated by someone the victim knows. Even so, its smart to be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially at night. Dont listen to your headphones at night. Be extra vigilant in isolated places where there arent other pedestrians.

Do men catcall in New York? Unfortunately, men do catcall women in New York. Its not as bad as Italy or Latin America its more of an every-now-and-then occurrence than a constant-every-time-you-step-outside thing. The best thing you can do is ignore it. The majority of the time, they stop when you dont react.

What if I feel uncomfortable? If a man is following you or making you feel uncomfortable, walk into a public place a bodega , a shop, a restaurant. If you want to leave the neighborhood, call an Uber or Lyft to pick you up.

New Yorkers will always help you if youre in trouble, whether its a cashier, a bartender, or a girl you meet in the bathroom. Ask for help if you need it.

Is Nyc Safe Everything You Need To Know

Best Places to Eat and See in New York City

Is it safe to travel to New York right now? Is NYC dangerous with crime, and at night, and if youre alone or solo? Heres how to stay safe in New York City and avoid crime.

  • How to stay safe in NYC
  • Weve been to a lot of cities throughout our years of travel, all around the world and in all levels of safety, from Guatemala City to Taipei, Taiwan .

    Because New York City is our home, we are always comparing NYC to various things about a new city we visit. We always compare transportation safety, when stores and restaurants close, how crowded the streets and neighborhoods are and most importantly, if we feel safe.

    Every city has problems and there is no perfect destination. Wherever you go, you need to have some level of caution and be aware of your surroundings, whether thats in terms of petty crime or learning a new language.

    Certain cities have more petty crime, like theft, pickpocketing or scams. Almost all cities have some level of dangerous crime.

    To answer the question if New York City is safe for travel and for visiting right now, the answer is a big yes. New York City is one of the safest cities you can travel to and were going to show you why.

    Lets explore why we think NYC is safe, especially for solo travelers, female travelers, people from other parts of the US and for families, too. Well cover everything from walking around, neighborhoods to stay in, the drinking water and beyond!

    Lets get started.

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    Is New York City Dangerous For Visitors

    If you are thinking about coming to NYC, but are wondering Is New York dangerous?, the answer is a qualified no.

    Like most large cities around the world, crime exists in New York City.

    But most serious or violent crimes occur between people who know each other, and usually in neighborhoods that tourists dont go to.

    Having said that, petty thefts like pickpocketing happen in NYC.

    If you educate yourself about how to be safe in NYC, its unlikely that you will have any problems.

    And remember, you could also join other travelers on one of our pay-what-you-wish group walking tours.

    The Subway Can Be Safe But You Don’t Need To Use It

    A common misconception for people visiting the city is that they’ll need to use the subway in order to get to wherever they need to go. While the city is fairly large, it’s not huge to the point where the subway is the only option for travel. For the most part, the subway is best when used for getting from one end of the city to the other, or when traveling to a different borough. The chances are that if one is visiting the city for the first time, they’re likely planning on staying within the center of the city, AKA Manhattan.

    A post shared by MUJI

    There are many ways to travel within the city and while the subway is the most affordable and the quickest, in most cases, it’s not something that first-timers necessarily need to try their hand at. The subway isn’t entirely unsafe but crime rates have gone up, which is something to be aware of.

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    Phone Calls And Mobile Data

    Before you land, disable data roaming and dont answer incoming calls on your mobile phone if you want to keep your monthly bill in check. Invest in a prepaid travel SIM card if keeping in touch with home is important.

    If you need to make calls in New York, buy a US SIM card for local calls and mobile data. Remember, this will only work if your phone is not locked to your Australian carrier. Also note that Australian mobile phones operate on a GSM network. In America, both GSM and CDMA networks are in operation. This means that your Australian handset wont work on a CDMA network such as Verizon. See WhistleOut for more in-depth information on using your mobile phone overseas.

    Consider buying a cheap handset from one of the USs many big-box stores, such as Walmart. It will come with credit preloaded but keep in mind that in America youre charged not just for making calls and sending texts but also receiving them.

    Are Hotels And Airbnbs Safe

    Living in NEW YORK CITY – What is it REALLY like?!

    Yes, hotels in NYC are totally safe! Our best rule of thumb is to always read reviews online at multiple websites before making your booking.

    Airbnbs are typically safe as well note that if you choose to be sharing an Airbnb, like a private room, you will be staying in the hosts home, and you should check that the individual has a verified Airbnb account, for your safety.

    As for hostels in NYC, always lock your valuables in a locker if youre sharing a room, and stay clear of shady guests .

    Even as NYC locals, we like having a hotel experience! Weve stayed at The Local NY in Long Island City and can wholeheartedly recommend staying here, for you.

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    Is Central Park Safe At Night

    Central Park is open from six in the morning to one in the morning. While the park is technically open for the majority of the night, this doesnt mean you should go after dark. The park is almost deserted at night, making you an easy target for crimes, especially if youre alone. Central Park is extremely safe during the day, but nighttime is rather unsafe.

    Try To Blend In With The Locals

    Theres nothing wrong with being a tourist.

    New Yorkers love tourists, so much so, that you can always ask someone for help with directions or if you need any other kinds of assistance.

    However, if you have your head buried in a map, you practically have the word tourist written on your back and may be a target for petty theft.

    Spend a few minutes reading up on the neighborhood you are visiting so you wont be caught off guard.

    Look like you know where youre going. Chances are someone may come up to you and ask YOU for directions!

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    Is New York City Safe To Visit In 2023

    Generally, NYC is a safe place to travel . With some local input, we created this guide to staying safe in New York City. It covers everything from the COVID pandemic to tips for solo travelers.

    Looking for more insider info on safety in NYC? Work with a local for on-the-ground access as you plan your trip. Learn more.

    Is It Safe To Travel To New York Right Now During Covid

    Travelling is always a good idea Travel more and stop wasting money on ...

    New Covid-19 vaccine restrictions will be imposed in New York City in the next few days, as Omicron infections continue to spike across the state.

    People above the age of 12 must provide proof of being fully vaccinated to enter restaurants, cafeterias, coffee shops, all types of restaurants including fast food venues, gyms, fitness centers, pools, and theaters beginning Jan. 29.

    Mayor Bill de Blasio stated earlier this month that the city will implement a vaccine requirement for private-sector workers, making it the first in the United States to implement such action.

    Disclaimer: Travel restrictions and governmental regulations can change rapidly and the information below might be outdated within a few hours. Therefore, double-check all information with your embassy or on official websites. Traveling Lifestyle does not take any responsibility for your decision to travel.


    New York City is experiencing a huge spike in Covid cases due to an Omicron variant outbreak.

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    Top Safety Tips For Traveling To New York

    Yes, it may have a reputation for crime of all kinds but New York is about as safe as any other huge city in the Western world. That means maybe sketchy areas at night mean assaults it also means pickpockets and petty thieves in touristed areas.

    Thats how these big cities work and there are certain things to have in mind when traveling in them. So to help you stay as safe as possible, here are some top safety tips for traveling to New York to keep you safe and sound.

  • Dont leave valuables unattended they will LITERALLY disappear.
  • Keep belongings secure dangling bags, SLRs, shoulder straps, all that stuff make sure its ON you not hanging OFF you.
  • Limit the amount of money youre carrying around with you just more money to LOSE if something bad happens. You can split up your money into different caches and keep some in a money belt.
  • Be vigilant especially at night this is when most bad stuff will happen.
  • If you are around at night, stick to well-lit streets there are so many amazing things to do in New York at night, but be sure to stay with the crowds.
  • Know where youre going before you head out and try not to look TOO much like a tourist. Just helps a little to blend in.
  • Dont show off all your valuable possessions even your smartphone. This will make you more of a target.
  • People in New York are surprisingly friendly ask someone if youre lost. Theyll most likely help you out!
  • Nyc Is One Of The Safest Cities In The World

    Is NYC safe? Absolutely! In fact, New York City recently rated amongst the top 25 safest cities in the world.

    NYC came out ahead of Paris, Rome, Washington D.C., and Dallas. So if youre comfortable picking out baguettes in Paris, youll be fine purchasing hot dogs in Manhattan.

    Local Tip

    Stay alert and don’t sling your bag over your shoulder on the subway that’ll make you an easy target for pickpockets.

    Select your travel preferences below

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    Is New York City Safe For Solo Travelers

    New York City is generally safe for solo travel. During rush hour times, you’ll see countless people walking alone on the sidewalks and riding solo on the subway just to get to and from work. Stick to the populated areas and limit your ventures out to daylight hours and you should be fine.

    If you’re concerned about your safety as a solo traveler, consider staying within a short walk to a subway station to limit your solo walking time. The neighborhoods of West Village, East Village, and Upper West Side are all safe bets in Manhattan. If you stay in a hostel, you may even meet some fellow solo travelers with whom to explore.

    What To Pack For New York

    How Dangerous is NYC Right Now…

    Clothing-wise, youre probably fine sticking with your wardrobe from home unless you live in a hot climate and are coming in winter. Its not necessary to buy any special travel clothing. If you want to blend in with New Yorkers, wear a lot of black.

    Here are other items I recommend:

    Digital guidebook Im a fan of guidebook PDFs that you keep on your phone. Lonely Planet New York is my favorite.

    Comfortable but fashionable shoes I have bad arches and live in comfy but cute shoes from The Walking Company. I strongly recommend black ABEO flats, which have fantastic arch support. You might also like a pair of black boots.

    A crossbody purse that zips. This is the kind of handbag I recommend for keeping your belongings close and safe. . Here is my collection of favorite purses for travel.

    Speakeasy Travel Supply scarf. These beautiful scarves are designed and sewed by my friend have a hidden passport pocket in them. I love these scarves and they are so good at keeping your valuables hidden. Theyre also extremely chic enough to work in a fashion-conscious city like New York.

    Portable safe Leave your valuables locked in this and lock it to something sturdy in your room. I consider my portable safe the most important item I pack.

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    Safety Tips For Bipoc Travelers

    According to U.S. Census Bureau estimates, New York City residents are about 43 percent White, 29 percent Hispanic or Latino, 24 percent Black or African American, and 14 percent Asian. The Big Apple is truly a melting pot of races, cultures, and ethnicities, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to racism. In a 2020 City Commission on Human Rights report , New York residents described racism as “inescapable” in the city however, visiting on a tourism basis is generally safe. BIPOC travelers should follow the standard recommendations against visiting high-crime areas and maintain awareness of their surroundings. If you fall victim to an act of racism, you should report the incident directly to the City Commission on Human Rights.

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    Is The Nyc Subway Really Safe Here Are Some Tips For First

    It’s true that crime rates have gone up regarding the subway, but there’s plenty that first-time visitors can do to travel within NYC.

    Visiting New York City is an experience that will likely last a lifetime. This city is not easily forgettable nor is its energy, which is why so many people are drawn to it in the first place. Along with this type of hectic, face-paced energy, though, come some concerns for travelers visiting for the first time. The biggest question people have is ‘how safe is the subway?’ with the next question to follow being, ‘how safe is New York City, in general?’

    The good news is that like any other city, New York City has its pros and cons, with one of the pros being that its compact nature means visitors are rarely alone. With that being said, again, as with any city, there are some things that travelers should probably avoid – at least during their first time there. Here are some insider tips on how to stay safe while visiting the Big Apple.

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