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Is A Handwritten Will Legal In New York State

How To Avoid Problems With A Handwritten Will

Are hand written wills accepted in New York?

One reason for creating a will and having an estate plan is to take care of family members. A holographic will can create doubt, confusion, and stress for your loved ones. It can make them have to wait longer before claiming their inheritance. At worst, a holographic will can cause fighting among your loved ones.

When putting together a will on your own, handwritten or not, there are some ways to ensure it will hold up in court. It is often wise to consult an experienced estate planning lawyer who can look it over, especially if there are any complicated bequests or a great deal of property is at stake.

Bottom line: A handwritten will can raise many legal questions, but they can be valid, depending on the circumstances.

Is It Really A Will

The first question to ask is whether or not the document you’ve found was really meant to be a will. The person might just have been making some notes, in preparation for writing a real will. Look for evidence that the writer intended the document to serve as a will, including:

  • a statement that “this is my last will and testament” or something similar
  • language naming an executor
  • language that indicates an intent to leave specific items of property to a named person or persons, and
  • a signature at the end.

Speak To An Experienced Wills Attorney Today

This article is intended to be helpful and informative. But even common legal matters can become complex and stressful. A qualified wills lawyer can address your particular legal needs, explain the law, and represent you in court. Take the first step now and contact a local wills attorney to discuss your specific legal situation.

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Holographic Will: Is A Handwritten Will Valid

Do all wills have to be typed? Do they have to be witnessed? Find out more about if and when a handwritten will may be valid, and what is required for a court to honor such a will.

Preparing a will is typically done by printing out the will in a format that complies with state law regarding such things as the number of witness signatures required, notary provisions, etc. But, what if you find yourself in a situation where there are no witnesses available? Or, what if you come across a handwritten will of someone who has died? Can such wills be valid?

Who Can I Name As My Executor

New York Enacts Version of Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act ...

You can name anyone you want as your executor. Executors duties involve probating the will, distributing the assets and handling estate related issues.

Q: Can I name more than one person as my executor? A: Yes. You can appoint co-executors. Sometimes having more than one executor can complicate matters instead of simplifying them. If you name co-executors they both will have to be available to act together with regard to handling your estate.

Q: Does my executor have to live locally? A: There are generally no restrictions as to where your executor resides. However, in most situations your executor should live within the United States of America.

Q: What are the duties of an executor? A: An executor must arrange for the burial of the decedent. He or she must gather the assets of the estate. The executor must notify the parties to the will and the next of kin of the passing of the decedent and of the existence of an estate proceeding. The executor must collect the decedent=s property and pay the estate=s bills. In the end the executor must distribute the decedent=s assets pursuant to the terms of the will.

Q:How does an individual start a probate proceeding? A: To start a probate proceeding a probate petition must be prepared. Upon submission of the probate petition and will, an original raised seal death certificate, and an original paid funeral bill must be submitted to the Surrogates Court in the County in which the decedent resided prior to his or her death.

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Is A Handwritten Will Legally Valid

A story featured in the Guinness Book of World records highlights the shortest Will thats ever been written, and it also happens to be a handwritten Will. A man was facing certain death, so he wrote on his wall: Everything to wife. It doesnt get more straightforward than that. Since there was no disputing that his last Will and Testament was written by him, it held up.

Now, while you or loved ones wont ever want to find yourself in that position, needing to write your Will on the wall at the very last minute, if youre dealing with a handwritten Will that was written by hand by choice or out of necessity, you may have to prove its validity.

Proving that a handwritten Will is as valid as a professionally-prepared, typed Will may come up if the Will is contested, for example, if a family member or beneficiary of the Will doesnt agree with its terms. They might claim that the handwritten Will was not really written by the Testator, or that they were pressured into signing it while under duress.

Being able to prove that a Will is legal and valid is very important. A handwritten Will that is notarized is generally seen as valid. A handwritten Will that is not notarized again, called a holographic Will is only valid in some states.

Does New York Law Recognize Holographic Wills

by Elizabeth Randisi | Sep 10, 2014 | Wills |

A holographic will is essentially a will hand-written by a person, known as the testator, for the benefit of others after he or she dies. Old movies were notorious for using scenes of characters creating holographic wills. Perhaps you remember a Western in which a cowboy is mortally wounded by an arrow to the chest then scrawls out his dying wishes onto his saddle using a knife.

Much like those old movies, the use of the holographic will has faded into history. Generally speaking, the formation of a holographic will today is not considered valid except under very specific circumstances. New York Law, EPTA section 3-2.2. sets forth the following requirements:

The testator must be of sound mind and at least 18 years old.

The will must be handwritten in its entirety. For example, portions of the will cannot be typed or printed and still considered a holographic will.

New York State law only recognizes holographic wills formed by members of the U. S. Armed Forces.

Those members of the U. S. Armed Forces who are eligible to form a holographic will are only permitted to do so while they are currently serving in a conflict.

A holographic will can also be formed by another person who is also serving with or accompanying the testator and acting on their behalf at the formation of the will.

Law of New York-New York State Legislature, EPT Estates, Powers and Trusts- Section 3-2.2 Sep. 08, 2014

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Is A Handwritten Will Legal

The validity of a will is a matter of state law. Holographic wills are only valid if made in one of the following states : Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana , Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Some of these require that the entire will be in the testators handwriting, while others only require that the material provisions be in the testators handwriting. If only the material provisions need to be handwritten, it may be possible to use a last will and testament form that has blanks for the testator to handwrite in such provisions. Of course, it will be helpful to know how to write a will using appropriate language commonly used in wills. A few states also require that the will be dated .

Holographic wills made in one of the above states may also be recognized in the following states: Connecticut, Hawaii, South Carolina, Washington, and Wisconsin. Also, a holographic will that has been admitted to probate in a state that recognizes holographic wills may be recognized in Alabama, Delaware, Iowa, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oregon, or Rhode Island, if it also disposes of property in one of these states.

New York Will Requirements

Executing A New Jersey Will

In order for your will to be valid, it must follow all the requirements set by the state, which usually pertain to the person writing the will and how the will is constructed and executed. An invalid will wonât pass muster in probate and will prove a headache to your loved ones after youâve died.

Anyone can write a will in New York if they are at least 18 years old and of “sound mind and memory” . They can name beneficiaries to receive personal assets and an executor to carry out the terms of the will.

An estate executor in New York must be competent and at least 18 years old. Non-citizens who are not New York residents canât be executors unless there is a co-executor who is a resident of the state. Executors canât be a former felon or have any issues with substance abuse, and may be disqualified if they cannot read or understand English.

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What Happens If I Die Without A Will

Individuals who die without a will are said to die intestate. This means the State of New York or the state that you reside in at the time of your death will decide how your assets are to be distributed. The State of New York has very specific rules concerning the intestate distribution of assets. The following is a brief explanation of the rules:

  • If you are married and youre spouse survives you, he or she will receive all of your property if you die without having children.
  • If you die and you have children, your spouse will receive the first $50,000.00 of your assets plus one half of the remainder of your estate.
  • If you do not have a spouse that survives you, all of your assets of every type and nature will be distributed to your children evenly. If one of your children should predecease you or perish with you in a common disaster, that childs children will receive his or her share of the estate.

Proving The Validity Of A Holographic Will

After the person who wrote the will has passed away, it’s more difficult to prove the validity of a holographic will in probate court. The whole point of having witnesses watch someone sign a will, after all, is so that if there’s any question about the will’s validity, the witnesses can come to court and testify. They can state that they heard the person say the document being signed was his or her will, and that the person seemed aware of what he or she was doing and was not under the undue influence of someone hoping to inherit.

If you’re an executor submitting a holographic will to probate, you must show:

The entire will, or at least all the significant parts, is in the handwriting of the deceased person. That means a fill-in-the-blanks will form isn’t valid if the important partsthe clauses that leave propertyare preprinted. There must be evidence that the handwriting and signature are in fact those of the person who has died. This may be supplied by the testimony of people who were familiar with the person’s handwriting, or if there is an argument over the will’s validity, by an expert in handwriting analysis.

The person intended the document to serve as a will. That’s usually shown by the language of the document itself, as discussed above. It might also be useful to have testimony from others, if the deceased person told them about the will.

Some states also require that the will must be dated as well as signed.

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What Type Of Wills Exist In New York

Simple will: This is the will that you think of when you hear the term Last Will and Testament. A simple will is appropriate to distribute a modest estate that includes uncomplicated assets. It is also used to avoid intestate administration of the estate.

Pour-over will: A pour-over will is a term used to describe a specific type of will and last will that is used to pour the assets of your estate into a trust at the time of your death. In the absence of a will, the remainder of your trust will be distributed using New York State intestate probate laws. In case you decide to use a trust agreement to distribute the majority of your estate assets instead of a last will and testament, you will also need to execute a pour over will.

Holographic will: While most states dont consider holographic wills to be valid, in New York these types of wills are valid and legal but only under very limited circumstances. The maker of a holographic will is required to have testamentary capacity just as with formal wills under New York state law. These must be made by one of the following:

  • A member of the U.S. Armed Forces while in naval or military service during war, declared or undeclared, or other armed conflict involving the armed forces.
  • A mariner while at sea.
  • A person who accompanies or serves an armed force engaged in actual naval or military service during such war or other armed conflict.
  • Other Laws To Consider


    Although your will may still be valid after you move to a new state, certain parts of it may become void or require changes to conform to the unique laws of your new state. For example, Florida law requires that a personal representative must be related to you by blood or a certain degree of marriage. If they are not your relative, they must be a Florida resident.

    If you were previously a resident of Illinois and made a valid will while living there, you might have named your best friend as a personal representative. If that individual does not move with you to Florida, they would not be permitted to serve as a personal representative if you should die there. That provision of your will would not be honored. If you choose a bank or trust company to act as a personal representative, it must have the legal authority to act as a fiduciary in Florida.

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    New York Holographic Wills Made By Military Personnel

    A holographic will is one which is entirely written in the handwriting of the testator . A holographic does not have to meet all of the formal requirements of a last will and testament under New York law. Why doesnt everyone just write their own will in their own handwriting if you can avoid all the rules and regulations? Holographic will are only valid for specific people in specific circumstances.

    Military personnel may write their own wills if they are participating in a war or other armed conflict. People who accompany the armed forces during war or armed conflict may also qualify for valid holographic wills. The intent of the law is to allow individuals involved in combat to write a will without the necessities of formal will drafting when they are in circumstances which could be fatal. The will remains valid for only one year after the testator leaves armed conflict or war. This time is to allow the testator an opportunity to have a proper will drafted.

    Incapacity Following Military Service

    A valid holographic will remain in effect if the testator becomes incapacitated after making the will and before the expiration of the one year period of returning from combat or armed conflict. The holographic will remains valid during the period of incapacity and for one year after a person regains his capacity.

    Getting Legal Help

    Can I Make A Digital Or Electronic Will

    In a few states, you can make a legal will digitally that is, you can make the will, sign it, and have it witnessed without ever printing it out. Although such electronic wills are currently available in only a minority of states, many other states are considering making electronic wills legal. It is generally assumed that most states will allow them in the near future.

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    What Are New York’s Requirements For A Valid Will

    In New York, there are specific requirements that must be followed for a will to be considered valid and admitted to probate. In most cases, the will must be signed at the end by the testator , or by another approved person at the testator’s direction. There must also be two witnesses who sign the will they either need to be present when the testator signs, or the testator must acknowledge to each of them that he or she did sign the will. If these requirements are not followed, the Surrogate’s Court judge might refuse to admit the will to probate.

    How Do I Create A Will In New York

    How To Make a Valid Will In Less Than Four Minutes

    The following are basic requirements in order to create a valid will in New York:

    • Only a resident who is 18 years or older can make a will that is valid in New York.
    • You must be medically determined to be of sound mind and memory, and be writing the will of your own choice . You can read more about it in our undue influence will topic.
    • Since you can only have one will at a time, its required to include a clause declaring it your last will that also invalidates previous wills. This is to avoid confusion if you decide to change the terms of your will in the future.
    • A will must be signed in the sight of two witnesses, who must also be eighteen or older.
    • In general your will must be made on hard copy . In other words, it can not be in video, audio or any other digital file.

    Note: However, New York law allows nuncupative and holographic wills in very limited circumstances. You can read the different types of wills below for further information.

    If youd like your will to be self-proving, then it should also be signed in the presence of a lawyer:

  • You will sign the will
  • Then the witnesses will add their own signatures indicating that they were present when you signed.
  • Finally, the lawyer will notarize the will. Though this isnt required by New York law, its been recommended by the American Bar Association.
  • A will that meets these requirements will be considered self-proving when it arrives at a probate court and will likely require no other proof to be considered valid.

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