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How To Ride The Train In New York

Live By The Subway Map

How to Ride the New York City Subway

A subway map is your lifeline to deciphering New York City’s underground train network. Subway maps are available at subway stations and most drugstores and convenience stores in New York City. They also are available for printing from the Manhattan Transportation Authority’s website. If you can’t find a portable subway map, large maps are posted for reference in each subway station.

Embrace The Surroundings Of Nyc

If you have never ridden on a public bus or subway, you will have the opportunity to do so in New York City. Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs are full of diversity and unique people. Park your car outside of the city and make use of the public transportation options so that you can experience all there is to see. If you are driving alone you are too busy focusing on the traffic and lights to marvel at the beauty of the huge buildings and the street performers. Taking a bus into New York City allows you to sit back and relax and take it all in.

Amtrak Overnight Train Trip Between Florida And New York

My vacations usually begin aboard an Amtrak overnight train trip going from Florida to New York. Though dining options have changed, here is a recap of my recent overnight train trip aboard Amtrak Silver Star.

Editor Note: Please note that the full-service dining car is no longer an option on the Silver Meteor or Silver Star. Plus, now in the midst of the pandemic, there is room service for those in the sleeper car as well as a full-service Café Car. However, the train route, sleeping accommodations and service remain the same.

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Travelling From New Jersey To New York

PATH is the rail system that connects New Jersey with Manhattan. There are two systems: one system runs from the One World Trade Center in New York to Newark and Hoboken in New Jersey, the other runs from 33rd Street in New York to Hoboken and Journal Square in New Jersey. Travelling from New Jersey to New York neednt take too much time. A train ride will take anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes:

Newark Penn Station WTC
Journal Square 33rd St 27 minutes

Click here to find out about the PATH routes.

Important Note For International Visitors

Travel Through Time on NYC Subway With These Historical ...

If your credit card was not issued in the United States, you do not have to enter your zip code. Simply press the # key to proceed. Only American card users have to enter their billing zip code, followed by the # key.

Thats it! You are now the proud owner of a brand-new MetroCard.

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Run Away From Showtime Performers On The Train

I am somewhat biased because in my first few weeks in New York a Showtime performer told me I was standing at a safe distance and then proceeded to kick me in the face doing a spin I hate them.

Showtime is a type of performance Litefeet/pole dancing done as a busking routine using hand holds installed inside New York City Subway cars. Showtime includes acrobatic flips, hat and shoe tricks, and pole tricks. Estimates have placed the number of Showtime dancers in the low hundreds.

They will come on, blast music, and do some spins for your spare change and/or tips.

If you arent interested, dont watch and keep your eyes averted for the duration. You arent obligated to pay any money at all.

If you do enjoy it, thats fine too, but if youre going to sit and watch, then be sure to tip appropriately for enjoying the show!

Ultimately, just get out of the way if you see a group coming on with a stereo and who start yelling as if theyre about to start to dance. Move away from the center of the train car as thats generally where theyll perform and maintain your distance for the duration so you dont meet the same fate I did.

Planning To Use The Subway

Riding the New York City Subway System is easier than it has even been before thanks to the MTA TripPlanner. Now, all you have to do is turn on your smart phone, go to the TripPlanner website, plug in your current location and your destination, and the TripPlanner will give you three different routes to get you where you’re going by subway, bus or a combination of the two. You will also be able to print a customized map.

Even with the TripPlanner and your smartphone, you’ll still need a Subway Map. You won’t be able to get an internet connection at most of the underground train stations or in the tunnels, so the old paper map is still a great tool to have. You should get a copy of a train map even if you’ve never been able to read a map in your entire life. They’re easy to use and extremely easy to get both before you arrive in the city and after. Download the Official NYC Subway Map – Ask for a free map at any Subway Station

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Waking Up On The Train

7:00 am Our Amtrak train was somewhere in North Carolina and the scenery was beautiful. Of course I couldnt help but play the music and lyrics to that old song over and over in my head. Oh well, it goes with the territory.

8:00 am Time to eat again. Unlike dinner where you have a reserved seating time, breakfast are open seating. For coach passengers, its pay-as-you-go, so many will choose to either brown bag it or get snacks from the Club Car.

Eggs, whether omelet, over-easy or scrambled, are prepared to order. No frozen eggs. Real eggs, real toast and even grits. Not to mention piping hot train coffee. Years ago, the coffee was so strong it didnt even need a cup. Now its mellowed a bit and your cup doesnt stay empty for too long.

9:30 am By the time I returned to my room, we were almost out of North Carolina, edging into southern Virginia and only ten hours to New York. My room was already made up the bed stowed into the wall and chairs popped back up. A current USA Today was neatly folded on my chair and a fresh hand towel was placed above the sink.

Make The Subway Map Your Best Friend

Ride the Air Train to JFK Airport in New York City 2021

We are serious, your life will become a lot easier if you have a map handy, and dont worry: even people living in NYC for a long time, take a look at the subway map from time to time.

So take a minute and search for a subway map inside the station or ask the station attendant for a free subway map to go.

Watch our video tutorial below.

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The Path Train New York

In our ultimate Path Train New York guide, youll learn all about the PATH Trains New York, PATH train tickets and all the tips and tricks for getting around with the PATH in NYC. New Jersey has become a great alternative to the overpriced New York City living costs over the years.

Cities like Jersey City or Hoboken can now be equated with hip neighborhoods like Williamsburg, so why not spend the night in the neighboring state? Here you can admire the Manhattan skyline and save some money at the same time. Ok, so now youre in New Jersey, but how do you actually get from New Jersey to Manhattan?

Take The Path Train From New Jersey To Manhattan

The PATH train New York is the means of transportation between New Jersey and NYC, linking the two neighboring states. It is a and is not part of the New York MTA. Well explain how PATH New York works, how to buy tickets, how much it cost, whether you can use your MetroCard and especially what the PATH train stops are in NYC and NJ.

Basically, the PATH operates very similar to the New York Subway system. The trains look a little different and are actually a bit cleaner and only have two FINAL stops in Manhattan, 33rd Street in Midtown and WTC in Lower Manhattan.

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Getting On And Off The Train

Trains only stop at each station for a short time. Stand to the side of the doors so departing passengers can exit, then step onto the train and either find a seat or move toward the center of the car to make room for others. If you’re traveling late at night, choose a train car that has other passengers and is near the front of the train. Once you’re on the train, listen to the announcements for your stop. Subway stations are also clearly marked with the name of the station on the wall where the train comes to a stop.


  • Stand near the attendant booth or in view of security cameras when waiting for the subway.


  • Do not get onto a train car if a passenger is acting strangely or suspiciously. Do not take out money while riding the subway.


  • Stand near the attendant booth or in view of security cameras when waiting for the subway.


  • Do not get onto a train car if a passenger is acting strangely or suspiciously.
  • Do not take out money while riding the subway.

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Figure Out Where You Are And Where Youre Going Via A Nyc Transit App Check Which Direction Of The Train That You Need First


MANY public transit systems allow you to switch directions if you mess up. Going towards Times Square from the Village, but realizing that youre waiting for the wrong train?

In some NYC subway stations, you actually have to leave the subway stationand cross the street above ground before re-entering the subway station for the other direction. Annoying, right? ALWAYS CHECK FIRST before you lose money and time.

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Pets On The New York City Subway

Finally, pets!

The general rule is that pets are not allowed on any of MTAs trains or buses, but there is an exception:

No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container and carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers.

Basically, that means that you can take your pet on if theyre in a bag, and dont bother other people. There are also exceptions for service dogs and animals working for law enforcement of course!

To end such a wordy article, I thought you might like to see my pup, Roo, in his backpack on a train in New York!

Happy travels!

Our Amtrak Train From Florida Arrives New York

7:30 pm Our train began its descent under the Hudson River which takes about 3-4 minutes in the one-way tunnel The ascent begins, your ears pop and you emerge under the bright lights of bustling Penn Station. Time to assemble my luggage. A train person had walked past my room just before arriving in New York asking if anyone would need luggage assistance. Unfortunately, I didnt hear her.

As the train slowly came to a halt, the transom opened, the stairs unfolded and an extended arm from the attendant helped all of us alight from the train. I was the last to leave and to my dismay, the Red Cap had already left with his luggage cart filled to the max. I was alone on the platform, hoping for another Red Cap to come by. Not one in sight.

Just as I was about to haul my gear myself, the conductor steps off the train and asks why I didnt already have the Red Cap to assist me. I said I didnt hear the announcement and I was waiting to see if anyone would return with a luggage cart.

He said no, they had left, but he would help me. I tried to convince him otherwiseit wasnt in his job description for sure. But he wouldnt take no for an answer. He wheeled my two heaviest bags across the platform, up the escalator, and across the expansive station. Not only did he take my bags to the curb, he also flagged down a taxi!

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Waiting For Your Train

Stand back from the platform edge, especially when trains are entering and leaving the station.

Dont go onto the tracks for any reason. If you drop something on the tracks, leave it and let an MTA employee know. Well do our best to help retrieve it.

Board at the center of the train if youre using a personal mobility device or traveling with a stroller. The conductor is usually at the center of the train, making it easier to get attention in case of problem.

How Do I Buy Tickets For The Path New York

How To Ride NYC Subway | NYC Train Tips & Tricks | The Mamuchos

Just like the New York MTA, there are single trips for the PATH train in New York , PATH Train Day + weekly tickets, and monthly passes . In addition, there are tickets for the PATH with a certain number of trips, which you can select in advance at the machine.

This requires the SmartLink Card. This card looks like a credit card, is plastic and must be purchased from a SmartLink Card vending machine. These look different than the normal MetroCard machines, they are slightly narrower, dark blue and have the label SmartLink with the light blue card as a logo.

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Subway And Local Buses

  • $0.05
  • $0.10
  • Bus fare: $0.07 from 1948 until 1950 and $0.10 from 1950 till 1953
  • $0.15
  • Bus fare: $0.13 from 1954 till 1955 and $0.15 from 1956 till 1966 5th Avenue Bus line fare raised to 15 cents on January 1, 1954
  • $0.20
  • $0.30
  • $0.35 In December 1973, the MTA started trialing a program in which passengers could pay a single one-way fare to take round trips on the subway, buses, and railroads on Sundays. Since this resulted in higher ridership, the MTA extended it through the beginning of 1975.
  • $0.50
  • $0.60
  • $0.75
  • $0.90
  • $1.00
  • $1.15
  • $1.25
  • $1.50
  • $2.00
  • $2.25
  • $2.25 base fare
  • $2.50 SingleRide MetroCard ticket fare
  • $2.50 base fare
  • $2.75 SingleRide MetroCard ticket fare
  • $2.75 base fare
  • $3.00 SingleRide MetroCard ticket fare
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    Traveling by train in the United States is a lovely way to see parts of the voluminous country. From city to countryside, trains allow for a unique travel perspective, with assuredly a bit of extra magic. New York is a beautiful state, home to the Adirondack and Catskill Mountains, the Finger Lakes Region, and beautiful forests that touch along the Canadian border. These top scenic train rides in New York get one off the normal tourist route that beelines to New York City and instead offers a gentler, more rural look at the state. Read below to learn about these great opportunities to discover New York state by way of rail!If youre planning to take these scenic train rides soon, you need the right accommodations. Check out some Stayz accommodations and vacation apartments to make the most of your vacation.

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    Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railroad

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    How To Buy A Metrocard

    Enter any subway station and look for a vending machine that looks like this:

    Using the NYC Subway vending machines is, unfortunately, not as intuitive or user-friendly as it should be. But dont fret, we wrote this guide with you, the visitor, in mind, so well take you through it one step at a time!

    All machines take credit cards, but not all of them take cash. Even the ones that do take cash only dispense coins as change, so keep that in mind if you only have a $20 bill and only want a MetroCard with $11 on it expect to get $9 in dollar coins. e machines will not give more than $9 in change.

    If you would rather pay in cash and speak to a human being, each station has a booth with an MTA employee in it . They can answer your questions, sell you a MetroCard for cash, give you a paper map , and even give you change in bills instead of coins.

    Decide Uptown Or Downtown

    9 Unforgettable Train Rides In New York That You Must Take

    Another important thing you have to figure out is whether you need to go uptown , or downtown – for those staying in Manhattan.

    This means that you will have to choose the correct platform.

    Also, some subway stations have separate entrances for uptown, or downtown-bound trains .

    This means that you might have to cross the street to get down to the direction you want to go.

    Most express stations will have entry to both platforms accessible from every entrance to the station.

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