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How To Relocate To New York

Find An Affordable Place To Stay

Moving to New York City!

If youre moving with no money or job, then paying a large security deposit and locking yourself into a 12-month lease is a huge gamble .

Consider alternative housing options that provide a more affordable place for you to stay while you settle into your new city.

One of the easiest options would be to stay with a family member or friend. This type of arrangement may depend on the relationship, but you can:

  • Make it clear that its only a short-term solution
  • Be willing to pay what you can afford
  • Offer to help out with chores, food, or household supplies

If staying with family or friends for free isnt an option, your best bet is to find a short-term rental for a furnished room. Look for month-to-month contract options or book a room for 2-3 months on Airbnb.

This gives you time to find a stable income, better research the neighborhoods where you may like to live, or if needed, change your relocations plans and pivot in a new direction.

Be Ready To Close On An Apartment

If you dont live too far away, make this easy on yourself and find an apartment first. The move is so much simpler when you have a confirmed place to go. This is not always possible.

People complain that there are no apartments in NYC. There are plenty of apartments! They just go very quickly. So, when you go apartment shopping be prepared to close on one. Have money with you for a deposit. If you hesitate, so you can think about a place, it will be gone before you blink.

Be prepared to pay a brokers fee, in addition to a deposit, especially if you want a really good place. It is possible to find a place without shelling out for a broker, but takes diligent searching and leveraging connections you may already have in NYC.

Learning how to move to NYC is a crash course in the economics of reality. Negotiation is your friend. Get good at it.

Getting A Work Visa For New York

Once youve found a company in NYC that wants you, your last obstacle is getting a visa and you have several options to choose from:

  • The Visa Waiver Program
  • Nonimmigrant visas
  • Immigrant visas

Want to learn more about these visa options before moving to New York? Check out our helpful guide on working in the US, where you can find everything you need to know.

Its also important to bear in mind that the majority of work-based US visas rely on you having a job offer from a licensed American company before you move there.

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After Youve Made Up Your Mind: Applying For A Visa

While immigrant visa applications are processed at the National Visa Center, applications for nonimmigrant visas are usually handled by a US embassy or consulate in the applicantâs home country. Nonetheless, most categories require the applicantâs prospective or current employer to file a petition with the USCIS first.

As mentioned, an approved Labor Certification from the US Department of Labor might be required as well. As soon as you receive your approved Form I-129 petition, you should arrange a personal interview at your nearest US embassy or consulate, using the receipt number on the petition.

Form DS-160 must be completed before the interview and presented together with a valid passport, a passport photo, as well as any other required documents.

Should You Rent Or Buy An Apartment In Nyc

Best places to relocate to in New York City

NYC is a city of renters, which goes against traditional wisdom that you should strive to build equity by owning your home. But that doesnt mean you shouldnt buy a home in NYC many people still do.

When considering whether to rent or buy an apartment in NYC, youll need to take a few things into account:

  • Your lifestyle. Do you want to be tied down to a piece of property at this stage in your life?
  • Your budget. Rents in NYC are high, but property values are, too Zillow reports that the median price of homes currently listed in NYC is more than $775,000. Even a small apartment will cost hundreds of thousands, and, depending on the neighborhood, could easily creep into the millions of dollars. Plus, owned units typically come with maintenance fees, which can add hundreds or thousands of dollars on top of your monthly mortgage payment.
  • Your short and long term goals. Do you intend to stay in NYC for a long time? Do you want to have a family someday? Is your career established, and could you need to relocate for a better job prospect sometime in the near future? All of these questions should be taken into consideration when choosing whether to rent or buy.

Theres no one right answer for everyone. Ultimately, your financial situation and personal preferences will help you decide.

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Figure Out A Plan For Furniture

Although it is the most creative and fun process of moving, buying furniture gets expensive really fast.

As a 22-year-old starting out her career, I know I dont have money to throw around on furniture that Ill likely not keep for a long time. When youre starting out in the city, investing in new furniture is wildly wasteful, considering the ambiguity of your path ahead.

With that in mind, I recommend buying used furniture if and whenever you can. essentially sponsored my entire apartment, and I highly recommend checking out sellers in your neighborhood for amazing deals.

I also suggest joining your local Buy Nothing Project group on Facebook or simply downloading the BuyNothing app. This app connects you to people in your neighborhood who, due to a lack of storage or need, give away items for free.

BuyNothing requires more patience than Facebook Marketplace, but if you wait long enough, there is always a treasure to be found.

I also suggest checking out HousingWorks, a thrifty store with home and clothing goods that has multiple locations throughout the city. Its one of the few thrift stores in the city that has actually low prices .

There are also multiple Goodwill locations, but these often carry smaller home items like dishware, rather than large furniture.

Moving To New York From Canada

There are over 21,000 Canadians living and working in New York. If youre considering making the move from Canada here are a few things to consider.

  • Size:Toronto is Canadas largest city with a population of almost 5 million, that is almost 4 million people short of the population of New York.
  • Expat groups: Meeting up with fellow Canadians helps the moving process. Link up through sites such as InterNations, Meet Up and Canadian Association.

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What Salary Do You Need To Live Alone In Nyc

Many are thinking about leaving the Big Apple because of high monthly expenses. That doesnt mean youll have to stay in a basement shoebox in order to afford the rent. However, surely, one of the biggest relocation mistakes is not having the expenses deducted and relocating to the Big Apple without a job.

Considering all the expenses, its estimated that a single person would have to earn at least $40,000 a year. It should be a number to cover all of the needed expenses and even have money to put in your piggy bank. But, keep in mind that everyone has a different lifestyle and considers it reasonably comfortable in a different way. Heres what youll have to pay monthly:

The Cost Of Living In New York Is A Downside For Many


The fact that Numbeo, the website that compares the cost of living in numerous places, rated the cost of living in New York as the 7th out of 511 cities in the world tells a lot. The food, rent, and many other things are overpriced, but it is a very popular location, and many people want to reside there. Its still manageable for living, and there are ways to cut some costs.

You can treat yourself and have dinner at one of the best restaurants in New York, but if you get food from the chain restaurants, and not buy unnecessary things, it is possible to live here on a budget. There are always alternatives to the high prices here in NY. Heres what costs here look like compared to metropolises such as San Francisco, CA, and Boston, MA.


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See The Most Popular Locations From Where People Immigrate To New York

Moving to New York from Canada

Relocating to New York from Canada is easy with Eurosender. With our platform, you get the most affordable cost of moving house to New York City as we partner with renowned logistics companies offering the best prices. Explore the moving service we provide and get an immediate price with our booking tool.

Immigrating to NYC from Europe

Moving to New York from the UK or any other European country means a change of continents and the difference is huge. If you have already secured a job in New York and plan your relocation to this city, then choose reliable international removals services powered by Eurosender.

Moving to New York from Australia

Moving to New York from Australia is something that has seen an upward trend. More and more Aussies pack their bags to make it in the USA. Eurosender will help to ship your personal belongings, furniture, and excess baggage by providing lower than the average moving costs to New York City.

Use Neighbor To Find Storage In Nyc

Once youre all settled into your NYC apartment, you might find that you have too many belongings for the space. It happens city apartments tend to be tight spaces!

You can avoid the added high cost of reserving a storage unit and find a much more affordable storage space in NYC by using Neighbor. As a peer-to-peer self storage solution, Neighbor will connect you with hosts nearby with available space where you can store your belongings you may not be able to fit into your apartment. Avoid high monthly fees at self storage facilities, and instead store your things safely with a Neighbor.

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  • Full online tracking with text and email notifications.
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New York City Really Is That Expensive

Moving to NYC

The reason many New Yorkers have roommates is that New York Citys cost of living is insane. Its not just housing, either. Nearly all your bills will be higher in NYC. This includes groceries, entertainment, and alcohol. You can expect that your budget is going to increase substantially when moving here and should plan beforehand how youll make it work.

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Cost Of Living In New York

Depending on the neighbourhood you decide to settle in, the cost of living in New York will fluctuate. Rent prices, for example, will be much lower in Brooklyn than they are in Manhattan.

To give you a general idea of how much youll need to put aside for food shops, bills, and other things, weve listed a few estimates below:

Two tickets to the cinema $31
A bottle of red wine $17
Utilities for two people in 85 m2 flat $140
Basic dinner out for two $63

Data from Expatistan, 2021

Planning A Long Distance Move To New York City

New York City is a great place to live, but it can be a tough place to move long distance. There are a lot of steps involved in relocating, and it can be tough to find reliable long distance movers who wont take advantage of you. Thats where we come in. Were a New York City local and long distance moving company with years of experience helping people make the transition to their new homes.

Were here to take care of everything from packing up your belongings to loading them onto the truck and driving them to your new home. Well even help you unpack and get settled in. Whether youre moving within New York City or across the country, we can help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Why Do People Relocate To New York

For years, young people from all over the world have been enamoured by the idea of living in New York. Most people who relocate to New York do so in search of new job opportunities. While there are countless opportunities for education and career advancement in New York, the job market is competitive. Its best to have a job lined up in the city before relocating to New York. As far as in-demand career industries go, New York truly has it all. This city is also the perfect place to set up shop for an entrepreneur. Thanks to the networking and social scene, its not difficult to meet people who share your interests and career goals.

New York has a lively arts, music and culture landscape. Youll never run out of galleries, museums and libraries to visit. Further to this, the city has so many restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs that youll never have to go to the same place twice! New York is one of the most convenient places to live in the world. In New York, you can find anything at any time of day or night. The city also has a great public transport system, making it easy to get around town.

There’s No Personal Space

everything you need to know before moving to New York City

It’s a bizarre idea to be lonely yet have no personal space. Unfortunately, it’s only possible in New York. With so many people strolling along the street, someone is likely to collide with someone else. It is unavoidable. People are even closer together on the metro, face to face, or too close together, which is considerably worse. There is no need to be anxious about a lack of personal space. No one else in New York is like you!

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Quick Facts To Know About New York

  • New York is home to the largest city in the United States, NY
  • New York has the best public transit system in the U.S.
  • New York has some of the largest numbers of Fortune 500 companies in the U.S.
  • Only less than 40% of New Yorkers are homeowners
  • New York is rated as one of the greatest cities in the world
  • New York is one of the biggest business hubs in the U.S.

Buildings And Units Not As Well Equipped And Maintained

Because of their transient nature, rental buildings often are not of as high a quality as cooperatives, or condominiums. While there are many extraordinary rental buildings in New York, on average co-ops and condos are still built to higher standards, especially in terms of room sizes, layouts and amenities.

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Moving To New York City Alone

I feel that New York is one of the greatest places to spend time with yourself. The city offers ample places to explore as well as spaces to reflect. Some of my favorite solo activities include browsing book stores, visiting the met, reading in Riverside Park, trying out new coffee shops and people watching at Tompkins Square.

Although I deem the city as a wonderful companion, a girl needs her friends. Moving to New York can be lonely, and thats why having a core group of people to rely on is so important.

To be honest, I still havent cracked the code on finding friends in the city, but I think that being open to any form of connection is essential.

This can be done by saying yes to any invitation, even if you think its silly or wont amount to anything. The key is to capitalize on the existing relationships you have in your life, because you never know who you could meet through them or how they may develop.

You can also seek out like-minded people if you enjoy yoga and wellness, try out a local yoga class if you really value community, volunteer at a local organization in your neighborhood. Putting yourself in the places you actually want to be will ensure that the relationships you make are true to your authentic self.

There’s A Lot More To A Neighborhood Than Meets The Eye

moving to new york

Start with a basic question: How well do you know the city? If the answer is Ive visited once, or Brooklyn is a neighborhood, right? you should definitely engage in some on-the-ground research.

One option is to find a short-term rental and do some recon on a few neighborhoods you think you might like. This will allow you to grasp things you can’t get from internet research, like how long the walk to the subway really is, the quality of the produce selection at the local supermarket, and how the area feels at night. Sure, theres a lot you can learn online, but never underestimate the importance of getting a real feel for a place. If thats not possible, at least take a virtual stroll around the area using Google Street View and read up as much as you can.

Find Your Next Place

You can do more research by checking out websites for local newsa good way to get a sense of whats happening in a particular area. StreetEasy also provides in-depth neighborhood intel. Be sure to read Bricks extensive interview series with New Yorkers who moved from one neighborhood to another, newcomers who recently moved to the city, and long-time locals on what its like to live in their corner of the city. Of course, hanging out in an area is the best way to get a feel of it, especially if you know what to look for.

Here are additional questions you and your broker should keep in mind:

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