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How To Register A Vehicle In New York State

Donating A Car In New York

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    First Time New York Vehicle Registration

    Buying a new or used car from a New York dealer? Its fairly common for new car dealers to roll the price of your new registration into the overall price of the car . For many people, this is the easiest and most convenient way to take care of registering and titling your new car. If youre buying a car from a private party not from a dealer the state makes it easy for you, with the aptly named E-ZVisit Registration Page. On that page, youll complete your registration application and print out a barcoded copy, which youll bring to the DMV along with the following:

    • Your NYS Driver License, non-driver ID or permit
    • Your NYS Certificate of Title
    • Proof of New York State automobile liability insurance
    • Payment of fees
    • Proof of incorporation

    If you purchased the vehicle from a New York dealer, but are opting to take care of the registration yourself, youll also need to download and complete a New York Vehicle Registration / Title Application form

    Moving to New York from out of state? The process is basically the same as it would be if you were registering a newly purchased vehicle. There are a few alternate documents youll need to provide.

    For a new vehicle purchased from an out-of-state dealer, youll need to provide the Manufacturers Certificate of Origin , and the dealers bill of sale.

    Military Member Vehicle Registration Renewal

    If you are an active duty military member stationed out of state and your vehicle registration expires, you can still renew it up to 60 days after returning to New York.

    You can also have a family member complete your vehicle registration renewal for you while you are out of state. They will need to visit a New York DMV office in person with:

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    How To Estimate Registration Fees And Taxes

    If this is the original registration , you must pay the

    • registration fee
    • title certificate fee of $50.00
    • MCTD 1 fee for the following 12 counties only: Bronx, Kings , New York , Queens, Richmond , Dutchess, Nassau, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Suffolk, and Westchester

    If you transfer the registration and plates from another vehicle, you dont need to pay the plate fees or MCTD fee, and you may be able to transfer the registration fees to your new vehicle.

    The Hidden Fees Of A Dmv Ny Insurance Lapse

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    Theres actually something else you need to worry about. What were calling hidden fees are the increased prices that youll pay for car insurance in the next three years following a DMV N.Y. insurance lapse.

    Since the lapse is reported to the DMV, auto insurance companies can see it in your insurance history. Whether you drove your car during the lapse or not, companies will now see you as a high-risk driver. You might pay 20 to 50 percent more for insurance coverage while the lapse is on your record. If you have an uninsured accident on your record, you could pay even more.

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    Schedule An Appointment At Your Local New York Dmv

    The first step you need to take is to schedule an appointment at your local New York Department of Motor Vehicles branch to obtain your new drivers license. Its a good idea to book your appointment at least one to two weeks ahead of time. However, you can walk into your local NY DMV office to complete your drivers license transfer the same day, but its likely you will be there most of the day if not all day due to long wait times.

    Gather The Required Documents

    The required documents for transferring the title of a vehicle in a probated estate vary by state. In New York, you are required to have the following documents to successfully transfer a vehicles title in this scenario:

    • The death certificate
    • Certificate of the vehicles title
    • Order from Probate Court to transfer the vehicles title
    • Payment for the vehicle title transfer fee

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    Renewing Your New York Car Registration By Mail

    • Mail the bottom portion of your renewal notice for registration to the address shown on the form.
    • You must by check or money order made out to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.
    • Use this Vehicle Registration / Title Application if you havent received a renewal notification . If you are unsure about the right renewal fee, you may mail a check made out to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles without specifying the amount.
    • You can send your completed MV-82 and payment to

    Pass The Ny Vision Test

    New redesigned driver licenses in New York state

    When youre transferring your license to New York, you must take a vision test. The good news is, that the vision test is the only test youll be required to take when you need to transfer your out-of-state drivers license. You can take this test at your local NY DMV office, which is administered by trained staff, or you can submit an eye test report that was completed by a licensed, qualified physician, physician assistant, nurse, optician, or supervised staff. You must receive a minimum test score of 20/40 in one or both of your eyes, with or without corrective lenses.

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    Keep Your Dmv Money Local

    Get your registration or DMV documents quicker and keep your taxes down by coming to our office.

    Did you know that every time you send back your DMV documents in the pink envelope provided by NYS DMV, you are in fact sending your DMV money to Albany?

    Did you know that 12.7% of all transactions that come across our counter at DMV support your local economy? When you renew with the Utica address on your renewal, we receive no money to help offset the property taxes.

    Please make the commitment to keep your DMV money local by doing business directly with our local office. In the future when you receive your DMV renewal, please remember to visit our convenient location in the Hancock Street Plaza or mail it to our address: 301 Third Street Ithaca, NY 14850.

    Please think the next time you receive your pink renewal envelope in the mail and choose to keep your money working here at home

    I Need To Replace The Inspection Sticker

    You can have your vehicle re-inspected or you can order a replacement sticker using the form Request for Replacement Inspection Sticker . Complete the form and mail it to the address on the form.

  • 1. Inspection stations electronically send a record of all emissions inspections to the DMV. The DMV must have a record that your vehicle passed an emissions inspection during the previous year. Keep the receipt of your emissions inspection sticker to prove that your vehicle was inspected.
  • 2. If the inspection sticker on your vehicle has expired in the past 60 days, you can receive a fine of $25 to $50. If the inspection sticker is expired more than 60 days, the fine is between $50 and $100. If there is no inspection sticker, the fine is between $50 and $100. A mandatory state surcharge of $88 is added to the fine.
  • 3. A parked vehicle with no inspection sticker, or with an expired inspection sticker, can receive a parking ticket.
  • 4. Vehicles are exempt from the emissions inspection if they are
  • less than two model years old
  • more than 25 model years old
  • diesel-powered, except diesel-powered vehicles that are 1997 or newer and that have a gross vehicle weight rating less than 8,501 pounds
  • electric-powered
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    Registering New Cars In New York

    Cars that are purchased from a dealership have some of the paperwork filed by the dealership, such as the vehicles documentation, to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles . After the dealership submits the vehicles paperwork, the owner is responsible for:

    • Registering the vehicle at the DMV within 180 days of the effective date on your insurance ID card
    • Visiting the New York DMV office to pay the necessary fees and taxes
    • Providing documented proof of the vehicles credentials, such as proof of insurance and title
    • Paying the registration fees

    New York drivers will need the bill of sale to pay the taxes during the registration process, which can be obtained from the dealer. Drivers will also need to know the vehicles mileage as this information is requested when filing the cars registration and title documents.

    Temporary Dmv Registration In New York

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    An temporary vehicle registration in NY is available to nonresidents who have purchased their car in the New York State, but want to operate it to their state of residence. In order to travel to another state with a motor vehicle purchased in New York State, motorists may be able to apply for an interstate in-transit permit. To obtain an in-transit permit, motorists need to provide the following documents:

    • Completed In-Transit Permit/Title Application
    • Proof of ownership
    • Proof of insurance
    • Payment of the $12.50 in-transit permit fee

    When nonresidents of New York State apply for an interstate in-transit permit, they will have to submit one of the following proofs of insurance: a letter from an out-of-state agent or an insurance binder form.

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    Transferring The Title Of A Vehicle Purchased From A Dealership

    When you purchase a vehicle from a dealership in New York, the dealership usually handles the vehicles paperwork on your behalf. You will receive a temporary registration and license plates from the dealership. Be advised that car dealerships may charge a fee to file the paperwork on your behalf, so make sure youre aware of these fees.

    If you choose to file the vehicles paperwork yourself, you need to visit your local NY DMV office and submit:

    • All paperwork received from the dealership at the time of the vehicles purchase, which can include:
    • Manufacturers Certificate of Origin
    • Dealers bill of sale
    • Proof of payment of sales tax
  • A completed Vehicle Registration/Title Application
  • A New York state insurance identification card
  • Proof of identification and birthdate
  • Payment for all applicable vehicle titling fees and taxes
  • Car Insurance Requirements For Registering A Car In New York

    One of the car registration requirements in New York that motorists must satisfy is to have motor vehicle insurance before registering the vehicle. Drivers can choose an insurance agency according to their personal preference. The insurance company issues two barcoded NYS Insurance ID Cards or provides access to the drivers digital electronic NYS Insurance ID Card.

    Furthermore, the insurance agent will send an electronic notice to the DMV with information about the insurance coverage of the vehicle. The NY DMV will verify the insurance coverage when registering a car in NY only if the motorists provide both the NYS Insurance ID Cards and the electronic notices. One Insurance ID Card will be kept by the DMV, while the other must be kept in the vehicle. Motorists are required to register within 180 days of the effective date written on the Insurance ID Card.

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    Transferring The Title Of A Vehicle Purchased From A Private Seller

    When you purchase a vehicle from a private party, you must have your vehicle inspected. Once you submit the necessary paperwork, you will receive an extension sticker that allows you to get the vehicle inspected within 10 days of titling the vehicle. If you register your vehicle at the same time you title the vehicle, the vehicles registration will not be valid if you go past the extension deadline.

    To transfer the title of a vehicle purchased from a private seller, you need to visit your local NY DMV office and submit:

    • The bill of sale provided by the seller
    • The vehicle title filled out by the vehicles seller (make sure you provide the following information on the vehicle title:
    • Odometer disclosure statement
    • The vehicles seller signature
  • Your NY state insurance identification card
  • A completed Vehicle Registration/Title Application
  • If you only want the vehicles title and prefer not to register your vehicle, you need to use the Application for Title . Keep in mind, you cant drive a vehicle in New York without a NY registration.
  • Proof of identification and date of birth
  • A completed State of Transaction for tax purposes
  • Payment for title and registration fees, and sales taxes
  • How To Register A Car In Ny

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    If you live in New York State and buy a car from a dealership there, the dealership will probably take care of the registration process, and the fees will be included in the price of the car or incorporated into the financing deal.

    However, if you buy from a private seller in New York or buy from a dealership but decide to register the vehicle yourself here are the steps you need to follow.

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    You Can Have Your Registration Mailed To A Different Address

    To have your registration documents mailed to an address that is different from what will be printed on your registration document, include a separate note with your Vehicle Registration/Title Application , and clearly print the alternate address. Do not write the alternate address on your application. If you do, DMV will prints the alternate address on your registration document and registration record.

    Renewing Your New York Car Registration

    Fortunately, renewing your existing New York registration is a whole lot simpler. Most New York drivers will receive a renewal notice, and will be able to renew their registration online. To do that, simply visit the New York DMV Renew Registration page. If your registration has been suspended or revoked, has been expired for over a year, or your vehicle has not been inspected in the past 12 months, youll need to apply for a new registration.

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    Transferring The Title Of A Vehicle Without Probate

    In New York, the deceased persons property cant exceed a certain amount, and a specific amount of time needs to have passed since the individual passed away before the vehicles title can be transferred.

    As the beneficiary, administrator of the estate, joint-owner, or spouse of the estate, you may only be required to provide the death certificate and the vehicles title to your local NY title office for them to retitle the vehicles title. No attorney or court orders are required in this scenario.

    Vehicle Registration For Military Members In New York

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    Military members may also apply for a vehicle registration in New York, but they may have to complete a slightly different procedure. Those active members of the military who are unable to visit a local NY DMV office may arrange another person to perform the DMV registration procedure in their name. The person will have to submit the following forms:

    • Affirmation for Renewal/Lost Registration for Absentee Owner
    • Certification of Disposition of Vehicle on Behalf of Absentee Owner

    When registering a motor vehicle that is imported from another state, military members may have to complete and provide a Military Registration and Certificate of Title of Motor Vehicle as proof of ownership.

    Military members who purchase a motor vehicle from another state and plan to register a car may be exempt from paying the sales tax. This exemption will take place only if they had paid the other states sales, use, usage, excise, or highway use tax, depending which tax applies. To qualify for a sales tax exemption, motorists must prove that they had paid the tax when registering a car in New York. Military members who seek the tax exemption will have to provide a completed Sales Tax Exemption and a proof of military service such as military ID.

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    Renewing Car Registration In Ny

    It is much easier to renew your current New York registration. Most drivers in New York will get a renewal letter and can renew their registration online.

    Before your car registration expires in New York, you will get a renewal notification in the mail from the DMV. You can choose to get this message via email by creating an account on the New York DMV website.

    Here is what you will need to do when trying to handle NYS car registration renewal:

    Penalties For Causing An Accident Without Ny Car Insurance

    At this point, you could almost buy a new Rolex with the money youd spend on fees and fines for getting caught driving without insurance. But it gets worse.

    The disaster would be to cause an accident without having liability coverage. Liability specifically covers other peoples car repairs and medical bills in accidents that you cause. So who would cover the damage if you didnt have liability? You would, at least in part.

    Not many uninsured drivers have an extra $30,000 to spend in the bank. But with average car prices and health costs today, causing $30,000 or more in damage is easy. Since New York is a no-fault state, the other driver will seek medical coverage from their own car insurance company first. However, it might not be enough. Thats where your liability coverage would come into play.

    It often just takes one uninsured crash to make someone declare bankruptcy. In fact, some law firms are built around helping at-fault drivers declare bankruptcy after getting sued by the victim. Does that process sound fun?

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