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How To Get A Medical Card In New York State

Renew A New York Medical Marijuana Card

How to get a MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD in New York | by Cannabis Frontier

To renew a New York medical marijuana card, the patient must re-visit their certifying physician for approval. Patients seeing a different physician than the one that first approved them are required to provide their original medical marijuana card in addition to proper ID and pertinent medical records if requested.

If the physician signs off on the recommendation a new card should arrive in approximately ten business days. The card will be valid for one year.

Patients should renew their cards thirty days prior to the expiration date.

Leafwell Md Online Medical Cannabis Clinic White Plains

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Remember: you dont have to visit a clinic in-person in order to qualify for a certificate & MMJ card in New York you can do it all online, with Leafwell! The above arent all necessarily clinics, either theyre shops or stores in some cases, and you will be restricted by their opening times. It is easiest for most people to just speak to a qualified medical marijuana doctor online from the comfort of their own homes.

Get Your New York Medical Card

Becoming A Legal Licensed And Registered Mmj Patient In New York

Now, lets talk about New Yorks medical marijuana card, shall we? Is it hard to get it? What are the qualifications? How do you apply for a medical marijuana card in New York?

Getting an MMJ card in New York is not hard, it just involves a thorough process to ensure you are requesting the card for the right reasons, you dont want to dupe the system now, do you? A medical marijuana card will make you a legal, licensed, and registered patient under the states MMJ laws.

The process isnt as hard as it used to be a few years back. Patients who used to complain of how the process was infuriatingly laborious were those with chronic pain, which wasnt listed in the conditions to qualify for an MMJ card in New York back then, but now it is easy, and the whole process is smooth.

Use Medical Cannabis to enjoy its numerous health benefits by clicking the button below!

In fact, after qualifying for an MMJ based on your medical condition, get a physicians recommendation, and apply for the card online. Heres a complete breakdown of the process for MMJ patient certification in New York:

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Ny Marijuana Laws: Is Weed Legal In New York

Is marijuana legal in New York? Not quite, there are not any slated plans for recreational marijuana in the state, but the good news is that medical cannabis has made some major progress.

For instance, Assembly Bill 6357 was approved and signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo on June 19, 2014.

This did several things. First off, it removed state-level criminal penalties on both the use and possession of marijuana provided the patient have a written letter from a physician. That letter has to state that the patient may benefit from the usage of marijuana for a debilitating medical condition or as the result of treating such a condition.

Practitioners must clearly state the following on a patients certification: authorized brand and form of the approved medical cannabis, how it may be administered, and then any limitations. Dosage, however, is not required.

Assembly Bill 6357 also regulates the manufacturing, sale, and use of marijuana also known as The Compassionate Care Act . It states that only five registered organizations may cultivate, manufacture, and dispense medical marijuana. Those registered organizations must go through an extensive vetting process by the Commissioner of the Department of Health.

Once selected, each registered organization may have up to four state-regulated dispensaries to sell and dispense medical marijuana. Well point you towards these registered organizations in a later section.

Who Can Get A Medical Card In New York

Getting a New York Medical Marijuana Card Just Got Easy ...

To obtain a medical marijuana card in New York, you must be:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • An in-state resident
  • Have at least one qualifying medical condition

New Yorks medical marijuana program does allow for minors, however, a parent or guardian must register on the minors behalf. This means that the adult is in charge of cannabis-related purchases and decision-making.

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Where Can I Use My Mmj

It is best only to use it at your home or in a private residence. It remains illegal to smoke or vaporize approved products in places where tobacco smoking is prohibited. You are not permitted to use MMJ in motor vehicles or a car park. It is also illegal to vaporize within 100 feet of school grounds unless you are on private property.

A host of No Smoking of Any Kind notices are appearing throughout the state. If caught, breaking this law could result in a fine of $25 and 20 hours of community service. However, the NYPD has instructed its officers to avoid stopping and arresting anyone they see smoking cannabis in public, as long as the individual is smoking in a legal area as per the Clean Indoor Air Act.

Getting A New York Medical Marijuana Card Just Got Easy Heres How

This post is sponsored by NuggMD, where you can get a New York medical marijuana card online by speaking to a NY marijuana doctor today!

If youre a resident of New York, reading this article right now, chances are you already use cannabis. Chances would also suggest that youre using it illegally, at least according to federal and state law, and that youre here because youre interested in learning how you can become a legal, licensed and registered patient under New Yorks medical marijuana laws.

So, how DO you get your medical marijuana card and certification in New York? Is it a relatively easy process, or incredibly difficult? Truth is, it used to be pretty hard, but with the addition of chronic pain to the list of conditions that qualify you for a medical marijuana card in NY , things just got a whole lot easier.

In fact, click here to start your New York certification process 100% online with the nations leading telemedicine provider for cannabis evaluations. Theyve helped over 50,000 California patients, and now offer their service in New York!

After all, in 2014 the State of New York passed Assembly Bill 6357, which made medical marijuana legal in New York under a state-regulated medical marijuana program, so we KNOW its possible.

While the New York Medical Marijuana Program is stricter than others in the country, its available for patients with a variety of different conditions, and as of recently, those suffering from chronic pain .

  • FAQ
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    We Provide Instant Access To Qualified New York Marijuana Doctors

    To receive an ID card for medical marijuana in New York, you need to obtain a physicians statement and prescription to certify that you have one of the qualifying medical conditions. Not all primary healthcare providers will be ready to do this for you, but you can easily find qualified doctors through our website.

    If you go to our New York medical marijuana doctors page, you can enter your zip code and the doctors close to your residence will appear in the search results. For each doctor displayed, youll have the opportunity to review patient feedback and make inquiries before you request an appointment. The doctors in our network are prompt, efficient and committed to providing the certification you need to receive your card.

    We also provide resources for doctors who are looking to become certified to recommend medical marijuana to NY patients. As of August 2017, the state of NY medical marijuana program offers a two-hour condensed version of the online training program to become certified to prescribe medical marijuana.

    Where To Buy Medical Marijuana In New York

    How to get a New York Medical Marijuana Card

    Once you are certified, you are allowed to purchase medical marijuana products from state-licensed dispensaries.

    Keep in mind that not all dispensaries carry all products or even the same products, so its important to contact your local dispensary before you pay them a visit.

    Dispensaries are also allowed to offer delivery service.

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    Medical Marijuana Card Ny Cannabis Laws

    Everything changed for the marijuana industry in New York on March 30, 2021. On this day, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed The Marihuana Regulation & Taxation Act . It legalized the use of recreational cannabis in New York state.

    It is a game-changer for many reasons. Apart from allowing adult-use weed in NY, the law expunged marijuana-related criminal records in New York state that previously led to losses of homes, licenses, and jobs.

    It is now legal to possess up to three ounces of cannabis without suffering a legal penalty. The possession of 3-8 ounces is a misdemeanor, and you enter felony territory once you have over eight ounces.

    The sale of up to three ounces without receiving any compensation is similarly legal. However, selling any amount for money without a license is a misdemeanor, and it becomes a felony when the amount is over 25 grams. If convicted, you could serve up to four years in prison.

    Although it is legal to use and possess marijuana in New York if youre 21+ years old, legal sales wont begin until 2022. It will also become legal to grow marijuana at home in a few years. However, until recreational sales begin, you can only buy medical cannabis legally in the state.

    The MRTA also contains provisions to expand the MMJ program, which we outline later. As a result, it is perhaps worth applying for a medical marijuana card in New York even when adult-use cannabis becomes available.

    What Is The Process To Register As A Caregiver In New York

    The state government has come up with a brilliant initiative for the comfort of disabled cannabis patients in the state. Each patient can nominate up to two caregivers.To qualify as a caregiver, one needs to be at least 21 years of age, be a resident of New York, and shouldnt be the doctor who certified the patient as a valid cannabis cardholder. The caregiver needs to register with the New York registry after the patient receives his/ her recommendation. Only after receiving approval from the state, the caregiver can start their services.

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    Additional Considerations About New Yorks Medical Cannabis Program

    Obtaining a cannabis card has many benefits. Websites are able to carry out 24/7 online verification of information, compared to brick-and-mortar methods that can only operate during business hours.

    Additionally, many websites are willing to refund application fees if a cannabis card application does not receive approval.

    Cardholders should note their cards are valid for one year after issuance. The process of receiving a new map is the same step as the initial application. New York residents are also not allowed, even with a medical cannabis card, to grow or cultivate their cannabis. Punishments for cultivation could result in a years jail time and a fine of up to $1,000.

    Possession of cannabis charges is sometimes slapped on people who were caught cultivating multiple cannabis plants or have a large amount of cannabis in their possession. These charges open up the possibility of a felony and the potential of a multi-year jail sentence.

    How To Become A Medical Cannabis Patient In New York

    Guide for Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in New York ...

    Becoming a medical cannabis patient in New York is easy. There are just a few simple steps. First, you sign up with NuggMD’s easy process, then you chat with your new doctor. Once you’re approved and receive your emailed certification, sign up with New York’s State Registry at After the state approves you, you’ll receive a link to print out your temporary recommendation. You can use this temporary recommendation to purchase legal cannabis from registered dispensaries for up to 30 days while you wait for the state to mail out your permanent card. You should receive your permanent card within 3 to 10 days.

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    Medical Marijuana Program New York

    Each state that legally allows the use of marijuana for medical purposes establishes a medical marijuana program to overlook the rules and regulations for the same. The state of New York is no different. Every patient who seeks medical treatment using cannabis has to follow the provisions of the NY medical marijuana program.

    So, as per the program, you can be a legal medical marijuana patient in the state, only if you are suffering from a medical condition approved by the state and also are qualified by a certified marijuana doctor to use the herb for the medical condition.

    The qualifying medical conditions in New York are cancer, spasticity, epilepsy, ALS, HIV/AIDS, Parkinsons disease, neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, Huntingtons disease, chronic pain, opioid or substance abuse disorder, cachexia, severe nausea, seizures and muscle spasms.

    If you have any of the mentioned medical conditions, you can consult a doctor who can evaluate you and recommend medical cannabis to you.

    Renewal Of The Registry Id Card

    The duration of the caregivers registry ID card is based on the duration of the patients certification. Accordingly, a caregivers registry card will expire at the same time as the patients card. After the patient obtains a new certification from the physician and renews his or her registry card, the caregiver can apply for a renewal of his or her card.

    Regulations permit a designated caregiver to obtain payment from the patient for the following two expenses only:

    The actual amount charged by the dispensary for the approved medical marijuana product purchased for the patient and

    Reasonable costs incurred in the transportation and delivery of medical marijuana product to the patient.

    Each designated caregiver must also comply with the following requirements:

    • Must obtain a registry ID card for each certified patient
    • Must provide care to no more than five certified patients
    • Must not possess at any one time a cumulative quantity of medical cannabis that exceeds the amount allowed for each certified patient
    • Must not possess any form of medical marijuana other than those forms recommended specifically for the use of certified patients
    • Must not knowingly share, sell, trade or otherwise deliver medical cannabis to anyone who is not a registered patient
    • Must abide by the same reporting requirements as described above for patients, including the obligation to return registry ID cards issued in connection with those patients who no longer have an eligible condition.

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    What Is Nuggmd’s Refund Policy

    If your physician doesn’t approve you for medical marijuana treatment, NuggMD’s policy is to void the temporary pre-authorization on your card. It may take a couple days for those funds to become available again depending on your credit card company. You’re allowed to change your mind once you’ve been approved as well if you haven’t registered your certification with the NY DOH. Just let customer service know that you’re not going to continue your registration process and request a refund.

    Application Questions And Answers

    How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in New York

    Questions concerning the Application for Registration as a Registered Organization or the application process were due to the Department by May 5, 2015, at 4:00 p.m. The Department evaluated the questions it received by the deadline. The questions and the Department’s answers can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

    The New York State Department of Health has posted the redacted registered organization applications from all 43 applicants.

    DOH complied with its legal obligation to review every page of each application to determine appropriate exemptions under the Freedom of Information Law before making the applications public, a process which required the review of more than 60,000 document pages, much of it containing information that was personal, trade secret, critical infrastructure information, or security related information that could endanger the life or safety of any person.

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    Current New York Medical Marijuana Laws

    New York medical marijuana patients have the right to:

    • Enrol in school without rejection based only on cardholder status
    • Rent an apartment without eviction or rejection based solely on patient status
    • Work at their place of employment without discrimination for having a card or testing positive for marijuana
    • Receive healthcare without disqualification merely due to medical marijuana treatment
    • Visit or have custody of their child without denial only based on patient status
    • Hold a state-issued license without suspension on the sole basis of cardholder status
    • However, a medical marijuana card may also prohibit a qualifying patient from:
    • Owning a firearm
    • Prevent them from getting/keeping a federal job, or a job that requires a commercial drivers licence

    New York Cannabis Testing Regulations

    New York has an expansive list of contaminants that approved third-party labs must test forincluding some that no other state tests for, like salmonella and E. coli.

    New York officials point to the comprehensiveness of their medical marijuana programs testing criteria in talking about the 2019 VAPI lung disease outbreak, pointing out that none of the reported illnesses were linked to state-authorized providers.

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    Register With The Ny State Medical Marijuana Program

    Detailed instructions for New Yorks Patient Registration System can be found at the following link: . Follow the link and register with the Medical Marijuana Program!

    Complete instructions can be found by visiting this link: Information for Medical Marijuana Patients. This includes instructions on how to register on behalf of a minor, and also registering for someone who is incapable of consenting to medical treatment.

    Once your registration is complete and you are approved, a Temporary Registration card will be sent to you electronically. You can use your temporary NY Medical Marijuana Card together with your photo identification card right away. Once you have received your NY Medical Marijuana card in the mail, you can begin using it at one of our New York Medical Marijuana Dispensaries!

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