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How To Find An Apartment In New York

Prepare For The Hunt Early

How to Find an Apartment in New York City

I havent used the hunt metaphor lightly here. You have to be a predator in the search of your catch, an apartment, but you can very easily become the innocent prey at the hands of the wrong agents or sharks. Like any good hunting expedition, start preparing early. Dont wait till the last minute. Do your research. You may think any neighborhood in New York would do, but you would be mistaken. There are many parts of NYC that arent desirable, affordable, or accessible enough for your purposes. Investigate neighborhoods youre interested in, and look up apartments in those areas well in advance. Utilize NYC rental websites to look for affordable apartments.

How Do You Start Searching For An Apartment In New York City

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Fire up the ol internet and use a rental search engine to filter parameters such as price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, property type and more.

Most vacancies are posted Tuesday through Friday, so you want to make sure youre checking for updates then, says Eric Mendelsohn, an agent with New Yorks Warburg Realty. When looking at online photos, bear in mind that sometimes they dont do the rental justice, especially when a tenant is messy and hasnt furnished the apartment in a flattering way. Try to look past the clutter.

Once you find listings you like, reach out to the broker or landlord and try to view the place as soon as possible, says agent Jacqueline Kurtz, with Warburg. Try to keep yourself available during business hours, when its easier to get access. If you wait until the weekend, youll have tons of competition.

How To Find An Nyc Apartment When You Don’t Live Here

Yes, you can find an NYC apartment from far away.

Its hard enough to search for a place to live in New York City when you actually live here. Now think about this: trying to find an apartment when you dont. But, due to a quick job relocation or change, time or money constraints, some people find themselves dealing with the task of finding a New York City apartment to rent or buy from out of state, or even the country. Challenging, yesbut not impossible, as evidenced by the experience of these real estate professionals.

Here are key tips and strategies for finding a New York City apartment when you dont actually live here yet, as well as stories of people who have done it.

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Get Your Paperwork And Finances In Order

Do yourself a favor and obtain all the necessary documentation youll need to seal a deal, whether youre buying or renting.

For international renters, if you dont have a credit history in the U.S., it can be much more difficult to get an apartment, says Franklin. You might have to be prepared to put down a year of rent.

Don’t have that much liquid? One option is to have someone act as a guarantor. If that’s not possible, enlisting the services of an institutional guarantor could be the way to go. “Getting an apartment in NYC is extremely difficult for international renters, students, and recent graduates,” says Jeffrey L. Geller, vice chairman and chief operating officer of Insurent Agency Corporation, a New York-based guarantor service .

“Landlords typically require an annual income of a minimum of 40 times the monthly rent and good US credit. Although international employed renters might meet the income requirement, they have no US credit, thus requiring them to put up significant additional security and/or prepayment of the full years rent. International students have no income and no US credit, and their parents abroad dont count as individual guarantors.”

Live Outside Of Manhattan

A Guide to Finding Rent

If you are on a budget, living in Manhattan is not the best option unless you are okay living in a small space with lots of people. It is fine to want to live in Manhattan, but make sure to budget for that and know that living outside of the city, you get more space at a cheaper price. Manhattan you will end up with a smaller space and a higher rent price.

The two areas with the lowest rent prices in Manhattan are the East Village and the Upper East Side. The lowest price for a one bedroom is around $2,750. The most expensive areas in Manhattan are Tribeca, Chelsea, and the West Village. The lowest price for a one bedroom in one of those areas is around $3,700, which is definitely on the expensive side.

I like to use a site called Zumper. It features maps of Brooklyn and Manhattan areas, divided in sections by average rent price. This helps determine areas to look in for certain price points. I recommend using the Brooklyn and Manhattan map, which also shows two areas of Queens that Ive lived in Astoria and Long Island City. Astoria has a great international restaurant scene and the biggest Greek population, which means amazing Greek cuisine! Astoria is a diverse area filled with people from all over the world.

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Things To Know Before Moving To New York Ny

New York City has the largest population density in the US and is still growing. The city attracts newcomers to its stable job market, diversity, rich culture, and an, If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, attitude.

The city also earned a reputation as a place where big finance, theater, and counterculture neighborhoods can thrive side by side. You can find anything you want in New York City, whether its an apartment on the waterfront or a chance to go out seven nights a week.

Before packing up and moving to the Big Apple, here’s what you need to know about living in New York City.

Save Enough Money For The Deposit And Fees

If youre a first time renter in New York City, then you may not know that signing a lease for an apartment requires more than just a signature. Renting out an apartment comes with a few fees which includes first months rent, the security deposit, the application fee, and the brokers fee if it isnt a no fee apartment. It is important that you save up for a few months before your move in order to afford these initial expenses and calculate it into your initial budget when apartment hunting.

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Consider Your Commute Time

New York City is renowned for its public transportation. However, your commute time can add up to over an hour quickly. Living in a neighborhood close to where you work will save time and money, and increase your quality of life. However, a good book on the subway can pass the time if you score a better deal outside Manhattan.

There’s more to your commute than the MTA subway and bus. New York City is very walkable, with a walk score of 88. Some neighborhoods, like Little Italy and the Flatiron District, have a perfect walk score of 100. Bike scores range in the 90s, and transit scores are almost always 100.

Furnished Apartments In The Bronx

How To Find An Apartment In New York City!

The dense apartment blocks and elevated trains of the Bronxs cityscape provide an iconic cinematic backdrop to the urban hustle and bustle of the streets below. Internationally renowned as the birthplace of hip hop and home of the Yankee Stadium, this northern borough has largely resisted the kind of gentrification that has taken over other parts of New York City. However, a combination of affordable accommodation, falling crime rates and a steadily improving reputation have made the Bronx something of a magnet for new arrivals to the city. The Bronx has the highest number of Puerto Ricans than any other county in the United States.

And its a little wonder. The borough provides its fair share of lush greenery, making it the greenest of New Yorks five boroughs. The famous Bronx Zoo and the 250-acre New York Botanical Garden make for fantastic sunny days out, while all your culinary needs can be met in the many restaurants that line Arthur Avenue .

On the whole, monthly rental prices for apartments in the Bronx are cheaper than Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. However, some areas are outpacing the rest of the borough, and median rents for 1-bedroom apartments in Mott Haven, Hunts Point and the Grand Concourse have risen by a third since 2013. As such, its important that you carefully consider other variables such as apartment size and quality of neighbourhood when looking for furnished apartments in the Bronx.

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Tips For Finding An Apartment In New York City

Apartment hunting can be stressful for any renter, but New York City dwellers encounter a unique set of circumstances when looking for a place to live. Every seasoned New York City renter has a horror story — whether it’s the time they lost the perfect apartment or a blacklist of brokers they refuse to work with again. While the process may feel like survival of the fittest, with these five tips, you’ll be one step closer to finding a great place to live, even if it isn’t rent-stabilized.

1. Get your paperwork in order before you see the place.

Renters who are unfamiliar with the New York City rental landscape are often blindsided by how quickly rental inventory is snatched up by eager city dwellers. With such a competitive market and quick rental turnover, being organized and having your paperwork ready to go before you look is a necessity, not an option.

2. Beware of bedbugs.

It may be the city that never sleeps, but you don’t want to be kept up at night thinking about bedbugs. Before pulling the trigger on your new place, do your due diligence and research the building for any recent bedbug registrations before sealing the deal.

3. Bring along your skepticism and your cash.

Once you find a place that is legitimate, bring along a bank-certified check to make sure you can quickly seal the deal. Below are some fees to be aware of that may be associated with New York City rentals:

— Broker’s fee is 10 to 15 percent of the yearly rent

— Security deposit

Word Of Mouth/social Media/nextdoor

Good for: Getting an apartment through a personal recommendation.

There are plenty of fancy apartment rental sites, but hearing through word of mouth or from someone in your online community about an available apartment is still a powerful tool in the world of New York City real estate. The best deals and nicest places are often found via well-connected friends, family members, and coworkers, so dont be shyreach out to your network.

Post on Facebook or Twitter, hit up your college’s alumni network or Facebook group, send a mass email to everyone youve ever met in the city, or your other social feeds. By reaching out, you’re letting your network know that you’re on the hunt. Maybe a friend is moving out of an apartment youve always admired, and you can scoop it up before it even hits the market.

Nextdoor is a hyper local site organized by neighborhood where members are verified. You need to join in order to access the site and you can only post for the neighborhood you live in. So this is a good option if youre looking to move within the same neighborhood.

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Ways To Find An Apartment

There are many ways to find an apartment in NYC. Check out some ideas below.

Real estate brokersBrokers can help you find an apartment based on your budget and preferred location. They can also help you submit rental applications. Most do charge a fee, so ask up front.

Apartment finder sites & appsFrom StreetEasy to Zillow to, you can use lots of sites and apps to search for an apartment. Most let you to narrow down your selection by entering criteria such as neighborhood, number of rooms, or price range.

Walking aroundSome people still find apartments by looking for For Rent signs. It can pay to wander around the neighborhood you want to live in and see whats available.


When you find an apartment you like, be prepared in advance to apply.

  • Credit report: Most landlords want to run a credit check. Look at your credit report first and make sure its correct. Visit the Banking & Credit pageto lean more about credit.
  • Fees & deposits: Find out exactly how much youre expected to pay up front to secure an apartment. It might include first months rent, security deposit, brokers fee, and other fees.
  • Read the lease carefully: Make sure you know what youre agreeing to and confirm that all information is correct.

If You Do Use Craigslist Search For Short

NYC Moving Guide: How to Find an Apartment in NYC

When I was last looking, I decided to check Craigslists short-term sublets section because I figured there would be higher-quality places with less competition. I was right: I found a 1,400-square-foot Williamsburg apartment and ended up taking over the former tenants lease after it was up. Melissa Mash, founder of Dagne Dover

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Here Are The Best Ways To Find An Apartment In Nyc With Advice From Real

Zumper is cool because you can get a free Experian credit report* AND fill out an application to keep on file for when you’re ready to apply for an apartment.

*This kind of credit report is called a “soft pull” and won’t affect your credit score.

Padmapper will let you search by map, which is super helpful, especially in a time where “East Willliamsburg” can mean “Queens.”

Be sure to adjust the tabs when searching, since they are automatically set to include sublets and rooms which will inflate search results.

CRAIGSLIST! Frequently this site is just a giant garbage bin, but you can actually find an apartment here .

Consider looking at listings with no photos for the best deals. It’s definitely a “you have to kiss a few frogs to find a prince” type situation, but there is definitely gold to be discovered.

Nooklyn is a standard apartment finding website with emphasis on finding the right neighborhood for you. While they specialize in Brooklyn they do have a few Manhattan hoods as well.

They don’t have as many listings as some of the others on this list, but they’re legit, with excellent photos and lots of helpful information about neighborhood, like where to get the best coffee and find the cutest date-night bars.

Joinery is one of the most unique apartment search sites out there. It connects departing tenants with people looking for housing .

Everyone wins!

A Few Points About Apartment Information

Do not get hung up on listings that you see on this website . The odds of you renting the specific apartment you inquired about on-line are very close to zero. Treat the listings on this site as a starting point and use the extensive building information to become more familiar with the market. Unfortunately, listings are not updated as frequently as they should be. We have little control over this but it is a fact of the market. We hope that in time this situation will improve, though today the best way to obtain accurate listing information is to have your broker pre-screen listings.

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How To Find Apartments For Rent With Basic Filters

So, lets say you are looking for a rental in Hells Kitchen. Just type Hells Kitchen into the Neighborhoods box, enter your minimum and maximum price, and select the number of bedrooms you want. Dont want to pay a brokers fee? Check the no-fee box. You can further customize your search to see only units that offer virtual viewings and video or 3-D tours.

Expert tip: When looking at an apartment listing, scroll down and take a peek at the Days on Market. Has it been on the market for a while, like more than 30 days? That may indicate that the landlord is having no luck renting the unit. You may be able to negotiate the rent, says Deirdre Sullivan, a senior content strategist at StreetEasy. Psst, theres another instance that allows the opportunity to strike a deal. More shortly!

Manhattan Rentals Under $3000 on StreetEasyArticle continues below

Decide If You Need A Broker

How to Find an Apartment in New York City | Part 1

If you have a busy lifestyle, apartment hunting on your own can be difficult. Rather than trying to search on your own with the limited time you have, it can be a good idea to hire a broker. By using a broker, they can help you search for apartments that fit your budget and lifestyle. However, keep in mind that getting a broker also comes with a price tag so be sure you can afford to hire one with your budget.

Additionally, many landlords utilize brokers to find tenants for their spaces. If you end up renting that space out, you will also have to pay the brokers fee even if you found the space yourself. To ensure you dont pay a brokers fee for your new space, you can look for no-fee listings in NYC. Through Localize, you can filter your search by clicking show no fee only to see all listings without a brokers fee.

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Furnished Apartments In Brooklyn

The borough of Brooklyn has seen something of a resurgence in recent decades. The illustrious home of Woody Allen, Barbra Streisand and Mike Tyson is rapidly shedding its reputation for being tough and is currently one of the trendiest and most desirable parts of the city. From the hipster haven of Williamsburg to the bustling bistros of Bensonhurst, and everywhere in between, furnished apartments in Brooklyn are readily available and diverse in cost and character.

This youthful and lively borough is often the first choice for young professionals moving to New York City due to its combination of reasonable rents, artistic buzz and community vibe. However, Brooklyn also defies stereotypes, and its sheer diversity means that its also got neighbourhoods like Park Slope and Prospect Park that are ideal for building a peaceful family life.

The hip, up-and-coming area of Bushwick is a particularly popular destination for students and young professionals at the moment thanks to its affordability, cheap vintage stores, cool bars and artist-run galleries. Other great options for Brooklyn apartment rentals include the nearby area of Bedford-Stuyvesant Jay-Zs old stomping ground and the multicultural neighbourhood of Flatbush, both of which offer a variety of properties and contain vibrant communities.

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