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How To Become A Nurse In New York

Getting A New York Nursing License

Being a Nurse at NewYork-Presbyterian

New York State requires candidates to meet certain criteria, as well as provide specific information when applying for licensure either by examination or endorsement.

If applying by examination you must meet these criteria and provide the following information:

  • Be of good moral character
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Graduated from a state-approved school of nursing – official transcripts sent to the board directly from the school
  • Disclosure of Social Security Number
  • Register for the NCLEX – obtain a passing score

Licensure by endorsement requirement includes ALL of the above information, as well as:

  • Verification of licensure from originating state – via request or NURSYS

Learn more about NY RN license information at the New York State Education Department.

Rns In Skilled Nursing And Home Health Settings

While home health and skilled nursing facilities employ many nursing staff with education below the RN level, they need RNs. There are tasks an individual with lower credentialing cant legally do, at least without RN supervision. One example: IVs. An LPN who has had appropriate training can take on many IV-related duties in long-term settings, but the RN bears responsibility . The LPN, moreover, would not be expected to perform the duties in a setting where there was no on-site supervision .

Sometimes RNs take on very high level positions in these settings. Mount Sinai, for example, advertised in early 2018 for an RN Care Coordinator who could be an on-site liaison for an initiative designed to prevent avoidable hospitalizations among long-stay nursing home residents. The care coordinator would educate and coach other staff in using evidence-based strategies to identify and treat issues before they reach the stage where hospitalization would be required. Duties could include identifying resources, doing case reviews of transfers, maintaining various types of documentation, and spending some time on-call.

Home health is an arena that has seen increased demand in recent years. This reflects the trend toward managing health conditions in the least restrictive setting.

Nurse Aide Program Of Study

Nurse aide programs of study prepare students to work safely in the long-term care settings under the supervision of licensed healthcare providers.

Adult and secondary nurse assisting programs preparing students for testing to become certified nurse aides in New York State must be approved for operation by the New York State Education Department in conjunction with the New York State Department of Health.

Program components must meet training and competency evaluation requirements established by NYSED. The Guidelines for Approval and Operation of a Nurse Aide Training Program contains all of the information and forms necessary to submit an application for approval of a school-based nurse aide program. The guide will assist schools to plan, organize and provide programs for nurse aide preparation to facilitate the approval/re-approval process required to operate a program to develop curricular materials that meet the New York State Education Department and New York State Department of Health standards and to prepare for the required SED-conducted site visits every two years.

In order to work as a certified nurse aide in New York State, a person must successfully complete a nurse aide training program delivered only by a program approved by NYSED or NYSDOH. Upon program completion, a student must take and pass the NYSDOH certified nurse assisting exam . Prometric issues a certificate and enters the CNA into the New York State nurse aide registry.

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What Do Registered Nurses Do

Registered nurses treat and educate patients and the public about various medical conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their families. RNs record patients medical histories and symptoms, help perform diagnostic tests and analyze results, operate medical machinery, and help with patient follow-up and rehabilitation.

In addition, RNs also: Deliver and supervise patient care Give patients medicines and treatments Evaluate the outcomes of care, instituting appropriate changes and reporting patient progress Plan, implement, and evaluate programs to meet community needs and Conduct research or quality improvement projects to identify and institute best practices.

RNs teach patients and their families how to manage their illnesses or injuries, explaining post-treatment home care needs diet, nutrition, and exercise programs and self-administration of medication and physical therapy. Some RNs may work to promote general health by educating the public on warning signs and symptoms of disease. RNs also might run general health screening or immunization clinics, blood drives, and public seminars on various conditions.

RNs often facilitate interdisciplinary care, may lead patient care teams, as well as supervise licensed practical nurses, nursing aides, and home health aides in the delivery of patient services.

Salaries For Certified Nurse

rhiandesign: How To Become A Nurse New York

As of 2019, certified nurse-midwives in New York State earned a median salary of $116,040 according to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Experience continues to be the biggest factor contributing to higher CNM salaries, as is evident in the fact that the states most experienced certified nurse-midwives received salaries that fell within the 90th percentile, earning an average of $161,820. In comparison, certified nurse-midwives who were new to the field earned an average of $83,130 that year.

The Growing Demand for Certified Nurse-Midwives in New York

The U.S. Department of Labor expects the number of jobs for CNMs in the state to increase by 25% between 2018 and 2028. Even with such a strong job growth projection, current trends suggest the possibility of an even faster rate of growth.

In 2018, about 7-10.99% of births in New York were attended by midwives, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Center for Health Statistics.

New Yorks certified nurse-midwives enjoy the ability to practice independently after meeting requirements for obtaining prescriptive authority. This level of autonomy allows the states CNMs to provide care to the full extent of their training and education, which is particularly important in rural parts of the state with a recognized shortage of OB-GYN physicians.

  • Delaware County

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Best Online Nursing Programs In New York

City University of New York School of Professional Studies

CUNY SPS has eight online nursing undergraduate degrees for students who have already earned 24+ credits. Each of these online nursing programs in New York is approved by the state and holds ACEN accreditation.

The school also has a Nursing Administration online MS and a Nursing Education online MS. In-person nursing programs offered at SUNY Delhi include a Nursing AAS pre-licensure program and an AAS to BSN dual degree program.

Where Do Nurses Work

  • Nurses most commonly work in a hospital setting however, the work location possibilities are endless. Other common work locations are outpatient offices, surgery centers, academia, nursing care facilities, and home healthcare services. More unique work locations include on a cruise ship, camp nurse, NASCAR nurse, as well as these other non-traditional work locations.
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    Adn Program Admission Requirements In New York

    There are many schools in New York, and each will have its own set of admission requirements. You can expect to find requirements similar to the following:

    • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.70
    • Proficient score on the TEAS V Admission Examination
    • Completion of pre-requisite courses with a grade of C or higher

    Continue Your Nursing Education Journey

    Being a Nursing Attendant at NewYork-Presbyterian

    As a nurse, your education never really stops. You’ll be required to keep up with your Continuing Education Units each year. Additionally, for nurses, salary is closely linked to your level of education. So, if you want to earn more down the road, you may want to go back to school for your BSN, MSN, DNP or more.

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    Are Nurses In Demand In New York

    A New York State Department of Health report cites research pointing to a continued shortage of nurses over the next decade, particularly LPNs, which would hinder healthcare providers in meeting the minimum mandated nurse-to-patient levels for safe care. The report also cites a projected shortage of 39,000 RNs by 2030.

    Salary And Job Outlook For Nurses In New York

    New York’s cost of living scores as the third most expensive in the U.S. With a cost of living index of 146.6, the Empire State outpaces the national average of 100. Fortunately, nursing salaries rank among the highest for the state overall and in many of its metropolitan and non-metro areas. Job prospects in New York also look strong, with NPs showing the highest projected employment growth rate.

    The tables below provide more detailed information.

    Nursing Level

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    Nurse Practitioner Requirements In New York

    A New York nurse practitioner may be certified on the basis of either education or national certification . Those who select the certification pathway should be aware that initial certification is based not only on examination but on meeting educational prerequisites set by an approved certification agency.

    A qualifying nurse practitioner program is one that is registered with the New York State Education Department or determined to be equivalent .

    A nurse practitioner must demonstrate competence in pharmacology. A student who completes a registered program will have had the required content. A student who does not complete a registered program can complete one three-semester course that includes all required content or one or more courses that are the substantial equivalent. A student is also considered to have met the requirement if he or she took a national physician assistant or nurse midwife exam that is accepted for certification in New York or passed an acceptable pharmacology examination.

    Pharmacology coursework must cover New York law. A student who completes a pharmacology course that does not include state-specific legal curriculum is directed to contact one of the following organizations:

    • The New York State Nurses Association
    • The Nurse Practitioner Association of New York State

    A nurse practitioner who opts for national certification may hold national certification through one of the following organizations:

    How To Become A Nurse Practitioner In New York In 6 Steps

    New York Nurse First in US to Be Fully Vaccinated After Being ...

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    In this video, we follow Tiffany, an NP, as she shows what a day in the life of a nurse practitioner is actually like, including shift hours, work environment and job duties. Shell even share the skills and education needed to be successful in the role.

    Nurse practitioners have a rewarding and exciting career within the health care field, particularly in a state as large and diverse as New York. If you have an interest in treating patients from the onset of illness through recovery and you enjoy providing care to others, you may want to consider becoming a nurse practitioner. It’s important to learn about the necessary qualifications that you need if you want to become a nurse practitioner in New York.

    In this article, we discuss what a nurse practitioner does, the skills necessary to become one, how you can become one in New York and the salary and job outlook you can expect if you decide that the profession is right for you.

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    Exceptional Nursing & Career Opportunities At New York’s # 1 Hospital

    Nurses at all of NewYork-Presbyterian’s hospitals practice with confidence, clinical expertise, caring, and compassion. Our core approach is defined by our patients, who are at the heart of everything we do. To achieve excellent patient outcomes, our nurses commit to lifelong learning and evidence-based practice. There has never been a more exciting time to join our team.

    Our MISSION is to serve our communities by providing world-class patient and family centered care in an empowering and innovative professional nursing practice environment. Our VISION is to be the world leader in nursing.

    Wilhelmina Manzano, MA, RN, NEA-BC, FAANGroup Senior Vice President & Chief Nursing ExecutiveChief Operating Officer for Perioperative Services

    Featured Stories

    Featured Stories

    Suny Erie Community College

    SUNY Erie Community College’s City Campus is part of a strong network of nursing programs within the state college framework. Located in Buffalo, this 64 total-credit program includes coursework in Health Restoration, Physical Assessment, General Psychology, and more. Program graduates are known for their resolve as patient advocates and motivated lifelong learners.

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    Doctor Of Nursing Practice

    Doctors of Nursing Practice deliver high-quality advanced nursing care in a clinical setting. A DNP is a terminal degree for advanced practice nurses.

    DNP graduates are leaders in advanced nursing practice that bring evidence-based knowledge into the clinical setting to help improve healthcare outcomes and strengthen the leadership role of nurses in both the clinical and academic setting.

    In 2019, on average NPs make an annual salary of $115,800, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics interestingly, there is minimal concrete data on the average annual salary of a DNP.

    Healthcare salary trends suspect DNPs average $125,000 to $150,000 per year. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has very limited data on DNP salaries but the reported average is $135,830.

    Five Getting Your First Nursing Job


    Now that you have graduated and passed the NCLEX, youre ready to find your first nursing job. But for new nurses, this can be a daunting task!

    The most important thing to remember when applying for a nursing position is that application rejection is a totally normal part of the process. It happens to everyone!

    Transitioning into a new role at a hospital or healthcare system can be overwhelming but these steps can help ease the transition. Follow these steps to help get your first nursing position:

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    Consequences Of Attending A Non

    Graduating from a non-accredited nursing program can be devastating. While it is very difficult for brick and mortar nursing programs to function and not be fully accredited it is often seen in online nursing programs. So, what does this mean for those students?

  • Students who graduate from non-accredited programs have difficulty obtaining gainful employment
  • Students that graduate from programs that are not accredited, whether an ADN or BSN program, will NOT be able to sit for the NCLEX. This means you will NOT become a Registered Nurse.
  • Lpn Reciprocity And Enlc

    New York has no current pending legislature to enter into the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact , which allows nurses to practice in any participating compact state without needing additional licensure. With that said, LPNs transferring from another state can be become licensed in New York . All that is required is to provide verification of licensure from previous state of license.

    Individuals transferring from foreign countries must verify educational equivalence through the Board based on the Commission of Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools evaluation before taking the licensure exam.

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    Specialties For Nurses In New York

    Graduates of New York nursing programs work in a variety of specialties. Nursing students should consider their career goals before beginning their studies. Many programs — especially master’s programs — prepare students for work in a particular specialty.

    A professional’s specialty impacts their salary and responsibilities. Students who want a higher-paying nursing career should consider becoming advanced practice registered nurses. For example, nurse anesthetists and nurse practitioners earn average salaries of more than $100,000 a year in New York. Additionally, certified nurse midwives earn about $85,000 per year. In addition to above-average salaries, advanced practice registered nurses can look forward to significant growth in the field. The BLS projects employment for nurse anesthetists in New York to increase by 25.7% from 2016 to 2026, and jobs for nurse midwives in the state are projected to grow by 24.1% over the same timeframe.

    Students should also consider their ideal working environment and patient population. Psychiatric nurses and neonatal nurses in New York earn average salaries of more than $70,000. Students can also pursue positions working in emergency rooms, intensive care units, and oncology wards.

    Master’s programs in nursing prepare students for positions as nurse practitioners. Nurse practitioners share many responsibilities with physicians. For example, they can prescribe medications, order tests, and diagnose conditions.

    New York Licensure Requirements

    Inspired to become a nurse or EMT? Here

    All RNs must be licensed. To be licensed as an RN in New York, an individual must be at least 18 years of age, meet education requirements of having received at least a two-year degree or diploma from a program in general professional nursing that is acceptable to the New York State Department of Education, complete coursework or training in the identification and reporting of child abuse offered by a New York State approved provider, and pass the nursing examination developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing . All associate or diploma prepared RNs who were not enrolled in their program or did not have an application pending as of December 19, 2017 will be required to obtain a baccalaureate in nursing within 10 years of their initial RN licensure.

    For more information, go to:

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    Understand Nursing Levels And Specializations

    Nursing degrees are offered from non-degree CNA through Doctorate Degree designation. With over 100 nursing specializations from Holistic Nurse and Flight Nurse to Emergency Room and Oncology Nurse. There is a specialization for almost any passion or interest. Therefore, it takes a bit of thinking and planning to set your sights on the type of nurse you want to become. You can get started as CNA with as little as 160 hours of training in New York.

    Who Is An Adn Right For

    Some of the primary reasons aspiring nurses choose an ADN program are:

  • It’s a lot more affordable
  • It’s faster
  • You can complete your ADN while working
  • It’s good for individuals with families or busy lifestyles
  • Many nurses earn their ADN first so they can start working fast and save money on their degree, and then get their BSN paid for by their employing hospital later on.
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