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How To Become A Kindergarten Teacher In New York

What Are The Fieldwork Requirements

How & Why I Became A Preschool Teacher

There are two types of classroom experiences required in our programs, per state requirements: 1. In each class, there is a 10-15 hour fieldwork observation experience. This experience will vary by class and is integrated into the class assignments. For example, in the math methods course, teacher candidates would observe math lessons. The experiences in diverse classroom settings better prepares teacher candidates for the clinical experience. 2. The Clinical Experience EDUC 709 or EDUC 713 is a semester-long capstone course.

What Is A Kindergarten Teacher

A kindergarten teacher is a type of early childhood educator who teaches kids at the kindergarten level, which is typically five years of age and the year before first grade. In addition to their traditional teaching requirements, some kindergarten teachers may have a specialty to teach in other subject areas such as music or art. They are responsible for a variety of tasks including creating lesson plans, maintaining grade books and administering tests.

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What Are The Admission Requirements For The Early Childhood & Childhood Education Programs

Applications are accepted for Fall, Spring, or Summer admission. The requirements for admission and matriculation into the Early Childhood or Childhood Program include: 1) A completed application for admission 2) Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate degrees 3) Effective Teaching Statement 4) A résumé 5) Pre-Requisites: B.S. Degree in a liberal arts and sciences content area with a 3.0 GPA 6) Other Admissions Requirements: College Transcript with evidence of the following credits: Mathematical processes Scientific processes Historical and social sciences Language other than English Information Retrieval Communications/ Humanities/ Written analysis and expression Artistic expression Liberal arts and sciences subject area

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What’s The Job Description Of A Kindergarten Teacher

Job Title Kindergarten Teacher The kindergarten teacher works with young children between the ages of four and six and contributes to the academic, physical and social development of students. They educate students using passionate and practical teaching methods and tools, including games, music, art, books and computers.

Initial And Professional Certification

Early Childhood Education Degree Requirements in New York ...

All teachers require an initial certificate to begin teaching. You can choose between several different types of certificates and pathways to certification based on your existing situation. The Initial Certificate is valid for five years and is considered the entry-level teaching certification. You can also apply for a Professional Certificate once you complete the mandated professional development hours for teaching. If you are a pupil personnel professional, you must complete the Provisional Certificate. This certificate is also valid for five years. And the Permanent Certificate is the advanced certificate for individuals in the pupil personnel career path. It is valid for life or until revoked.

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Kindergarten Teacher Jobs & Job Description

Kindergarten teachers are a key component of helping children experience a head start in school so that they can grow up to become successful individuals. The kindergarten classroom is a child-centered play-based class in which students are largely self-directed. While jobs do vary from district to district, the typical role of the kindergarten teacher looks like this:

There are several career paths open for kindergarten teachers – read on to discover more information about this field.

Private And Charter School Teacher Requirements In New York City

Private and charter schools in NYC have individualized requirements for teacher applicants. In most cases, you will need at least a bachelors degree and some experience working with children to be eligible, although a masters degree, teaching experience, or state certification will significantly improve your chances of finding a job in this type of school. Private and charter schools operate independently of the public school system, although charter schools receive public funding. If you are interested in teaching jobs in these types of schools, contact individual schools directly for information on hiring requirements.

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How Many Teachers Are There In The State Of Connecticut

For more information about Connecticut Teacher Certification, contact the Connecticut Department of Education. In the 2016-2017 school year, approximately 535,118 students attended 1,250 public schools in Connecticut3. There were about 42,343 teachers in these public schools. Connecticut had a student-teacher ratio of approximately 13:1.3.

Pursuing State Licensure Or Certification

Registering with Ontario College of Teachers

In most cases, youll need to complete an educator preparation program, pass content-specific examinations, and meet other state-specific requirements for initial licensure to teach preschool in a public school setting.

As of 2018, the National Institute for Early Education Research reported that 78% of all state-funded public preschool programs, 56% of state-funded private preschool programs, and 75% of state-funded preschool programs that serve both public and private settings required teachers to hold at least a bachelors degree and a teaching certification.

A state-approved teacher preparation program in early childhood education may be designed as a bachelors or masters degree or post-baccalaureate certificate. Since state-approved teacher preparation programs satisfy all pedagogy course requirements and include a student teaching experience, they provide the most streamlined approach to initial licensure. However, most states also have alternative teacher preparation programs that provide a convenient path to state licensure for recent college graduates or career professionals.

To earn state licensure/certification, you must take and pass pedagogy and content examinations in early childhood education after completing your teacher preparation program.

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Summary Of National Findings For Teaching Jobs: 2017 2026

Among the findings, the COPS research revealed:

  • The balance between job openings and job seekers is likely to remain balanced for teachers
  • Job openings are expected to rise due to teachers retiring
  • Good working conditions will attract recent graduating teachers
  • Retiring teachers will create about two-thirds of job openings for secondary school teachers
  • Retiring teachers will account for almost 50% of job openings for elementary and kindergarten teachers

Work Environment About This Section

Elementary school teachers, except special education held about 1.4 million jobs in 2020. The largest employers of elementary school teachers, except special education were as follows:

Elementary and secondary schools local 85%
Elementary and secondary schools private 12

Kindergarten teachers, except special education held about 121,300 jobs in 2020. The largest employers of kindergarten teachers, except special education were as follows:

Elementary and secondary schools local 81%
Child day care services 2

Most states have tenure laws, which provide job security after a certain number of years of satisfactory teaching.

Kindergarten and elementary school teachers may find it rewarding to watch students develop new skills and learn information. However, teaching may be stressful. Some schools have large classes and lack important teaching tools, such as computers and up-to-date textbooks. Some states are developing teacher mentoring programs and teacher development courses to help with the challenges of being a teacher.

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How Do You Become A Kindergarten Teacher

All certified kindergarten teachers in the United States must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in addition to a state-issued license or certificate. Since kindergarten falls under the elementary school umbrella, the license or certificate should be specific to teaching elementary school students. This type of license allows teachers to teach multiple subjects. Keep in mind that each state has their own specific licensing requirements.

Meet Kindergarten Teacher Requirements For Student Teaching

Kindergarten teacher:

Every ITP program includes, and every state requires, some element of practical student teaching experience.

This varies from program to program and state to state, but usually includes at least a semester or two in real-world classrooms. Youre supervised by actual teachers as well as your instructors, and you put your learned skills from the classroom into practice. Along the way, you develop your own style and find out where the gaps are between teaching theory and teaching reality.

Youll also develop real-world skills in classroom management. As one of the most important skills for kindergarten teachers, there is just no substitute for stepping up and actually leading a wild class of five-year-olds.

Even in ECE programs, you are likely to get experience student teaching at various grade levels. Youll get a more well-rounded perspective and become a better teacher overall through this process.

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Q What Is The Demand For Kindergarten Teachers

Since there are always new children coming up at age 5, it is likely that there will always be a need for Kindergarten Teachers.

This career should grow about 4 percent over the next ten years, which is slow but steady in this field.

Having quality educators is important in this country, so while the growth of this career is small, there will still be a need for great Kindergarten Teachers for the foreseeable future.

What Education Is Required To Become A Kindergarten Teacher

license. Kindergarten teachers receive training that is comparable to that of other primary school teachers. In all states, public school teachers require at least an accredited bachelor’s degree, usually in early childhood education. Private schools have their own requirements, but generally a bachelor’s degree is required.

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What Do You Need To Become A Teacher In Michigan

The curriculum generally includes courses such as early childhood development, early childhood teaching methods, child behavior and inclusive lessons. Prospective teachers must also complete the Michigan Board of Education-approved teacher training course, which is generally part of a bachelor’s degree.

Qualities Of A Kindergarten Teacher

From Kindergarten Teacher to the Head Coach of the New York Giants: Joe Judge’s Wild Journey

In order to be a kindergarten teacher, there are certain characteristics one must have. The love for children, patience, empathy, creativity and a desire to mold and shape young minds. Kindergarten teachers must be able to have good classroom management skills. This requires being able to retain the attention span of multiple young children at once. They must also be able to develop and implement lesson plans and ensure each child in their room is receiving a quality education.

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What Skills Does A Kindergarten Teacher Need

A recent analysis of kindergarten teacher resumes by Zippia, a data-driven online job site, offered a revealing look at what teaching skills kindergarten teachers themselves feel are necessary. Classroom management was the biggest, with almost 25 percent of those surveyed mentioning it. That was followed by:

  • Student learning
  • Professional development

New York City Teacher Certification Requirements

If you have a bachelors degree and completed teacher preparation from a recognized New York state program or a similar program in another state, you can apply for a traditional certificate. New teachers will be issued an Initial Certificate, while experienced teachers may be eligible for the Professional Certificate. Take a look at our New York certification page for more information.

If you did not complete teacher preparation as part of your bachelors degree program, you can complete this requirement while you teach through a New York alternative certification program. These types of certificates include the Transitional A certificate for career and technical education teachers with experience but no degree or the Transitional B certificate for teaching fellows who are eligible to earn the certificate while they teach through programs such as the New York Teaching Collaborative, which places teachers in the highest-need schools. Our New York alternative certification page has more information about these options.

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What Degree Do You Need To Be A Kindergarten Teacher

At a minimum, youre going to need to earn a bachelors in education degree. Its important that this degree is from an approved Initial Teacher Preparation program, however.

ITP degrees include the necessary coursework and student teaching preparation to meet state certification requirements. You will find education degrees that are designed for research and administrative roles that do not have an ITP designation. These wont qualify you for teacher certification without additional studies, however.

Specifically, most kindergarten teachers look for early childhood education programs . These offer courses that are specific to the developmental stage and needs of kindergarten-age children. Degrees in elementary education may also cover the material you need, although they may not offer the preparation your state requires for licensing.

Applying For Your First Initial Certificate

âTeaching is her lifeâ

Before applying for your first initial certificate, do the following:

  • Check Degree Works or your online transcript to be sure your degree was conferred.
  • Check your TEACH account or your online transcript to see if your college recommendation has been posted TEACH AccountAccount InformationCollege Recommendations.
  • Enter the program code.
  • Continue through and pay $50.
  • You can check your application information in TEACH under Account InformationCertificates. This is also where you will see the certificate that have been issued to you. You will not receive notification that you have been certified or any certificates or notifications in the mail.
  • If you are still waiting for your certification after a month or two and you followed all directions, please contact Career Services.
  • For those in programs leading to dual certifications , you will apply for the second initial certificate through the same process. However, the pathway should be Approved Teacher Preparation Program- Additional Certificate. You can check if the pathway is correct in TEACH under Account Information Certificates after you apply. If it does not say this, email NYSED to change the pathway at with the last 4 of your social security number, date of birth, and name as it matches TEACH.
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    What Do Students Think Makes A Good Teacher

    A good teacher respects students. In a great classroom of teachers, everyone’s ideas and opinions are valued. A good teacher creates a sense of community and belonging in the classroom. Mutual respect in this class of teachers creates an atmosphere of support and cooperation. A good teacher is hospitable, approachable, enthusiastic and caring.

    Job Growth Outlook: Medium

    Those who are looking to begin a career as a Kindergarten Teacher should expect to see about a 4 percent growth in job opportunities over the next decade.

    There will always be a need for Kindergarten Teachers, as children will always need someone to teach them the fundamentals of early life.

    While this career wont grow very much over the next ten years, it is a steady growth that goes along with other careers in the education field.

    Expect to have more job opportunities and chances for promotion with education and career development.

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    Applying For Professional Certification


  • To obtain a professional certification, you need a Masters degree and 3 years of paid professional work experience in any of your certification areas .
  • Make sure all transcripts are on file with NYSED through TEACH. You can check under Account InformationEducationVerified Education. College recommendations will not be there.
  • If you completed a Masters leading to certification, be sure that relevant college recommendations are there. TEACH Account Account InformationCollege Recommendations.
  • Ensure that experience is verified. This includes mentoring if you are in a NYS public school. You can check in TEACH under:
  • Account InformationSuperintendent Statements
  • Account InformationMentoring Experience
  • Account InformationCorrespondenceDocuments
  • It is recommended to apply for the professional certification in which you have the most experience first.
  • For those who are applying for a professional certificate in the area of their first initial certificate and did their Masters degree in a different content or certification area.

  • Go to TEACH and click Apply for Certificate. You can only apply for one certificate at a time. If you have multiple initial certificates, select the initial certificate from which you want to progress to the professional certificate first.
  • Go through the drop downs select Classroom Teacher or Classroom Teacher- Foreign Languages for Area of Interest.
  • Transition Point Four: Completion Of Program

    The Kindergarten Teacher reviewed by Mark Kermode

    Upon completion of the capstone project and all other degree requirements, the School of Education will process the candidates application for certification. All prerequisite course requirements must be satisfied prior to seeking certification. Program completion requires a 3.0 GPA. Initial New York State certification requires achieving qualifying scores on the Educating All Students Test , and the Content Specialty Test , in the area of each certificate being requested, and receiving a passing score on the edTPA assessment.

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    Getting Your New York Teaching Certification

    The New York State Education Department includes extensive information about the ways to obtain certification/licensure. You will need to familiarize yourself with this site, as it contains many resources valuable to both aspiring teachers and current teachers.

    There are four main types of certificates available. The Initial Certificate is an entry-level certificate for classroom teachers that is valid for five years. The Professional Certificate is an advanced-level certificate for classroom teachers that is continuously valid, conditional upon completing mandatory professional development hours. The Provisional Certificate is an entry-level certificate for pupil personnel professionals that is valid for five years. Lastly, the Permanent Certificate is an advanced-level certificate for pupil personnel professionals that is valid for life unless otherwise revoked.

    Certificates are available to an applicant who:

    • has graduated from an approved teacher preparation program
    • is a career changer
    • holds U.S. or Non-U.S. Credentials
    • possesses a certificate from another state
    • holds an NYS Professional License
    • is a college professor with an advanced degree in math or science
    • or is a National Board certified teacher.

    To apply, register online through the TEACH System. Visit the Office of Teaching Initiatives for information about required tests, regulations, fees, etc.

    Student Classification And Prerequisites

    Candidates who meet all prerequisites and admission requirements will be accepted and classified as matriculants.

    Candidates without a sufficient undergraduate background in the liberal arts and sciences will be required to take recommended prerequisite courses in accordance with New York State certification requirements. Sufficient college-level background includes: English, mathematics, science, social studies, information retrieval, artistic expression, a language other than English, and a 30-credit concentration in a liberal arts and science academic subject. Candidates will be able to take the necessary prerequisite courses at Mercy College.

    Undergraduate prerequisites for students seeking the initial certificate in Childhood, Early Childhood, the Dual Certifications programs or the Tri-Certification program are:

    • Mathematical Processes – 6 credits

    A course in Child Development or Developmental Psychology is required.

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