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How Much To Move From New York To Florida

Are You Ready To Take On The Heat

The Shocking Amount Taxpayers Can Save Moving From New York to Florida

If youre a tried-and-true New Yorker, it can be tough giving up your winter when you move out of state. At least, thats how you might feel until the reality of the brutal cold starts settling in. At that point, the Florida sun might seem like the answer to all your problems.

There are many genuinely compelling reasons to make the trek to Florida, but prepare to adjust to a different, more laid-back lifestyle than what youre used to in New York. And of course, your New York friends might wonder why youre choosing to leave the citys hustle and bustle. And while Florida has its fair share of fast-paced city living, it still might be a major change of pace. Thats why your first step should be making sure this move is the right decision for you. This handy guide should give you a good idea of what to expect! Once you figure that out, youll want to find the right moving company to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Factors To Consider When Shipping Your Car From New York To Florida

  • Time of Year Shipping your car during the fall and winter may be significantly cheaper than during the summer
  • Open or Enclosed Auto Transport Carriers You need to think about what kind of car carriers to use. Unless youre shipping a classic collectors car or an exotic sports car, youll probably want to ship it via open carrier vs enclosed carrier
  • Size and Weight Large heavy vehicles like pickup trucks and SUVs cost more to transport than small and midsize cars
  • Delivery Requirements Many auto transporters offer discounts to customers who are flexible with their delivery dates
  • Pick up and Drop-Off Options Instead of pricey door-to-door service, consider taking your vehicle to one of the companys terminals at origin and having it delivered to one of their terminals at destination. This requires more work on your part, but its relatively easy if youre moving between New York City and Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa or Miami.

How Much Are Movers Per Hour Nyc

Moving companies charge their clients by the hour when it comes to moves within the city. It doesnt matter what the moving crew is doing packing, carrying, driving or unpacking. Number of movers handling your move also matters. Average price per mover per hour is somewhere between 40 and 60 dollars.

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The Best Neighborhoods In Miami

Once youve decided to make the transition to Miami, deciding exactly where to live should be the next logical step in your relocation process. Long before you hire professional movers and worry about moving services, finding the neighborhood thats best for you and your family essential. Lets take a look at some of the best neighborhoods to live in Miami.

Miami & So Much More

Sure, moving to Miami is an amazing decision in itself. In fact, as soon as you hire a professional moving company, you should be stoked about making one of the best decisions of your life. However, when you move to Miami, youll have access to tons of great destinations nearby.

Less than 30 miles north, theres Fort Lauderdale. Home to more amazing beaches, vibrant neighborhoods like Las Olas and Victoria Park and incredible art shows, youll have everything you desire nearby.

If you continue to take the trek north, you will quickly enter Palm Beach County. From stellar local theatre in Boca Raton to one-of-a-kind shops and breweries in Deerfield Beach, youll find that a short trip is all you need for a weekend escape.

Speaking of an escape, heading south from Miami leads to one of the most scenic, relaxing vacation destinations in the country in Key West. This small beach town is home to friendly residents, live music gems and a slew of entertainment options for a quick getaway.

Ready to Move?

Just remember that putting your move in motion means leaning on professional movers.

New York To Miami Movers

Average Cost To Move From New York to Florida

Moving from New York to Miami will take you from the most populous city in the US to another densely populated metropolis, buzzing with life and culture. Much like The Big Apple, Miami is a leader in finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, fashion, and education.

Therefore, your long-distance move of about 1200 miles will not result in a considerable change of lifestyle . You can make the transition even easier by hiring the experienced services of professional New York to Miami movers who will take proper care of all the aspects of the arduous relocation process and will ensure the successful start of your new life in the Magic city. Just make sure you find the best New York movers for you and enjoy your relocation adventure.

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Moving To New York From The United Kingdom

New York attracts a lot of people from the UK. In fact, there are over 120,000 living in the city, so if youre considering joining them, here are a few bonus tips:

  • Size: If you look at the population size of London and New York, there is only a couple of hundred thousand difference with New York being the bigger city.
  • Expat groups: If you want to get together with others from the UK who are experiencing the Big Apple, then go to InterNations, Big Apple Brits and MeetUp.

Hopefully, the tips and costs above are helpful. If want to get started pricing out how much it will cost you to move to New York you can start by comparing moving quotes here.

Guides to moving and living in other American cities

Cost Of Full Diy Move From New York To Florida

Moving trucks are often priced based on the size per hour, rental duration, and mile driven. For instance, a 20-ft U-Haul moving truck accommodates a two or three-bedroom apartment.

It is priced at $39.95 per day together with $1.79 per mile. You will drive about 1,200 miles to Florida from New York. If you complete it in 3 days, you will pay $2,300 excluding gas, food, and motel expenses.

For other expenses, you have to look into your needs and plan accordingly in advance. There will be additional moving truck fees, like fuel cost, toll roads and truck insurance fee.

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Planning To Move From New York To Florida Movers 101 Has You Covered

Moving between states can be stressful and difficult to plan. Whether youre setting up home in a new residence or relocating your business to a new site, organizing and preparing for a long-distance move of this scale is often a real struggle.

If youre arranging transport for your belongings between New York and Florida, for example, there will be many challenges to overcome. The greater distance creates a higher likelihood of delays and crossing over a range of terrains can mean more of a risk of damage to the cargo.

For many moving companies, a New York to Florida relocation is a massive undertaking as a result of the issues above. However, Movers 101 has managed commercial and residential moves of this kind for decades. We never fail to deliver a clients items on time and with no damage.

Were Here To Take Away That Stress Of Moving From Nyc To Florida No Worries

Moving from New York to Florida – Pros and Cons

Roadway Moving cares about one thing: giving you the best NY to Florida moving experience possible. Part of that is giving you a fair price with no surprises. When we quote you a price for an interstate move, we stick to it. It will include everything you asked for and expect and nothing more. Your comprehensive price quote will be easy to understand and if you have any questions, a member of our sales team will be happy to walk you through it.

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Start Your Online Moving Quote

Our moving quotes, from United Van Lines, provide customers with a proximate idea of pricing for their move. These online quotes can be very helpful in determining and comparing moving costs across various moving companies. After were able to gather more information about your move, we can give you a moving estimate, which provides a more accurate price for your move.

United understands that customers want to review comparative pricing and moving services before they hire a long distance mover. With that in mind, we strive to provide moving quotes in a timely manner so you can move forward confidently with the decision-making process.

Why We Give North American Van Lines A Thumbs Up

It allows you to customize your move

From full-service and fragile-only packing to appliance disconnection and reconnection to furniture disassembly and reassembly, North American offers a slew of add-on moving services.

This means you choose services based on how much you can afford. If you have an unlimited budget, you can go entirely full service and have a North American moving crew pack and load everything for you. If money is tighter, you can have movers pack only your most fragile items or pack all of it yourself and simply have the movers load and haul.

North American makes it clear which services are included in the overall cost of your move and which are extra. Full-service packing, for example, is extra.

You can also pay for help you want once youve arrived at your new home .

We think this freedom to tailor your move shows that North American is flexible and considerate of its customers needs .

If you fill out an online request for an estimate from North American Van Lines, expect an initial barrage of emails and phone calls. Luckily, its easy to get your name removed from the call list, but it can feel overwhelming in the meantime.

It walks you through your move from start to finish

Its easy for moving companies to forget that this may be your first rodeoand even if it isnt, every move comes with its own challenges.

North American Van Lines gets it.

To learn more, read our full North American Van Lines Review.

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Example: Relocating From Nyc To Miami

To relocate from NYC to Miami, hiring a moving crew to haul your stuff will likely cost between $2,500 to $6,000, depending on factors like distance, the total weight of your belongings, additional services and more.

That price tag might sound hefty, but when youre transporting your things hundreds of miles across several states, expertise on carefully packing, transporting and unloading precious belongings is often worth every penny. Just be sure to hire a moving company with proven long-distance experience. Then youll have complete peace of mind that your stuff will arrive safe and sound at your new Florida home.

Also, hiring a moving service allows you to enjoy the ride to your new home stress-free. Cruise down the beautiful Eastern Seaboard and explore small towns, stunning scenery and historic cities along the way without worrying about driving a rental moving truck.

And hey, just think about the money youre saving by making the move out of NYC. Youll make up for the cost of moving in no time.

Whats The Transit Time From New York To Orlando

5 Things to Know Before Moving from New York to Florida

Its approximately 1100 miles from New York City to Orlando. The standard transit time is 6-9 days. The size of your move, time of year, and the mover you chose can affect the transit times. Moving from New York to Orlando is a common route so that most movers can meet the standard times.

The larger the move, the quicker it may take. If you have a minor move, say a one-bedroom, it will go into a consolidated truck. It would help if you also learned how consolidations work in moving.

Its always best to speak with the mover of your choice to get a more accurate description of what they offer. A mover legally has up to 21 days to deliver your stuff without incurring charges.

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Choosing Where To Live In Florida

At over 5,000 square miles larger than New York State, Florida is huge! Not only will the place you move to determine the culture and weatheritll also determine how much it will cost to move and live there.

For example, moving from NYC to Jacksonville equals a drive of 900 miles, and the average cost of a house runs at around $172,500. However, heading as far south as Key West or Miami Beach will not only add another 500 miles to your cars odometeryoull also likely be spending more to buy a home or pay rent as both of those cities boast median home prices exceeding $410,000.

There are also countless options in-between. Gainesville is a bustling college town with a legacy of great football and education. Winter Park, an Orlando suburb, is a fantastic place to raise a family. Or soak up a seaside lifestyle on Cocoa Beachs six miles of shoreline.

Schedule Your Moving Company

Its never too early to start planning the logistics of your move. If you want to skip driving a rental truck the more than 1000 miles from New York to your destination in Florida, nows the time to book a long distance moving company. No matter who you hire, make sure they are licensed with the US DOT and carry insurance to protect your goods.

A licensed, interstate moving company, Imperial Movers frequently helps New York City residents with out of state relocations, and New York to Florida is one of our most common routes. If you book your move with us, well send an in-home estimator to assess your moving costs, then provide you with a free quote for your move. Were here to make your Florida relocation seamless.

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Moving From New York To Florida: Tips & Expert Advice

While its known as the home to Orlando, the theme park capital of the world, theres much more to Florida than rip-roaring rides and the faces of familiar characters. From vibrant urban areas like Miami to awe-inspiring natural wonders like natural caves and the untamed wild of the Everglades, theres never a dull moment in the Sunshine State.

Simply put, if youve been setting aside boxes for moving and are itching for a place to move, Florida is an excellent choice.

Cons Of Moving To Florida

Can Florida Become The Next Big Tech And Finance Hub?

Not everything in Florida will be an improvement over what you have experienced in New York. But you may find that the positive changes outweigh the negative ones. Read on about a few potential cons so you can decide for yourself.


While Floridas weather is a major draw, not everyone loves warm weather all of the time. If you love to see clear season changes, you cannot expect to see these in Florida.

Also, the summer in parts of Florida can become extremely hot and muggy, and the state does witness hurricanes regularly. On the other hand, a blizzard or ice storm is extremely unlikely in Florida.

Touristic Quality

If living in a very popular tourist area does not appeal to you, there are certain parts of Florida which you should consider avoiding, such as Orlando.

However, if tourism is a turn-off for you, that may not be the cause to completely reject the idea of moving to Florida. The state is large over 65,000 square miles so there are parts of the state that do not have the same large tourism numbers as others.

Competition in House Hunting

Since Florida has become a popular place for movers, you may face some increased competition when house hunting.

While this may make the process of moving somewhat more difficult, it confirms that moving to Florida is a popular decision to make.

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How To Lessen The Weight

If you are wondering what to do with all of your belongings then, we have a couple of suggestions:

  • Have a yard sale Take everything that is functional and not broken and have a garage sale. You will earn money as well as lessen the weight of your belongings. The cost of hiring moving companies from New York to Florida will be much lower.
  • Organize a giveaway party If you are wondering what this is, just imagine a yard sale this time in your house with all of your dearest friends and family. Everybody should take what they would like to have from you. Be it books, clothes, plants, kitchen appliances. Everything that did not make it on the yard sale and the things that you simply wanted to give to someone should be on this giveaway party.
  • Donate Donating the rest of your things will certainly make it easier for you to part with your old life. Giving to those in need only make us realize how much do we have. And when we are happy, we do not need to move a bunch of old things that we do not use anymore. Think of this as final preparation for the long-distance move, you are saying goodbye to your old life and beginning something new and beautiful.

Make A Start On Your Ny To Fl Move

If youre interested to learn more about the services provided by Movers 101 or you simply wish to hire us to help you with your move straight away you can call us on 212-317-2358. Were based in Brooklyn but can travel almost any distance to ensure your relocation goes perfectly.

Our office hours are between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 4pm Saturday.

Please do let us know about any particular items or access issues that may be more difficult to manage, as we want to plan your move as effectively as possible. After all, the care and precision with which we work have allowed us to become one of the leading moving companies from NY to Florida.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve a smooth and swift relocation.

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