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How Much For Car Insurance In New York

Cheap Car Insurance In Ny

How Much Is Car Insurance In New York City?

If you opt to buy the cheapest car insurance policy possible, buy the least amount of coverage you need to drive, as explained below:

Drivers must have minimum liability coverage limits of 25/50/10 under New York car insurance laws. This coverage pays for others injuries and damage to other drivers cars when you cause an accident.

Personal injury protection is also required. It covers you, your passengers and other authorized drivers of your car who are injured while in your car. PIP also covers you and your family members if you are injured while riding in someone else’s car or if struck by another vehicle while on foot. PIP is sometimes called no-fault insurance because it kicks in regardless of who is at fault. You must have $50,000 in coverage.

Uninsured motorist bodily injury covers medical expenses for you and your passengers if injured when hit by a driver with no insurance. You must have 25/50 coverage. This means your insurer pays up to $25,000 per person and $50,000 in total if there are two or more people injured.

It does cost more to buy more protection, but as youll see in the chart below showing rates for annual coverage, additional coverage is typically affordable. Increasing your insurance from the state minimum to full coverage with a $500 deductible costs, on average, $1,195 more, or $96 a month. For just $93 a year so only about $8 more a month — you can raise your liability limits.

What Are New York’s Car Insurance Requirements

New York and a handful of other states follow a no-fault system for car accidents. Essentially, this means that your insurance company covers your damages in the case of an auto accident, regardless of who is at fault. There are some exceptions in cases of serious injury, but for the most part, each drivers insurance pays for their injuries and damages.

Because of the no-fault system and other state laws in New York, drivers must carry the following car insurance:

Insurance Type

Who Has The Cheapest Liability Insurance In New York

Geico rates were cheapest for state minimum and liability insurance for New York drivers, compared to other carriers surveyed. Rates are for yearly coverage. Here is how much less Geico was than other insurance companies for state minimum liability insurance:

  • $256 less than New York Central
  • $291 less than Progressive
  • $526 less than State Farm
  • $633 less than Travelers

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Cheap Car Insurance For Drivers With An Accident On Their Record

Accidents happen, especially while driving, but when theyre on your record, it can make finding the cheapest car insurance premiums in New York a challenge. Auto insurance companies base their rates on your driving record and nothing shoots up insurance premiums like a fender bender.

Insurance Company
Liberty Mutual $285/mo

Luckily, we found five auto insurance companies in New York offering the cheapest rates for drivers whove had a car accident the cheapest being Travelers at $157/mo. Next is Plymouth Rock , Safeco and TSC . Liberty Mutual rounds out the list with insurance rates almost double Travelers which is the most affordable option. .

These options are great, but hop online and comparison shop for even cheaper rates on your auto insurance in New York. Especially if you otherwise have a pretty good history of being a safe driver.

Top Reasons Car Insurance Is Expensive In New York

How Much Is Car Insurance In Nyc : How Much Is Average Car Insurance In ...
  • People in New York are driving more. As a result, the number of accidents, claims, and payouts is rising, too. For example, there were approximately 981 fatal crashes in 2016 in New York, versus 980 fatal crashes in 2014.
  • Auto repairs are getting more expensive. Vehicles today cost more to repair due to the added technology and features. For example, a National Association of Insurance Commissioners study found that the average cost of vehicle repairs was around 8% higher in 2018 than it was in 2014.
  • People in New York drive uninsured. As the cost of car insurance continues to rise, more drivers take the risk of driving without car insurance. In 2019, 4% of drivers lacked even minimum liability insurance in New York. The cost of uninsured drivers is passed on to consumers through higher premiums.
  • Healthcare in New York is getting more expensive. Car insurance companies are hit hardest when paying out claims involving medical bills, and its not getting any cheaper. Healthcare spending increases by an average of 4% every year in New York.
  • New York is experiencing more severe weather. In New York, weather events like severe storms, serious winter weather, and tropical cyclones are becoming increasingly common. These weather events cause insurers to pay out a higher number of claims, which tend to be more expensive and less predictable. As a result, they have to raise rates to keep pace.

However, there could be other issues elevating your rates.

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Cheapest Quotes For Young Drivers With A Speeding Ticket: Progressive

Young drivers in New York with one speeding ticket could find cheap rates from Progressive, at just $2,365 per year. That’s 36% cheaper than average.

Speeding can cause the cost of car insurance to increase, though not as drastically as for drivers who experience an at-fault accident.


*USAA is only available to current and former military members and their families.

Cheapest Car Insurance For Teen Drivers In Ny

Buying affordable car insurance for your teenager can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Insuring young, inexperienced teen drivers can be quite costly because they are more likely to get into a car accident. Luckily, weve identified two of the most affordable auto insurance options in New York for teen drivers.

Insurance Company
Liberty Mutual $774/mo

In New York, Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance Company is the cheapest auto insurance option to protect your teen driver while behind the wheel, at $610 monthly. Choosing Liberty Mutual will add an additional $164 per month to your monthly premium.

As weve stated, insuring teen drivers can be expensive, so you must do some comparison shopping to find the best policy for your family and budget.

Get the Cheapest Rates for NY Teens in Minutes

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How Moving To A Different State Might Impact Your Car Insurance Premium

Location matters to car insurance companies, so if you move across the state or to a new state, be prepared for your premiums to change.

Each state has its own required coverages and limits , so rates will vary due to this and other factors, such as the number of claims the insurer pays out in your new area. Higher claims in that area will result in higher rates.

You can check out our cost of living calculator tool to see how much rates may change if you move states. Also, remember to car insurance comparison shop with at least three companies to find out who in your area provides the best rates.

What Discounts Are Available For New York Auto Insurance

How much does Auto insurance cost in New York

A multitude of discounts could apply to your Progressive auto policy, including:

  • Daytime running lights

See all car insurance discounts.

Pro tip:

Bundle and save! If you’re looking for cheap car insurance in New York, consider combining your home and auto policies with Progressive new customers who bundle home and auto insurance save over 20% on average.*

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How Do New York Auto Insurance Companies Determine Rates

Car insurance companies in New York consider your age, driving record, credit history, make and model of your car, and the frequency of claims in your ZIP code when they determine your car insurance quotes. Other factors that affect New York car insurance include:

  • New York car insurance fraud: New Yorks Attorney General page says that car insurance fraud costs New Yorkers millions of dollars per year.
  • Auto thefts: New York auto thefts are high and inexplicably still rising.
  • Road conditions: New York roads are a problem. Over half of New York Citys roads are classified as in poor condition. Vehicle-damaging potholes are so pervasive a bill was presented to make the State of New York responsible for damages.

Besides knowing how to find the cheapest car insurance in New York, new drivers in the state of New York should keep the following things in mind:

Make sure you have New York car insurance

Before you move to New York, ask your insurance company if your coverage can be transferred. The state of New York does not accept out-of-state vehicle insurance.

Always carry proof of New York car insurance

Your insurance company will issue you a New York State Insurance ID card. If youre pulled over or involved in an accident and cant show you have insurance coverage, you could get fined and even lose your driver’s license. Fines for not having auto insurance range between $150 and $1,500.

Register your out-of-state vehicle within 180 days

Youll need:

Am I Required To Report An Accident In New York To Authorities

According to New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, drivers in New York are legally required to file an accident report for any car accident that involves injury or death or for any accident where the value of property damage is more than $1,000. If you dont file an accident report within ten days of the date of the accident, then your license can be suspended until you file the report.

Once the accident report is filed, the accident will appear on your New York driving record. However, the New York DMV does not determine whos at fault for a car accident. Therefore, accidents on your New York driving record will never indicate whether youre at fault or not.

Once youve filed your accident report with the New York DMV, youll still want to contact your car insurance company and let them know that you were involved in an accident. That way, the insurance company has as much information as possible about the accident while your memory is fresh. The more information you give your insurance company, the more prepared theyll be to help you and process your claim quickly.

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The Bottom Line On Cheap Car Insurance In New York

Based on our research, if you are a good driver, then Progressive is the cheapest in New York for a full coverage policy.

We know that finding the best and cheapest auto insurance coverage is essential, but so is getting the right amount of protection.

The best way to find affordable car insurance in New York is to know and understand the coverage you need, compare quotes, apply for discounts, and maintain a clean driving record. Even if you have tickets or accidents, it’s still possible that the company will offer you a policy at affordable rates.

How Does Pip Insurance In New York Work

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost In New York City

It aids in reimbursing medical expenses and lost wages incurred as a result of an accident. It assists with the payment of essential services if you cannot execute home tasks due to an auto accident injury.

In New York, the minimum amount of PIP coverage is $50,000, but you can add Additional PIP and Optional Basic Economic Loss coverage. Additional PIP increases your PIP coverage by $50,000, and OBEL adds another $25,000 to your basic $50,000 coverage to cope with situations like lost wages.

In New York, personal injury protection insurance is required by law as part of your motor insurance coverage. Almost every state in the United States requires motorists to carry a particular level of minimum auto insurance, including liability coverage, to drive legally.

When you apply for auto insurance, your insurer will provide you with a quote that estimates the premium cost. These quotations contain information about your car, such as its age, make, and model, as well as personal information, such as your age, credit score, and marital status.

PIP coverage will be factored into the premium calculation, but the cost will vary depending on those and other factors. By checking at your policy’s declarations page, which includes facts about your insurance, you should be able to figure out exactly how much you’re paying for PIP.

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What Are The Best New York Car Insurance Companies

With so many car insurers out there, it can be hard to determine which one offers the right coverage. Price may affect your decision, but there are other factors to consider, such as coverage levels.

This section will help you evaluate insurance companies based on their financial ratings, reviews, and complaints.

So, read on to find out more and determine who are the best car insurance companies in NY.

What are NY car insurance company financial ratings?

A.M. Best ranks companies based on their financial strength. And, as we discussed above, the loss ratio is part of that. These are their ratings for some of the top companies.

Financial Ratings of Top Ten Car Insurance Companies in New York


State Farm and USAA are among the companies to receive the highest rating of A++, which shows that they remain profitable despite paying several claims regularly.

What are NY car insurance companies consumer ratings?

J.D. Powers U.S. Auto Insurance Study measures car insurance customers overall satisfaction.

Customer service can be a huge factor in your choice for the best auto insurance companies in New York.

New York Central Mutual was the only company to receive five Power Circles, which means that its among the best.

What are the NY car insurance companies with the most consumer complaints?

New York Car Insurance Companies with the Most Complaints

Company Name

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

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Average Annual Car Insurance Rates For Major Cities In New York

Below you’ll see how average annual rates for several of the largest cities in the state compare to state and national averages. Rates are for coverage of $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident in liability and $50,000 of property damage coverage, with comprehensive and collision carrying a $500 deductible.

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Cheapest Car Insurance Companies In New York For Drivers With Bad Credit

One significant advantage of a good credit score is lower car insurance rates. In New York, drivers with poor credit need to pay an average annual cost of $7,334 for their auto insurance policy, more than double what a driver with good credit pays.

The most affordable and largest auto insurance companies in New York for a driver with poor credit and full coverage are:

  • GEICO: $2,941 per year
  • Nationwide: $3,062 per year

For military personnel and family members, USAA also offers a competitive rate for drivers with bad credit in New York, at an average annual rate of $2,989.

Average Car Insurance Rates for Drivers With Bad Credit
  • Company
  • $1,219
  • Show more

While it may seem unrelated, your credit score can have a significant impact on your insurance rate. According to Experian, the average credit score in New York is 712, which is higher than many other states in the country. A poor credit score can result in higher insurance premiums because insurance companies view a low score as a higher risk to insure. The above estimates reflect what a person in New York with a poor credit score may pay for auto insurance.

Your credit score is important to your insurance rate because insurance companies see a higher credit rate as a sign you are more responsible and, therefore, less likely to be in an accident and more likely to pay your premiums on time. While this may seem unfair, it does mean that improving your credit score can lower your insurance premium.

What Is The Penalty Of Driving Without Car Insurance In New York

How to Get the Best New York Commercial Auto Insurance

Car insurance in New York is taken very seriously. You might be fined between $150 and $1,500 if youre found driving without vehicle insurance in New York. Your vehicle may be seized, and you may be sentenced to up to 15 days in jail. Your drivers license and vehicle registration will very certainly be revoked.

To get your license back, youll have to show the DMV that you have active car insurance and pay a $750 reinstatement fee. Whether youre driving your own automobile while uninsured or letting someone else borrow your car, youll face the same consequences.


Even if you were stopped for something unrelated to auto insurance, a police officer will always ask to see proof of liability insurance at every traffic stop. If you cant show proof of insurance, the cop will assume you dont have it. Thats why its critical to have a copy of your insurance card in a safe place where you can see it while driving. While many insurance providers give electronic ID cards, retaining a paper copy as your primary evidence of insurance is recommended. You never know when youll lose track of your phone or run out of juice!

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How Many Car Accidents Happen In New York

Its estimated that there are between 10 and 11 million car crashes in New York every year. While most crashes result in only property damage, there are almost 137,000 emergency room visits each year due to traffic-related accidents. Of that number, over 12,000 cases lead to hospitalizations, and about 1,100 accidents lead to death. About one-third of all fatal accidents in New York were alcohol-related.

The most common causes for car accidents in New York include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding or maintaining unsafe speed
  • Disregarding traffic controls, including running red lights
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