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Free Abortion Clinic In Brooklyn

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Evangelical Christians Are Ambushing Abortion Clinics

If you are experiencing a fever OR cough OR shortness of breath OR sore throat, please do not come to our health centers. Patients being seen for in-person visits must wear a face covering. We do not offer COVID testing in any of our health centers at this time. For information on testing, call . VISITORS IN THE HEALTH CENTER:No visitors or children are allowed to accompany patients in the health center. Support people or escorts are permitted only for patients physically, cognitively or psychiatrically unable to navigate their visits and understand their treatment alone or if their consent for services is required.

A Nationwide Clinic Defense Effort

The campaign from NYCFAR in Brooklyn was about defending a single Planned Parenthood clinic, but it was also part of the larger struggle for abortion rights. Anne Rumberger, another founding member of NYCFAR, sees clinic defense as important in and of itself, but also as a part of building the radical movement.

I think its really necessary to let people know that were not going to let the anti-abortion militant forces lead the movement and dictate the rhetoric and the strategy. I think its important for actually physically protecting the space, outside and in front of clinics for patient safety, and to support clinic workers and clinic staff.

Anne Rumberger

Charlotte for Choice is another group that does clinic defense at an abortion provider in North Carolina. Heather Mobley is a Board member of Charlotte for Choice and has been doing clinic defense with them since 2017.

Mobley noted how important the communication and collaboration is between groups that do clinic defense: A lot of its really trial and error, of figuring out what works and what doesnt work within your space and with your particular protesters. And also being able to talk to other groups who do engage . Were just trying to make sure that the patients are able to get in and feel comfortable and supported in that environment. So its been helpful to have these other groups that you can talk about it and feel supported.

Safe And Legal Womens Abortion Clinic In Brooklyn

Safe abortion clinic in Brooklyn for medical abortions , surgical abortions & womb cleaning.

We are Brooklyn’s best Abortion Clinic that offers womens health services, if done by professionals like us abortions do not affect your future fertility

Our private abortion clinic in Brooklyn treats thousands of women whoâve decided that abortion is the right choice for them, not to ention the free advice and counseling.

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Surgical Abortions In Brooklyn

Surgical abortions in Brooklyn to terminate early and late trimester pregnancies

We offer two types of surgical abortion procedures in Brooklyn for pregnancy termination

Vacuum aspiration surgical abortion in Brooklyn under local anesthetic

Dilatation and evacuation surgical abortion in Brooklyn for a pregnancy up to 24 weeks

What To Choose: A Surgical Or Non

Brooklyn Abortion Clinic

When it comes to surgical termination of pregnancy, it involves greater privacy. However, if you opt for a non-surgical abortion, there are no risks associated with the surgery. Medical abortion can feel more natural, as it is similar to having a miscarriage or a heavy period. The cost of abortion in New York, if taking into account the same length of pregnancy , is relatively similar. The decision to have a medical or surgical termination of pregnancy depends only on you and you have to take into consideration your individual circumstances, medical history, and personal preferences.

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Which Abortion Option Is Best For Me

The best abortion option for you can be determined by your healthcare provider. Although, both surgical and non-surgical methods are considered effective and safe abortion options. Some patients prefer the convenience of the surgical way of terminating a pregnancy as the procedure is completed in one day and they can resume their normal activities. In addition to that, when it comes to surgical termination of pregnancy, it entails greater privacy.

Although, if you opt for a no-surgical option, there are no risks associated with the surgery. Medical abortion feels more natural, as it is similar to having a miscarriage or a heavy period. The decision to have a medical or surgical abortion depends on your individual circumstances, medical history, and personal preferences.

How Abortion Pills Work

Abortion pills work by causing the lining of the uterus to break down terminating the pregnancy.

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the best known combination of medical abortion pills

Our private abortion clinic in Brooklyn only uses clinically tested and medically approved abortion pills administered by our registered medical professionals

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Why Should I Choose Your Abortion Clinic

Our Brooklyn Abortion Center is the only NYS approved Ambulatory surgical center dedicated to womens health. Only board-certified and the best-in-class doctors that have dedicated their career to your health will take care of you. Each one specializes in specific surgeries they have performed countless times. Our office is bright, clean, and fresh with state-of-the-art equipment. We are the only certified ambulatory surgical facility for gynecological needs.

Medical Terms:

Spontaneous abortions the natural death of an embryo or fetus before it is able to survive independently.

Fetal development the progressive growth of the embryo and the fetus that occurs between fertilization of an egg to the birth of a baby.

Induced abortion the date of the first day of menstruation before the advent of pregnancy.

Chemical abortion the type of abortion when medications are used to terminate a pregnancy.

Nycfar Helped Break The Seal

Inside Mississippis last abortion clinic as Supreme Court battle looms

After the August action, NYCFAR worked to expand their coalition in preparation for a September clinic defense, including partnering with racial justice and anti-police advocates who heard about the heavy-handed and abusive arrests by the SRG unit of the NYPD.

As NYCFAR was finalizing plans for their September clinic defense, St. Pauls Roman Catholic Church announced that they would no longer be hosting the Witness for Life procession on Saturday, September 11. According to anti-abortion protesters, the police were too busy on September 11 to provide them with a police escort, and they did not want to protest without police protection. Members of NYCFAR were thrilled that their clinic defense efforts had successfully kept the protesters away that month.

I thought that once they had broken the seal on postponing if they could do it once they could do it again. If they werent like, hell or high water, were gonna do it and intractable, that meant there was hope that we could win that campaign because of what had happened in September and them needing a police escort is a win for us, them feeling like theyre not able to do what they want, is a win for us.


For the second month in a row, the protest at the Brooklyn Planned Parenthood was canceled. NYCFAR held a brief picket outside the church to confirm that no anti-choice protesters were there, and then returned to the park for a celebration and to discuss next steps.

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Abortion Clinics In Polokwane

You have a wide range of abortion clinics to choose from. It is possible to get free abortion at a government clinic in Polokwane. You can also get a surgical abortion at Marie Stopes or Medi Clinic.

It is all choice and what you afford. The result will be a healthy you less the pregnacy.

Everything is in your hands to decide. Need help to decide?

Contact Us Now.

Our details are below. Talk to us.

Abortion Help Number in Polokwane

Abortion Aftercare Safe Abortion

After a vacuum aspiration abortion or a dilation and evacuation abortion, you will go to a recovery area to rest. The staff will periodically check your vital signs and bleeding. It is normal to bleed moderately or even to pass small clots so the intensity of the cramping usually lessens during the first half hour.

Depending on the procedure, the type of anesthesia you had, and how you are feeling, you may stay in the recovery area from 20 minutes to an hour or more. If you had IV sedation or general anesthesia, you will need someone to drive or accompany you home.

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We Are Here To Provide Individual Confidential Compassionate Care And We Are Committed To Always Upholding The Highest Standards Of Medical Service

We are staffed by state licensed, board eligible or board certified gynecologists. For this special service and for your Safety, Comfort, Confidentiality and Individual Care, you deserve nothing less than a board eligible or board certified specialist in Gynecology.

Originally from St. Petersburg, Florida, Aliye graduated from the University of Miami Miller SOM. She did health policy and medical education work in the DC area from 2012-2014… more

NYabortion Doctor Offices

Other Abortion Clinics

Private, individual counseling session with female counselors. Caring female support personnel. Private counseling. We respect you and we respect your privacy Often, multiple patients in group counseling sessions
Early option – pill or silent aspiration for under 10 weeks-convenient, safe, and quiet May not be available

Protect Your Health Privacy

Discount for NEW Patients from Brooklyn Abortion Clinic

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released new federal guidance in June to help protect your geolocation and other personal data on period trackers and other health information apps.

If you believe that a company or organization is violating people’s health privacy rights, you can file a complaint online.

Abortion is a safe, common health care service to end a pregnancy. In the U.S., one in four women will have an abortion by the age of 45. Some states have more restrictive abortion laws.

In New York, you can get an abortion for any reason up to 24 weeks of pregnancy , or later if your health is at risk or your pregnancy will not survive. If you need an abortion and are uncertain about how far along in the pregnancy you might be, you may call or visit an abortion provider to determine if you are eligible.

Other states can also provide abortion services later in a pregnancy for any reason.

Any person who can get pregnant including transgender men, non-binary people and people of any gender who have a uterus can have an abortion.

The decision to have an abortion is a personal one. No one should pressure you to have or not have an abortion.

If you are looking for abortion services after 24 weeks, visit the Later Abortion Initiative.

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How Does Abortion Pill Work

The abortion pill is the common name for using two different medicines to end a pregnancy: mifepristone and misoprostol.

First, you take a pill called mifepristone. Pregnancy needs a hormone called progesterone to grow normally. Mifepristone blocks your bodys own progesterone, stopping the pregnancy from growing.

Then you take the second medicine, misoprostol, either right away or up to 48 hours later. This medicine causes cramping and bleeding to empty your uterus. So its kind of like having a really heavy, cramping period, and the process is very similar to an early miscarriage. If you dont have any bleeding within 24 hours after taking the second medicine, call your nurse or doctor.

What Is The Recovery Process After The One

Once your surgical abortion is completed, you might have cramps and light bleeding for up to 2 weeks. However, most women can resume their normal activities one or two days following the procedure. Every woman will feel differently after an abortion as deciding to end a pregnancy is never easy. If you are feeling depressed for a long period of time, you should definitely talk to your doctor. Several types of medication might be able to fight depression symptoms.

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Types Of Surgical Abortions In Brooklyn

We offer three types of surgical abortions in Brooklyn mainly Vacuum aspiration surgical abortion in Brooklyn for 12 or 14 weeks, dilatation and evacuation surgical abortion in Brooklyn for 15 to under 24 weeks and Dilation & extraction surgical abortions in Brooklyn for third timester pregnancy termination

How Painful Is An Abortion Brooklyn Ny Procedure

Arson at an Abortion Clinic Foreshadows a Post-Roe Future

Everything depends on your threshold for pain. Having an abortion feels different for every person. It can be either extremely painful or just slightly uncomfortable. Apart from that, your level of pain depends on the medications you get and how far in pregnancy you are. The vast majority of patients state that it feels like strong period cramps.

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Abortion Clinic Near Me Brooklyn Park Mn

Whole Womans Health is a privately-owned, feminist healthcare management company committed to providing holistic care for all serving Brooklyn Park, MN. We manage health clinics providing comprehensive gynecology services, including abortion care. It is our philosophy that everyone should be in charge of their own healthcare decisions, and that treating people holistically honoring head, heart, and body will better serve and improve the health and happiness of our communities near Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

The abortion clinics managed by Whole Womans Health near Brooklyn Park, MN are ran by an exceptional, innovative, forward-thinking, and diverse executive leadership team. This team has expertise in medicine, operations, finance, communications, marketing, negotiation, risk management, quality assurance regulatory compliance, advocacy, and legislation. Our team includes board certified and licensed physicians, nurses, counselors, medical assistants, and patient advocates. All facilities near Brooklyn Park, Minnesota are accredited by the National Abortion Federation and are members of the Abortion Care Network. We are proud to be a woman-owned, woman-centered, progressive business. For more information to find the closest abortion clinic near you, please .

Why Choose Choices

Abortion Care at Choices is safe. Our providers are very experienced, and many are female. They use the best and safest abortion methods available, and Choices has won high ratings for safety and care.

Abortion Care at Choices is private. Your abortion care, your concerns and all your personal information will be kept completely private.

Abortion Care is always available. There are no waiting periods, age restrictions or permission needed from parents or partners.

Abortion Care at Choices is affordable. Help is available. You can apply forEmergency Medicaid in our office for an abortion that day. All insurances are accepted, and reasonable self-pay plans are available. We work with Abortion Funding Sources to make sure no one will be turned away.

Its Your Choice. Your questions and needs are our priority. Licensed clinical social workers will meet with you to discuss all your concerns.

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Are There Any Post

It is essential to followup your post-operative instructions as indicated by your physician in order to maintain your well being and to have a great recovery period. We will provide you with clear, written post-operative instructions prior to your procedure, that way you will be able to discuss them with your physician as needed.

Important tips to remember after the procedure:

To prevent any infection, we will provide you with antibiotics. It is essential that you take all the medications prescribed by your physician in the manner explained.

All Rh-Negative type patients are given an injection of Rhogam followedthe procedure.

You must have an escort to take you home following the procedure done with anesthesia other than local anesthesia. For your own safety, you must not drive for the remainder of the day.

You will be required to return to our office within two-week period time after your first visit. During your follow up visit a sonogram will be performed to evaluate the completion and safety of the procedure. Contraceptives options will be also discussed in your follow up visit. If you were referred to our office by your Ob/Gyn physician, we encourage you to return to your physician for your post-operative care. However, complete post-operative care and on-going gynecological services are available at our office for all patients.

Our office has a 24 answering service to address any emergencies.

NO Tampax or tampons, use only sanitary pads.

Abortion Clinics Brooklyn Ny Last Updated April 2022 Yelp

Brooklyn Abortion Clinic

Abortion Clinics in Brooklyn, NY · Early Options. Early Options · Pure OBGYN. Pure OBGYN · Brooklyn Abortion Clinic. Brooklyn Abortion Clinic · Planned Parenthood

Brooklyn Abortion Center is the only NYC approved Ambulatory surgical center dedicated to women`s health in Brooklyn. It`s comprised of board certified

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The Campaigns Crescendo In August 2021

NYCFARs efforts reached a peak at an August clinic defense, when the group faced their first arrests while engaging in clinic defense.

On Saturday, August 14 at 8 a.m., around 25 members of NYCFAR gathered outside St. Pauls Roman Catholic Church in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. They handed out a flier to neighbors with information about Witness for Life, the protest group the church was hosting, and about one of its leaders, Fidelis Moscinski.

The NYCFAR protesters formed a moving picket line outside the church, marching in a circle on the sidewalk. They were carrying signs that read, Abortion is a gift, Solidarity with the women of the Polish abortion revolution, No apology Abortion is okay, Abortion is care Abortion is beautiful, and This church harasses women, among other slogans.

Members held a large banner that read, St. Pauls Church hosts these anti-abortion bigots who harass, shame, and intimidate Planned Parenthood patients. We are here to defend our clinics!

During the picket at the church, protesters chanted messages including, This church harasses patients, This church hosts clinic invaders, and No racist cops, no rapist priests, no matter what, were in the streets.

Emily Janakiram, a member of NYCFAR since June 2020, participated in the August action and explained some of its goals.

According to the woman marshal arrested that day, who is a founding member of NYCFAR and has over five years of clinic defense experience:

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