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How Does New York City Pass Work

How Much Does The New York City Pass Cost

New York City Passes: How Do They Work & Reviews

The New York CityPASS costs $132 for adults, meaning that you pay an average of $22 per attraction. For kids from 6-17, the City Pass costs $108. A CityPASS is likely not worth it for kids younger than 6, as many attractions will be free for them anyway. Because the pass is already heavily discounted, there is no further New York City Pass promo.

Number of attractions

How To Use The Nyc Citypass For Savings On New York Attractions

So youre finally making the trip to the Big Apple. You plan to see all the sights, take in a Broadway show, and check out the amazing dining scene. But all that is going to be heavy on the wallet. If you want to get more for your dollar, you should buy a New York CityPASS. Offering admission to up to six New York attractions, the NYC CityPASS is a smart way to save money when visiting New York attractions.

New York Citypass Pricing

With the New York CityPASS, you can save up to 41% on the cost of entry to some of New Yorks top attractions. Heres a quick look at the current pricing:

*Current as of May 17, 2021

As you can see, this pass is a pretty darn good deal! The three sites which are included on all passes nearly account for the cost of the pass alone. Add one more attraction and youre already saving money.

Lets assume you visit all three of the standard sites, then check out the Guggenheim Museum, the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island Ferry, and the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. The regular value of these attractions totals $195.91, meaning you save $59.91 per adult with the pass. Thats about a 31% savings, and these are the least expensive sites available!

The pass also entitles you to skip the ticket lines at certain sites, saving you valuable sightseeing time.

Generally speaking, if your child is older than six, youre probably going to save money with this pass. If not, the pass might not help you save. With that said, in the absence of a youth pass, you may need to stand in line at some of the busier spots to purchase a child ticket. That may or may not be important to you. Your best bet is to run the numbers first and decide if its worth it for you.

Save Up to 41% in New York! Want to save money on sightseeing in New York? Get up to 41% OFF New York attractions when you use the New York CityPASS! Follow the link to learn more.

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Who Is The New York Pass Good For

First-time Visitors If this is your first time visiting New York City, investing in a New York Pass is a good idea. The pass allows you to see many of the Big Apples top attractions, and it helps you save a lot of money doing it. And dont forget about the Fast Track Entry feature! This is a valuable time saver for anybody who is sightseeing in NYC.

Families and Groups Anybody can save money in New York with the New York Pass, but the savings are multiplied when traveling with your family or a small group. While a 3-day pass can easily save a single adult $100, a family of four could potentially save $400 plus with the pass! Thats a lot of money, and it can make a huge difference on your NYC travel budget.

Visitors Planning on Lots of Sightseeing Heres the simple truth: The more you use the pass, the better value it becomes. So, if youre planning on doing a lot of sightseeing, the New York Pass is really a no-brainer. By visiting 2 to 3 sights a day, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars, depending on the length of pass you buy.

Travelers With Extended Stays Speaking of length, travelers with extended stays tend to benefit more from this sightseeing pass than those who will only be there for a weekend. While passes with a shorter duration are good, the real value of the pass is felt when you use purchase a 3-day pass or longer.

Holiday Markets & Lights Tour

How Are Traffic Tickets in New York City Different from ...

Tours have limited capacity, so book in advance for the most availability. Visit the official website and select the NY Holiday Markets & Christmas Lights Walking Tour. Then click on BOOK NOW. Select the date and time of your desired tour. Once you have selected a date and time, you will fill in your name and pass number. Pass numbers are located near the QR code on your pass. If you have questions or difficulty booking a tour, please email

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Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises

What is it?

See New York Citys most iconic landmarks from a different perspective with Circle Line Cruises. Indoor and outdoor seating available across two decks, suitable for warm and cold weather.

You can choose between the following:

  • Landmarks Cruise 1.5 hours, daytime, major landmarks .
  • Best of NYC Cruise 2.5 hours, daytime, completely circles Manhattan Island .
  • Harbor Lights Cruise 2 hours, sunset and twilight, bar and snacks .
Why visit?

Awesome way to see all of Manhattans most famous buildings, bridges and landmarks with plenty of time to get photographs along the way.

All of the cruises are a relaxing way to explore New York and get a unique vantage point of the city. We took a best of NYC cruise.

Our favorite aspect wasnt Manhattans famous skyline, but the fantastic narration detailing history and fun facts about NYC.


All circle line cruises depart from Pier 83 in Midtown Manhattan, directly to the West of Times Square and just North of Hudson Yards.

Closest subways to Circle Line cruises Pier 83:

  • Blue Line A, C, E 42 St Port Authority
  • Purple Line 7 34 St Hudson Yards
  • Best of NYC US$ 28 44
  • Harbor Lights US$ 27 41
  • With a New York CityPASS All Free
  • Tips :

    New York Explorer Pass

    If you arent sure you want to commit to a pass that includes most of the attractions in New York, then you might instead consider the New York Explorer Pass from GoCity.

    This pass has you choosing how many attractions you want to visit in New York. You can choose 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 10 attractions, and the pass is priced from $65 to $279 depending on how many attractions you choose.

    The pass actually covers over 90 attractions in New York. However, you can only visit the number of attractions you pick. You dont need to pick the exact attractions in advance just the number you want to visit.

    The pass is also valid for quite a long timeâup to 60 days in fact. So if you are in New York City for a little bit longer, you dont need to feel quite so rushed to see everything in two days.

    To get the most value out of the New York Explorer Pass you will want to make sure you use it for the highest priced attractions that you want to visit. In addition, the more attractions you choose, the greater the savings.

    Its possible to save up to 50% on attraction entry using the pass. However, this will require you to think carefully about exactly which attractions you want to visit, and plan your use of the pass accordingly.

    We think the New York Explorer Pass is a good option if you are a well organised traveller who likes to plan carefully. Its also a good option if you have a little bit longer in the city, as you can spread out your sightseeing over a bit more time.

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    New York Pass Verdict

    • FREE entry to top 90 attractions
    • FREE 130 page
    • Hop-on Hop-off tours including for bus tours plus 50 + Hop-on Hop-off steps
    • Fast Tracks entry at the busiest New York attractions
    • Has Discounts on a variety of restaurants, shops and other attractions that are not included in the Pass
    • Saves up to 50%
    • Has a free pocket guide available in 5 languages
    • Its flexible and convenient
    • One World Sightseeing New York Twilight & Sunset Cruise
    • Top of the Rock Observation Deck
    • Gray Line City Sightseeing Double Decker Tour
    • Reply’s Believe it or Not
    • Radio City Music Hall Stage

    What Does The Freestyle Pass Offer

    How Does The New York Pass Work

    The New York Freestyle Pass offers you a choice of some 40 attractions.

    Depending on which variation of the pass you choose, you can select 3, 5 or 7 of these attractions.

    In addition, the pass always offers a 72 hour ticket for the Hop-on-Hop-off-Busses from Grayline.

    In these 72 hours, you can use the three bus lines as often as you like, and can additionally take part in a night ride and use a Hop-on-Hop-off-Boat.

    The following attractions are also included:

  • Top of the Rock, One World Observatory and the Statue of Liberty
  • All major museums
  • Various tours
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    Per Day Cost Analysis

    As you can see, the New York Pass provides a huge amount of value for sightseeing in New York. By checking out just a few attractions a day, you are sure to get your moneys worth. The longer passes build in even more value, allowing you to slow down and see the city at your own pace.

    For example, the 4-day pass costs just $57.25 per day. The price of the pass can easily be covered by visiting 2-3 covered attractions or tours per day.

    The 10-day pass costs only $33.90 per day. So, enjoying 1-2 attractions or tours per day will provide you with your moneys worth, plus some.

    To extract even more value, be sure to buy the pass when it is on sale. The additional savings lowers the per day cost of the pass even more, increasing the value and saving you gobs of money! Follow the link below to find the latest sale.

    Save BIG in the Big Apple Save money in NYC with the New York Pass! Visit just 2-3 attractions a day and you could easily save well over $100 per person on regular admission costs. Save more with New York Pass here.

    What You Should Know Before You Buy

    Now that you know what’s included in New York Pass and what its advantages are, here’s a summary to help you make your decision. The New York Pass is for you if:

    • You want to get the most out of New York and see things all day long
    • You will be in New York for up to 10 days
    • It’s your first time in New York
    • New York’s most expensive attractions are on your must-see list
    • You are going to take the Hop on Hop off bus tour if you want to
    • You don’t want to waste any of your travel time waiting in line to get into places.

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    City Cruises Only C3 Pass

    What is it?

    Hornblower Sightseeing Cruises are another way to see NYC from the water and again you have multiple options with this one:

    • One hour See NYC Sightseeing Cruise Similar to Circle Line with famous NYC landmarks
    • Two hour Alive After Five Happy Hour Cruise DJ, cocktails and dancing in the evening
    • Hop-On, Hop-Off Sightseeing Cruise Narrated tour of NYC traveling between Midtown and Lower Manhattan
    Why visit?

    Similarly to Circle Line, soak up the world famous Manhattan skyline from out in the bay. Happy Hour cruise is for those looking to celebrate being in New York City with a cocktail or five.

    Hop-on, Hop-off works well for visitors who are staying West of Midtown and want easy access to Lower Manhattan without having to take a subway.


    Both the See NYC and Alive After Five Cruises depart from Pier 15 in Lower Manhattan .

    The Hop-on, Hop-off cruise transports passengers only between Pier 78 in Midtown and Brookfield Place Terminal in Lower Manhattan.

    • Without a New York C3 Pass
    • Hop-on, Hop-off US$ 35 adult
    • Alive After Five US$ 37 adult
    • See NYC No price currently listed
  • With a New York C3 Pass All Free
  • Tips:
    • Hop-on Hop-off cruise is narrated and will be similar to Circle Line landmarks cruise.
    • Alive After Five cruise has more value when used as part of a C3 pass bundle.

    Attractions Included With Your New York Citypass

    New York City Pass : 5 bonnes raisons de le prendre

    When you purchase the New York CityPASS, youll get FREE access to 6 of the citys most popular attractions.

    There are three attractions included with every pass. Then youre allowed to pick an additional three attractions from a list of six options.

    Theres no need to decide upfront which you want to see simply choose when you get there. Heres a full list of the attractions you can visit with your pass:

  • Top of the Rock Observation Deck OR Guggenheim Museum
  • Ferry access to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island OR Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises
  • 9/11 Memorial Museum OR Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
  • All these attractions are worth visiting and youll find them included at the top on any list of best things to do in NYC.

    If youre planning on going up the Empire State Building and Rockefeller , which costs $90 if you purchased individual tickets, its a no-brainer to get the CityPASS.

    Because with the CityPASS, youll get free access to these attractions, PLUS youll get to check out four other popular NYC sites.

    Also, if you choose the Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise, I recommend the Harbor Lights Cruise. New York really comes alive at night and this is one of the best ways to see the citys famous landmarks light up in the evening.

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    How Does City Pass Work Nyc

    CityPASS is a discounted admission ticket booklet composed of individual entries to a selection of NYC tourist attractions, six of which can be redeemed, and visited in any order pass-holders so choose. The entirety of the CityPASS must be redeemed within nine days, beginning from the first day of use.

    Upgrades To The Nyc Citypass

    The New York City CityPASS and C3 Pass offer free general admission to the attractions mentioned. If you want to get a bit more out of your experience, there are several upgrades available. These include:

    • the Butterfly Conservancy at the American Museum of Natural History
    • an audio guide for the Metropolitan Museum of Art
    • Rockefeller Center tour discount
    • flight simulators at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum
    • a pre-boarding photo with Hornblower Sightseeing Cruises.

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    The Bottom Line: Is The New York Pass Worth It

    So, is the New York Pass worth it? Absolutely.

    In all honesty, I think this pass is one of the best sightseeing passes anywhere in the world! It includes convenient entry to over 100 of NYCs most popular attractions, plus it saves you money doing it.

    Of course, theres the fast track entry, the Hop-on Hop-off bus tour, and all the guided tours youll love. If youre planning on sightseeing in New York, the New York Pass should definitely be in your pocket!

    We hope youve enjoyed our New York Pass review. Have a great time in the Big Apple and happy traveling!

    Visit 100+ NYC Attractions With the New York Pass, youll get entry to over 100 NYC attractions, and you can save big money while you do it! Youll also get fast track entry at some of NYCs busiest sights, so you can skip the line and save time. Visit just 3 sights a day, and you could save hundreds. Order now and save here!

    New York Pass Review: At a Glance
    • Attractions

    When Does The New York City Pass Go On Sale

    Visit New York City With Go City®

    Read our New York Pass review to learn if this sightseeing pass is a good fit for your NYC travel plans. PRICE DROP: For a limited time, save up to 20% OFF the New York Pass. Follow the link for details. Sale ends June 30, 2021. The Big Apple. The Empire City. The City of Dreams. There is no place like New York City!

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    How Do The New York Passes Work

    The New York passes are offered specifically for tourists. Maybe youve already seen something similar in other cities. These passes are often called City Cards as well.

    You buy the passes for a certain amount and can then use them to visit different sights, museums and attractions.

    Besides that, you can take part in numerous guided city tours for free and take various bus and boat rides.

    There are two types of New York passes:

    #1 Time-based passes

    There are passes that are valid for a specific amount of time, e.g. for 3, 5 or 7 days. In this time, you can go to all of the sights, tours and attractions that are included in the pass.

    #2 Attractions-based passes

    The second variation is passes that can be used for a certain number of sights and attractions. So you buy these passes for 5, 7 or 10 attractions, for example, and are more flexible time-wise.

    Today, youll simply get an email with a mobile pass after your purchase. You can then show this on your smartphone at all sights quite comfortably. You dont necessarily need internet while there either, as you can easily just save your pass and then show it offline as well.

    Alternatively, theres also always the possibility of printing out the pass yourself. Anyone who doesnt have a smartphone or doesnt trust their battery-life can choose this option. In any case, theres no annoying pick up on-site.

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