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Where To Buy Diamonds In New York

How To Buy Diamonds In New York

Best place to buy diamonds in New York

New York City is a prime tourist destination on the US East Coast. Tourists, for whom there is so much to see and do, troop from far and wide to take in the sights and experience the local culture. At the heart of the city lie majestic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty. Times Square and Central Park are other significant points of interest for adventure lovers.

If you cherish a laid-back urban experience, you might consider a trip to the city’s enchanting beaches. According to this article by CNN, New York was ranked among the world’s most incredible cities.

A Premier Spot: Buying And Selling Diamonds In The Nyc Diamond District

There are plenty of cities which have diamond districts, but New York City is unique. Places like Mumbai and Ramat Gan are exclusively designed for the wholesale level of the business while Jewelers rows in Philadelphia, Chicago or London are just there for the consumer with almost no presence of major diamond trading companies. Antwerp used to have a nice mix of both, but the diamond industry has been dying off there on both the wholesale and retail levels.

New York City, on the other hand, is one of the premier locations for consumers as well as one of the largest wholesale markets in the world. While Hong Kong has been growing in stature, the US market is still the largest, by far, for diamonds and jewelery. Virtually all of the major companies use NY as their entry point. This provides an extraordinary concentration of product into one area.

The retail and wholesale businesses seem to mesh together on 47th street. The most notable quirk is the language use. I remember the first time I heard an Indian guy use Yiddish terms to describe the diamond. Chazarei and Strop are common terms people use for bad diamonds. And you will constantly hear the phrase mazal u bracha when people handshake on a deal. It certainly adds flavor to the experience.

Can A Jeweler Tell The Difference

No, a jeweler cannot tell the difference because theyre both diamonds! Our lab diamonds have the exact same chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds.

Ada Diamonds is proud of the origin of cultured diamonds. All diamonds above 0.50ct are microscopically laser inscribed by third party grading organizations with a unique ID number and the letters LG indicating the diamond is lab grown.

See for yourself! A CNBC reporter recently took an Ada Diamonds engagement ring to jewelers in NYC and not a single jeweler could tell that it was lab grown.

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Our Easy And Confidential Jewelry Valution Process In Nyc

Unlike some other jewelry brokers, we dont hassle or pressure you during the valuation process. You can come to our Manhattan store, where you will be invited to our private, secure showroom.

We truly care about our customers and are not here to take advantage of you. We understand that selling jewelry can be emotional, for example, if youre parting with a wedding ring after a divorce or selling a family heirloom to pay your mortgage.

We treat our customers like family, and our reward is knowing that we helped you with a fair price for your valuable gems and other jewelry.

Sell Fine Jewelry And Diamonds In New York

Sell Us Gold Jewelry. Buyers of Watches in Diamond ...

You can sell jewelry for cash in Manhattans Diamond District, but dont settle for the first shop you come across. Trust us. There are better options.

Before our clients found us, they came to us with the same problems, such as saying, I dont know of any trustworthy diamond stores near me or Im having trouble getting an honest valuation with the brokers I know.

TRUVAL has built a strong reputation for giving our customers the best diamond valuations.

Lets say you need to sell an engagement ring. Since we care about every customer, we wont take advantage of the likelihood that your engagement ended. Well treat you and your diamond with the utmost care.

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Diamond Color Actually Means Lack Of Color

Understanding what diamond color means helps in choosing the right diamond. Interestingly, the diamond color evaluation of most gem-quality diamonds is based on the absence of color. A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no hue, like a drop of pure water, and consequently, a higher value. GIAs D-to-Z diamond color-grading system measures the degree of colorlessness by comparing a stone under controlled lighting and precise viewing conditions to masterstones of established color value.

Many of these diamond color distinctions are so subtle that they are invisible to the untrained eye however, these distinctions make a very big difference in diamond quality and price. Hence, it is important to get a GIA experts opinion in evaluating the best color for your diamond.

A Jewelry Wholesaler And Distributor Offering Superb Craftsmanship And Savings

A. Fishman & Son is a third generation jewelry manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor. We provide manufacturer-direct pricing on elegant necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets and unique special order jewelry. Every piece is made in our New York facility with the utmost care and an unwavering commitment to quality. None of our jewelry is imported or outsourced. We place meticulously inspected and hand-selected emeralds, sapphires and rubies in superior mountings of platinum, 14-karat white gold, and 18-karat white or yellow gold. Contact A. Fishman & Son to receive factory direct pricing on wholesale jewelry that frees you from middleman mark-ups and meets your budget requirements.

Want to learn more about our brilliant collection of loose diamonds and custom fine jewelry? Contact us by calling 1-212-869-0085 now.

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Sell Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring. Engagement rings are the most popular types of rings we purchase. They are different than normal rings in that they usually have a larger diamond centerpiece, of higher quality. We almost always end up removing the center diamond from diamond engagement rings for those reasons. Of course, we do not recommend you do this yourself. At Abe Mor Diamonds, our experts with years of experience use special equipment to get this done. To learn more about how we buy diamond rings in general, refer here: How To Sell Your Diamond Ring

at 921-4220 is the easiest way to learn how much your diamond engagement ring is worth. We also invite you to visit our NYC office with your diamond ring for an accurate valuation, and a solid offer.

The Four Cs What They Are And Why They Matter

Which is best destination to buy diamond engagement ring in Newyork ?

The four cs are regarded as the most important factors to determine the price and quality of a gemstone. The four cs are: cut, carat, clarity, and color. The cut of a diamond doesnt only refer to the diamonds shape and symmetry, but also to its light reflecting properties. Diamonds with a higher quality cut will reflect light diamonds that are cut poorly will reflect much less light and light will exit from the bottom of the stone .

The carat refers to the stones size and weight. The weightier your diamond, the more expensive it is. A diamonds clarity refers to the quality of the stone- whether it has any scratches or inclusions. Most diamonds have slight flaws those without are extremely rare and extremely pricey.

The color of the diamond can also influence its value. Diamonds are color graded from D to Z. D means that a diamond has no color, and Z means that the diamond is yellow. Diamonds that are colorless are more expensive than those with color.

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The Nyc Diamond District And Why You Need To Take Care When Jewelry Shopping Here

There are a staggering number of jewelers whove made their home in NYCs infamous Diamond District, which is nestled in Midtown Manhattan on West 47th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenue . This pocket of New York City homes over 4000 diamond retailers and wholesalers, and collectively are responsible for $24b in sales each year. Each one of these retailers wants your buck whether youre a local, visiting the area, or even coming in from overseas.

A Fishman & Son: Reputable Loose Diamond Manufacturer Since 1947

Brilliant, well-cut loose diamonds are waiting for you at A. Fishman & Son. We offer the finest GIA-certified loose diamonds at the most competitive prices. These precious stones deliver real value. We sell valuable loose diamonds to consumers, retailers, wholesalers and dealers, with everyone receiving the same direct diamond jewelry prices. We acquire imported loose diamonds from Antwerp, Belgium, and Israel, in 0.40 carats to 5.00 carats. Theyre available in every cut:

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Why Leibishcom Is The Best Place To Buy Fancy Color Diamonds

World renowned fancy color diamond specialist. Reputable and reliable GIA certification reports for color diamonds. Exclusive Argyle diamonds acquired directly from tender. Fancy color diamonds of every color and hue imaginable. Beautiful settings that are made with great craftsmanship. 30 day money back guarantee. Free insured international shipping. 2 year jewelry and service warranty. Professional appraisal report for purchased jewelry.

Most notably, Leibish has access to one of the most exquisite collection of Argyle diamonds which are highly sought after by collectors and investors alike. On top of that, Leibish and Co. also takes great pride in their excellent workmanship of their settings.

Check out the following video of a fancy intense yellow diamond ring I purchased from Leibish for my wifes wedding anniversary. Its absolutely stunning and very well made.

Follow this link to read the entire review and view detailed photographs of my purchase

Leibish is the worlds premier specialist of colored diamonds that are 100% natural and untreated. to browse through their handpicked selections of the finest colored diamonds!

We Buy Diamonds New York In Any Condition For Highest Payout Prices

SELL DIAMONDS NYC Area. We Buy Diamonds In Any Condition.

Sell Diamonds New York to the most established gold and diamond buyers in the industry. We buy diamonds in New York for a long time now, so we can appreciate the variety of gemstones which come our way. It is understandable that when a person makes decision to sell diamonds new York style which is come in, show your diamonds, hope you dont get cheated out of a real cost for worth of your diamonds, decide if this is the right place to sell etc, they are having a hard time proceeding with the transaction. Rest assured that at our company you will be treated with honesty and respect for your mixed feelings. We do offer the highest payout in the Diamond District of New York for your diamonds, guaranteed.

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Sell Your Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds. Abe Mor specializes in buying loose diamonds. We have unrivaled knowledge of the diamond industry, because we’ve been buying and selling diamonds since 1964. We buy all types of diamonds. Whether you are looking to sell a rare large diamond in excellent condition, or an average small diamond in poor condition, our team will give you an offer higher than other firms. Click to read more about why we are High Paying Diamond Buyers.

at 921-4220 is the easiest way to learn how much your loose diamonds are worth. We also invite you to visit our NYC office with your diamond ring for an accurate valuation, and a solid offer.

The District Generates More Than $24 Billion In Annual Sales

Did you know that more than 90% of diamonds imported into the US market actually pass hands through the district before making their way to other retailers down the pipeline? Not coincidentally, one of worlds largest and oldest diamond exchange, the DDC, also resides at the heart of the district.

Whether you are a serious shopper or someone whos just browsing out of curiosity, youll find an overwhelming selection of diamond jewelry on display. In todays post, we are going to take an indepth view into shopping at New Yorks famed Diamond District and offer tips to help you navigate the pitfalls of spending money there.

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Why Bluenilecom Is The Best Place To Buy Big Diamonds

Great selections of large size diamonds that are certified by GIA. Full lifetime warranty . Offers the most competitive prices to get the best value for money. Free overnight shipping service and returns. Superb setting craftsmanship from at affordable prices. 100% trade in policy for all GIA/AGS certified diamonds. Financing options available via Blue Nile credit card. 24/7 expert service 30-day returns for risk-free shopping and 100% satisfaction.

Example listings of large size diamond with superb light return at Blue Nile.

Quality control is something that Blue Nile take seriously and they stand behind every item they create. From initial design to the final workmanship, there are multiple quality checks at each stage of the manufacturing to ensure you get a ring that exceeds your expectations.

Having a lean business setup, they are able to drive down overheads and this results in cost savings that are passed onto customers. Their relationship with gem polishers also enables them to attain a good inventory of large size diamonds with high standards of cut quality. offers a great selection of brilliantly-cut diamonds and high quality settings that will last for generations to come. to visit them and start browsing today!

Abe Mor Diamond Cutters Is A Global Company That Values Trust And Honesty


50 years of building relationships. From our main offices in New York and Tel Aviv to our representatives in, San Fransisco, Phoenix, and Canada, we have developed strong relationships with diamond traders and retailers throughout the world. Our strong, consistent demand for diamonds allows us to buy the widest range of diamonds at the highest prices.

Visit our headquarters in New York for a personal and immediate diamond valuation.

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Sell Your Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings. Diamond rings are by far the most common items our clients are looking to sell, so it is no surprise that we buy more diamond rings than any other jewelry item. With over 50 years of experience, you can be confident that when you come to us to sell diamond ring, you will be getting an honest and trustworthy offer. Our diamond ring valuation process is structured to maximize the value of your diamond ring. Our process is outlined here: How To Sell Your Diamond Ring

at 921-4220 is the easiest way to learn how much your diamond ring is worth. We also invite you to visit our NYC office with your diamond ring for an accurate valuation, and a solid offer.

Can I Resell A Lab Grown Diamond

Yes, there is a resale market for lab grown diamonds. Just like a mined diamond, a lab diamond is also forever and will always have a resale value. In fact, Ada Diamonds purchases lab diamonds directly from the public through our Public Purchase Program.

Ada Diamonds offers a lifetime trade-up policy if you desire to increase the size of your diamond at a later date.

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Blue Nile Best Place To Buy Big Size Diamonds

Founded in 1995, Blue Nile is a one-stop solution for high quality diamond jewelry and is headquartered in Seattle. Over the years, they have grown from a small scale operation into the biggest online retailer of diamonds.

Mind you, this is no mean feat and the relationships they have established with some of the biggest manufacturers in the world has enabled them to offer a depth of inventory no one else can match.

Tip #5 A Reliable Grading Report Is A Must

Learn How to Buy Diamonds in New York

One common trick jewelers employ to misrepresent their diamonds is through the use of appraisals with overly inflated values and shady grading certification. Bear in mind that NOT all grading certification are made equal.

If a vendor tries to sell you a diamond with a certificate from dubious gemological labs like EGL, GAI, IGI, GALA and etc, I can assure you that the grading standards are poor and the diamond will be overgraded in its true properties. That is to say, a G VS1 diamond graded by an unknown lab would likely be a J SI1 if the same stone was graded by GIA. Youll end up paying more for a diamond that only sounds better on paper!

In order to know exactly what you are buying and that the diamond is being represented correctly, you should only consider diamonds graded by GIA or AGS .

Heres how an authentic GIA grading report looks like.

Heres how the platinum light performance report from AGS looks like.

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Best Places To Buy Diamonds Our Top 6 Vendors For 2021

If you are looking for the best place to buy a diamond, then youll absolutely LOVE this guide.

Being a jewelry lover and diamond collector , I personally tested and reviewed over 100s of businesses both online and offline.

From luxurious boutiques like Tiffany and Cartier to mass-market chain stores like Jared and Costco to your local mom-and-pop showrooms, I have first-hand experience of shopping at these places.

From a consumers perspective, let me tell you that the majority of jewelry stores fall short on delivering high quality diamonds at fair prices and/or provide a great overall shopping experience. Luckily for you, Ive done the leg work and curated a list of the best places to buy a diamond,

Ive summarized the various options below and made things even easier for you by listing what the individual jewelers are best for

If you are a first time diamond buyer, I recommend that you check out our comprehensive guide on how to choose a diamond. Doing so would greatly save you time and enable you to make educated purchase decisions.

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