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Where To Buy Bear Spray In New York

Coming In Contact With Pepper Spray

New York State Pepper Spray Laws – What’s Legal?

When someone sprays pepper spray at another person, it immediately affects the mucus membranes of their eyes, nose and mouth, causing extreme pain. The more exposure they get to it, the more it will hurt. A human’s inflammatory response is typically so strong that it will force their eyes to close and cause them to be temporarily blinded.

As the spray forces their eyes to shut, the affected person will produce significant amounts of tears and mucus, a natural response to protect them against further pain and to flush the product out of their system. The capsaicin also causes the individual’s larynx and nerve endings to spasm, making it difficult to speak.

Can You Order Pepper Spray Online Pepper Spray State Laws Explained

While pepper spray is legal in all 50 states for self-defense purposes, buying it can sometimes prove a challenge even though its made from an item you can usually find at the local grocery store. Most countries, including the U.S., consider pepper spray to be a weapon. As such, just like with knives and guns, there often are restrictions on where you can buy pepper spray and how you can use it.

All states allow civilians to carry a small amount of pepper spray, provided that the person is at least 18 years old and the pepper spray is being used for personal defense. This falls under state laws that allow the use of proportionate and necessary force to protect oneself. Most restrictions fall into two categories: where you can buy it and how much you can carry. In addition, pepper spray is federally banned from any and all air travel.

With online shopping becoming a bigger percentage of total commerce every year, the question of whether you can order pepper spray online is more relevant than ever. SABRE has compiled the various oleoresin capsicum spray online ordering restrictions in one place so you can avoid potential problems.

Pepper Spray Laws By State

Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, but some states have conditions and restrictions in place. Below are the pepper spray laws for each state. Each is warranted to be true according to the best available information however, those looking to purchase or carry pepper spray should always verify local, state, and federal laws.

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Can You Order Pepper Spray Online In Ny

New York Pepper Spray Law does not allow the online purchase of pepper spray if the supplier cannot incorporate a way to prove the buyers age and get his or her sworn statement.

Many out-of-state or international sellers are not licensed to sell pepper spray to residents in New York.

Be wary of online sellers who ignore the law because you can end up having violations when you purchase pepper spray from someone who is not accredited.

Some online stores even post ads that state all their products are 100 percent legal in the state of New York, but it is better if you do a background check.

You might want to avoid the foregone action of other buyers who have unwittingly violated the pepper spray laws.

If you absolutely want to buy a self defense spray online, you can actually buy . It can give you an opportunity to escape. However, the can is often really big.

Here Are The Top Five Pepper Sprays Of 202:

Eagle Defense Products: Tasers, Stun Gun and Pepper Spray Laws!

Sabre Red Pepper Gel has one of the longest ranges on the market at 18 feet. The long range means you can protect yourself long before an assailant gets close. This self-defense weapon has a high OC concentration of 10%, which is the highest you can get in many states.

Some pepper sprays include a practice canister so you can get used to firing your pepper spray without using the actual product, but Sabre sells these separately from most of its products. While the canister doesnt have a clip or keychain option, we like that it includes a holster.

Some users report that their canisters dripped after the first usea common complaint with many pepper sprays. Keeping the canister in the holster can help with this.

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What Do I Do If I Get Pepper Spray On Myself

  • Get outside. If youre indoors, head outside to fresh air as soon as possible. Wait at least 15 minutes before going back inside. Open some windows for an hour to increase ventilation after going back in.
  • Blink and rinse. Blink rapidly to flush the irritant out of your eyes using tears. To be safe, flush your eyes with water for a few minutes .
  • Wash up. If it touches only your skin, washing with soap and water is your best bet. Dont touch your eyes after using pepper spray or getting it on your handsit can leave an irritating residue.

Is Pepper Spray Gel Lethal

While pepper spray gel usually carries higher concentrations of OC than traditional sprays, pepper spray is almost always non-lethalno matter the type. Deaths from pepper spray are extremely rare and often involve other compounding factors .2

Always call 911 after you use pepper spray for self defense. You can help the police catch dangerous individuals and also help prevent serious health issues for your attackerin case non-lethal measures take a turn for the worse .

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Is Pepper Spray Legal In Nyc

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Are you constantly worried about being mugged while walking into a dark alley in NYC?

You might want some form of self-defense, and there may be more obvious options, such as owning a firearm, carrying a stun gun, and bringing a personal alarm at all times.

But what can these items offer that a pepper spray cannot? How is pepper spray legal in NYC, and what are the rules regarding its legalities?

There are plenty ofreasons that justify the use of pepper spray in most US States, as they were only initially meant for law enforcement personnel.

If youre in law enforcement like me, you would probably know about the laws prohibiting the use of certain pepper sprays for self-defense.

Im here to help civilians minimize the risk of any legal actions against the use of prohibited materials and refresh the memory of police who might have forgotten such laws.

Since its invention, there have been different types of pepper sprays produced worldwide.

Innovations revolved around having a more humane approach to law enforcement.

Before I tackle the details of pepper spray legal issues in the State of New York, let me discuss the different types of pepper sprays.

Learn More About Personal Defense: Pepper Spray & More

Walmart Pepper-Spray Rampage: Customer Sprays Employees, Threatens With Knife | News 4 Now


Shop Pepper Spray, Stun Guns & More From DICK’S Sporting Goods

Protect yourself wherever you go with self-defense gear from DICK’S. Choose from a great selection of concealable pepper sprays, stun guns and personal alarms to keep you safe.

More About Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is an aerosol substance used for self-defense. When sprayed into the eyes, this agent causes a burning sensation on the eyes and skin and temporary blindness. Eyes clamp shut and throat inflammation causes coughing and difficulty breathing. While most pepper spray comes in liquid-spray form, some brands manufacture it as a gel.

Most pepper sprays are deployed with the use of a simple finger grip dispenser, but others come with a firearm-inspired trigger for ease of use. A molded finger lock and handle provides a secure grip while spraying. Some pepper sprays unleash a steady stream, while others shoot in a quick burst or cone-shaped flow.

Pepper sprays are formulated for different purposes. Some are intended for use on people, while others are meant to deter an animal attack and include bear pepper spray.

Think about how you will carry your pepper spray canister. Many cans come in a compact case or holster that is attached to your keychain. Cyclists can attach a can to the top tube of their bike. Some canisters come equipped with a disorienting LED strobe light, while others spray a UV dye to mark an attacker for later identification.

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If You Encounter A Bear In A Building


  • Provide an exit for the bear: Give the bear a clear escape route out of the building.
  • Leave doors open: As you back away from the bear, leave all doors open.


  • Lock the bear in a room: Locking the bear in the room creates a more frustrated bear. This endangers yourself and other who will release the bear from the building in the future.

Best Overall: Counter Assault

  • Shorter range

  • Potential to leak

Designed to work on all species of bear, the Guard Alaska spray is a popular choice but has a shorter range than some of the other options. The 9-ounce bottle has a 15 to 20-foot range , but is registered with the EPA as a repellent against all bears, and is endorsed by the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation. It is not flammable and does not contain ozone-depleting chemicals. The canister has a removable safety trigger in case of accidental use. Be cautious with storing this product indoors for long periods of time, as some customers reported leaking in certain conditions.

Size: 14 x 6 x 5 in. | Weight: 1 lbs. | Volume: 9 oz.

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How Bear Spray Works

Bear spray is not a bear repellant, so it wont work if you spray it on your gear. Bear spray is not a bear killer. Bear spray is a bear deterrent. You want to convince the bear to go away and leave you alone without harming you or the bear in the process.

Faced with an attacking bear, your options are limited. Circumstances vary, but the National Park Service recommends playing dead if attacked by a brown or grizzly bear but escaping or fighting back if attacked by a black bear. Bear spray gives you one more option. In the case of a bear attack, do the following.

  • Back up slowly, and try to keep as much distance between you and the bear as possible.

  • Dont take your eyes off the bear.

  • Aim for the eyes and nose, and spray a cloud of bear spray between you and the bear as soon as the bear comes within range. Because bear spray is a fog and not a stream like pepper spray, precise aim is less important.

  • Spray until the bear turns and runs away. This time frame could last six to nine seconds.

Studies in Alaska have proven the effectiveness of bear spray, but it isnt 100% foolproof. Know the precautions regarding hiking and camping in bear country, such as hiking in groups in the daytime, staying on the trails, making noise , watching for signs of bears, and safely stowing packs and food.

Buying Guide For Best Bear Sprays

Is it legal to have Pepper Spray/Mace in New York State? (live, cost ...

Youre hiking a backcountry trail in Glacier National Park. Its a beautiful day, the sky is blue, the birds are singing. Suddenly, a blur of brown fur the size of a living room sofa charges at you. You have three seconds to react. What do you do? If youre prepared, you unleash an orange fog of bear spray between you and the attacker and the bear turns and runs away.

Bear spray is one of those products you dont need very often, but when you do, you really need it. Its like those things you simply must have in certain situations but hope you never have to use insurance, a life jacket, a defibrillator, a first aid kit. Anyone who plans to go camping in Alaska, fishing in Montana, or hiking in Great Smoky Mountains National Park will definitely want to take along a canister of bear spray.

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Where To Buy Pepper Spray In New York

If you live in New York you are probably asking yourself: Where to buy pepper spray near me. Out-of-state manufacturers may not ship pepper spray to buyers in New York State. Yet, two simple loopholes are present to get self-defense sprays in New York, as mentioned:

Heres the deal:

  • Bearspray is likely to be available in camping stores in New York City. As aresult, animal pepper sprays can be ship to New York.
  • ManyNew-Yorkers buy their pepper spray or bring it there to a friend from NewJersey and Connecticut. This is completely legal and it is fine to carry it inNYC.

Is It Legal To Carry

In all 50 states and Washington D.C., it is legal to use pepper spray for self-defense purposes. However, some states only allow the use and carry of pepper spray under certain circumstances.

For instance, some states have certain circumstances where people can only carry pepper spray based on its/their size, concentration, age . Currently, 13 states have specific conditions for their pepper spray law. Washington D.C. is also included within this list.

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Pepper Spray And New York Law

Pepper spray is a practical, nonlethal form of self-defense. Many states have their own laws regarding the purchase and use of pepper spray, and New York State is no different. While it is legal to carry pepper spray in New York, a user must purchase it from a specific place in the state, and the label must have detailed information about its use. State law requires a purchaser to use pepper spray for self-defense purposes only if used in other ways, they may face criminal charges and penalties.

How To Use Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray vs Bear Spray – Which is Better for Self Defense?

If youre faced with an attacker, you want to establish a stable standing position. Present your pepper spray with authority and try to stand around 10 feet away from the attacker.

Aim for the persons eyes and spray ear to ear, going across the eyes. If you miss the reverse, reverse the movement and do it again. While you spray, you want to move to the side so that you can get out of the line of the attacker.

Once you see the pepper spray taking effect, you can either drop the spray or take it with you as run away to safety.

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  • New York State Department of Health, Requirements For Self-Defense Spray Devices, May 1997. Accessed December 20, 2021.
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    Pepper Spray Laws By State 2022

    In a world where people can do whatever they please, it would click that it would be a safer place to live. Although the world can be a safe place, there are moments where protection may be required. Pepper spray is one of the most straightforward and most affordable forms of self-defense for people to possess. But before anyone goes out there and purchases one for themselves, it’s essential to understand the laws surrounding its possession in each state.

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    List Of Retailers That Carry Pepper Spray In Nyc


    • Arrow Army Navy, 2440 Jerome Ave., 718-773-4967
    • Brothers Police Store, 3013 Webster Ave, 718-933-0270
    • F& J Police Equipment, 378 E 161st St., 718-665-4535
    • Franks Sports Shop, 430 E. Tremont Ave., 229-9628
    • Pauls Police Equipment, 2630 E. Tremont Ave., 718-597-0480


    • AD Meyers Uniform, 63 Flatbush Ave., 718-855-4018
    • D.F. Brothers Sports Center, 7919 New Utrecht Ave, 718-259-5206
    • Ever Ready First Aid, 10101 Foster Ave, 800-347-3494


    • Jo-Pauls Enterprise, 105-02 Jamaica Ave., Richmond Hill, 718-849-3861
    • K Uniforms, 113-19 Jamaica Ave., Richmond Hill, 800-849-4943
    • Russos Pharmacy, 1909 Cornaga Ave., Far Rockaway, 718-327-7027


    • Tent & Trails, 21 Park Place, 212-227-1760
    • Esco Drug Company, Inc., 687 9th Ave, 246 8169 or 246-0549

    Know of other places to buy pepper spray in New York? Send at tip to !

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    What Is Pepper Spray

    Counter Assault Bear Spray w/Holster

    Pepper spray is a self-defense tool that can be used to ward off attackers. Its extremely powerful and can debilitate a person for as long as one hour. But how does it work?

    The active ingredient in pepper spray capsaicin, which comes from peppers. Capsaicin is extracted from finely ground peppers which have been mixed with ethanol. Its then mixed with water and propylene glycol.

    The solution is then packaged into a spray can and thus gives us pepper spray.

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    The Importance Of Knowing The Legalities Of Pepper Spray

    Hopefully, after reading the above, you feel that you understand the answer to the question is pepper spray legal in NY? By educating yourself more about pepper spray, such as its legality and how it works, youll be able to use it more safely and effectively. Owning a canister of pepper spray is a great way to feel more confident and protected when walking around the great state of New York.

    Are you looking to better protect yourself and your family? Contact us today and see how we can help you!

    Faqs About Bear Sprays

    Q: Shouldnt I just carry a giant gun?

    A: This seems to be the sentiment of many would-be outdoors people. However, there are plenty of studies showing that bear spray is more reliable and consistently effective for bear defense than guns.

    Dont take my word for it. The writers at Outside Magazine have done the legwork for you. Just read their article about guns vs spray right here.

    Hint: Spray is proven through many studies to be equally or more effective at stopping bear attacks than guns and it weighs less when you have to carry it on the trail.

    Q: How effective is bear spray?

    A: No bear deterrent is 100% effective but proper use of bear spray will deter all but the most aggressive and determined bear.

    Here are a few videos you should watch:

    Q: Will bear spray work on mountain lions?

    A: The active ingredient in bear spray is also very effective against mountain lions or any large predator for that matter. Since bears and mountain lions often found in the same areas, its an even better reason to carry and know how to use bear spray.

    Q: Will bear spray work on grizzly bears?

    A: A grizzly bear will be just as deterred and a brown or black bear. We keep going back the caveat proper use but proper use of bear spray is essential to deterring and type of bear.

    Q: Can I attach my bear spray to my pack?

    A: Yeah, you can. It just has to be very accessible.

    Q: Should I test my bear spray?

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