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What’s The Best Pass For New York

/11 Memorial & Museum

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Located at the World Trade Center site, the 9/11 Memorial & Museum is a poignant testament to the terrorist attacks and tragic events of September 11, 2001 and February 26, 1993.

A visit to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum is educational and emotional. The galleries feature artifacts from the wreckage, photographs of the events that illustrate the events timelines, stories and first-hand accounts from survivors and family members of victims, and more.

Youll be able to pay tribute to the victims and service members who perished on 9/11 at the memorial site, where there are two twin reflecting pools with man-made waterfalls inscribed with the names of every person who died in the 2001 and 1993 attacks.

Where The New York Pass Falls Short

Ill be honest, its pretty hard to come up with a bunch of disadvantages to the New York Pass. I think its one of the best sightseeing passes available in any city. But there is one glaring omission I have to mention.

Unlike some of my other favorite sightseeing passes, like the Paris Passand the Vatican & Rome Card, the New York Pass does not have an option for using the public transportation system.

In my opinion, using the subway and bus system is the best way to get around NYC. Sure, taxi rides are faster, but they can cost a fortune. While you can certainly purchase your own MetroCard here, adding a transportation option would be a nice addition to this pass.

Another thing some may find disappointing is that the New York Pass does not include access to the pedestal or crown at the Statue of Liberty. But trust me, when it comes to the crown, you arent missing anything.

I spent about 4 hours climbing stairs inside the statue to reach the crown. It wasnt worth it. In fact, the view is far better from the observation deck although tickets for the observation deck on the pedestal are no longer included either.

With that said, if youve got your heart set visiting the crown or the pedestal, youll need join the waiting list and purchase your tickets separately.

Attractions Included With Your New York Pass

The New York Pass includes FREE admission to over 100 of the most popular things to do in NYC. Its your ultimate sightseeing pass for the big city. Here are some of the best attractions available with your pass and their regular admission prices in parentheses.

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Our Take On The New York Pass

The New York Pass is especially worth it if youd like to visit a lot of attractions or want to go on guided tours.

If you want to see only a few select museums and sights, it wont get any cheaper with the New York Pass.

But if you want to visit a ton of attractions, you can save over a hundred dollars with the pass.

Other Benefits Of The New York Pass

4 day Itinerary In New York City
  • Mobile Ticket on Free App Now, you can use your phone as your ticket. Simply download the free New York Pass app and scan it at each attraction. The app also provides info on included attractions, helps you create an itinerary, and syncs with your calendar. The majority of the features can be used offline, which is handy when youre out and about.
  • Unlimited Access to Attractions With the New York Pass, you can visit as many included attractions as you like. Youre only limited by your time!
  • New York Guidebook A free NYC guidebook is included with your New York Pass. Inside, youll find descriptions, addresses, hours of operation, and other information for select New York attractions. The guidebook also includes a subway map, which is super useful for getting around the city. It comes in nine different languages, so choose the one that suits you best.
  • Good for 2 Years Due to the recent pandemic, you now have 2 years from the date of purchase to use your New York Pass.

Save Big in New York With the New York Pass, you can save big money on admission to New Yorks biggest attractions.

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What Does The New York Sightseeing Pass Offer

More than 100 attractions are included in the New York Sightseeing Pass, such as:

  • Top of the Rock, Statue of Liberty and One World Observatory
  • Almost 30 museums

Advantages of the Sightseeing Pass:

  • In all, the best offers of all passes
  • One World Trade Observatory is included
  • All popular museums are included
  • Unlimited use of Hop-on-Hop-off-Busses with the Day Pass
  • Hop-on-Hop-off-Bus in Brooklyn too

Disadvantages of the Sightseeing Pass:

  • The Empire State Building is unfortunately not included in the Sightseeing Pass anymore

Which New York Pass

Can someone please advise which pass will best suit our needs. We are travelling to New York in September for a 4 night 5 day break, we want to see as many of the sights as possible but would like a pass to include bus tours also. Please advise of choices available.


there is an faq on this subject plus a load of threads.

Personally I would say you dont need a pass other than a 7 day metrocard.

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yes…you should purchase the unlimited 7 day metro card for $29.00 each..which permits one to access all subway lines and buses within the 5 boroughs 24/7. just take along a guide book and subway map and you’re good to go…

As Nasdaqua reply, that is exactly what we are doing when in NYC for 6 days next week, buying the 7 day metro card on our first morning and have already planned all our outings as per destinations using Hopstop website and seeing the sites at our leisure.

Very handy. Will pick up a subway map hopefully from one of the stations.

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Pricing For The Sightseeing Pass Nyc

  • Sightseeing Pass NYC for 1 day: $ 129
  • Sightseeing Pass NYC for 2 days: $ 179
  • Sightseeing Pass NYC for 3 days: $ 219
  • Sightseeing Pass NYC for 4 days: $ 249
  • Sightseeing Pass NYC for 5 days: $ 279
  • Sightseeing Pass NYC for 6 days: $ 309
  • Sightseeing Pass NYC for 7 days: $ 339
  • Sightseeing Pass NYC for 10 days: $ 359

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Overview Of The Main New York City Passes

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There are a number of attraction passes available for visitors to New York City. They each offer different things and are available at different prices.

Below, youll find an overview of the main passes you can choose from, and what they offer. There are two main types of pass those which include a larger number of attractions over a shorter time period , and those which offer a limited number of attractions over a longer period .

Which will work for you will very much vary on your trip and travel style, and what you hope to see. If you are visiting for only a couple of days and want to fit as much in as possible, then a pass that lets you visit a lot of attractions can be a good idea. Many New York attractions are open fairly late, so you really can see a lot if you have the stamina for it.

On the other hand, if you want to go a bit slower and just see a few attractions, or you plan to sightsee over a longer period of time, then a pass that offers fewer attractions over a longer time period might be best.

Weve included both types of pass in this round-up so you can get an idea of whats available.

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Most Hunted New York City Pass Promo Code

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Per Day Cost Analysis

As you can see, the New York Pass provides a huge amount of value for sightseeing in New York. By checking out just a few attractions a day, you are sure to get your moneys worth. The longer passes build in even more value, allowing you to slow down and see the city at your own pace.

For example, the 4-day pass costs just $57.25 per day. The price of the pass can easily be covered by visiting 2-3 covered attractions or tours per day.

The 10-day pass costs only $33.90 per day. So, enjoying 1-2 attractions or tours per day will provide you with your moneys worth, plus some.

To extract even more value, be sure to buy the pass when it is on sale. The additional savings lowers the per day cost of the pass even more, increasing the value and saving you gobs of money! Follow the link below to find the latest sale.

Save BIG in the Big Apple Save money in NYC with the New York Pass! Visit just 2-3 attractions a day and you could easily save well over $100 per person on regular admission costs. Save more with New York Pass here.

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Handy Tips For Using New York City Passes

Plan Plan Plan – With tons of attractions to choose from in the city, it is best that you plan the attractions for which you’ll be using the pass. Make sure that you use the pass in the most optimum manner to ensure highest savings. Prioritize – Prioritize attractions with higher entrance fees, it is the easiest way to save money and recover your costs. Check the timings – Do ensure that you have checked the timings of the attractions that you would like to visit. It would be quite a downer to visit an attraction only to know that it is closed. Use the money saving techniques – Use the hop-on-hop-off feature of the passes to get around the city. The advantages of it are two fold – free transportation as well as guided sightseeing. Know the free days – Certain museums have free entries on some days. Visit these museums on the free days to increase your savings. Try to avoid start using the pass on these days.

What Is Freestyle New York City Pass

Things to Do

The Freestyle New York City Pass is another extremely popular pass amongst tourists visiting New York.There are 2 types of Freestyle New York Passes:

Freestyle New York City Pass Attractions


  • Ripleys Believe It or Not
  • Top of the Rock Observation Deck
  • One World Observatory
  • National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey
  • State of Liberty Ferry & Ellis Island
  • Gullivers Gate
  • The Radio City Stage Door Tour
  • Rockefeller Center Tour
  • When Harry Met Seinfeld Tour
  • The TOUR
  • Madison Square Garden All-Access Tour
  • Go Airlink Airport Shuttle Share Ride

Please note: The TOUR, When Harry Met Seinfeld Tour and Go Airlink Airport Shuttle Share Ride all need prior reservations for bookings.


  • American Museum of Natural History
  • The Museum of Modern Art
  • Cloisters Museum
  • Museum of the City of New York
  • El Museo Del Barrio
  • Whitney Museum of American Art
  • Ground Zero Museum Workshop: 100 Images & Artifacts Tour
  • MoMA PS1

Walking Tours & Cruises

Please inquire about the walking tours and cruises when you redeem your voucher at the office. These are seasonal and subject to reservation.

  • Brooklyn Navy Yard Past, Present, Future Tour
  • World War II of the BK Navy Yard Tour
  • Inside Industry Tour of the BK Navy Yard
  • Bronxs Little Italy and Arthur Avenue Tour
  • NYC Slavery and Underground Tour
  • Alternative New York Street Art Tour
  • Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo Tour
  • Highlights of Midtown Architectural Tour
  • Soho, Little Italy, China Town Tour
  • Highline, Chelsea, Meatpacking Tour



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Pass Comparison New York At One Glance

Its important to understand a key difference: Some passes are attraction-based, meaning you choose the number of attractions beforehand, while others are day-based, meaning that you choose the number of days beforehand. Besides the type and validity, other differences can be found when it comes to inclusions, advantages, pricing, and discounts.

How Much Does The New York Citypass Cost

The New York CityPASS costs $132 or $108 .

Remember, the cost of visiting the citys top 5 paid attractions is $183.89 per person! When you purchase the New York CityPASS, youll get FREE Fast-Track Entry to these 5 attractions, PLUS youll also get free entry to the American Museum of Natural History .

You can to purchase your CityPASS from their official website.

This can add up to significant savings, especially if youre visiting NYC with a group. I also like that the CityPASS gives you 9 full days to visit all six attractions. This means theres no need to rush and you can take your time visiting each attraction.

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New York Explorer Pass

If you arent sure you want to commit to a pass that includes most of the attractions in New York, then you might instead consider the New York Explorer Pass from GoCity.

This pass has you choosing how many attractions you want to visit in New York. You can choose 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 10 attractions, and the pass is priced from $65 to $279 depending on how many attractions you choose.

The pass actually covers over 90 attractions in New York. However, you can only visit the number of attractions you pick. You dont need to pick the exact attractions in advance just the number you want to visit.

The pass is also valid for quite a long timeâup to 60 days in fact. So if you are in New York City for a little bit longer, you dont need to feel quite so rushed to see everything in two days.

To get the most value out of the New York Explorer Pass you will want to make sure you use it for the highest priced attractions that you want to visit. In addition, the more attractions you choose, the greater the savings.

Its possible to save up to 50% on attraction entry using the pass. However, this will require you to think carefully about exactly which attractions you want to visit, and plan your use of the pass accordingly.

We think the New York Explorer Pass is a good option if you are a well organised traveller who likes to plan carefully. Its also a good option if you have a little bit longer in the city, as you can spread out your sightseeing over a bit more time.

What Is New York Pass

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With the New York Pass, the ticket to exploring NYC is quite literally in your palms. The New York Pass allows free, one-time access to over 100+ attractions in New York, including the Empire State Building and American Museum of Natural History, with the option of skipping the line at attractions like Madame Tussauds and the Museum of Modern Art! You can choose from the 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10-day pass as per your itinerary and experience New York at your pace.

A money and time saver, the New York Pass does not require pre-booking, so you can simply turn up with your New York Pass and enter, hassle-free! The New York Pass is valid for 12 months from the day of purchase, and after the first usage, it is valid for consecutive days not for random 24-hour periods. For instance, with the 3-day pass, if you first use your pass on a Monday, it is then valid on the following Tuesday and Wednesday. The pass expires at midnight.

New York Pass Attractions


The 2 day New York Pass will cost you while you will be spending $332 if you were to buy individual tickets for these attractions. This translates to savings of around $143!

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Which New York Pass Is Suitable For Whom

Now we of course want to answer the question of all questions: which New York pass is the best?

Needless to say, we cant give the ultimate answer here, since a different New York pass is the best option for each person.

So weve put together three different types of travelers and our recommendation for the best New York Pass for each type of traveller.

These are the types of travelers:

  • Those who want to visit as many ticketed attractions as possible
  • Those who quickly want to visit the most well known sights
  • Those who want to visit the most well known sights calmly
  • Our Recommendation For Those In A Hurry: This Is The Best New York Pass

    In this article, we compare all of the New York passes in-depth and show you through detailed sample calculations which pass is the best choice for each type of traveller. If thats too much information for you though, we can totally understand that.

    Thats why, for those of you in a hurry, well start right away with a very brief summary of the article and answer the question: which New York pass is the best?

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