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Public Schools In Brooklyn Ny

List Of Public Elementary Schools In New York City

Brooklyn, NY native is new interim leader of Cincinnati Public Schools

This is a list of public elementary schools in New York City, which are typically referred to as “PS number” . Many PS numbers are ambiguous, being used by more than one school. The sections correspond to New York City DOE Regions. Some charter schools are included throughout this list others may be added to the charter schools section at the end of the list.

Register For Parent University From The Department Of Education

The DOEs Parent University seeks to educate and empower all families from early childhood through adulthood, with free courses, resources, events, and activities. Parents can register for free training on a wide range of topics, including adult education, student social-emotional learning, and special education. Visit

Please view the attached registration flyer.

Doe Employee Info Hub

Need a fast way to get to Cybershift Online, HR Connect, or just want to download the official DOE templates for Letterhead, PowerPoints and more? Look no further! This page has a slew of relevant employee links that we should all be familiar with.

Parent Coordinator Role

As a member of the school staff supervised by the school principal, the Parent Coordinator works closely with school staff, school leadership teams, parent associations, community groups, and parent advisory councils to engage families and involve them in school communities. Overall, the Parent Coordinator focuses on:

  • Creating a welcoming school environment for parents
  • Working with the principal to address parent issues and concerns at the school
  • Conducting outreach to engage parents in their childrens education
  • Strengthening parent involvement in their childrens education.

PC Community Website

Here you will find information and guidance on Parent Coordinator Best Practices. Log on and join our Discussion Forum to ask questions and share challenges and solutions with your Parent Coordinator community. Register online for Parent Coordinator Professional Development. Online Connect with Kids videos and print resources provide turn-key programming for on-site parent workshops to increase awareness of some of todays most important youth topics.

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Welcome To Brooklyn Dreams Charter School

We never set limits on how much your child can achieve. At Brooklyn Dreams Charter School we create endless opportunities for your child to become their best. We shape instruction to build on the strengths and abilities of each child and make moral focus lessons part of every school day. As a result, our students thrive.

About Brooklyn Public Schools

Brooklyns brand

Brooklyn Public Schools are tuition-free, publicly funded schools that are legally required to accept and provide an education to all children from Kindergarten age through Grade 12 in Brooklyn, NY. Each of the fifty state constitutions includes a requirement for the provision of a Public School system, and each state, including New York, also has a compulsory education law that requires school-age children to attend school.

You may contact Public Schools for questions about:

  • Brooklyn Public School calendars

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Check Out This New Website: Wide Open School

This newly launched site provides learning activities for students to complete independently at home, or with their families. Activities are available in all subjects and grades, and in all languages via Google Translate.

Families can use the information to do the following:

* Access an overview of the units their children are studying throughout the year, in grades K-8 high school units will be added soon.

* Engage with their child on what is taught at school Find support for learning at home, like tips for keeping children focused, as well as information about using online learning tools Assist with conversations at parent-teacher conferences Locate after-school activities.

To learn more about tools and resources available on Wide Open School, visit

New York State Digital Equity Family Questionaire

The New York State Education Department is requiring all school districts, including the New York City Department of Education, to collect information from families about students access to devices and the internet for the 2022-23 school year. To make this as easy as possible for families, the DOE has added a Digital Equity Family Questionnaire to the NYC Schools Account Parent Portal where you can provide answers to the questions for each of your students in grades kindergarten to 12.

The Questionnaire has nine questions and is easy to fill out in your NYC Schools Account. Your answers will be used to:

  • help identify school and district needs,
  • target resources and funding opportunities, and
  • to inform state policy and legislative initiatives.
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    District 15 Superintendent’s Office

    131 Livingston Street, Room 301

    Brooklyn, NY 11201

    P.S. 1 – The Bergen Elementary School

    P.S. 15 – Patrick F. Daly Magnet School of the Arts

    P.S. 10 Magnet School of Math, Science & Design


    P.S. 10 Magnet School of Math, Science & Design

    P.S. 15 – Patrick F. Daly Magnet School of the Arts

    P.S. 10 Magnet School of Math, Science & Design


    P.S. 15 – Patrick F. Daly Magnet School of the Arts

    P.S. 15 – Patrick F. Daly Magnet School of the Arts

    P.S. 15 – Patrick F. Daly Magnet School of the Arts


    Parent Coordinator Activity Report

    Coronavirus Update: Brooklyn Principal Dezann Romain First NYC Public School Staffer To Die

    The PCAR is an online reporting system used to capture the daily work of Parent Coordinators based on five indicators reflected in the Mayors Management Report.

    • Access the PCAR from an administrative computer at your school .
    • Access the PCAR from outside of the DOEs network .
    • Download the Measuring Parent Engagement PowerPoint with detailed instructions about the PCAR.
    • Review this FAQ for answers to the most common access issues.

    Principal Checklist for Parent Coordinators

    Becoming familiar with the following resources and requirements will help ensure your parent coordinator has all the information to support your schools family engagement work.

    Make sure your parent coordinator

    Checks DOE-issued Email

    Parent coordinators often use personal or school based emails. Make sure they use their DOE email for information from FACE, other DOE departments or City agencies.

    Reads the PC Newsletter

    Parent coordinators receive a bi-weekly newsletter, Parent Coordinator Connections, at their DOE-issued email account. With news on everything from professional development opportunities to citywide parent events and other important dates for families, Parent Coordinator Connections is the best way for PCs to stay up-to-date with whats going on. Principals may for the newsletter.

    Signs up for the Parent Coordinator Community Website

    Registers for PC Professional Development Opportunities

    Maintains Current Information on Parent Leaders

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    Map Of Brooklyn Ny With School District Boundaries


    Listed below are all public and private high schools located in Brooklyn, New York. Click on the public or private school to view that specific high school’s details

    If you are looking to move to Brooklyn, NY consider which high school your children would attend.Be sure to use the data below to make sure you are moving to an area with the best possible schools before you look intocross country moving companies, national moving companies, interstate moving companies,or long distance movers. Also be sure to check Brooklyn, NY job listings if you still need a job in the area.

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