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Must Visit Restaurants In New York

Chicken Over Rice At The Halal Guys

Eating at must-visit Restaurants in New York City! From the Best Pizza to Fried Chicken with Caviar!

Chicken over rice is the ultimate NYC street food! Ok, the second ultimate right after hot dog which is funny because thats how The Halal Guys started as a hot dog cart on the intersection of West 53rd Street and Sixth Avenue by a few guys from Egypt. After opening their original cart in 1990, they quickly realized the demand for halal food from Muslim cab drivers and switched to making rice with chicken and gyro instead.

Twenty eight years later, a single cart turned into a conglomerate of sorts with multiple locations across the country and even abroad. The original cart on 53rd and Sixth Ave still exists and usually has a long line of locals and tourists alike. There are also plenty of copycats around New York now, so if you want to try the real thing, double-check the address of the branch online and look for yellow and red uniform the staff is wearing.

You need to order chicken over rice or lamb over rice, but they say the secret is in the sauce that comes with them. Take both the white and red sauces and mix them in it makes all the difference.

The Halal Guys corner of 53rd Street and Sixth Ave

Photo by Charley Lhasa

Enter A Chocolate Heaven

Head to Max Brenner for an out-of-this-world experience that is perfect for all us chocolate lovers out there.

Pipes of flowing chocolate weave across the ceilings along with a mountain of delicious treats thatll leave even the sweetest-toothed person in a sugary haze.

Dont forget to try their indulgently thick hot chocolate thats served in a delicious hugmug.

Restaurants You Must Visit In New York

Trying to narrow down ten restaurants that cant be missed in New York City is difficult, but these are the best of the best.

Trying to narrow down ten restaurants that cant be missed in New York City is like trying to pick a favorite child. The incredible variety of cuisines leaves visitors with the good problem of figuring out which spot to stop for lunch. World-class chefs and award-winning restaurants line the street offering just about every type of meal that can satisfy even the most unique cravings. Take a look at the 10 restaurants you must visit in New York and get ready to dig in.

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The Top 10 Foods You Have To Eat In Nyc

By Chris Cockren

And shocker, Tyler is the same way. We talk food almost every single day. New restaurants to try. Recipes ideas. Our recent successes and failures in the kitchen. Current conversation is mostly about our new kitchen toys , eating ramen in NYC, and wanting to recreate said ramen at home.

And that got me thinking about all the great food Ive been blessed with consuming in and around NYC.

So its about time I shared with you The Top 10 Foods You Have To Eat In NYC. And Im sorry I didnt do it sooner.

It was a bit surprising actually, especially considering I told you about The Top 10 Foods You Have To Eat In Paris and My Top 12 Places To Eat In San Francisco after just visiting them each once.

NYC is my home. Its my stomping ground. Why havent I told you about what you absolutely, hands down, HAVE to eat when youre visiting The Big Apple?! Obviously it was a gross oversight. Ill make sure the proper disciplinary action is taken to ensure the egregious error never happens again. Ill punish myself accordingly.

No ice cream for 2 days. 1 day. Lets not get crazy. 12 hours.

So if youre planning a visit to NYC, skip the crappy tourist traps. Dont even think about entering a chain restaurant in Times Square. I mean, really why would you travel all the way to NYC to eat at Fridays or Olive Garden. Thats dumb.

Instead, treat yourself to The Top 10 Foods You Have To Eat in NYC. Because really, your vacation is worth it.

Grand Central Oyster Bar

3 Bars You Must Visit in Manhattan, NYC


This 104-year-old restaurant, tucked in the bowels of Grand Central, is as iconic to New York as the train stations starry ceiling over the cavernous main concourse. Its worth visiting just to see the bars beautiful vaulted tile ceilings, but you wont get the full experience unless you grab a seat at one of the counters and enjoy a platter of raw oysters or the iconic, creamy oyster pan roast.

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Head Into A Chemistry Lab

Apothéke is a chemistry lab of mixologists that will make your tastebuds whizz and sizzle with delight!

Upon entering, youll be welcomed by the clinical scientists in white coats that will guide you through their medications. Once sat down, you even have the opportunity to discuss with your serverscientist the prescription you think youll need!

Interestingly each and every cocktail is made with local ingredients with the majority of its herbs and spices coming from its rooftop herb garden.

Burger And Milk Shake At Shake Shack

Unlike Katzs Deli and Russ & Daughters that have a century-long history, Shake Shack is a relatively new player that was opened in 2004. Nevertheless, a burger from Shake Sack is a classic New York bite. In Los Angeles you go to In& Out, in the South to Waffle House, in New York to Shake Shack.

Having started as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park, Shake Shack grew into a nationwide chain of restaurants serving gourmet burgers and custard-based milkshakes. What separates it from other fast food chains is the attention to the quality of ingredients. The meat in burgers is all-natural Angus beef, vegetarian fed and humanely raised. They also promise to never use hormones or antibiotics. Multiple locations around New York and affordability are added advantages.

Shake Shack multiple locations around NYC

*Full disclosure: I havent tried the next three foods myself yet. But they belong on this list and I am looking forward to going back to New York and checking them out. If you try them, let me know how you liked them!

The Halal guys original cart

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The Original Johns Deli

Here is another restaurant recommended on Food Networks Top Places to Eat that you will not want to miss if you are in the mood for some deli-style food. They take pride in the name they are given, Best Heroin in Brooklyn. Johns Deli has been a Brooklyn landmark since 1968. They are known for their top-notch customer service and delightful food at great prices. This restaurant offers different daily specials, but since their roast beef is the real hero, they serve it every day. There is no wonder why The Original Johns Deli is one of the best restaurants in New York City to eat on a budget.

Phone: +1 372-7481

Cocktail Bar Death & Co

Top 10 Restaurants in New York City | Best Places to Eat in NYC |

Though some joke that this dimly lit East Village bars name refers to deadly hangovers from its punch bowls and meticulously crafted cocktails, Death & Co actually refers to the Prohibition-era belief that those who drank lived in the shadow of death. “To those who shun the night, we tip our hat,” crows the website, and what a hat tip it is. The drinks on the menu are categorized by spirit gin, rum, agave, whiskey, brandy as well as their geographic origin and their style, including juleps, punch bowls and classics pulled from vintage cocktail manuals. The dozens of options can overwhelm, so nab a seat at the bar to enlist the experts’ advice. They might steer you to the Renegade Julep, which uses aged Japanese whiskey and Scotch with port syrup and fernet, or the boldly spiced Fever Dream, with chile-infused mezcal, Suze, lime and celery bitters.

Go to: Death & Co

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Iconic Spot Keens Steakhouse

Serving hulking cuts of meat to hungry New Yorkers since 1885, this clubby chophouse practically drips with history: The ceiling beams are lined with old tobacco pipes that belonged to a lengthy roster of icons, including Theodore Roosevelt, Buffalo Bill Cody and John Barrymore. The menu keeps in line with the old-school appeal. Channel a steak dinner from bygone eras with Iceberg Lettuce Wedges, Oysters Rockefeller and the signature bone-in Mutton Chop, with cheesecake, creme brulee or a butterscotch sundae for dessert.

Go to: Keens Steakhouse

We Checked Out These New Restaurantsand Loved Them

The Hit List is where youll find our favorite new food and drink experiences in NYC. We track new openings across the city, and then visit as many as we can. While this is by no means an exhaustive list of every good new spot, one thing you can always rely on is that well only include places that we have genuinely checked out.

Whether youre looking for in-person dining, takeout, or delivery, The Hit List is here to help you find a great new spot to support. Read on to find your new favorites.

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Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant

Just think of it: the chutzpah of opening in 1913 as a vast 440-seat seafood restaurant in the belly of New Yorks Grand Central Terminal. Its gorgeous arched-tiled ceiling was done by Rafael Guastavino, who also did Ellis Island, and theres a curving counter and window service for the wonderful oyster roasts.

Since the kitchen has such clout in the seafood market, whatevers best and freshest that morning is added to the menu in season20 varieties of oysters, soft-shell crabs, shad roe, bay scallops, abalonealong with daily specials. The wine list, properly geared to whites, is very carefully chosen to pair with the food here. The waiters can be on the brusque but not rude side of hospitality, but theyll ask the kitchen to make anything you want if they have it.

Theres always a mad rush here, with commuters dashing for trains, hungry business people from the surrounding area, tourists, all converging here before lunch to get a table position. Their orders continue into the evening hours as the noise bounces off the tiles and the trains rumble above and below them.

The Spotted Pig Restaurant

10 Must

Restaurant Highlights: British and Italian Cuisine, Uses local ingredients.

About Restaurant: A fun and casual eatery, The Spotted Pig serves up seasonal British and Italian specialties. Most dishes use local ingredients, and the restaurants brunch menu delivers fun and tasty dishes. So whether you are looking for a night out or a Sunday morning brunch, The Spotted Pig will have your dining needs covered.

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The 5 Best Chinese Restaurants In New York

  • 01 Jun-Men Ramen Bar

    The Jun-Men is one of the best restaurants for ramen in the city. By the way, Jun-Men means noodles, straight up. The secret of a

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  • 02 Noods N’ Chill

    Noods N Chill is a small Thai noodle shop right in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Its becoming if not already a popular

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  • 03 Super Taste

    Here it can quickly get crowded, the shop is really super small. Super Taste is probably the best place to visit in Chinatown NYC if you

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  • 04 39 Kings Cafe

    39 Kings Cafe , is a restaurant in Flushing, Queens. Its a great food spot to check out while walking in

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  • 05 BoCaphe

    The BoCaphe is one of our favourite spots if we want to enjoy Vietnamese French Cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere.

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  • Here you can find all the good Chinese restaurants in New York

    Quirky Restaurant In New York To Try

    One of the greatest things about cities like New York is its ability to bring every type of food, from every part of the globe. Just like London, New York City has a wealth of quirky restaurants that will not only leave your tastebuds zinging but seize the rest of your senses in strange but exciting ways.

    Now, yeah, some of these are definitely kitted out for visitors but theyre pretty unique and certainly something to check out if youre wanting a totally kitsch dining experience in New York City.

    Yeah, some are totally cheesy but some are also amazing for cocktails and brunch .

    With that in mind, take a look at some of the more quirky and unusual New York City restaurants that you definitely have to visit.

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    Unique Restaurants You Must Visit In New York City

    Traveling around the world enables us to experience some of the greatest cuisine. A trip to New York, however, enables us to experience some of the best experimental cuisine at some really unique restaurants. While there are experimental options all over the city, there are several that you really have to try. If youre daring, youll need to try the ants and grasshoppers. If you appreciate some whimsy, you can try the Cheetos macaron. Prefer something more hearty? Theres the Pad cake. We dont want to give everything away, youll want to read more about all of the experimental concept cuisine we found in New York.

    Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong Korean Bbq

    5 Must Eat Restaurants In New York City | Bon Appetit

    Address: 5401, 1 E 32nd St, New York, NY 10016. for more information and reviews. Phone: 966-9839 Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 11:30am 1am, Friday to Saturday: 11:30am 5am

    Ive come here a couple of times with some of my Korean students who have all remarked that this place is the real deal.

    Located in little Korea on 32nd street, Baekjeong is a goodeats. They have personal BBQ grills at each table and a nifty extractor that comes down to suck up all the smoke from the food cooking on the flames. There is a ton to choose from on the menu and everything is fresh and yummy .

    Pro Tip: This restaurant is best enjoyed in large groups, so I would not recommend coming here as a couple because the serving sizes are HUGE and expensive if only split two ways.

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    In the first section Ill tell you my TOP 50 restaurants in New York that I can recommend to you. Then youll find them sorted by category, so Italian restaurants, French restaurants, burger restaurants, steakhouses, tapas and sushi restaurants, etc.

    And then there are really nice restaurants at New York landmarks, like the Brooklyn Bridge or Central Park etc. Ive listed those for you as well. Last but not least comes another favorite category of mine: Rooftop restaurants in New York and romantic restaurants.

    To help you quickly see which restaurant is near you, you can find all the good restaurants of New York on the map.

    youll find many more New York City spots in our Loving New York travel guides!

    Check Out The List Of 10 Iconic Restaurants In New York:

    1. Katz’s Delicatessen- It has been a New York Institution for around 130 years. It is not only stated to be one of the oldest Jewish delis, but the only one of such kind which is still operating.

    Where: 205 E Houston St, New York, NY

    2. Ray’s Candy Store– This 24-hour joint is touted to be one of the hotspots for anything junk- from fries to ice-creams to milkshakes. It has been there for decades.

    Where: 113 Avenue A, New York, NY

    3. Dominique Ansel Bakery- This eatery is known for its ‘Cronuts’, which is a hybrid of donut and croissant. It is stated to be one of New York City’s legendary desserts. It was made by world renowned pastry chef Dominique Ansel in 2013.

    Where: 189 Sprig St, New York, NY

    4. Mamoun’s Falafel- In the present time, there are several falafel sandwich carts in New York, but Mamoun’s Falafel is considered to be the oldest falafel restaurant in the city. Since 1971, it has been a staple for Middle-Eastern food in the city, especially for falafel and pita sandwiches.

    Where: 119 MacDougal St, New York, NY

    5. Keens Steakhouse- This place is considered to be one of the city’s oldest steakhouses and is known best for its most famous dish- the mutton chop. It was established in 1885. It is said that that this century-old restaurant has served the likes of Teddy Roosevelt, Albert Einstein and George Herman “Babe” Ruth.

    Where: 72 W 36th St, New York, NY

    Where: 179 East 86th St, New York, NY

    Where: 179 East 86th St, New York, NY

    Where: 178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

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    Pizza And A Burger: Emily

    This couple-owned Clinton Hill pizzeria was destination-worthy for its pies alone, which are available with red sauce try Colony, topped with sauce, mozz, pepperoni, honey and pickled jalapeno vodka-sauced pink pies, tomatillo-topped green pies and classic white pies. But the restaurant upped its own ante unleashing the Emmy Burger, a towering combo of dry-aged beef, house sauce, caramelized onions, cheddar and cornichons on a pretzel bun. Go early and with a friend to enjoy both.

    Dinner + A Show Danji

    Pin on Must see �

    Though Times Square itself is a bastion of neon signage and meandering tourists, slightly north and west of the mayhem is this 36-seat Korean haven. Chef Hooni Kim serves inventive Korean dishes that are ideal for after-theater snacks or full dinner. The restaurant, open until midnight on weeknights serves bulgogi beef sliders, garlicky wings, kimchi fried rice and plenty of vegetarian options. The bar mixes clever cocktails, but the slightly sweet unfiltered rice beer is the best pairing against the spices.

    Go to: Danji

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