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Is There A Tornado In New York

Wild Weather Caught On Camera In New York

Tornado Warning In New York City

Eyewitnesses were able to capture the moment when severe weather moved through the New York City area and Long Island on Saturday.

Hail from the size of pennies to ping-pong balls impacted millions of people from the Garden State to Long Island. Some FOX Weather viewers said it was a sight they’ve never seen before.

Heres What You Need To Know:

Dozens of people were feared dead, and communities across the Midwest and South were digging through rubble on Saturday after a string of unseasonably powerful storms and tornadoes swept across six states overnight.

Gov. Andy Beshear of Kentucky said that at least 70 had been killed, and the states death toll could increase to more than 100. The state was hit by four tornadoes, he said, including one that stayed on the ground for more than 200 miles.

In Mayfield, Ky., about 110 people had huddled inside a candle-making factory when a tornado ripped through it. About 40 people were rescued, but Mr. Beshear said he believed dozens had been killed there. At a news briefing on Saturday, shaken local officials said they were struggling to comb through the debris amid blocked roads and lost water and electrical service.

This has been the most devastating tornado event in our states history, Mr. Beshear said at the briefing. The level of devastation is unlike anything I have ever seen.

Other states were also hit hard. Officials said that at least six people had been killed at an Amazon warehouse in Illinois, four had died in Tennessee and two had died in Arkansas.

We need your prayers, he said, voice wavering at a news conference on Saturday. We need your help.

It was like a roaring train, she said. I didnt think it would ever end.


Tornadoes Leave Trail Of Devastation Across Six States With Scores Dead

Officials said there were at least 70 deaths in Kentucky, where many had been trapped inside a flattened candle factory, and there were six fatalities in a roof collapse at an Amazon warehouse in Illinois after severe weather ravaged the country on Friday.

Follow our live coverage of the deadly tornado outbreak.

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Tornado Warnings Issued For Parts Of The Bronx Westchester Long Island

NEW YORK Multiple tornado warnings were issued for parts of New York on Sunday night.

The first warning, which expired at 9 p.m., covered the Bronx, Yonkers and New Rochelle. More than 2 million people live in the impacted area.

A second warning, covering Suffolk County, was issued around 9:30 p.m. It was set to expire at 10 p.m. The warning was issued because of a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado over Ronkonkoma moving east at 50 mph. A severe thunderstorm was also issued for the county it expired at 10:30 p.m.

Forecasters warned flying debris could be dangerous to those outside. Mobile homes could be damaged or destroyed. Roofs, windows, trees and vehicles could also be damaged.

Hail was also in the forecast.

A Severe Thunderstorm Warning was also issued covering Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. Its set to expire at 9:45 p.m.

At 8:35 p.m., a severe thunderstorm capable of causing a tornado was spotted over Fort Lee or Ridgefield in New Jersey, according to the National Weather Service. It was moving northeast at 65 mph.

The storm was expected to be near East Tremont and Riverdale around 8:40 p.m., around Yonkers and New Rochelle around 8:45 p.m., around Yonkers and Rye around 8:50 p.m., around Port Chester around 8:55 p.m. and around Greenwich around 9 p.m.

Experts advised people to take cover by moving to a basement or an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. People were advised to avoid windows.

Our Church Is Totally Gone: Tornado Changes The Landscape Of A Kentucky Town

Two tornadoes hit New York City as severe weather lashes ...

MAYFIELD, Ky. The grid of narrow streets in the heart of Mayfield, Ky., had become a perilous maze of downed utility lines, dangling tree limbs and scattered debris. Yet residents were out on Saturday morning, struggling to maneuver around it all, anguished by the aftermath of the tornado that had shredded their community.

As the sun rose in Mayfield, a town of 10,000 people in the western corner of Kentucky, residents could see for the first time the destruction they had heard the night before as the storm descended in the darkness with its howling winds and the crunching and groaning of homes and businesses being torn apart.

Some of the largest buildings in town had been leveled or were close to it. Mayfield First United Methodist Church, a cavernous sanctuary with a stone facade, had almost entirely collapsed. Other buildings had been reduced to piles of red bricks.

The rolling pastures and quiet woods that surround Mayfield had been left muddy and with a dusting of leaves but were otherwiseintact. But on the two-line highways snaking into town, the tornados wrath announced itself with the vistas of homes that had their brick exteriors shaved off, churches with roofs peeled away and seemingly sturdy trees that had been snapped at their trunks like twigs.

D.J. Swant hurried into her cellar at around 9 p.m. on Friday. The local authorities had stressed just how bad the storm could be.

We took them at their word, and thank God we did, she said.

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Is Climate Change The Cause

The ingredients that give rise to tornadoes include warm, moist air at ground level cool dry air higher up and wind shear, which is the change in wind speed or direction. Each of these factors may be affected differently by climate change.

As the planet warms and the climate changes, we dont think they are all going to go in the same direction, said Dr. Brooks of NOAA. For instance, overall temperature and humidity, which provide energy in the air, may rise with a warming climate, but wind shear may not.

If there is not enough shear to make something rotate, it doesnt matter how strong the energy is. he said. If there is all kind of wind shear, but you dont have a storm, you wont get a tornado, either.

Although we know that climate change may be playing a role in making some storms more powerful, the complexity of tornadoes means that it is hard to extend that connection with certainty, especially for an individual event.

Biden Pledges Aid To States Hit By Deadly Tornadoes

President Biden said federal search-and-rescue teams had been deployed to the affected areas.

President Biden on Saturday said his administration will do everything it can possibly do to help several states suffering from a tornado outbreak that left dozens dead, as federal officials were deployed to help local emergency personnel search for the missing.

I want folks in all these states to know were going to get through this, were going to get through this together, and the federal government is not going to walk away, Mr. Biden said during a speech from Wilmington, Del., where he was spending the weekend.

Mr. Biden on Saturday also approved an emergency declaration for Kentucky, where at least 70 people were killed, a death toll that the states governor, Andy Beshear, said was expected to rise. The declaration, which must first be requested by states, allows the Federal Emergency Management Agency to dispatch additional equipment, funds and resources to the state.

Thats going to accelerate federal emergency assistance for Kentucky right now when its urgently needed, and I stand ready to do the same for the governors of the other states, Mr. Biden said, adding that he asked FEMA to provide temporary housing to the state.

The president later told reporters that he told Mr. Beshear that he wouldvisit the damaged areas when the governors were ready so that his presence is not a distraction.

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What Is A Tornado Warning

There’s a difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning.

A tornado watch is typically issued hours in advance of an actual tornado. It means that weather conditions are favorable for a tornado to form, but one hasn’t been spotted yet.

A tornado warning is issued by local NOAA National Weather Service Forecast Office meteorologists in an area where a tornado has been spotted.

Tornado warnings cover smaller areas, as they are only implemented in the actual case of severe weather.

A tornado warning indicates serious danger for those who are in the path of said tornado.

Hail Reported In New Jersey & New York

Powerful storms prompt Tornado warning in New York City | ABC7

Hail was reported in several areas in New Jersey and New York.

As the storms rolled through New York City, hail and strong winds were reported in many of the boroughs. New Yorkers in Manhattan captured video of hail falling along Wall Street.

The New York Police Department reported strong winds brought down part of a light post onto a Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus. There were no reported injuries.

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Hail Falls On Wall Street

New Yorkers on Wall Street reported seeing hail.

According to PowerOutage.US, more than 20,000 customers, mostly from Westchester to Long Island, lost power because of the storms.

Damage to trees and power lines was reported to be significant in the community of Lynbrook on Long Island.

The stormy weather also caused delays in the skies. Hundreds of flights both into and out of John F. Kennedy International and LaGuardia were delayed because of the inclement weather. reported nearly 500 flights departing and arriving at the major airports that serve the tri-state region were delayed.

As of Saturday evening, there were more than 100 preliminary reports of hail, damaging winds and even a tornado from near Washington to Boston.

There were 132 reports of severe weather on Saturday.

Have Tornadoes Changed Over The Years

Researchers say that in recent years tornadoes seem to be occurring in greater clusters, and that the region known as tornado alley in the Great Plains, where most tornadoes occur, appears to be shifting eastward. The overall number of tornadoes annually is holding steady around 1,200.

Tornadoes in the United States in December are unusual. They typically occur in the spring. Fridays tornadoes may have occurred because the wind shear was high and the weather was warmer than normal. This year, the region has experienced an uncharacteristically warm December, and temperatures in Arkansas and Kansas on Friday were in the 70s and 80s.

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Is There A Tornado Warning For Connecticut

According to NBC Connecticut Chief Meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan, a tornado was confirmed to have touched down in Branford during the day on Saturday.

The radar shows reports of a weak tornado. However, a tornado warning was not issued by the National Weather Service and they have not yet commented on the tornado.

A severe thunderstorm warning was issued for Hartford County and Tolland County through 4.45pm ET, with a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the entire state.

Reports of wind gusts between 40-60 miles per hour warn locals to stay indoors and wait out the storm.

What Causes A Tornado

A Tornado Struck a Small Town in New York State

Tornadoes form inside large rotating thunderstorms and the ingredients have to be just right. Tornadoes occur when there is a perfect mix of temperature, moisture profile and wind profile.

When the air is unstable, cold air is pushed over warmer humid air, creating an updraft as the warm air rises. When a winds speed or direction changes over a short distance, the air inside the clouds can start to spin. If the air column begins spinning vertically and rotates near the ground, it can intensify the friction on Earths surface, accelerating the air inward, forming a tornado.

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New York Tornado Warning Cancelled For Nyc Area

  • May 29, 2019 at 9:35am

NWSThere was a New York tornado warning.

New York City braced for a possible tornado after a tornado warning was issued for Staten Island and parts of New Jersey through 10:15 p.m. EDT. People should immediately take shelter on lower floors. Stay away from windows, New York Citys Office of Emergency Management advised earlier in the evening.

Threat for tornadoes has passed for NYC. Watch for downed trees and flash flooding

NY1 Weather May 29, 2019

The possible peril to populous New York City Staten Island alone has almost half a million people came the day after tornadoes devastated areas of Dayton, Ohio.

scary skies on Staten Island durning tornado warming. #statenisland

Ewelina R May 29, 2019

The latest update from New York Citys National Weather Service Office: Tornado Warning including Staten Island NY, Elizabeth NJ, Plainfield NJ until 10:15 PM EDT.According to PIX11, the affected areas are home to more than 1.2 million people.

Tornado Warning including Staten Island NY, Elizabeth NJ, Plainfield NJ until 10:15 PM EDT

NWS New York NY May 29, 2019

Due to severe weather and lightning, Roosevelt Island Tram is suspended in both directions. Multilingual & ASL Link: .

NYCEM Notify NYC May 29, 2019

The office further noted: Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued for Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island until 9:45 PM. Strong winds & heavy rain expected. You can see local radar here.

Its The Latest Challenge For Kentucky

The aftermath of the tornadoes has compounded what was already a challenging year in Kentucky.

In February, a powerful ice storm downed trees and cut off power to 150,000 people in eastern Kentucky. In July, a flash flood left people stranded in their homes. Autumn brought a frightening spike in the coronavirus that made the pandemic as bad in Kentucky as it has ever been, Mr. Beshear said.

The New York Times

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Find Out What’s Happening In Mid Hudson Valleywith Free Real

4 tornadoes and 3 macrobursts in the suburbs of NYC and Lower Hudson Valley, confirmed by NWS storm surveys! Includes an EF-2 tornado near Kent, Putnam county, NY. Lauren Casey May 17, 2018

A second tornado, also out of Putnam County, was rated EF1 and had estimated peak winds of 100 mph. The NWS said it “moved through a discontinuous path of 75 yards” in Patterson.

Luke Maher May 16, 2018

In Orange County, an EF0 tornado with estimated peak winds of 85 mph moved through a path of 674 yards in Newburgh, the NWS said, making it the third reported tornado in the Hudson Valley.

Up in Ulster County, a fourth tornado was confirmed by the NWS near Saugerties. It was rated an EF1 with 90 mph maximum winds. The length of the path was about 5 miles. There were no fatalities or injuries reported from this tornado.

Many thanks, once again, to our crews in the Northeast who have been on storm duty this week as severe storms and tornadoes pummeled the area. And thanks to Mike Locy, Safety Specialist, for sending this pic of the damage in Saugerties, NY. #StaySafe # Lewis Tree Service May 17, 2018

Hudson Valley Weather said that the NWS Binghamton Storm Survey is still going on, but so far there’s been no report from Sullivan County, where a tornado was suspected to have touched down.

There was other destructive weather in the Hudson Valley that, according to the NWS, didn’t measure up to tornadoes, even though they might have felt like it.

Possible Tornadoes Spotted In New York Connecticut As Storm Moves Northeast

Tornadoes touch down in Central Jersey, threaten N.Y.C.

High winds, hail and tornado-like columns of air struck parts of the tri-state area around New York on Saturday, damaging homes, businesses and vehicles and leaving thousands of residents in the dark on a cold November night.

No injuries were reported, but video from Long Island appeared to show powerful, swirling winds whip up debris Saturday afternoon. Images from the region showed apparent wind damage to some homes and storefronts.

“We at least had wind damage, trees down and structural damage as well,” said John Cristantello, a National Weather Service meteorologist based in Upton, New York.

More than 20,000 utility customers in New York and New Jersey were without power Saturday night as the front moved out of the area and into New England, leaving a “blustery” night with low temperatures in the 30s in its wake, federal forecasters said.

Earlier in the day, severe weather, including thunderstorms, lightning, rain, hail and potential tornadoes developed from New York to Connecticut, with hail and high winds also reported in New Jersey.

NBC New York forecasters and eyewitnesses with cellphones documented what appeared to be tornadoes in Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk counties, but the National Weather Service is unlikely to confirm whether any touched down until Sunday at the earliest.

At some point a team will be able to survey the area, Cristantello said.

“All of our employees and guests were unharmed,” she said.

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Long Island Tornadoes Confirmed From Saturday Storm

Tornado cleanup on Long Island

The cleanup continued on Monday on Long Island after 4 tornadoes touched down in a fast-moving storm on Saturday, November 11, 2021.

NEW YORK – The National Weather Service now confirms four tornadoes touched down on Long Island from a fast-moving storm that tore across the New York City region on Saturday. There were also 3 other tornadoes confirmed in Connecticut.

An EF-0 tornado touched down in Woodmere, Hempstead, Uniondale, and Levittown in Nassau County.

An EF-0 touched down in East Islip in Suffolk County.

Also in Suffolk County, an EF-1 was reported in Shirley and Manorville.

And on Monday, weather officials say another tornado was confirmed to have touched down in Remsenberg and Westhampton in Suffolk County.

Long Island tornadoes

The National Weather Service now says four tornadoes touched down on Saturday from a violent storm that swept across the New York City region.

EF-0 tornadoes are considered weak with winds 65 to 85 MPH. EF-1 is also considered weak but winds are 86 to 110 MPH.

Two of the Connecticut tornadoes were EF-0s in New Haven County and the other was an EF-1 in New London County.

New York City was lashed with hail and strong winds on Saturday, November 13, as severe thunderstorms passed through the area.

The storm was so strong that it flipped planes at an airfield on Long Island.

Strong storm hits Brooklyn

Storm dumps hail on New Jersey

Powerful storm hits Long Island

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