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Is It Illegal To Declaw A Cat In New York

For Cats The Procedure Is Unbearably Painful And Serves No Benefit To The Cats Themselves

New York Legislature passes ban on cat declawing

Declawing cats is widely recognized throughout the world as an inhumane act, and a plethora of countries have already imposed a ban on the practice. These countries include, but arent limited to: France, Germany, England, Scotland, Italy, Wales, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Northern Ireland, Netherlands, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, Belgium, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Israel, Brazil, and Japan.

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In addition to the 25+ countries that have already taken a stance against declawing cats, individual cities in the U.S. have also put a ban on the procedure. Los Angelas, California, and Denver, Colorado were two of the first.

Finally, though, the states are getting ready to follow suit and ban the unnecessary practice, starting with the state of New York, and the majority of animal welfare organizations are ready to stand in support of the new legislation.

Declawing is a violent, invasive, painful, and unnecessary mutilation that involves 10 separate amputations not just of cats nails but of their joints as well. Its long-term effects include skin and bladder problems and the gradual weakening of cats legs, shoulders, and back muscles. Declawing is both painful and traumatic, and it was been outlawed in Germany and other parts of Europe as a form of cruelty, declares PETA on its website.

It May Soon Be Illegal To Declaw Cats In New York And For Good Reason

For as long as people have invited cats into their homes, furniture has been destroyed, drapery has been shredded, and the occasional pointy claw has made contact with tender human flesh. But soft fur and soothing purrs keep felines near the top of the list of Americas favorite pets, second only to freshwater fish. For many years, veterinarians have encouraged cat owners to electively declaw their feline companions either front paws only or all four in a procedure that is regarded as cruel and unnecessary by animal rights organizations around the globe. Assemblyperson Linda Rosenthal of District 67 introduced a bill last month to outlaw the practice, similar to the ban that is already in place in other major cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as many countries in Europe, South America, and elsewhere in the world. Will New York be next to ban the cruel practice?

Recognizing that most pet owners who choose to declaw their cats do so for convenience reasons, the Humane Society and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals warn against the practice, except in cases where its medically necessary . Understanding the procedure can help shed some light on why it is already outlawed in so many places. Declawing is a surgical process that involves the amputation of the last bone on each toe. To put that into perspective, it would be like cutting off each finger at the last knuckle. according to the Humane Society website.

New York Becomes First State To Make Cat Declawing Illegal

New York became the first state to make declawing of cats illegal, according to a law signed Monday by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The law bans the practice of surgically removing the claws from cats effective immediately, according to The Associated Press.

Declawing is a cruel and painful procedure that can create physical and behavioral problems for helpless animals, and today it stops,Cuomoannounced. By banning this archaic practice, we will ensure that animals are no longer subjected to these inhumane and unnecessary procedures.

A cat sits on a chair at the pop-up Cat Cafe, a cafe where patrons can interact and adopt cats, in New York, April 25, 2014.

Activists opposed to cat declawing say the procedure, which requires veterinarians to amputate the first part of a cats toes, is cruel and unnecessary.

Declawing cats is illegal in the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver, but New York marks the first state-wide ban of the practice. It is illegal in parts of Europe and Canada, according to the AP.

Cat declawing is a brutal procedure similar to severing a human finger at the first knuckle and has lifelong ramifications for cats. I am proud of the new Senate majoritys emphasis on animal welfare and am glad the Governor enacted this legislation, said Democratic state Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris.

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New York State Bans Cat Declawing

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed the anti-declawing bill into law on Monday. New York is the first state in the country to ban the practice.

New York on Monday became the first state in the country to ban cat declawing, a practice that animal advocates consider cruel and unnecessary. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed the bill into law after state legislators passed the ban last month.

By banning this archaic practice, we will ensure that animals are no longer subjected to these inhumane and unnecessary procedures, Governor Cuomo, a Democrat, said in a statement.

The law goes into effect immediately and makes exceptions for medical purposes. Performing the procedure on a cat for any other reason could lead to a fine of up to $1,000.

Assemblywoman Linda B. Rosenthal, a Democrat, first introduced the bill in January 2015.As a cat lover and someone who has cats, I said this is cruel, barbaric and inhumane, Ms. Rosenthal said on Monday.

She said she hoped a similar bill would also pass in Massachusetts, where legislators are considering a ban on declawing cats. Other states tend to emulate what New York does, Ms. Rosenthal said.

Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver were the first cities to ban cat declawing.

But declawing is an invasive, painful operation that removes individual toe bones from the cats paws, Dr. Jefferson said. She compared it to an amputation.

The ban is a positive for cats in New York, Dr. Conrad added.

And We Are Also Well Aware Of What The Procedure Itself Actually Is

New York Passes Cat Declawing Ban â Meowingtons

The state of New York is a state that truly cares about the well-being of our feline friends. Because as of this Monday, July 22, 2019, declawing your cat is now illegal! Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law . First mention of the bill made waves last month, and New York cat owners anxiously awaited the final say from the Governor. They had to wait for once it went through the proper legal processsupurr frustrating!

According to supporters of the ban to make it illegal to declaw your cat, its estimated that roughly 25% of domesticated cats in the U.S. have had this procedure done to them.

Governor Cuomo was asked what inspired him to make this legislation of declawing your cat illegal. He was quoted as saying: By banning this archaic practice, we will ensure that animals are no longer subjected to these inhumane and unnecessary procedures.

Reason for the bills passing stems from the common knowledge that removing a cats claws requires the partial amputation of the last bone in each of the toes on a cats front feet. Its also primarily done for a humans gain, and not a felines . As a result, this can potentially lead to chronic pain. This is what the governors office deemed as cruel and unnecessary. Seems pretty obvious to us!

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Will Pet Fees And Deposits Increase

Like a lot of the landlords we spoke with, Im not entirely ready to stop allowing cats. Pets are part of the family. But I have to weigh that against the reduced lifespan of my investment. So to me, that means likely increasing the monthly pet fees I charge, or adding more to the non-refundable pet deposit I require.

Aaron Marshall, a property manager and landlord in Salt Lake City, said about half of his owners dont allow cats, and he personally never allows cats in the rental properties he owns. Claws arent the only issue Marshall has with cats its also the mess that cats are notorious for leaving behind.

We charge additional pet rent and an increase in rent for animals, Marshall said.

But before you hike up fees and deposits for cats in your rental, be sure to research your state laws. In some states , non-refundable pet and security deposits are illegal. And if youre planning on increasing the security deposit, know your legal limits many states have strict guidelines on how much you can charge your tenants.

How Bad Is It To Get A Cat Declawed

8 reasons why declawing is bad Every surgery carries a risk. When the kitty is under surgery, theyre put under anesthesia. The kitty is in pain, often for the rest of their life. Behavioral issues. They avoid going to the potty. Feline needs to relearn how to walk. Not being able to claw brings stress. They need their claws to stretch. The kitty cant defend themselves.

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Why Is There A Push To Make Declawing Illegal

Research has shown that declawing cats can lead to an increase in behavioral problems as well as cause short-term and long-term pain for cats. In terms of cat behavior, scratching is a normal, healthy behavior for cats.

Many people do not understand that declawing is an amputation of the last bone of each of a cats toescutting off each bone at the knuckle. Using the human body as an example, declawing is analogous to cutting off the last bone in each of your toes, and then walking on them for the rest of your life. It is worth noting that, in humans, amputations are only done for medical reasons or to save a person’s life.

This has led many cat owners and veterinarians that might have previously seen declawing as a viable option to reconsider their position on the practice.

The State Would Be The First To Ban The Practice

Legislative proposal could make declawing cats in New York state illegal

May 3, 2019

Legislation is currently moving through New Yorks state assembly in an effort to ban the declawing of cats.

Claws play an important role in various aspects of cats lives. They use their nails to assist in climbing and maintaining balance, to help them fully stretch, to relieve stress through kneading, and to escape danger, reads a state assembly memorandum memo.

The memo goes on to say, When the claws are removed, the animal tends to shift its gait and where it places most of its weight, causing strain on its leg joints and spine, which can lead to early onset arthritis and prolonged back and joint pain.

Should the bill pass, anyone who performs an onychectomy, a partial/complete phlangectomy, or a tendonectomy procedure on a cat faces a fine of up to $1,000.

  • an existing or recurring illness
  • infection
  • injury or
  • an abnormal condition in the claw.

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What Are Alternatives To Declawing A Cat

Nail caps or claw covers, such as Soft Paws, can be a great and immediate way to protect your surfaces while youre working with your cat to redirect any undesirable scratching behavior. The nail caps can be applied by you, your veterinarian, or a cat groomer, just place adhesive inside the nail cap and slide it on.

The State Became The First In The Nation To Outlaw The Surgery

NEW YORK The Empire State has become the first in the nation to make declawing cats illegal.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed it into law Monday, threatening anybody who performs the procedure unless its medically necessary with a fine of $1,000.

“Declawing is a cruel and painful procedure that can create physical and behavioral problems for helpless animals, and today it stops,” Cuomo said.

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International Bans On Declawing Cats

Making the declawing procedure illegal is not just a hot topic in the US. In many countries, the practice of declawing cats for nonmedical reasons has been illegal under their animal cruelty laws.

In 2011, Israel amended the Law Against Cruelty to Animals to include a ban on the practice of declawing cats. Australia, New Zealand and Brazil also have restrictions in place to prevent declawing as well.

A ban is also in place in the United KingdomEngland, Scotland, Wales and Northern Irelandunder the Animal Welfare Act of 2006.

Under the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals, the following countries have restricted or banned the declawing of cats:

  • Austria

  • Alberta

Will New York Landlords Continue To Allow Cats

New York Makes Cat Declawing Illegal

The question stems from the likelihood of increased damage that a cat with claws can do. Last year, I installed new cabinets and flooring in several of my units. I expect those enhancements to have a decades-long useful life. And I also imagine that a cat can do a lot of damage, ultimately reducing the life of my investment.

I wasnt sure if I was alone in this thinking, so our team reached out to landlords across the U.S. to find out their thoughts on New Yorks declawing legislation.

Not too surprisingly, feedback varied. But most of the landlords we spoke with already had cat policies and would keep them in place, even in the face of new laws.

Patrick Britton, who owns 10 units in Chicago, said he allows cats in his rental units now and will continue to do so.

I think declawing is a viciously cruel thing to do, and I would never insist on an owner doing that to their pet, Britton said. So quite frankly, Im for the New York law, but I always charge extra for pet owners and get a larger damage deposit, he added.

On the other hand, some landlords who already dont allow cats wont be more inclined to do so if legislation like this passed in their home state.

I dont allow any pets, cats especially, said Darin Collins, who owns 2 units in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. But its mostly because of the mess they leave.

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New York Becomes First State To Ban Declawing Of Cats

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday signed a bill making New York the first state to make declawing a cat illegal.

“Declawing is a cruel and painful procedure that can create physical and behavioral problems for helpless animals, and today it stops,” Cuomo said while signing the bill which was approved by the state legislature last month.

“By banning this archaic practice, we will ensure that animals are no longer subjected to these inhumane and unnecessary procedures.”

The law seeks to ban onychectomy, or declawing, on cats in the state except when it is needed to address a “physical medical condition” that “compromises the cat’s health,” the bill’s text states.

The bill will outlaw the procedure for “cosmetic or aesthetic reasons or reasons of convenience in keeping or handling the cat.”

Veterinarians who violate the new rule could face a fine of up to $1,000.

The New York State Veterinary Medical Society opposed the bill, saying the procedure should be allowed as a last resort if cats won’t stop scratching furniture or humans, or if its owner has a weakened immune system, which could increase the chance of infection from a scratch.

The procedure, which animal rights activists call cruel, is already illegal in much of Europe and Canada.

New York Could Become First State To Ban Cat Declawing

ALBANY, N.Y. New York would be the first state in the U.S. to ban the of cats under legislation approved by lawmakers at the request of cat owners, animal welfare advocates and many veterinarians who call the procedure cruel and needless.

The bill, which would subject veterinarians to $1,000 fines for performing the operation, now heads to the desk of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, whose representatives said he will review the bill before deciding if he will sign it.

Cats of New York: Show me your claws said Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, D-Manhattan, who pushed the bill for years despite the opposition the states largest veterinary society. She called cat declawing barbaric and inhumane.

Unlike human nails, a cats claws are attached to bone, so declawing a feline requires a veterinarian to slice through tendon and nerves to remove the last segment of bone in a cats toes. Supporters of the ban cite estimates that a quarter or more of all domestic cats in the U.S. have had the procedure.

The New York State Veterinary Medical Society had opposed the bill, arguing that declawing should be allowed as a last resort for felines that wont stop scratching furniture or humans or when the cats owner has a weakened immune system, putting them at greater risk of infection from a scratch.

Medical decisions should be left to the sound discretion of fully trained, licensed and state supervised professionals, the society said in a memo opposing the legislation.

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The Effects Of Declawing Cats

Painful and undesirable side effects can occur from declawing surgery. If the surgeon does not remove the nail perfectly, it can lead to immediate complications. The claw may grow back deformed, which leads to immense pain and infections. Removing too much bone is another common complication, causing painful paw pads.

There are other medical complications that often arise from declawing, even when the procedure is done correctly. This includes paw pain, infection, tissue death, back pain, and lameness. Nerve damage and bone spurs can also occur.

After removing part of your cats foot, they will notice a difference in their walk. They may walk a different way due to the new pain they experience in their paw pads.

Also, your cat may refuse to use the litterbox. This is because clay, crystal, and other common material will be painful for their feet. The pain causes declawed cats to defecate and urinate outside their litterbox frequently.

On top of that, declawed cats are also known to bite their owners, using their teeth instead of claws to make a point.

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