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How To Rent A Bike In New York

What To Do In A Biking Accident In New York City

How to Rent a Citi Bike in New York City Tour of Gantry Park (Long Island City, Queens)

Biking is thrilling, but there is always a possibility of an accident. If you do find yourself in a predicament, it’s important to first assess the situation. Is anybody injured? Are we on the road or a bike trail? Have I collided with an object or another person? Depending on the answers to these questions, you should react accordingly. If someone is seriously injured, you need to immediately call 911. Tell them to send medical assistance and describe your location as best as possible. If the accident is less severe, prop up the bikes and assess the damage. Bike rentals usually come with liability forms, so you’ll want to check those for the details of your coverage. Either way, make sure you’re not blocking lanes of traffic or posing a hazard to pedestrians in the nearby area. Clean up all small wounds with a first aid kit.

New York City Biking Statistics

In recent polls, nearly 800,000 New Yorkers ride a bike regularly. These people commute to and from work, school or public venues. While many cyclists don’t ride every single day, it’s a staple part of their commute, something that they can’t go weeks without. Another interesting fact is that the city has seen a 134% increase in cyclists over the last decade. People attribute this to well-defined bike lanes and bike racks scattered throughout the city. Now that cycling is safer and more convenient than ever, younger age demographics are turning to bicycles to get to school. On the same note, some of the elderly population enjoy biking in the park for some fresh air and relaxing exercise. In total, there are 1,240 miles of dedicated bike lanes in New York City. Compared to other metropolitan areas across the nation, these numbers are some of the highest you will find. A dedicated bike lane means that the cyclist has the right of way in every scenario they only have to yield to pedestrians who are crossing. Once you’ve rented from a bike rental in NYC, you’ll be able to experience firsthand just how luxurious these lanes are.

Central Park Walking Tours

Love walking? With 843 acres to explore we offer the best guided Central Park walking tours in New York City. Walking tour of Central park takes approximately 2 hours. Each individual group will not exceed 25 people! Available daily, year round. Reserve online and pay only $24 per person. Some of the sites we visit include: Strawberry fields, Shakespeare Garden, Bethesda terrace , Belvedere castle, the Mall. Join our licensed NYC tours guides on a journey that you will not forget.

We also offer Brooklyn bridge walking tours. Please click below fir more information.

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Kids Bicycle Rental Nyc

The biggest bike rental shop in New York City Central Park with over 2000 bikes for rent. We have bikes for everyone including baby seats and baby trailers for kids of all ages as well as tandem and road bikes.

Cycle Central Park offers convenient and affordable central park bike rentals, Brooklyn bridge bicycle rentals, Central Park tandem bike rental, road bike rentals in Central Park and Hudson river bike rental suitable for all riders, young old and children. We have a huge variety of them , designed to accommodate the needs of your family. Our bicycles are simple, easy to use, fitted with the twist shift gear that is easy to ride by anyone. When you rent our bikes, each bike is fitted to the rider before he leaves the park, this is to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. Our package is an all-inclusive offer designed to provide a superior cycling experience. Your rental comes with a FREE helmet, lock, basket and a map of Central Park . With our fleet of over 2000 bikes, youll have a full range to choose from depending on your preference. Do you need mountain bicycles, hybrid bikes, tandem bikes, Pedicabs, baby seats and trailers, tag-a-longs we offer them all. Below is some of of our bicycle rental equipment and different bikes to choose from. Must book online to save up to 50% use promo codes at check out!

What Are The Warranties


Fancy Apple submits an easy refund system that will prevent you from losing your money in case your plans change. We offer a full refund if you notify us at least 24 hours before the service starts. If you change your mind less than 24 hours before the rent starts, you will be able to reschedule the service or store credit.

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Where We Can Rent Bikes In Central Park

Here are a few spots close to the famous park where we can rent bikes:

  • Central Park Tours located at 208 W. 80th Street
  • Central Park West Bike Rental
  • Bike Rental Central Park
  • Central Park South Bike Rental
  • Central Park Bicycles and other points.

The standard working hours for most bike rental spots are 8am 8pm.

Popular Bike Rides In Nyc

Whether you decide to use bike share or bike rental for your trip to New York City, there are some great rides around Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Jersey City that you can try. Here are a few of our favorite routes theyre great for tourists or locals alike, and many are even car-free!

Central Park Southern Loop

The Southern Loop of Central Park is one of the most popular bike rides in NYC. Its a scenic, easy ride and car-free on weekends and select times on weekdays.

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Learn The Rules Of The Road: Nypd And Bike Laws

Though taxi drivers and pedestrians may find it hard to believe, the NYPD does enforce its bike laws. Thousands of summonses are issued each year. It can cost you at least $150 if a cop catches you riding on the sidewalk, and blowing through most red lights can get you pulled over, too. Study the citys bike laws, and then decide which rules you are comfortable breaking. Do you know of any cyclists who actually wait for a traffic light to turn green when there is no oncoming traffic? Exactly.

How Do I Rent A Bike In Nyc

How to Rent a Citi Bike in NYC

Fortunately, there is no shortage of bicycle rentals in NYC, as you may already know. Theres at least one iconic shop in every neighborhood and multiple companies that service all five boroughs. Before the coronavirus outbreak, most stores accepted walk-ins, but nowadays, youre required to make a reservation. If youre an experienced biker, you definitely wont have to give up on your favorite pastime! If youre a cycling newbie, make sure to keep reading!

Theres a shop at almost every corner.

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Bike Rental For Companies

As part of the Reduced Fare Ride Share initiative presented by Healthfirst, Citi Ride now provides corporate memberships for local companies. If you are expanding your business locally, consider providing your employees with a comfortable transportation alternative. Hundreds of employers around New York City subscribe for an annual membership through the Cycle for Company software. It is a simple and effective way to commute within the Big Apple. Corporate membership includes an infinite number of 45-minute trips over a 12-month cycle.

Become a member of the most wide-spread bicycle rental company.

Unlimited Biking Bike Rentals In Nyc

Bike rentals in NYC is very popular with many tourists and we are always asked for the best and most accommodating providers. With bikes rentals in NYC you have the opportunity to cover more ground. You can do many things like taking Central Park bike rides. We really recommend only a few bike rentals in NYC. Most of the time, people are overwhelmed e have the perfect provider, where the price-performance ratio is right. This bike rental in NYC is called Unlimited Biking.

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Free Central Park Bike Rental With All City Pass Nyc Purchases

During your two-hour complimentary Central Park bike rental, create your own sightseeing routes to the most alluring attractions in NYC. Central Park bike rentals make your sightseeing fun and interesting and can offer a quiet break between your hop-on hop-off NYC tour bus adventures!

These durable rental bikes and equipment are made by top manufacturers and built to provide smooth rides for safe and hassle-free sightseeing. You deserve a comfortable ride and a clean bike rental. Central Park, New York Citys most famous park, is full of interesting and beautiful attractions, and we want to make sure that every moment of your time in the park is focused onthem! Enjoy exploring some of the parks most popular landmarks, like Strawberry Fields or Bethesda Terrace.

We’re Keeping Our Neighborhoods Green

City Bikes Rent Parking In NYC Stock Photo

Recycle-A-Bicycle is our personal spin on a local bike shop. Weve called Brooklyn home for well over a decade, so its no stretch to say we know the neighborhood.

In addition to providing New Yorkers with gear and hostingarea service programs, RAB accepts donations of old, used, and broken bikes, which we completely restore, refurbish, and sell. What cant be repaired is salvaged for parts. This means were not just giving thousands of well-loved bikes a second chance: In 2019, RAB reused or repurposed nearly 12 tons of material. Thats the same as saving 77.95 metric tons of CO2e!

The look of joy on his face when he took off for the first time is something Ill never forget. I hope every NYC parent learns about this amazing resource and the supportive staff at Bike New York.

Robin, parent of a Learn to Ride student

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The Benefits Of Unlimited Biking

  • Rentals available in several locations in New York
  • Located near areas that are popular with cyclists
  • Great price and value
  • Options to rent different types of bikes in NYC
  • Included in New York Sightseeing Passes

Being a photographer and creative in general, New York City, I think is the perfect place to be. I moved to NYC from Boston in 2013 and never looked back. Loving New York has given me the opportunity to do what I love and share those images with you all.

How Much Do They Charge Per Hour

How much are bike rentals in Central Park? Well, the price for a 120-minute rental is $19, and it goes up by $10 with each passing hour. However, the fee for a 24-hour rental is $49, which is quite affordable, considering. Become a biker and avoid the worst parts of living in Manhattan traffic jams and crowded subways.

Explore the beauty of Central Park.

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We Respond To The Moment

When COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill, Bike New York was forced to temporarily suspend its in-person programming. Though cycling events came to a halt, the need for bike resources swelled as a huge influx of people turned to cycling for transportation and recreation. We knew we couldnt slow down.

To address the sudden surge in demand for accessible bike education, we pivoted from teaching in the streets to bringing our lessons to the virtual classroom. Since launching our digital education program and Virtual Bike Education Resource Hub in April, weve helped hundreds, if not thousands, of students build their bike skills, confidence, and knowhowand with aspiring cyclists from across the country tuning in to our weekly classes, were making a difference far beyond the five boroughs.

Burn That Metrocard And Buy A Bike

Shredding NYC on a Rental Bike

Before committing to one particular bike, date around first. Go out and shop for a used, reliable, bike thats sturdy enough for a beginner and wont attract thieves. This is not the time for flash! All you need are thick tires to handle pot holes and curbs, a wide seat that wont make your butt ache, and upright handlebars for easy steering. Craigslist still exists, and has a vast selection of used bikes. There are also shops that hawk pre-owned bikes, but you need to ask how the store sources its goods to ensure that their inventory doesnt include stolen merchandise. Its bad karma to buy a stolen bike.

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What You Can Expect When You Rent Electric Bike

We offer you the possibility of using bikes on the best terms. Theyre high-quality, and you dont have to figure out the logistics of transporting to the middle of New York City or assembling/disassembling them. Rent an electric bike at our location and explore bike-friendly lanes that both expert riders and beginners could enjoy.

A Policy Of Renting And Returning E

Please remember that the bicycle should only be used as a means of transport. As a general rule for all electric bike rentals, youre not allowed to use bikes for commercial purposes. Also, we hope you treat them with care, common sense, and diligence. This way, our bikes for rent will arrive at our shop in one piece, and more people will enjoy them.

There are lots of variables to consider when deciding on renting electric bikes. Let us simplify your choice by going over our benefits:

  • Favorable prices You can rarely see such competitive prices in a city like New York. Fortunately for you, we keep them reasonable so that you can always afford to rent our bikes.
  • Wide selection We have the best choices of bicycle models, sizes, styles, and colors. And our expert staff will coach you through the process of finding the right one for you.
  • Industrys best equipment We are incredibly proud of our bikes quality and can verify that they are sturdy and comfortable.
  • Convenient location Our store is situated in a marvelously convenient location in just a 5-minute walk from Central Park.
  • Flexible cancellations We understand that sometimes you cant expect certain situations, so we cooperate.
  • Exceptional customer service We go above and beyond what our clients expect and take that extra step to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

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Getting Around New York City By E

Looking at the provided bike paths map of the city, you can see that you will be able to get around the city quite a bit once electric bicycle rentals NYC are finally out in full force for tourists. Most of the boroughs have paths on the road or access roads for bikes. If and when you make it to New York City and they have electric bicycle rentals NYC, you can see a lot of the city on a rented e-bike. Get Your Own Ebike From Ecotric Today!

Actually Get On A Bike

Citi Bike celebrates fifth anniversary in New York

First, borrow a friends bike to determine whether youre chill enough to ride alongside cars. Strap on a helmet for extra confidence and safety. Mount the bike and gauge its — and your — equilibrium. If you feel calm, steady, and in control, its time to start pedaling. Start on a leafy side street and circle the block like you probably did when you were a kid. Stay away from well-traveled bike lanes — like the 2nd Avenue stretch in the East Village or anywhere on the Williamsburg Bridge — where slow, clueless, cyclists tend to attract loud jeers and silent eye-rolls.

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Free And Cheap Places To Rent Bikes In Nyc

My preschooler just scored a scooter for her birthday. Now I know that scooters lead to bikes, which means cycling is just around the corner.I’m really looking forward to riding with my familybut not to storing all of those bikes. Who has the space for three cycles in a NYC apartment, I ask? Not most of us, which means I’m going to rely on rental spots to keep us on wheels.I did the research, and here are some great places that rent bikes at reasonable pricessometimes even for free! Happy Bike Month!

265 West 72nd Street between Broadway and West End Avenue212-580-2355This shop opens at 9:30am on Saturdays, which makes it a great rental spot for parents who’ve been up since 6:30am or so with their kids. The rates are reasonable: $20 for up to 4 hours, and $30 for the day, with helmets and locks an additional $5 each. High-performance and mountain bikes are also available.

2119 Frederick Douglass Boulevard between 114th and 115th Streets212-865-5050If you’re uptown, head to MOD Squad. Rates are $8 per hour, $40 for the day, locks included. Helmets are $5 and a child seat is $10.

My Bike Heaven Upper East Side348 East 62nd Street between First and Second Avenues212-230-1919If you’re interested in a short jaunt, My Bike Heaven has the cheapest per hour rate: just $6. You can also rent a bike for the day for $30.

For more info about cycling in the city, go to Bike New York, which has maps, rules and regulations, tips and a list of upcoming events and workshops.

Master Your Ride: Bike Lanes Vs Greenways

Everything in New York City is complicated, even our bike lanes. There are three types: Protected Conventional Shared .

We also have greenways — car-free paths where you can cut loose. The Hudson River Greenway is the crème de la crème of such paths, boasting an 11-mile trek on Manhattans west side up from Battery Park City to Washington Heights. A less marvelous greenway runs along the East River in several sections. The northern half goes from East 125th Street down to East 63rd Street, and the southern stretch starts at East 37th Street and ends at Battery Park. NYC Bike Maps has all the details.

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