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How To Pass The New York Real Estate Exam

How Do I Pick The Right Sponsoring Broker

Taking the New York Real Estate Exam – Exam tips & my Experience

The relationship between a sponsoring broker and the sales agents under them can be all over the map, so you need to go in with your eyes wide open.

Research the real estate brokerages in your area you need to consider:

  • The extent and quality of the support they offer
  • Whether you like the brokerage’s culture
  • How much growth potential there is

Evaluating the support that new agents get is especially important, though the “right answer” will depend on your preferences. Consider benefits, mentoring programs, free training, marketing materials, access to leads, and more.

New York Real Estate License Exam Prep Tools

Learning the material in the pre-licensing classes is a step, but it is practicing actual examination type material, like practice exams, will make you much more likely to pass your New York real estate license exam. The volume of information about New York real estate that is covered in class can leave many people feeling so overwhelmed that they shut down in an exam situation. An online exam preparation tool can offer you a number of practice exams that you can take whenever you choose, as many times as you want to, until there is no exam question you are not prepared for.

Each practice question in the New York real estate license exam preparation software has an answer key that includes explanations to help you go beyond memorization and understand the answers to the questions. These explanations give you the ability to streamline how you study and focus in on the areas that you dont have the strongest understanding. The practice exams will filter out your strengths and weaknesses and help you to center your attention on the specific areas that you need work.

Understanding the material and knowing what to expect on the test are crucial elements to having a successful testing situation. Online exam preparation software can significantly increase your chances of passing your New York State real estate exam the first time you take it.

Ready to prepare for your real estate exam? Learn more about New York real estate exam prep.

Ask A Real Estate Agent Or Broker For Help

Every state, county, and town has different rules and regulations. For the state portion of the exam, its not a bad idea to ask a local agent or broker for advice. Ask, and you shall receive! they say. Sometimes asking another agent for help can unlock a door to connections and more. Heck, they might even have some old real estate books they want to get rid of laying around too.

Dont be afraid to step out of your boundaries and ask a real estate agent for help.

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Real Estate Salesperson Exam Sites

Exam Sites

Exams may be canceled due to weather conditions or other emergencies. If hazardous weather conditions exist in your area, visit us on Facebook or Twitter to see if an exam has been canceled. Please do not call the exam site.If you need assistance or exam information, you may contact a Division of Licensing Services office in your area or call the Albany phone center at 518-474-4429. TDD users may contact the New York State relay operator at 1-800-662-1220.NO ONE WILL BE ADMITTED TO AN EXAMINATION AFTER THE SPECIFIED STARTING TIMEALBANY 80 South Swan Street

Is Getting Your Real Estate License Worth It

2020 New York Real Estate Exam Prep Questions and Answers : Study Guide ...

Getting licensed, however, may take more than most realize. If you can use your real estate license for deals, networking or to simply save or earn more money, it is worth the investment. Of course, you can always work with someone that is licensed, but sometimes having your own avoids a lot of hassle.

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Build Your Own Real Estate Cheat Sheet

Everyone is different some people are good at vocab others are not. One of the best study hacks is to create a list of your weaknesses.

While studying find these weaknesses and put them into cheat sheet form. So maybe its real estate laws, or perhaps its real estate math, either way, write it down. Bring your cheat sheet with you everywhere, to the laundromat, to the doctors office, everywhere!

We even suggest bringing your cheat sheet with you on exam day. That way while you are waiting, you can get a last minute review in.

Who’s Eligible To Apply For A New York Real Estate License

Aside from the licensing process itself, there are a few basic biographical bars you’ll need to clear.

You need to:

  • Have a current New York State photo ID
  • Have no prior convictions for a felony or sex offense

The last one has a few caveats. Felony convictions automatically bar you from getting a NYS real estate license, unless you have an executive pardon, a Certificate of Relief, or a Certificate of Good Conduct.

Be aware that these aren’t easy to get, and the New York State Department of State , which issues real estate licenses for New York, reserves the right to deny you the license regardless. This is more likely if your conviction was job-related and/or poses a risk to people or property.

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Top 15 Tips For Passing The Real Estate Exam

Taking the real estate licensing exam can seem overwhelming. Failing the exam can be costly, but passing it can change your life. These real estate exam tips can help tip the scales in your favor and increase your odds of success come exam day.

There are several things you can do to ensure your success on the real estate exam. The goal is and always will be for you to take the exam with confidence.

With that said, weve put together the best real estate exam tips into this article to help you ace this exam and start a fantastic career.

What Is The Cost Of Taking The New York Real Estate Exam

Pass Your NYS Real Estate Exam the First Time!

The state exam costs $15 each time, however, there are other steps in the process of becoming licensed and there is a cost associated with most of them:

1. Complete a 75-hour course that is approved by the Department of State

Cost varies between $99 $1000.

2. Pass your school exam

Included in the cost of the 75-hour course

3. Pass your state exam

4. Find a sponsoring broker


5. Submit your application with the Department of State

After passing your exam and becoming one of the licensed real estate agents in New York, you still need to get prepared for your real estate career.

Find out what is the next step after passing your real estate exam from one more article by another real estate expert.

Joining a real estate team can also help kickstart your career. Its the easiest way to help you network with the right people and gain clients.

Learn from the experiences of industry experts sharing their insight into the life of a real estate agent as a career.

To help you build and grow your real estate career quickly, we at Real Estate Bees created a directory for real estate professionals.

Its designed to help you get more exposure for your business, including receiving leads. Create a free profile by signing up here.

About the Author

If you want to contribute your expert advice on a topic of your expertise, feel free to apply to our Expert Contributor Program.

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How Do I Apply For My New York Real Estate License

Most applicants can use the online application on eAccessNY. Only a few select groups need to use the paper application.

You need to apply in the two-year window after you pass your license exam to avoid a retake. You’ll also need a valid pre-license course certificate issued within the last 8 years.

They’ll require proof of an acceptable form of ID for most people, this will just involve entering your 9-digit DMV ID into the form. Most people pay the application fee by credit card, but you can also pay by check or money order.

Finally, your broker will need to log into the portal and enter their information certifying themselves as your sponsor.

How Do I Ace The Real Estate Exam

Top 10 Tips for Passing the Real Estate Exam Do as many practice real estate exam questions as you can. Start by only answering questions that are extremely easy. Look at the answers first. Do not choose an answer you have never heard of! Work backwards to the correct answer. Skip questions you dont know the answer to.

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If All Else Fails Guess

There is no shame in guessing. Often you might surprise yourself and guess correctly. Heres the deal, the exam is multiple choice. There are four answers, which means statistically, you have a 25% chance of getting your guess right. If you use the elimination method from earlier, you could even increase your odds significantly. Dont be afraid to guess, remember there is no penalty for guessing.

Rest Up For Your Real Estate Exam

Read 2020 New York Real Estate Exam Prep Questions &  Answers: Study ...

Make sure you are well rested on the day of your test. Do not go into the test tired or hungry. Get a good nights sleep the night before, and make sure you are properly nourished when you arrive at your appointed test time. It is not recommended that you attempt any practice testing on the day of your real estate exam. Last minute cramming can cause you to tense up and over think. Concentrate on being calm and staying focused on the material in front of you, and passing your real estate exam will be a breeze.

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Requirements To Get Your Real Estate License In New York

As a New York resident, youve got options. Throughout the state, several exciting industries offer enticing career paths. But if youre good with people, want a little flexibility in your days, and have some sales skills, a career as a real estate salesperson is definitely worth exploring.

The average established real estate sales agent in New York earns north of $95,000 each year, a comfortable living and more than agents in most other states. All told, a real estate career can look particularly enticing in the Empire State.

But real estate is unlike a lot of other industries in that you cant jump straight in. If you want to be an agent , you need to go through a licensing process.

Fortunately, that process isnt too complicated or time-consuming, especially compared with other states. If youre curious about how to get your real estate salesperson license in New York, well walk you through the process step-by-step.

Practice Your Real Estate Math

Regardless of what state you are taking your real estate exam in, there will be real estate math. Its a fact real estate math is on every single real estate exam.

Some test takers are afraid of real estate math problems and its understandable, math can be challenging! Often students say real estate math is their weakness, but imagine if you could turn that weakness into a strength. Youll be so much better off on the exam, and have an edge when you actually have to use math as an agent.

Luckily we have a full guide on real estate math to help you, plus a real estate math practice exam with tons of real estate math problems. Dont worry, with our help you can be a real estate math expert in no time.

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Can You Take Real Estate Classes Online In Ny

Yes. There are many advantages, if you decide to take real estate classes online in NY. You can study in your own time, and make it easier to fit study around work, or a busy family schedule. You can study your NY 75-hour real estate salesperson course from any location, such as your favorite coffee shop, or from the comfort of your own home. MLS Campus Real Estate School offers Audio Courses you can listen to your NY real estate course, while driving to work. Studying online can provide you with the flexibility of learning that you need to successfully pass your NY Real Estate course online. If you need help with your course, MLS Campus provides support 7 days a week, so even if you need us at weekends, we are here to help.

What Is On The New York Real Estate Exam

How I passed my NYS real estate exam

Youâve completed your required New York real estate pre-licensing course and passed the proctored exam . Now itâs time to cram for the state licensing exam.

Not everyone passes the New York real estate licensing exam on their first try. Passing the exam is a lot easier when you know what you can expect on test day. Below is a rundown of essential information that can help you prepare to pass.

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How Much Is A Real Estate Course In Ny

The cost of a real estate course in NY varies. Online Real estate schools and local NY real estate classes offer NY Real estate pre licensing courses and study packages, online and classroom based. MLS Campus offers the NY 75-hour real estate salesperson course online. We offer a variety of packages to suit your study preferences and budget. All our NY 75-hour real estate salesperson course includes a free NY real estate practice exam, to help you in passing your 75 hour salesperson course, and your NYS Real Estate Exam on the first attempt.

How Long Does It Take To Get A New York Real Estate License

The amount of time to get your New York real estate salesperson license is dependent on a number of factors. Most complete the requirements within four months. There are a number of steps to complete which include education, application, exam, fingerprints, background investigation, and sponsorship by an actively licensed New York real estate broker.

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Before Registering For The Exam

Before a candidate can register to take their New York Real Estate Exam, they must complete 75 hours of pre-licensing education. This course covers all the topics required to become a licensed real estate salesperson. Topics include license law, law of agency, regulations, and real estate finance.

After you finish your New York real estate pre-license course, you need to pass a course final exam by scoring at least a 70%.

New York Real Estate License Faq

â2020 New York Real Estate Exam Prep Questions &  Answers: Study Guide ...

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Real Estate License in New York?

All New York fees: $75

Real Estate Pre-Licensing Education : $320-$474

The total estimated cost to get a New York Real Estate license is $400-$550.

How Long Does it Take to Get a New York Insurance License?

The two steps that take the most time when getting your license are pre-license education and test preparation. The average amount of time that people take from start to finish is generally 3-6 months.

If you dedicate a full-time schedule to this process and study hard, you could possibly complete this process in 2 months. We wouldnt recommend trying to go any faster than this. Take your time to study and prepare yourself for the exam.

How to Get an New York Commercial Real Estate License

To sell commercial real estate in New York, a standard Salesperson or Broker license is all that you need. There is no specific commercial real estate license.

If you wish to take on a career selling specifically commercial real estate, choose a broker that handles the types of deals that you want to be a part of.

Are There any Real Estate Jobs Open Around Me?

Check out StateRequirement Jobs to find open real estate jobs in your area!

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What Do I Do When My Ny Real Estate License Expires

You will need to renew your license two years after your license first becomes active. To continue working as a real estate agent in NY, you will then need to fulfill your Continued Education requirement. If you fail to renew within that period, and your license expires, you will be required to pass the state written examination and submit a new salesperson/broker application, along with the fee. Note: There are no grace periods.

Can You Apply For A New York Real Estate License Online

You can apply for a New York real estate license online or by mail. You can easily access the online option through New Yorks eAccessNY License Management System. Regardless of whether you submit a paper application or use the online option, you will still need to create an eAccessNY account to schedule your exam. While most applicants wait until completing their coursework to schedule the exam, you can schedule it anytime. However, even if you do and pass it, you still must finish all the required coursework before you can get your active license.

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Kristen’s Real Estate Exam Pass Book

If you’re concerned about passing your New York State real estate licensing exams, this is the book for you! It addresses both school and state requirements for salesperson and broker candidates.

Acclaimed teacher Kristen bacorn believes real estate should never be boring or overly complex. In this book, she offers a fun, easy way to learn essential real estate concepts

Skip Questions You Dont Know

Amazing Race to PASS the NYS Real Estate Exam NOW!

There is no shame in skipping answers as long as you remember to come back to them. Dont waste time on a question that seems overly complicated. If you are bad at math, skip the math questions until the very end.

Remember the exam is timed, so make sure to maximize your time and work efficiently. This strategy is great because often the answer to a question you skipped may be revealed later on.

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