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How To Move From California To New York

Create A Plan As Soon As You Know Youre Moving

Big companies moving from New York and California to Texas and Florida

Your move may be happening in three months or eight. Either way, it pays to stay ahead of the curve. Are there school enrollment deadlines you need to remember or utilities youll need installed at the new place? Keep track of these important dates and other tasks in one master file so that you can refer to it throughout the process. You may also consider sharing this file with close family members so that they can stay updated and informed.

If you can, try to move during the off-season. Summer is one of the most popular times to relocate, which can make navigating the roads to your new house tricky. Try moving in the spring or fall when the weather is still good, but things wont be as crowded. Making this transition in the off-season can also save you money when hiring a mover.

Reasons New Yorkers Are Fleeing Nyc & Moving To California

Two of the nation’s economic titans, California and New York, have been in constant rivalry for years. NY owns the world of finance, while CA dominates the tech industry. These two states on opposite ends of the country have a lot of contrasts. Do you prefer stocks or tech? Magnificent skylines or gorgeous beaches? Riding the subway or driving a car? Bagel or salad? The comparisons are endless. It ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, recently California has seen more New Yorkers than the other way around.

New York Rankings And Statistics

To put it real simply, the state of New York is the best state in the entire country. The state is smaller than California, spanning an area of around 71,301 square miles. The first large discrepancy between the two states lies in both the population and the median income. New York boasts a population of around 7,615,000 people, which is several times less than in California. However, the populace enjoys a significantly higher median income of around $38,000. This means that living and working in New York can be more profitable than in California.

But the median income is not the only thing that the state ranks highly for. Most of the states rankings get a top-10 position, with only opportunity, crime& corrections, and the natural environment is in double digits. The fact that most of the long distance moving companies New York City has on offer receive relocation requests to New York on a daily basis speaks for itself. Furthermore, the Empire State is a dream for outdoor enthusiasts. After moving from California to New York, there will be numerous biomes to explore, from rainforests to deserts.

But, most importantly, the infrastructure in the state leaves little to be desired. While there may be two states that are in front of New York, the #3 infrastructure speaks for itself. Coupled with the third-best economy and fourth-best education, theres no denying that Empire State delivers a great lifestyle. Here are the full rankings of the state of New York:

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire Full

The cost of hiring full-service movers will vary depending on the company you choose and the services you need. Most people spend between $2,000 and $5,000 for a full-service move from California to New York. This includes loading, transportation, and unloading services. However, this number can increase if you have lots of stuff, specialty items, or require storage and additional services.

Why Did You Move

Moving from New York to California

Towards the tail end of high school and during my early college years, I got deeply involved in the music community, working with multiple musicians helping manage their social media, consult on various projects, plan tours, and lots of other fun stuff! I was driving up to San Francisco all the time for concerts , which is about 3 hours of driving each way. As you can imagine, that wasnt a very sustainable way to stay involved with the music community, and I felt pretty out of touch with everything. I knew that if I wanted to seriously pursue a career in the music industry, Id need to move away from my small town.

As hard as it was to move away from all of my family and friends and launch across the country to a place I didnt know well, I think I did it at the right time. I was in a transitional period, switching career paths and taking a break from college, and Im so glad I made the leap .

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Lots Of People Moved Out Of New York And California In 2020

When Mark Jenkins and Lori Crowell rang in 2020, they had no idea they’d be moving to another state before the end of the year. But then the pandemic hit and so much changed.

“We thought about leaving Seattle the past couple years, but we weren’t ready,” said Jenkins. But when the pandemic made remote work more of a reality for him and they realized they could live anywhere, they packed up and moved to Idaho. “The weather is a big improvement. The traffic is better. It is very welcoming. People are strangely friendly.”

Millions of Americans ended 2020 living at a different address than where they started the year.

Where were all these people moving to — and from?

Contracts from moving van companies Atlas Van Lines and U-Haul show that people who chose to move to a new state headed away from the population centers on the coasts, with New York and California losing the most residents in 2020. And NAR’s report found newly untethered remote workers left big cities for the suburbs.

“New York and California had much higher outbound activity,” said Barry Schellenberg, Atlas Van Lines president. “It could be the cost of living, tax rates or the political climate, perhaps.”

This pattern is expected to continue into 2021, according to NAR. With more people deciding where they live based on their own personal needs instead of their commuting time to work, it could mean long-term growth for suburbs and smaller cities.

A ‘land rush’ in Idaho

The Southeast is another draw

Overall Things Really Do Seem To Be More Chill In California

As far as I can tell, it’s not just a stereotype people seem to be more relaxed, and things are slower-paced here in LA.

People take longer lunches, they love getting outside, and, despite the traffic, there’s much less road rage here than there is in NYC.

I do often miss the pace of New York and the to-the-point attitude of East Coasters, though.

I’m getting better at making friendly conversations with chatty strangers, but sometimes I miss having public solitude. I also miss how New Yorkers always seemed to bond by complaining my candidness doesn’t seem as welcome in LA.

Deep down, I’m still very much an East Coaster at heart but so far, I’m loving the sunshine, the fresh avocados, and the overall relaxed vibe of the West Coast.

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How To Move Cross Country Nyc To La: Top 3 Movers Top 5 Tips & 3 Alternative Ideas

Oh Moving Day! How we loathe you. You always come with your boxes, tape guns and hard-to-reach dustbunnies to make the most emotionally & physically draining exodus of our most valued possessions. Now that my fiancée and I are moving from NYC to LA, we were determined to beat you at your own game and make the move quick and seamless so we could actually enjoy our last week in New York City.

Here’s how we made our move stress-free and are now just tracking the location of our stuff while sitting here on the beach…

I’ve compiled below my “Top 5 Moving Tips”, “Top 3 Moving Companies” as well as “3 Alternative Moving Options” based on our research & experience. So good luck all you gorgeous wayward travelers. I hope this helps you with your move!

XO from Anderson,


TOP 3 MOVING COMPANIES:Here was our move criteria: Move 2 people’s “stuff” and a couple pieces of furniture from New York City to LA . We will pack our own boxes and the mover will do the rest professionally so we can be stress-free and confident that our items will arrive safely when we fly in next week. Our top 3 moving company options:


Other New Yorkers moving to Los Angles for Anderson went with other moving options. Here are three :

The Best Driving Route From California To New York

Whats Reshaping Florida, California And New York?

If youre moving from California to New York then driving is a great way to do it. This picturesque drive takes you through a wide variety of the countrys stunning landscapes, with plenty of opportunities for making stop offs to check out specific cities or sites. The specific driving route from California to New York that youll want to take depends largely on what your starting and ending towns are and what youre hoping to see along the way, but weve covered the basics below to help get you started on planning out your trip.

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Do The Packing Yourself

It is very convenient and easy to hire the services of your moving company to pack and unpack your stuff as well. However, if you are on a tight budget, it is also a good idea to forego additional services like packing and unpacking stuff and do it all by yourself.

Start packing your stuff at least one month in advance so that you dont have to rush and risk forgetting to pack important items. By packing all the boxes yourself, you will be paying less to a professional relocation service.

You can also save money through packing by stocking up on boxes every time you visit a department store. Some of the best-sized boxes are ones that hold diapers. They are large enough to hold a lot of your stuff but also small enough that they can be carried.

You can also load up on newspapers which are a good way to pad up your boxes and wrapping your fragile things in. Towels and linens can also be used to wrap items in and keep them secure.

Takeaways: Pros & Cons

If you are thinking of ditching Hollywood, note that there are several pros and cons when it comes to moving to NYC from LA. The tacos and avocados may be tastier in LA, the long commute time can be terrible. When you move to NYC, you wont miss the traffic jams or terrible rush hours. While NYC does have traffic, commuting is easy via the MTA.

Moving to New York can present some limitations, but also plenty of opportunities. Most Angelenos dont love the cold, but many enjoy being able to see snow. Some may not feel they can handle the fast pace and high-stakes of New York life others relish the challenge and thrive, like many of the people featured here have. Doing your homework is key to understanding New York – because its likely if you look around long enough, youll find what youre looking for in the city . If youre making the move to New York, relish the opportunity, and find what is out there for you.

Gathering your entire life and relocating to a new place may be a burdensome affair, thats why you may consider contacting LA movers or one of the many excellent moving companies in NYC . Movers can be essential for this long-distance cross-country move to your new city.

Call 212-452-6683 for long distance moves originating in NYC and the Greater New York area

Call 973-273-7535 for long distance moves originating in New Jersey

Call 323-796-0133 for long distance moves originating in Los Angeles and the Greater Southern California area

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Home Or Office We Will Move Both

Relocating yourself and your family to from New York to California is very different from expanding or moving your business there. Each of these types of relocations comes with a set of unique challenges. Not everyone can handle both.

However, Movers 101 have proven time and time again that they can! It is our job to know everything there is to know about moving. Any kind, any distance. This makes us experts at all kinds of relocations. That most certainly includes commercial moving. So even when its your office or other business you need to move, you can rely on Movers 101 to help you with it!

A Wide Variety Of Excellent Services For Your Move From New York To California

Move from California to New York

Moving from NY to CA may involve a wide variety of issues and tasks you need assistance with. This isnt a problem when you have Movers 101 on your side! Our diverse moving services NY ensure that we are able to handle every part of any relocation. You will have the opportunity to choose among a great number of professional moving services, including:

  • Local, long-distance and interstate relocation Moving from one borough to the next or moving from New York to California. It hardly matters to us. We will get it done in the most stress-free, straightforward, affordable, and expedient way possible!
  • Residential and commercial relocation Be it that you are moving home or an office, we have you covered. Just call as to set everything up and we will move anything you need.
  • Short and long-term storage Sometimes you have more items then you have space! When that happens, it is us that you need to call. We will provide you with all the storage space you need.
  • Packing and unpacking Dont want to lose time packing and unpacking? Call us and let us do it for you!
  • Trash removal Sometimes you dont need to move. Rather, you need to get rid of things that are way too heavy and bulky. Call us to deal with that! After all, our movers handle heavy items daily. Safety is their priority and they will handle all trash removal you need
  • Additional insurance, and more Want to feel extra safe? We offer additional insurance that will leave you without a care in the world.

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Bay Ridge Brooklyn Ny

This Brooklyn neighborhood is home to nearly 80,000 and is one of the best places to raise a family in New York City. It is a relatively quiet area to live here, and education is placed at a premium. There are plenty of excellent schools in the area for both elementary and secondary education, with crime rates being fairly low.

Real Estate Prices Are High

New York State rivals California for some of the highest real estate prices in the country. You can expect to pay about $260,000 on average for a small condo or medium-sized house. Even rental costs arent immune from sticker shock. The average rent of a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, for example, is $3,895. Across the rest of the state, the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment hovers around $1,638, but youre likely to find options that are even cheaper in New Yorks smaller hubs.

That said, the cost of living in New York is much cheaper than in California. You may find that a move from the Golden State to the Empire State saves you money. For example, the average cost of a doctors visit in California is $142.61, but it is only $105.00 on average in New York.

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Get Rid Of Some Belongings

You may not be able to take all your belongings with you when you move. As you sort your belongings, make sure to set aside things youre willing to part with, so they can be donated, recycled, or thrown away. You may not need that surfboard or those skate shoes in New York. The lighter your load, the easier it will be to unpack once you arrive at your destination.

Consider Your Driving Situation

California couple seeks to move to Florida

If you live in New York City, theres a decent chance you rely on public transit a whole lot more than you rely on your personal car . California is by and large a whole different affair. There isnt a city in California with a subway system that can give NYC a run for its money, and making the most of the mountains, forests, and beaches across this vast state practically necessitates owning a car.

The trip from coast to coast offers a rare opportunity to see lots of this beautiful country from the windswept plains of the Midwest to the lofty reaches of the Rocky Mountains. If you do decide to drive, we recommend you take your time. Stopping in small towns allows you to avoid some of the denser traffic and to save money filling up, while also immersing yourself in local cultures you otherwise might not experience. But if you dont have time to stop and smell the roses, there are plenty of options you can take to move your car without driving. These range from trailer moving services to trains. These options can save you significant time, gas, mileage, and wear and tear on your vehicle.

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Are There Any Items I Am Not Allowed To Pack Onto The Moving Truck When Relocating

If you are hiring movers to complete your relocation to California, you should know that specific item are not allowed on moving trucks.

You cannot pack any perishable food onto the truck, and movers do not permit the transport of pesticides and other chemicals. If you are unsure about a particular item, ask your mover ahead of time.

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