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How To Find A Roommate In New York

Manage Expectations Of The Relationship

Finding a Roommate in New York City | Even During Quarantine

Dont expect to become best friends with your roommate. It could happen, but its not necessary for having a compatible living arrangement.

People often confuse living with roommates as living with their friends and family. A good roommate relationship always involves living with realistic expectations, says Navish Jain, founder and CEO of CirTru.com, a roommate finder.

Even if you dont hang out all the time as close friends would, you could still show you care and build trust in each other. Offer to pick up something for your roommate if youre heading to the store, or help your roommate stick to their schedule. Just dont come to expect it all the time or force the interaction.

Nooklyn Rooms & Mates

Nooklyn, the apartment-hunting website focused on Brooklyn real estate, has a Roommates section for users in need of an apartment share. You can browse their available rooms, filtering by things like budget, neighborhood, amenities and proximity to trains. Signing up to view potential roommates requires Facebook verification and secure messaging is free once youve found a possible match.

But Also Make Time For Each Other

While it would be great if you and your roommate became best friends, its not necessary to have a peaceful living situation. Friends or not, you should still get to know each other personally.

For the values of cooperation and tolerance to be put at the forefront of your roommate relationship, you need an insight into your roommates thoughts, feelings, and current struggles, says Eric Phillip, a home repair expert and founder of Dripfina, a water purification blog. If you dont have a lounge, a small kitchen table can become a hub for even quick catch-ups when you meet after work. Dont underestimate the value of this small talk in a roommate relationship. It becomes the foundation for understanding and healthy communication when tensions flare.

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What Details Should I Include In My Listing

No matter which method of roommate finding you pursue, the key to finding the best match for your needs and preferences is to be as specific with the details as much as possible. Some of the information that needs to be included are:

  • Gender
  • Move-in date
  • Personal preferences

If you already have a place and are looking to fill up the space, show several photos of the room, mention any amenities of the place, and include relevant information such as whether its a fee or no-fee kind of listing.

Being specific with your details makes sure that you narrow down the list and find the most relevant options for your search, especially if youre using high-traffic websites such as Craigslist or Reddit.

Additionally, when using a roommate app, NYC room-seekers must try to make the most out of the apps features. Share any and all details that your potential roommate may need to know about you or your living arrangements. Make sure that its a match for both parties.

The Type Of Apartment Youll Need When Living With Roommates

Finding a roommate in New York

The purpose of having roommates is to maximize cost efficiency, but not to the point of being stressed about your living situation and small spaces. This means splitting the burden of rent and utilities while still being able to live comfortably. So it wouldnt be wise to rent a space with three bedrooms and only one bathroom. If youre looking for the perfect apartment for you and your roommates, there are plenty of 2,3 and even 4 bedroom spaces in popular neighborhoods that can be great options:

So is it better to live with roommates? With the high demand for housing and increasing housing costs in NYC, it may be a good idea to find roommates to split the financial burden. It can even be a good idea to have roommates so you are able to save up for the future and your ultimate dream neighborhood and apartment.

If you and your roommates are apartment hunting for the perfect space, Localize has many listings available in all five boroughs. Our search filters and insights will help you find the perfect space with all the needed amenities for you and your roommates!

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Easy Ways To Be A Good Roommate

If youre entering a new living situation, paying rent on time is far from your only concern. Along with managing payment arrangements comes worries about compatibility, space-sharing, and boundaries. While you may think youre a natural neatfreak, super considerate, and an amazing home designer, your roommate might disagree. You could have different habits and tastes as they relate to, well, a lot of things.

Even with differences, a new roommate situation doesnt have to turn into a horror story. There are several things you can do to make living with a roommate as peaceful and seamless as possible. All it takes to be a good roommate is some forward thinking and consideration. Ahead, find easy ways to be a good roommate from experts and veteran roommates. Fear unfamiliar roommate situations no more.

Ways To Find Cheap Accommodation In New York City

This post lists 15 ideas for finding cheap hotels and other accommodations for your trip to NYC. You might think that finding cheap hotels in New York City can be nearly impossible.

However, believe it or not, its possible to find great New York budget accommodation in a comfortable, clean room in a prime location.

Check out our lists of tips to help you find an affordable place to stay during your next trip to NYC.

And if you are planning on exploring the city, be sure to check out our pay-what-you-wish walking tours.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Take advantage of TripAdvisor, which allows users to narrow down their price and location preferences, in addition to reading reviews of each lodging facility. Customers will rate the hotels and give their reviews.

2. Bringing us to our next point consider buying a trip package! Often times when you buy airfare, accommodation, and activities as a bundle, the cost for each is much lower!

3. Ask members of the NYC Travel Tips and Hacks Facebook group. Many have found great deals and they are happy to share them with you for free.

4. Think as the Europeans do! Budget accommodations have been a staple across cities in Europe for decades. Eurocheapo is a site that helps travelers find cheap hotels in Europe, and, recently, New York City and San Francisco!

Eurocheapo has an office in NYC, and they send their editors unannounced to thoroughly inspect the rooms and pass their recommendation onto the customers.

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After Finding A Roommate Should You Sign A Roommate Agreement

In short: yes.

More often than not, youre inviting a stranger into your apartment, says Kowalczuk. So its critical that you co-sign an agreement. You can find a document online, or even better, hire an attorney to draw one up.

Shapiro agrees that theyre a good idea. Written roommate agreements are considered a contract and are legally binding, she says. If you write one out yourself, include everything you agree to, and write it in plain language so that everyone understands.

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We Will Set Up An Appointment For You To Come Speak With An Agent

How to Find a Roommate in New York City

Once you pay the initial fee online, you can then give us a call so we can set up an appointment for you to come speak with an agent face to face. On the day of your appointment, you will need to bring with you: one week’s rent, one week’s security and $150.00 for the agent that will be working with you face to face.

For instance, if all you can afford is $175.00 weekly then bring with you: $175.00 first week’s rent, $175.00 security deposit and $150.00 for the agent assigned to you. Total $500.00. Couples should bring with them at least $650.00

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How To Find A Roommate In New York City

So many roommate finders, so little time! How do you even choose? First, know that the best roommate finder sites and apps combine apartment listings with potential roommate profiles that detail their lifestyles and personalities. Below, we cover the top roommate finders for NYC as well as other sources for finding roommates in niche communities or with specific interests. As you hunt for the perfect person with whom to split the rent, start strategizing how to save and invest so you can afford an apartment without a roommate someday. A financial advisor can help with that.

How To Find Roommates In Nyc

If youve determined that youll need a roommate in NYC, then there are a few ways you can look for one. The easiest option is to find someone you already know. By living with a friend or someone youre familiar with, it can make the transition into cohabitation a lot easier. This is because you have already established a level of trust and comfort with one another. While living with a friend can have its cons as you discover each others annoying quirks and habits, it is the best first option you have.

The second option would be to look to your different social networks to see who is also looking for a roommate in NYC. These people can include friends of friends, family, acquaintances, and colleagues. The easiest way to tap into these networks and expand your roommate search would be to either message some friends privately to see if they have any mutuals that could be your future roommate or even post on social media to see if theres anyone looking to move in NYC.

You can also reach out to specific social groups such as your college alumni groups, associations youre a part of, or other hobby groups you have in your network.

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Can You Add A Roommate To An Existing Lease

After finding a roommate, setting up a co-living arrangement can have many legal implications that you need to consider carefully before signing a lease, says David Reischer, an attorney with the NYC law firm of Reischer & Reischer. That includes adding a roommate to an existing lease.

No matter what, you must keep your landlord in the loop. Review the lease carefully and make sure you understand the expectations of the landlord, Reischer says. Specifically, look to see whether the lease agreement states that you agree to cover the cost of the entire apartments rent, based on the assumption that none of your roommates will default. This is a significant financial and legal gamble.

If youre the one joining an existing lease, check if there are any unpaid rents by your soon-to-be roommate that you might be liable for later. Before you sign on the dotted line, ask your landlord or management company for an account statement so you can check for any outstanding balance.

Adding a roommate to a rent-stabilized lease requires extra care, adds Andrea Shapiro, Director of Program and Advocacy for the Met Council on Housing. If you add a roommate to a lease, it may be considered a new lease, she says. For rent-stabilized tenants, this might add new clauses to the lease or affect preferential rent.

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Can You Make A Profit From A Roommate

Finding a Roommate When Youâre in Your 60s

Its a question many people consider when they are finding a roommate. The answer? Not exactly. But interestingly, if your name is on the lease, you do have some advantages.

For example, say your monthly rent is $2,000. You cant charge a roommate more than that, says Bill Kowalczuk, an associate broker at Warburg Realty. The idea is that youre not making more than what the landlord is charging each month, Kowalczuk says. In dollar terms, this means you cant charge a roommate $2,200 and pocket $200 per month. But you can save yourself money by charging, say, $1,500. However, charging a roommate a disproportionate share of the total rent is not exactly ethical and would disrupt the household if your roomie found out.

Rent stabilization has stricter guidelines. In a rent-stabilized apartment, if you have two people living in the apartment, you cannot charge more than half of the rent, says Shapiro. And after if there are three people in the apartment, you cannot charge more than one-third.

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Elizabeth Merritt 26 And Michael Daly 25

Occupations: Ms. Merritt works in sales for a technical textiles manufacturer Mr. Daly is an associate at public relations firm.The sofa: Mr. Dalys sofa wouldnt fit up the stairs, so they bought a smaller one online, but even that was a tight fit. It had to go very close to the oven, Ms. Merritt said, pointing out the somewhat strange juxtaposition. But thats just a New York thing.Their neighborhood: If and when we can entertain, it will be great, Ms. Merritt said. Were in this wedge where the J, Z and M meet. Were really close to Mood Ring, Birdys, Happyfun Hideaway. Should things resume, well be ready.

At first, Mr. Daly thought he would apply for his apartment with two new roommates. A friend wanted one of the rooms, and after Zooming with Ms. Merritt they also started following one another on social media they decided that she would be a good fit for the third room. But then the friend, who had been worried about signing a lease given the economic uncertainty, decided to play it safe and moved back in with his parents.

After several weeks of trying to find a third roommate on Gypsy Housing the odds were not in their favor, they noted, as people were flooding the site with sublets and lease takeovers Ms. Merritt and Mr. Daly decided it would be easier to look for a two-bedroom.

And we were both wearing masks, so I felt like we were both taking coronavirus seriously, Ms. Merritt said.

They took to the space immediately.

Circle For Roommates App

Circle is the closest thing to a dating app for roommate searching in New York City. Circles social networking app shows you roommate options from a pool of friends and connections instead of a list of complete strangers. Each profile includes tags to supplement the typical bio information, and to send messages, interest has to be mutual, so you will only receive messages from potential roommates you have swiped, which indicates your approval.

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Search For Roommates On Social Media And Listing Sites

Sites like Craigslist and Reddit probably should be your last resort. Their listings arent well verified, so its like the Wild West of roommate searching. And scammers take advantage of this. So tread lightly here. You can also visit social media sites like Facebook and run a quick search for groups with people looking for roommates in NYC. Again, youre on your own here. People create fake profiles all the time to scam people. And this is a prime hunting ground for them.

Is It Better To Live Alone Or With Roommates In Nyc Were Here To Help You Decide If Youre Better Off Solo Living Or Sharing The Burden Of Rent With Others


As of 2018, there were 8,398,748 people living in New York City. Of this population, the median age is 36.9 and a high percentage of the population, 32%, are between the ages of 20-39. NYCs population is a bit younger compared to the overall median age of the United States population which is 38.2 years. Many New Yorkers are relatively young and live in the city when they are either attending college or even moving there right after they graduate. This means that renting in New York City on their own may not be financially possible.

Even young professionals just starting out in their industry may not be able to afford housing costs depending on which neighborhoods they want to live in. Due to this, it is not uncommon for New Yorkers to have roommates.

In fact, around 40% of adult renters in NYC had roommates in 2017, which is higher than the national average of 30%. This is not a new trend as the amount of adult living with roommates have increased every year in all age brackets. Especially adults between the ages of 23-29 have increased year-over-year faster than any other age bracket and went from 39% in 2005 to 54% in 2017.

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Should You Find A Roommate

Is cohabitating right for you and would renting with roommates be a good option for your situation? With rent in NYC being notoriously high, especially in certain sought after neighborhoods like Tribeca, Manhattan, it can be difficult to afford that cost of living on your own. So is it cheaper to live alone or with roommates?

While living with roommates means finding a space with more bedrooms if you dont want to share one, this could ultimately be cheaper than renting out a studio or one bedroom space on your own. This is because as the number of bedrooms in an apartment goes up, the cost per room generally goes down. Due to this, a two bedroom space can be cheaper than a one bedroom.

For instance, the average rent in 2019 for a one bedroom apartment in the East Village was about $3,473 and for a two bedroom space was $4,590. This means youll could save $1,178 a month with the two bedroom apartment. Another example would be in SoHo where the average two bedroom rent was $10,964 and $17,636 for three bedrooms. This equals a savings of $2,146 per month for the three bedroom space.

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