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How To Become A Teacher In New York State

Alternative Teacher Certification In New York

NYS Tier 6 Pension Explained By NY Teacher

You might be a candidate for alternative teacher certification if you have a bachelors degree in a major unrelated to teaching.

The popularity of alternative teacher certification programs has increased as schools look for ways to solve the growing teacher shortage. These programs let you begin teaching while you fulfill certification requirements.

Student Teaching In New York

It is standard practice for prospective teachers to go through a hands-on student teaching experience. Students enrolled in teaching programs practice teaching in real schools. This often includes writing lesson plans, managing classrooms, and delivering instruction. Student teachers work alongside experienced, licensed teachers who provide feedback and mentorship. Most teaching programs have partnerships with schools that allow student teaching and will help students locate placements. Some programs require students to arrange their own student teaching placements.

Student teachers can prepare for their student teaching experience by thinking about what their teaching philosophy and style will look like. They may also want to get early exposure to the classroom by volunteering and/or completing classroom observations. Talk to professors and academic advisers about how to find a placement that will most closely align with your professional interests.

Student teaching usually happens while you are enrolled in your teaching program. When you are enrolled in an online program, you still complete student teaching hours, most likely in your local community. It makes sense to complete your student teaching experience in a school system where you might want to work after graduation. One of the benefits of student teaching is that once you have your teaching degree, you will often receive hiring benefits in the system you completed your student teaching hours.

Apply For Your New York Teaching Certificate In Esol

Once you have completed the educational, experiential and examination requirements listed above, you are ready to apply for your New York teaching certificate in ESOL. Additional requirements that you must meet before applying include:

  • If you graduated from a New York teacher preparation program you need an online statement from the institution recommending you for certification. Contact the certification officer at your institution to make sure this has been completed.
  • All applicants, regardless of their path, must complete a six-hour Dignity for All Students workshop in harassment, discrimination and bullying prevention and intervention. A list of approved providers for this workshop is here.
  • All applicants, regardless of their path, must receive Fingerprint Clearance by completing a criminal history background check.
  • If you already hold a teaching certificate, either in New York or another state, or completed an approved teacher preparation program in another state, you must also complete the following workshops:
  • Child Abuse Identification 2 clock hours from these approved providers
  • School Violence Intervention and Prevention 2 clock hours from these approved providers

After you have submitted your application and necessary supplemental materials, you can check the status online here. The NYSED will review it and let you know if you are deficient in any areas.

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Testing Requirements For New York Alternative Certification

To achieve initial certification in New York through alternative pathways, candidates in most licensure categories must pass the Educating All Students exam and the Content Specialty Test in the subject to be taught. In certain cases. teachers will need to take the edTPA, which measures pedagogical skills and knowledge. Career and Technical Education candidates must additionally pass the Communication and Quantitative Skills Test .

Find The Teacher Preparation Program For You

In Arizona, Complaints That an Accent Can Hinder a Teacher ...

Choosing the right teacher preparation program can set you up for a more straightforward teaching certificate process and can lead to a successful teaching career. Teacher preparation programs are specifically designed to prepare you for your individual teaching goals, so it is important to consider what kind of program aligns with your values and lifestyle.

You should choose a program that both challenges you and prepares you to teach the population of students and subject matter you are interested in. For example, what you learn in special education, secondary education, or teaching English to speakers of other languages teacher preparation programs can lead to very different teaching careers.

Fordham University offers online and on-campus Master of Science in Teaching program options. The online M.S.T. program prepares students to teach grades 1 through 6 and features two tracks: Childhood Education and Childhood Special Education. The on-campus program offerings range from early childhood education to secondary education. If you are interested in teaching secondary education, you will also have to determine the subject you want to teach.

Certificate requirements vary from state to state. If you are looking to teach in a state other than New York, you should first research the requirements in the state in which you reside or intend to practice.

1 http://www.highered.nysed.gov/tcert/certificate/typesofcerts/in.html. Accessed March 26, 2018.

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Initial New York Teaching Certification

According to data provided by the U.S. Department of Labors Bureau of Labor Statistics , New York is the second-highest paying state in the nation for elementary school teachers. The BLS report showed them earning an average annual salary of $67,940, about $13,000 more than the national average.

New Yorks middle school teachers are the highest paid of any middle school teachers in the country, earning an average of $70,670 each year, which is about $16,000 more than the national average for this category.

Secondary school teachers in New York are also the top earners in the nation in their grade-level classification, averaging $70,400 per year, which is about $15,000 more than the national average. Find schools offering teaching certification programs in New York.

+1 Accelerated Undergraduate To Graduate Pathways

4+1 Pathways offer motivated students an expedited way to achieve an undergraduate and graduate degree in an accelerated course of combined study. Students accepted into these pathways commit to following the curriculum as detailed by the respective departments and, in doing so, are enabled to take graduate courses while undergraduate students. The 4+1 options are:

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How Do I Become A Teacher In New York

Students can choose from a variety of pathways to initial certification. Aspiring teachers most commonly pursue an approved teacher preparation program, which combines bachelor-level coursework and teacher training, leading to licensure. The NYSED also offers alternative teacher preparation programs for students who have already earned a teaching degree.

New York State issues multiple types of certification to advanced practitioners and specialists, including teachers with a master’s degree or experience in multiple teaching subjects and special educators. Teachers with out-of-state certification must apply for an individual credential review through the NYSED.

S To Becoming A Teacher In New York

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Important Note: Education licensure requirements, statistics and other information are subject to change. Teach.com makes its best effort to keep content accurate however, the official sources are the state education departments. Please confirm licensing requirements with your state before applying for licensure or renewal.

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How To Become A Teacher In New York

To become a New York teacher, a candidate must meet the requirements stipulated by the Office of Teaching Initiatives. Like most states, New York requires that all state teachers hold a bachelors degree, complete a New York teacher certification program, and pass the required content examinations. Upon meeting the requirements for certification, an applicant may be issued an initial certificate, which is valid for five years. This entry-level certificate leads to the professional certificate, which is an advanced level license that is continuously valid, assuming the teacher completes the appropriate number of professional development hours every five years.

The most direct, traditional route to New York teaching certification is to complete an approved teacher preparation program at a New York college or university and be recommended for certification by the certification officer at that university, which is known as an institutional recommendation. For more detailed information on the New York teacher certification renewal process, contact the OTI or continue reading.

Quick Guide

Meet Minimum Education Requirements

High school graduates who want certification in New York state must earn a bachelors degree with a minimum GPA of 2.5 from a state-registered teacher preparation program. If you have an undergraduate degree in a subject area other than education, but no prior teaching experience, your teacher education program will be at the graduate degree level.

Enrolling in an approved program ensures that youll study the coursework components required for certification. As part of your program, you must complete 6 hours of coursework or training in Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Discrimination Prevention and Intervention, also called Dignity for All Students Act training.

To apply for an Initial Certificate, youll also have to attend a Child Abuse Identification and Reporting workshop, as well as training related to the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education program.

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Certification Reciprocity In New York

Interstate teacher certification reciprocity is a program that allows teachers who are certified in one state to teach in another state without having to go through all the steps required to earn a teacher certification in that state. Find out more about the New York Completion of a College Teacher Education Program in Another U.S. State pathway. If you have more specific questions about your teaching situation, please contact the New York State Education Department.

To find out what other state teaching licenses can be used in New York, check out our Teacher Certification Reciprocity page on Teach.com.

Contact Schools Directly To Apply For Open Jobs

Teacher salaries in New York: Database

If your application is accepted, you will be eligible to apply for open jobs using the New Teacher Finder tool on the application website, applying to schools directly, or attending recruitment events. Schools in New York City make hiring decisions individually therefore, you will need to contact each school independently to apply for open jobs. Schools may also contact you and invite you to attend job fairs or interviews using the online portal system.

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So What Should I Really Do

What is this job about? What do I need to do when hired? Would I prefer working with 1 child or an entire classroom? Kindly see our brief explanation of tasks below. This will provide some answers.

Duties for Teachers Aides include:

  • organizing records, materials, and managing equipment
  • attending to the physical needs of children, including those with disabilities and
  • supervising students and executing non-teaching related tasks when deemed necessary by the teacher, which supports working in the classroom.

Duties for Teachers Assistants include:

  • collaborating with individual students on projects requiring special instruction
  • sharing information about students that contribute to appropriate learning environments and experiences
  • assisting pupils with instructional resources, as well as contributing to the development of instructional materials and
  • drawing upon their unique skills for instruction in the arts, crafts, foreign languages, and more.

Unlike Teachers Aides, Teaching Assistants are considered members of the teaching staff and subject to probationary requirements. They are also eligible for tenure.

For further details, please visit: .

Take The New York State Teacher Certification Exams

Once youve earned a bachelors degree in teacher education, the next step toward becoming a certified teacher is completing and passing a series of New York State Teacher Certification Exams.

Candidates for an initial teaching certificate must pass three main tests:

  • the Educating All Students exam
  • the edTPA and
  • the Content Specialty Test in their area of certification.

More information on each of these tests can be found on the New York State Teachers Certification Exams website.

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Complete A Bachelor Degree And Teacher Prep Program

The first step to becoming an art teacher in New York is to earn a bachelors degree from a regionally accredited college or university and complete an approved teacher training program that includes student teaching. A list of approved teacher prep programs in the state may be found here. After completing an approved program, your school will recommend you for certification via an online system. To check if your school is regionally accredited, visit the Council for Higher Education Accreditation .

Note that you are required to complete six clock hours of coursework or training in Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Prevention and Intervention in accordance with recently passed state law. Assuming youve graduated from an approved teacher prep program after February 2014, this coursework will have been completed as part of your degree requirements. If you completed your degree earlier, you will need to complete an appropriate workshop and earn a Certification of Completion. When you apply for the certificate, you will send this document to the NYS Education Department, Office of Teaching, 89 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12234. . A list of providers is available on the DASA providers Web page.

Professional Development For New York Teachers

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New York State professional development programs include teacher mentorship programs and the NYS Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers. New York City offers in-service courses for teachers through the NYC After School Professional Development Program. Credits earned through this program can be counted towards both salary differentials and professional development requirements. Programs are also available to paraprofessional educators, including the Summer Stipend Program, through which paraprofessionals can receive a financial incentive for college credits earned over the summer.

According to the New York State Department of Education, teachers holding a Professional Certificate in New York must complete at least 175 hours of professional development activities during each 5-year licensing period.

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Complete Required Workshops And Fingerprinting

New York requires prospective math teachers to complete several workshops in order to satisfy all job requirements. The first of these is currently required of all prospective teachers, while the second two are required if you completed your education outside of New York:

  • Dignity for All Students Act you will need to complete six hours of approved training in discrimination, bullying, and harassment prevention this may be included in a traditional teacher preparation program completed in New York
  • School Violence Intervention and Prevention you will need to complete two hours of approved training in this subject
  • Child Abuse Identification you will need to complete two hours of approved training in child abuse identification and reporting

All teacher candidates in New York must also submit fingerprints for a criminal background check. You can find out where to sign up to get your fingerprints taken on the Office of Teaching Initiativesfingerprinting webpage.

Why Should I Study At Cuny To Be An Educator

CUNY provides students with the opportunity to pursue high-quality and affordable education degrees in a wide range of offerings, which include teacher residencies, research, scholarships and grant-funded programs. CUNY is deeply engaged with a range of partners, and also contributes to education initiatives with the city and state. Examples of these include:

  • NYC Men Teach

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Alternative Certification In New York

New York has an Alternative Teacher Preparation Program targeted at mid-career and career-changing professionals. This program consists of an introductory section followed by certification tests and then mentored, paid employment as a teacher. New York City also offers the New York City Teaching Fellows program, which is a subsidized masters degree fellowship targeted at increasing the number of highly trained teachers in the NYC public school system.

New York Teacher Shortage Areas & Job Outlook

Northport Math Educator Named New York State Master Teacher

Youre likely to increase your career opportunities if you prepare for a teaching position in one of New York states subject shortage areas These subject and grade level specialties have the highest needs for certified teachers, as reported by the U.S. Department of Education:

  • Bilingual Education : all grades
  • Career and Technical Education: all grades
  • Special Education : elementary grades
  • Special Education : middle/secondary grades
  • Special Education : all grades

Overall, long-term projected job growth for NYS teachers is expected to average 4% through 2029, with an average of 8,500 openings annually.

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Maintain And Upgrade Your License

The next certificate to apply for is the Professional Certificate, which is the advanced-level certificate for classroom teachers. You must have at least three years of paid, full-time experience as well as a mentored experience to apply for this certificate. Completion of the mentored experience must be verified by the superintendent of your school district through the TEACH online system by entering a superintendent statement and selecting Verification of Mentoring as the statement.

You can apply for a Professional Certificate online using the TEACH system.

The Professional Certificate can be kept continuously valid with completion of 175 hours of professional development on a five-year professional development cycle. Requirements vary, and you may need to get your school district to approve these hours in advance. For more information on acceptable professional development activities, and how to report and record hours completed, go to Professional Development for Professional Certificate Holders.

How To Become A Teacher In New York City

Teaching in New York City can be a challenging and rewarding career path. Public school teachers in New York City are employed by the New York City Department of Educationthe largest public school district in the country with over one million students and 75,000 teachers in 1,800 schools.1 Although the application process for teaching jobs in NYC is generally competitive, there are many opportunities available, especially if you teach a high-demand subject, such as science, math, or languages, or are interested in teaching in a high-needs area of the city. You will need teaching certification to work in the public school system, although this certification is not necessarily required in private and charter schools in New York City. Continue reading to learn more about how to become a teacher in New York City.

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