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How Much Is It To Move To New York

How Much Does It Cost To Move From New York To Miami

HOW TO MOVE TO NYC | Tips How I Afford It

Before we get into anything else, lets focus on exactly what you need to know first. The average cost of moving from New York to Miami is listed below. We created a clear breakdown for with estimated prices based on the size of your home. Remember, these are estimates and other factors will impact the cost of your move.

  • One bedroom Apartment = 4000 pounds $3,300
  • Two Bedroom Apartment = 6000 pounds $4,500
  • Three Bedroom House = 10,000 pounds $6,485
  • 4- Bedroom House = 14,000 pounds $8,600

* Please note: These price ranges are estimates based on thousands of move we do each year. Prices will vary based on distance, weight of household goods, special requests and specific moving services needed. Please fill out our free online quote form to get your detailed, personalized, no obligation, FREE moving quote today.

How Much Is Enough To Move To Nyc

For many people, $3,000 to $6,000 is what they should consider saving before they make a move to New York City. There are a lot of factors that will come into play, so here is what people have to consider when they are making a move, and they want to know how much they should save to relocate to New York City.

Average Moving Costs In Nyc

New Yorkers hustle hard. They dont have time or money to waste and that applies when theyre househunting and looking to move.

While most people think their moving costs are confined to moving day, the process begins well before that.

There are packing supplies to consider, non-refundable Co-Op application fees, any penalties for breaking a lease early, the cost of moving utilities and thats before you even book a mover.

Everyones move is different, with its own challenges and its own needs. If youre taking the stress free option and booking a professional, you can find charges ranging from dirt cheap to over the top. While the cost of a mover thats properly insured and offering a fixed flat rate may be higher than an unknown operator with a questionable quoting system, if anything goes wrong youll have peace of mind that you are protected and any mishaps will be handled by your movers.

The big question is whats a reasonable cost to expect in New York city? We step out the details to give you a reliable indicator.

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Why Are People Moving From New York To California

The perfect weather and ample job opportunities are the biggest draw to California, especially those fleeing east coast winters.

However, New York and California share the same drawback. A higher cost of living makes both states difficult for most on an average income.

Professionals with higher pay grade and more education are the demographic that finds California most doable. The vast size of the state also offers lucrative industry segments seeking specialists in certain fields.

Silicon Valley recruits the best and the brightest from around the country to satisfy an unending global high-tech demand.

As the hub of the entertainment industry, Hollywood continues to be an attraction for writers, actors and others looking to make it big in TV and film.

Where Are The Best Places To Live In New York

How much does it cost to move to NYC?

This was an admittedly difficult list to put together. There are no doubt countless towns and cities in the state deserving of mention. However, we tried to provide an overview of some of the most popular areas in the state.

Which may be the right fit for you or your family is a decision youll have to weigh on your own.

In no particular order

The Empire State ranks among the most famous places around the globe. It is heralded for the sprawling metropolis of NYC and breath-taking Niagara Falls, its impressive landscapes outside the city, and forward-thinking business community.

New York state is home to some of Americas most spectacular scenery and natural landscapes, as well as having a wealth of culture outside its tourist hotspots. The northernmost reaches of the state are a renowned paradise for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, and are home to a beautiful stretch of the famed Appalachian Trail.

The state is also steeped in history it is one of the original 13 colonies and was once home to some of Americas wealthiest families, with no shortage of historic landmarks and impressive homes to excite those interested in history and architecture.

So grab a cup of coffee, crack a beer, or pour yourself some wine. Were about to take a deep dive into New York and all it has to offer those considering making a move to the state.

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Cost Of Clothing Toiletries And Miscellaneous Items

Here are some average clothing prices, together with other useful prices:

  • Pair of jeans: $35 $80
  • $127 for an MTA monthly pass
  • $176.48 for groceries

Approximate total: $6,822.79.

After your first month, the total cost of living for a month would be $2,401.79, not including entertainment, eating out at restaurants or other luxuries.

To be safe, you would want to consider having enough money saved for three months of expenses. Thus, to move from Chicago, you would ideally want to have roughly $11,625 saved.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

New Yorks parks are nice, but if the weathers all wrong, you cant beat a good art gallery. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is an ever-changing treasure chest of human creativity, regularly curating world-class exhibitions to keep people coming back for more. Youll find Ancient Egyptian artifacts, Renaissance paintings, Warholian pop art, and much, much more.

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You May Have To Pay A Brokers Fee To Get An Apartment

New Yorks rental market is crazy. In order to lease an apartment, you often have to pay a brokers fee, which is equal to 10% 15% of annual rent. There are no-fee apartments out there, but competition for these is fierce .

One way to skip brokers fees is to use a service or website that puts you in touch with people searching for a roommate. While moving in with a stranger may sound odd to those from other parts of the country, it is fairly common in New York City.

Best Places In Georgia For Retirees

How Much It Really Costs To Move To NYC!! Know This Before You Move

Sandy Springs

Retirees are flocking to Sandy Springs because of its ample outdoor activities. While the cost of living is slightly higher when it comes to purchasing a home, rental costs are low enough to live comfortably for most retirees. In general, cost of living is lower than most other locations in Georgia.

While much of Georgia gets warm, Augusta maintains a pleasant 67 degrees most of the year. No traffic jams like New York City and the people are friendly. Retirees will find the atmosphere of this historic Southern city relaxing and affordable.


The Old South history of Savannah attracts retirees year-round. Just walking around downtown among old buildings covered in Spanish moss will leave you delighted. Youll find beautiful beaches and delicious seafood. Much like Sandy Springs, a home purchase is higher in cost, but rentals are reasonable.

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Our 5 Best Neighborhoods In Austin Tx

Keep Your Options Open

We know that leaving New York City is a major decision. It is especially daunting when a cross country move is involved. Luckily, we are here to carry the weight for you, literally and figuratively. With other potential destinations such as, New York to Round Rock, TX , New York to San Marcos, TX or New York to Pflugerville, TX , you can stay within a similar price range as the one estimated above.

No matter what you decide to do, American Van Lines will be standing by to expedite your moving process for you and your family. With our brilliant customer service team in your corner, you can look forward to working closely with dedicated movers who will carefully transport your furniture from New York to your new start in Austin.

First Month’s Rent Plus Security

Congrats! You found a NYC apartment that you love with a monthly rent you can afford. But before you move in, most landlords require the first months rent and a security deposit upfront.

Thanks to last years rent reforms, its now illegal for a landlord to ask you for last months rent on top of the first month and security deposit, and the security deposit is now capped at the equivalent of one months rent. If you are asked to pay an application fee, it is also cappedat $20.

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Why Are People Moving From New York To Georgia

A desire for a warmer climate and the high cost of living in New York are driving people out of the state. Heavy congestion and long commutes add to the frustration.

Georgia, on the other hand, continues to attract new people. The cost of land is cheap, so a starter family can build their dream home for less. Cities like Atlanta offer numerous job opportunities to new college grads and the cost of living is low in many Georgia cities for new retirees.

You Might Need To Fly

How much does it cost to move to NYC?

You should also determine if you are going to drive into the city or you are going to fly there. When you are making your plans, you will need to make sure that you get a reservation put in as soon as possible when you want to fly.

If you are driving, you will want to know what the tolls are when you are traveling to have the money you need to have on hand when you are making your big move.

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Moving From Within The City

New York is known for being one of the most expensive cities in the US, if not the most expensive city to live in. Accordingly, the cost of moving here will also usually be higher than the cost of moving to any other American city.

Moving house and simply relocating from an old NY address to another one found a few blocks away means having to hire several moving technicians and renting their services for a few hours. This could cost around $500 for the entire moving job. However, the final bill will depend on the particularities of your move, the volume and weight of your cargo, any special packing and moving requirements you might have, whether you need temporary storage or not, the time of the week when you plan on moving, and so on.

Make sure you look for a service that can provide you with their own packing and moving supplies for securing all your boxes and heavy or bulky furniture. Also, see if you can find a mover who offers eco-friendly packaging.

How Social Security Is Taxed In New York

Many people do not realize that when you receive Social Security payments in retirement, it is considered taxable income at the federal level for most individuals. While most individuals will pay federal income tax on their Social Security benefits, you do not have to pay NYS income taxes on social security. If you are married, you and your spouse are each receiving $25,000 for social security, and you do not save any state income taxes on the $50,000 by moving to Florida, since New York does not tax your social security benefits.

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Hiring A Traditional Full

Going with a full-service mover will leave you with the least amount of hard work, but that luxury will cost you a pretty penny. This is the most expensive option, whether its for a local, out-of-state, or cross-country move. However, for some people, hiring professional movers to do all the work load up your things, drive them to your new location, and unload them for you is worth the big expense. Some full-service movers also offer an option where they will pack and unpack your boxes, too .

You can get quotes from local NYC moving companies and national moving companies either online or by calling them up on the phone. Be sure to ask if they are insured, about any hidden fees, what they provide , and any additional services they may offer.

What To Do In New York City

How much does it cost to live in NYC?

If you have a free day in New York City, explore some of those famous tourist attractions that locals avoid. Head to the MET, take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty, stroll through Central Park, and more. If you want a more unique experience, check out local dives to find a great place to eat and maybe sing some karaoke?

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Who’s Moving To New York

New York is one of the most diverse cities globally, where 800 different languages are spoken. People move into New York City from other multicultural areas. According to Apartment List’s most recent migration report, the highest percentage of people moving to New York are from Philadelphia, Miami, and Washington.

There are several outbound moves happening around New York City as well. Renters who currently live in the city, but are considering moving elsewhere, are searching for apartments in warmer climates, such as Miami, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.

Things To Know Before Moving To New York Ny

New York City has the largest population density in the US and is still growing. The city attracts newcomers to its stable job market, diversity, rich culture, and an, If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, attitude.

The city also earned a reputation as a place where big finance, theater, and counterculture neighborhoods can thrive side by side. You can find anything you want in New York City, whether its an apartment on the waterfront or a chance to go out seven nights a week.

Before packing up and moving to the Big Apple, here’s what you need to know about living in New York City.

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Why Do Moving Prices Vary So Much

Prices vary widely from more expensive full-service movers who do all the work for you, to DIY moving truck rentals where you pay less but do all the heavy lifting.

Other options include moving containers and freight companies. While you load and unload the containers, they do all the driving.

How Inbound vs. Outbound State Demands Impact Price

Because of the growing inbound moving success of the state of Georgia, you may actually save money on your move.

Georgia has been one of the top-ranked states for inbound moves, which means you may be able to share the move with others leaving New York for Georgia.

Moving companies will probably provide a reduced rate for sharing the ride with others.

Offseason vs Peak Moving Season Impacts Price

Compare the difference between a peak moving season move and an offseason move.

  • Offseason-March 1: A five+-bedroom house with professional movers: $3,100-$7,150
  • Peak Season. July 1: A five+ bedroom house with professional movers: $5,350-$9,500

Moving To New York For Work

How Much Does It Cost To Move In New York

Moving to New York for work is one of the most common reasons people choose to move. While it is possible to move without a job, it makes sense to ensure there are jobs in your field before you make the move.

New York is the home of Wall Street and many financial institutions. There are jobs available but the competition is tough. The hospitality and service industries also employ a large number of people in New York. Many people say that there is so much going on in New York, you will always find a job.

Here are a few things to consider when moving for work:

  • Salary: Salaries in New York are high. The costs we outlined above should give you a rough idea, how much more youll want to be making to make the move worthwhile. You can also check salary ranges on sites such as Glassdoor and Payscale.
  • How to find work: If you want to have a job lined up before you move to New York, but arent sure where to begin, the following sites are good places to start: Monster, Indeed, Snag a Job, Craigs List and Career Builder. You may also want to google recruiters in your industry, as they can often help land you some initial interviews as well.

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Why Should You Hire Us The Cost Of Nyc Relocation With Us Fits Your Moving Budget

Since the moment Big Apple Movers NYC was established, we have worked hard to keep our customers satisfied. In both ways- with the quality moving services we provide, and with the cost of NYC move. We will do our best to make your New York City moving cost fit your planned NY relocation expense. We can do that by making a package of the most important services for you from our basic package. Or we can combine the different services with some you would like to do yourself. No matter what you decide, we are here to make you happy. Conducting your NYC relocation not breaking your moving budget, and keeping the top-quality standards and doing everything as fast as possible. The moving cost NYC hiring us is nothing comparing to what you get!

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