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How Much Is Apartment Rent In New York

New York City Transportation

How To Rent An Apartment In NYC | The New York City Broker Real Estate 101: Vol 1 Ep 2

As one of New York’s most famous features, the New York public transportation system is one of the most comprehensive systems in the world. Not to mention, it runs 24/7, which helped the city earn its nickname as The City That Never Sleeps.

It’s the driving force behind New York’s impressive status as the only city in the US that boasts a majority of households without personal vehicles.

The vast majority of New York residents commute to work via public transportation, biking, or walking.

The average single NYC resident spends $4,332 on transportation costs annually, while a family of four with two children spends $11,773. You can cut these costs down by using public transportation as your primary method of getting around.

A 30-day unlimited MetroCard pass costs a low $127, which translates to $1,524 annually for unlimited access to the subway and local buses.

In short, if you make the move to NYC, be prepared to spend some time learning how to navigate the city’s massive public transportation system if you want to save big.

How Transparentcity Collects Average Rent In Nyc Data

A frequently asked question is how much does an apartment cost in NYC? The apartment cost in NYC is highly dependent on the neighborhood and size. Our figures are calculated based on aggregated listings data acquired directly from NYC management company websites. Listings data only includes management company market-rate apartment availabilities and does not include broker listings. If you are in the market to rent an apartment in NYC and want to rent directly from management companies to save on fees, go to Transparentcity for a full list of no-fee apartment buildings.

Average Rent In NYC Grouped By Neighborhood

  • Downtown Manhattan
  • Midtown Manhattan
  • Upper East Side
  • Upper West Side
  • Upper Manhattan
  • Average Rent In NYC Grouped By Bedroom Size And Building Type

    Within each Neighborhood, Average Rent in NYC is further divided by Building Types, which fit into 3 categories:

  • ‘Luxury’ Elevator Doorman
  • Walk Up
  • Be Loyal To Your Broker

    Broker loyalty is an important factor in finding a great apartment. Most brokers work incredibly hard to find you that perfect apartment. They are motivated to do this in the hopes that if they are successful, a transaction will be consummated at which time they will be compensated for their efforts. If you give a broker reasons to suspect that a transaction is not going to occur , he/she naturally will be less inclined to invest the time required to find your dream apartment. As a result, you will be putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage versus other apartment renters as your broker will not be as motivated as those brokers whose buyers are committed to both them and to renting an apartment. The best thing you can do is to work exclusively with a single broker and make sure they understand that you are committed to working with them. Of course, the goal here is for you to find the perfect apartment, so if you are not comfortable with the broker you are working with or otherwise question his or her ability to find what you are looking for, you should let us know so that we can discuss this with the broker and, if necessary, find a more appropriate broker for you.

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    New York City Fitness Costs

    Fitness is an important aspect of healthy living. Luckily, there are tons of ways to stay fit that you can choose based on your budget.

    You might be someone who works best with a tribe of like-minded lifters. If so, expect to spend around $111.47 monthly for a gym membership.

    If you’re keen on fitness and cost-efficiency, you might enjoy home gym sessions that allow you to work up a sweat in your living room. A fitness app like Peloton might be your best bet. At $12.99 a month, it’s a steal.

    Furnished Apartments In Manhattan

    Heres How Much Average Apartment Rent Increased in 2017 ...

    Manhattan is the core of The Big Apple, and is often described as the cultural, financial and entertainment capital of the world. As the home of Wall Street, the United Nations Headquarters, Times Square and Broadway, its certainly hard to dispute this claim. Living and working within the soaring skyscrapers and tightly-packed apartments and townhouses are an estimated 1.6 million people, making Manhattan the most densely-populated area in the United States. Simply put, living in Manhattan makes you feel like youre at the centre of everything.

    Realistically, if youre looking for affordable furnished apartments in Manhattan, you should certainly expect to compromise on space due to the high value of real estate in the borough. However, whats lacking in size is certainly made up for by incredible access to all the amenities you could possibly need. For a relatively affordable area thats bristling with trendy bars, music halls and exquisite eateries but hasnt been completely gentrified, look no further than the East Village. Here, the median rental price is $2,500, which is reasonable considering that rent in parts of Lower Manhattan can exceed $4,000.

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    Catch A Game In The City

    In New York, you have at least two home-team options for every major sport in the US.

    Like basketball? Root for the Knicks or the Nets. Football? The Giants or the Jets. Baseball? The Yankees or the Nets.

    Regardless of the team, you’re rooting for, you’ll need to consider the cost of attending a game in your budget. Here’s a breakdown of the average ticket costs for some of New York’s sports teams.

    • New York Knicks: $82
    • New York Jets: $64

    The Average Rent In New York City

    • Living in New York City is expensive, but how much you can expect to spend will vary depending on where you decide to live
    • Your monthly rent expenses should never be more than 30 percent of your pre-tax monthly income
    • Rent isnt the only money youll spend, youll also have groceries, car maintenance and other monthly expenses.

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    Who Is Eligible To Apply

    As an out of city or state resident can I apply for an HDC-financed affordable apartment?

    Out of town residents can apply for an HDC-financed affordable apartment however, preference is given to current New York City residents.

    What are the criteria for students applying for an HDC-financed affordable apartment?

    Student Loans/Grants are not considered income. For a low-income apartment, the household cannot be made up entirely of full-time students unless the household qualifies for an exception under federal law.

    Can I apply my Section 8 voucher/certificate to an HDC-financed development?

    Section 8 voucher or certificate holders are eligible to apply for HDC-financed low income developments. They are processed in the same manner as all other applicants and must meet all applicable eligibility criteria. Of course, the rent of the specific apartment in question must be within the maximum level allowable under the applicants voucher or certificate. If you are unclear about these maximum levels, you should contact the agency that allocated your certificate or voucher.

    How is income calculated?

    How Much Notice Is Needed For Raising Rent

    NEW YORK CITY APARTMENT TOUR | Brooklyn, NY (how much is rent?)

    In the state of New York, landlords must provide tenants with a 30-Day Notice, before they can increase rent more than 5%. A 60-Day Notice is required for tenants who have rented for between 1 and 2 years, and a 90-Day Notice is required for tenants who have rented for more than 2 years ).

    If the landlord fails to provide the appropriate amount of notice, the tenant may continue at the existing rental rate even if the lease has expired and the landlord may not seek to evict the tenant for failing to pay the increased rental amount.

    Landlords renting regulated properties must provide tenants with 90-120 days notice before raising rent.

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    How Much Does A Condo In Manhattan Cost

    A graph above shows how long it has taken since 1999 for a Manhattan residential condo to rise from its prior median price of $425,000. 2017 was a record year for the company, with $7 million in revenue. The median price decreased to $1 during the downturn period that lasted from 2017-2018. A total of $578 million.

    How Your Income Affects Your Rent In New York City

    For a New York City landlord or a building management company to approve you as a tenant, youll need to show them that your income supports the cost of the apartment youre hoping to rent.

    In New York, landlords generally require a tenants gross salary to be 40 times the monthly rent. For example, lets say your annual household salary is $60,000. Divide that amount by 40, and you end up with $1,500. Thats how much you can afford to pay in rent. Landlords will ask for proof of your income, in the form of pay stubs, tax forms, or letters from your employer.

    Or, if you prefer to crunch the numbers with your net income , think of it this way: Yearly rent usually breaks down to about 30% of your total income, says agent Bailey Gladysz of New Yorks Triplemint Real Estate.

    If more than 30% of your salary goes to rent, you’d be considered rent burdened, and that is likely to affect your lifestyle. For me, that once meant a $3 lunch budgetfor years, I could only afford a falafel.

    So what if your salary doesn’t quite make the cut? Never fearthere are some loopholes you can explore.

    Before you land on a final rent number, though, make sure you factor in the other costs associated with renting in New York.

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    Furnished Apartments In Queens

    New York Citys most easterly borough carries a royal name, and its large swathes of verdant green spaces certainly give it some regal charm. Queens is by no means the lesser relation of its better-known cousins, either – it connects the city to the affluent suburbs of Long Island, contains two of New Yorks major airports, and is the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world. Over half of the boroughs residents are immigrants, and its patchwork of neighbourhoods resemble a miniature United Nations.

    For decent furnished apartments for rent in Queens, youre met with a wealth of great neighbourhoods to choose from. Located a 20-minute subway ride away from the city, Astoria is an increasingly popular choice for young Manhattan professionals who need an affordable place to live. Other reasonably-priced options in the borough include family-friendly Forest Hills and the vibrant, soulful neighbourhood of Jackson Heights.

    Every year, more and more people are being drawn to the borough. Due to such high demand, apartments in Queens are now on average more expensive than Brooklyn. However, its worth bearing in mind that the borough is by far the largest in New York, and its diversity is also translated into rental costs – which can range between an average of $3,000 in Manhattan-facing Long Island City to an average of $1,600 in comfortable, tree-filled Woodhaven. And, with Nestpick, youll find a great choice of furnished apartments in Queens.

    Short Term Furnished Apartment Rentals In New York


    Short term rentals in New York City are popular with people that have the type of job or career that requires lots of travel for extended periods of time. It is unwise to rent a long term apartment in new york city if you will be traveling for 8 months of the year. Thus, a short term furnished rentals in New York City is ideal as it firstly removes the hassle of finding furniture and homeware for people who do not have the time, and it is temporary, meaning no long term rent whilst traveling to other places.

    Long term contracts are usually a year, some will offer six months but his is less common, thus if you want to rent an apartment in New York short term then you can and you wont be stuck with it after you leave. Short term means less than 6 months, typically between one and three months. Many of the short term apartments on offer are advertised by the long term tenant who will be way for an extended period of time and needs to pay the rent whilst traveling.

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    Find A New Favorite Park

    Although Central Park gets all the hype, New York plays host to over 1,700 parks. These parks are free, fun, and offer fitness opportunities for the whole family.

    Whether you’re an everyday jogger, a tennis fanatic, or a birder, a day out at one of NYC’s parks presents the opportunity for entertainment and fun. Better yet, it’s free your bank account will thank you.

    Furnished Apartments In The Bronx

    The dense apartment blocks and elevated trains of the Bronxs cityscape provide an iconic cinematic backdrop to the urban hustle and bustle of the streets below. Internationally renowned as the birthplace of hip hop and home of the Yankee Stadium, this northern borough has largely resisted the kind of gentrification that has taken over other parts of New York City. However, a combination of affordable accommodation, falling crime rates and a steadily improving reputation have made the Bronx something of a magnet for new arrivals to the city. The Bronx has the highest number of Puerto Ricans than any other county in the United States.

    And it’s a little wonder. The borough provides its fair share of lush greenery, making it the greenest of New Yorks five boroughs. The famous Bronx Zoo and the 250-acre New York Botanical Garden make for fantastic sunny days out, while all your culinary needs can be met in the many restaurants that line Arthur Avenue .

    On the whole, monthly rental prices for apartments in the Bronx are cheaper than Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. However, some areas are outpacing the rest of the borough, and median rents for 1-bedroom apartments in Mott Haven, Hunts Point and the Grand Concourse have risen by a third since 2013. As such, its important that you carefully consider other variables such as apartment size and quality of neighbourhood when looking for furnished apartments in the Bronx.

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    Notable Average Rent In Nyc Statistics

    Common questions related to NYC rent include: how much is an apartment in New York City? How much does an apartment cost in NYC? The average rent price in NYC for a market-rate walk-up apartment is well below the overall city average, which effectively paints a different picture of NYC rent affordability. However, the supply of walk-up apartments is very low relative to luxury apartments. There is roughly a 7:1 listings ratio of Elevator Doorman apartments to Walk Up apartments at any given time. Days on market for walk-up apartments move quicker which shows how high in demand they are and how quickly apartments move at lower price points even in times of Covid. Looking for one of these hidden gems? Here is an active list of Walk-Up Apartments for rent.

    The vast majority of apartment availabilities in NYC are in Luxury Elevator Doorman buildings which is why overall average rent prices in NYC are skewed much higher. Do you have the budget and want to live in one of these luxury apartment buildings? Here is an active list of Luxury Doorman Elevator buildings for rent. There are plenty of options to choose from.

    Neighborhoods In New York

    NYC Apartment Prices are SKYROCKETING (How Much?)



    Brooklyn is known as Manhattans cheaper, cooler borough. Its a hip place to live, with everything from swanky rooftop soirees, street art, and beer gardens to bohemian bungalow communes and village-like neighborhoods with vintage-cool cottages. Plus, youll have the 100-year-old roller coaster known as the Coney Island Cyclone.

    Rental prices are still sky-high in much of this popular borough, though you can get a little more bang for your buck: like a window, a small yard, or a bathroom that you wont have to share. If you can handle the commute, then rental prices on the far south and east sides of Brooklyn are a bit more reasonable.


    Queens is beautiful, spacious, and diverse – even by New York standards. There are over 138 different languages spoken here, and half the population is made up of immigrants. The character and spice contrast downtowns glitz and glamour in the best possible way. Here, you can smoke shisha in Little Egypt, dance like a Dominican at Jubilee, eat the best Xiao Long Bao in the city, and pick up $2 rib-filled pastries at Cheburechnaya .

    The most popular neighborhoods in Queens are Long Island City and Astoria, where youll find plenty of nightlife, concerts, green spaces and yoga in the park. Also, be sure to check out the Queens Botanical Garden, Queens Zoo, the Noguchi Museum, Queens Museum, Queens County Farm Museum, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, and the Louis Armstrong House.

    The Bronx

    South Bronx


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    Proof: New York Really Was Way Cheaper In The 1980s

    Everyone knows that New York used to be cheaper back in the 80s, but without adjusting for inflation, it can be hard to get a sense of the historical savings as anything other than abstract.

    But if you’d like your relative rent burden thrown into harsher perspective, Apartment List compiled a report on how median rents versus renter income have changed in American cities since 1980, and the numbers are just as stark as you might have guessed.

    Find Your Next Place

    The site crunched census numbers in major cities going all the way back to 1960, and found that nationwide, inflation-adjusted rents went up by a whopping 64 percent, while “real household incomes” rose by just 18 percent. As such, in 2014, 49 percent of US renters were considered rent-burdened, compared to 24 percent in 1960.

    There are also these graphs Apartment List put together of how median rent and renter income have changed since 1980, both in NYC and in the U.S. at large:

    “Inflation-adjusted renter incomes in New York City have increased around 22 percent since 1980, compared to a decline of 2 percent for the U.S. as a whole,” Andrew Woo, Apartment List director of data science & growth, tells us via email. “Rents in NYC have skyrocketed, however, jumping more than 70 percent over that time period , making the city an unaffordable place to live overall.”

    Perhaps time we all packed our bags, headed south, and made our best efforts to keep things weird?

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