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How Much Is A New York Pass

Terms And Conditions For The New York Pass

New York City rolls out Fair Fares transit program
  • You will be issued a gate-ready New York Pass, enabling you to start using your Pass as soon as you arrive in New York. The New York Pass will be available to download from your customer account shortly after your order processes. Print your Pass or present it directly on your mobile device to get into each attraction.
  • Some featured attractions may require advanced reservations. The steps required for making reservations may be found under the ‘Reservations’ section of the The New York Pass digital guidebook . It is your responsibility to check each attractions admission policies, hours of operation, and special instructions for getting in before you go.
  • The New York Pass is activated the first time you use it and is then valid for the number of consecutive days purchased.
  • You can visit each attraction just once with the New York Pass.
  • There is no refund for any unused days.
  • Attractions can be withdrawn at any time without notice. There are no refunds if a particular attraction is withdrawn.
  • Cancellation Policy: Tickets can be cancelled for free up to your holiday departure date provided that you have not already used your ticket to pre-book attractions.

What New York Passes Are There

In most cities theres only a single City Card. In New York, five of these offers exist. There are actually six really, since one of the passes is available in two very different variations.

That doesnt make it any less difficult, but thats what our New York pass comparison is for.

In the following table, youll find an initial overview of the available passes. Following the table, youll find more detailed information about every pass, as well as the advantages and disadvantages.


Beware of supposed rebate codes for the New York Pass: rebate codes for the New York Pass circulate on some websites that allow you to get a 20% rebate off the pass, for example. This rebate is only on the original price of the pass though. Because the prices on the site are always reduced anyways, sometimes youll pay more with a rebate code than without.

What Does The Freestyle Pass Offer

The New York Freestyle Pass offers you a choice of some 40 attractions.

Depending on which variation of the pass you choose, you can select 3, 5 or 7 of these attractions.

In addition, the pass always offers a 72 hour ticket for the Hop-on-Hop-off-Busses from Grayline.

In these 72 hours, you can use the three bus lines as often as you like, and can additionally take part in a night ride and use a Hop-on-Hop-off-Boat.

The following attractions are also included:

  • Top of the Rock, One World Observatory and the Statue of Liberty
  • All major museums
  • Various tours
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    New York Pass Review: Is It Worth The Price

    New York City is known for several things to experience and various monuments to see.

    NYC is expensive and every museum or attractions cost anywhere between $18 to $35.

    If you visit two to three places in a day, it can cost you $75+ straightaway. Exploring the free sights is equally exciting and fun but if you want to check out every nook and corner of the city, you need to think of a better way to travel.

    First and foremost, the pass is for those who are keen on exploring the top attractions, taking the guided tour or using the hop-on-hop-off bus.

    If you have already been to the attractions and are not interested in visiting them again, the pass is not for you. It is an ideal solution for a first-time visitor who wants to explore everything possible in the time they have.

    The New York Pass can help you see the best of the city. However, is the pass a good deal or is it a waste of your money?

    The answer depends on how you like to travel. There are some people who managed to save a lot of money with the pass while many others think it is too restrictive.

    Here is my New York Pass Review.

    What About Fast Tracks

    Is the New York pass worth it?

    Please know that attraction passes primarily focus on price, not on time. That being said, the passes do include a few fast tracks that allow you to skip the line. They are, however, not that many. The CityPASS does not offer any fast tracks. You can, however, upgrade your tickets at the attractions at additional costs.

    Sightseeing Flex Pass

    • Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park Ice Rink
    • Empire State Building

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    Where To Buy Your New York Pass

    The best and cheapest place to buy the pass directly from the New York Pass website and then you just download it instantly to the NY Pass App. Super easy.

    No Funny Business

    The Savvy Backpacker is reader-supported. That means when you buy product/services through links on the site, I may earn an affiliate commission it doesnt cost you anything extra and it helps support the site.

    Thanks For Reading! James

    Pick An Attractions Pass

    This pass is for the visitors who have already made up their minds to visit certain tourist attractions and tours. You will have a plethora of options to choose from in a set of 3, 5 or more as per your preference. Whats the best part about this pass, you may ask? The answer: you will straightaway save 50% on the retail cost of each attraction.

    Furthermore, with convenient flexibility to enjoy you can make the sets as per the attractions that have always lured you. Also, with this pass, you will be successful in saving more if you purchase the pass with more number of hotspots to visit. New York Explorer Pass and Sightseeing Flex Pass are the prevalent pick your attraction passes that let you enjoy the crème de la crème of New York City.

    P.S. You will enjoy the fast track entry by skipping the lines at the chosen attractions that will save you a lot of your invaluable time and energy.

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    Ny Sightseeing Flex Pass

    Are you utterly bamboozled yet? Stay with me this is the final NYC pass option!

    The NY Sightseeing Flexpass is a little different to the others. This one is valid for 30 days and you get to choose the number of attractions that you want to visit from over 90 different options. This is ideal if you have been to NYC before or have limited time to sightsee and only want to see a few things. Even if you just want to see two attractions, you can save 50% and you will get fast track entry at some attractions. Plus, you also get the free 250-page guidebook, detailing all attractions and special offers available to Pass holders.

    Important Advice: Start Early And Plan Ahead

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    Once in a while I’ll get a message from someone who bought the New York Pass and didn’t feel like it was good value. I’ve noticed that these unfortunate visitors tend to make two major mistakes, and if you can avoid them you should be very happy with your purchase.

    1. Start early in the day, around 9am if possible

    Believe it or not, even New York City’s top attractions tend to be somewhat uncrowded in the morning, so getting an early start is essential. If you can leave your hotel by around 9am you’ll have time for two popular attractions before lunch, and then time for two or three more before dinner. You’ll still have the whole evening open for dinner and other fun, or you can visit the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock observation decks for amazing views. But if you don’t get out until almost noon, you’ll feel rushed and behind schedule all day because every place you go will be crowded.

    2. Plan your route ahead of time

    Many of NYC’s top attractions are clustered together, so if you plan ahead you can see a few things in a short time on foot. The New York Pass comes with a free and handy smart phone app , and it has all the included attractions on one map, with the hours and description for each just one click away. If you plan your route before you leave in the morning you can see a lot, but if you only plan one thing at a time you’ll quickly get frustrated.

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    What Is The Ny Pass

    The NY Pass is the Ultimate Sightseeing Pass and probably the most-well known NYC tourist pass. The pass includes admission to over 100 different New York City attractions.

    If you were to purchase admission to all the attractions individually, it would cost you over $2000. The price of the NY Pass depends on how many days you want to use the pass. You can visit as many of the attractions as you want or can fit in during the time your pass is valid.

    The New York Pass could also make a great gift for someone that is planning to visit NYC.

    New York Pass Quick Review

    In a hurry? Here are the broad strokes.

    The New York City Pass is a GOOD deal if:

    • You want to see a lot and you dont mind packing your day with activities.
    • Youre only in NYC for a few days.
    • Youre a first-time visitor.
    • Youre already planning on visiting most of the expensive attractions.
    • You want to use the Hop-on-Hop-off bus tour.
    • You want to skip the ticket lines at multiple attractions.

    The New York City Pass is NOT A GOOD deal if:

    • Youre on a super tight budget.
    • You only want to see a few paid attractions.
    • Youre in NYC for an extended period of time so you can spread out the sightseeing.
    • You have a valid student ID many museums have student prices but youll want to double-check.

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    Why Is The Empire State Building A Must See

    The Empire State Building is one of the best-known landmarks of New York City. Its an instantly recognisable symbol thats graced the NYC skyline since 1931. From the observation deck, you can see an incredible view of New York and on a clear day, you can see for miles, including views of up to five states.

    New York City Pass Attractions

    Travel Costs in New York City: How Much We Spent in a Week ...

    The New York CityPASS includes a total of 9 attractions, of which you can visit 6. Three of the six tickets are pre-selected for you and cant be changed. For the other three, you have a choice between two options. You do not need to make these choices when you purchase the City Pass NYC. The pass allows you to stay flexible and choose your attractions as you go.

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    How To Get Around In Nyc

    You can simply read the subway map and create your own route but if you like it a little bit more convenient, download one of the many apps for the Subway in New York City that helps you to navigate around.

    In case you are wondering which NYC subway app is the best: The official app of the NYC Subway is myMTA. They also show you delays. Other than that we mostly use Google Maps, because the app not only shows you the subway but also the busses, bike lanes and routes if you want to walk the distance to your final destination.

    Can The Empire State Building Withstand A Hurricane

    Not really. They can blow out windows and debris tossed about can do that too, but the buildings themselves are built to flex and sway specifically because theyre already subject to crazy-high winds as it is. Just as an example, the Empire State Building is built to handle 100mph winds without too much trouble.

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    Where The New York Pass Falls Short

    Ill be honest, its pretty hard to come up with a bunch of disadvantages to the New York Pass. I think its one of the best sightseeing passes available in any city. But there is one glaring omission I have to mention.

    Unlike some of my other favorite sightseeing passes, like the Paris Passand the Vatican & Rome Card, the New York Pass does not have an option for using the public transportation system.

    In my opinion, using the subway and bus system is the best way to get around NYC. Sure, taxi rides are faster, but they can cost a fortune. While you can certainly purchase your own MetroCard here, adding a transportation option would be a nice addition to this pass.

    Another thing some may find disappointing is that the New York Pass does not include access to the pedestal or crown at the Statue of Liberty. But trust me, when it comes to the crown, you arent missing anything.

    I spent about 4 hours climbing stairs inside the statue to reach the crown. It wasnt worth it. In fact, the view is far better from the observation deck although tickets for the observation deck on the pedestal are no longer included either.

    With that said, if youve got your heart set visiting the crown or the pedestal, youll need join the waiting list and purchase your tickets separately.

    What Happens If You Go Through Ez Pass Without It In Ny

    NYC vaccine mandate putting restaurant owner in impossible position

    If you do not have E-ZPass, an image of your license plate is captured and a Toll Bill is mailed to the registered owners address on file with DMV. Toll Bills are mailed approximately 30-40 days after your first date of travel. If you dont want to wait for the Bill, you can search and pay for tolls by license plate.

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    Circle Line Harbor Cruise

    Even though you started the morning on the HOHO bus, this harbor tour by boat is actually the best way to see Manhattan as well as get the best views of the Statue of Liberty. From the Empire State Building, you should hop in a taxi or book an Uber to the Circle Line Pier 83 at far west 42nd Street. If traffic is heavy you can take a subway and get most of the way there, and then walk the final few blocks.

    As mentioned a bit above, the Circle Line Cruise schedule is different in different seasons. They always offer an evening cruise at 6pm or 7pm, but in the warmer months they also have cruises leaving at 4pm or 4:30pm. During the warm months, you might have time to catch one of these cruises, which frees more of your evening up.

    Seriously, these cruises are really wonderful, and quite relaxing after so much sightseeing during the day. Not only do you see much more of the Manhattan skyline than from any other vantage point, but every Circle Line Cruise also goes to the base of the Statue of Liberty and spends 5 to 10 minutes there allowing passengers to get the best photos possible . I’ve done these cruises at least 5 times now because I take new NYC visitors on them whenever I have the chance.

    Here’s A Great Way To Build An Itinerary For 2 Or 3 Days With A New York Pass

    If you are like most others, your visit to New York City will be 4 days or fewer and the 2-day or 3-day New York Pass will be all the time you have. If this is the case you can maximize your time AND see the most memorable sights by starting with an itinerary like this.

    Day 1: Hop-on, hop-off bus tour, Empire State Building , Madame Tussauds, and one other attraction of your choice

    Day 2: Circle Line Cruise, 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Met Museum , and Top of the Rock observation deck at night.

    Even if you only have two sightseeing days in New York City, you can do the attractions above quite easily in two days. Altogether they would cost around $300 for an adult, and a 2-day New York Pass is still under $200. If you have a third sightseeing day you can usually get a 3-day New York Pass for only a bit more because there are often promotional prices, and you’ll still have another full day to get value and see the things that interest you most.

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    How Does It Work

    The New York Pass can be used in two ways: either by downloading the mobile pass with their app, or getting a physical pass which you can collect on arrival in New York or have delivered to your house.

    After you activate the pass, you can take it to any included attraction and present it to the cashier in order to receive free admission.

    Some activities will require reservations to be made ahead of time, but most of the services included can be enjoyed simply by walking up to the ticket counter and showing your pass.

    In addition to this, youll also enjoy skip-the-line privileges at certain locations, which could save you a lot of valuable time!

    How Long Is Nysc Free Trial

    4 Days in New York: How much spending money?

    You can enjoy a 30-day trial at any NYSC gym for less than two dollars a day

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