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How Do I Find Divorce Records In New York

He Lied About Where He Went To High School

Vital Records: (Where to Find Birth, Marriage, Death and Divorce Records for Genealogy)

Santos, whose parents emigrated from Brazil, says he attended the Horace Mann School in the Bronx during his first years of high school but had to leave the prestigious private academy in his senior year because my parents fell on hard times, which was something that would later become known as the depression of 2008. But a spokesperson for the school told CNN in December that there was no evidence he attended Horace Mann. Later, he obtained a high-school equivalency diploma.

What Is A Pennsylvania Divorce Record

A divorce record holds more information than both a divorce certificate and divorce decree. Contained in a divorce record is everything in the other two types of documents, plus every file, document, and judgement created as a result of the divorce process. A divorce record acts as the case record for a divorce. Upon getting a divorce, each party is given a copy of this document and it is recommended to keep it for personal records. This type of record can be obtained online in the same way one can obtain other public records. These records are not available through the Division of Vital Records. Instead, they are available from the county courthouse where the divorce was completed. The list of these courthouses is available online. There is also a live map of all the county courts of Pennsylvania. Only the parties involved can access these records.

Where And How To Obtain Buffalo Divorce Records

Divorce records in New York may only be requested by the couple involved in the divorce or their legal representatives. Buffalo City divorce records are obtained by contacting the Erie County Clerk who is the custodian of these records. The records can be obtained in person or by mail. Requesters will need to fill the divorce record request form available on the county clerkâs website. The form will need to be printed and notarized and then returned in person or by mail to the county clerks office at:

The Erie County Clerks Office,Actions and Proceedings office,92 Franklin Street,Buffalo, NY 14202

The requester will also be required to provide identification to show they are authorized to request the record. If a case index number is not given in the form then requesters will be charged a search fee to locate the record. The fees for the records should be in money order or check payable to the Erie County Clerk. Cash is only accepted if the request is made in person.

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What Information Is In A Divorce Record

Divorce records contain information from divorce certificates, divorce decrees, and information about the divorce case itself. Divorce certificates enclose identifying information about spouses and the date of divorce. Divorce decrees include information from divorce certificates alongside the courts final judgment regarding the divorce, such as settlements.

Divorce records consist of the divorce certificate and decree alongside general case documents, including:

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And He Did Not Have Employees Who Died In The Pulse Shooting

How To Get A Copy Of Your Divorce Decree  Collaborative Practice Toronto

In an interview with WNYC following his election, Santos said he lost four employees in the Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016. But the Timesfound that he lied about yet another historic tragedy: None of the 49 victims at the Orlando club worked at any of the companies he has named in his biographies.

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Divorce In New York: 1847present

In 1847 the power was transferred to Supreme Court in each countyeach County Clerk has maintained an index to “matrimonial actions” .

All of these county indexes are open to the public, but researchers should note that the divorce files themselves are sealed for 100 years. If the divorce was granted more than 100 years ago, you can examine the file, which is usually in the custody of the County Clerk. In some counties other departments maintain these records, so looking into the details of the county of interest is highly necessary.

Even without access to the full file, the index can contain valuable information about the event.

The New York Family History Research Guide and Gazetteer addresses more recent divorces in the chapter on vital records:

Divorce certificates have been issued in New York State since 1963 certificates for divorces in New York State and New York City are filed with the New York State Department of Health in Albany. Without a court order, the parties to the divorce are the only persons who may obtain certificate copies.

Is The Money Legit

Not everyone is buying the story that Santos earned his money how he says he did. As the Timesnotes, Devolder had no public website or LinkedIn page, and on his campaign financial disclosure, he did not list any clients. In a campaign bio, Santos once described Devolder as his familys firm and said it was managing $80 million in assets. At times, Santos would even go by the name Anthony Devolder.

Where did that money come from? asked Representative Dan Goldman of Brooklyn, referring to the $700,000 Santos lent his own campaign.

When asked about the $700,000 during an appearance on Stephen Bannons show War Room, Santos dodged the question, instead quipping, Well, Ill tell you where it didnt come from. It didnt come from China, Ukraine or Burisma.

There are other concerns about campaign donations, like the $25,000 Santos received from a group called RedStone Strategies which never registered with the Federal Election Commission as a political group.

Any skepticism about Santoss finances has been amplified by his alleged fraud. In 2008, when Santos was 19 and living in Brazil, court records show he was charged with stealingthe checkbook of a man his mother was caring for and wrote $700 in fraudulent checks, including for a pair of shoes.

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How To Find Divorce Records In Tennessee

Contact the Tennessee Department of Health and Vital RecordsYou can request a copy of divorce records by in person, online or by mailOnline divorce record certificates are serviced by a 3rd party company called Vital CheckProcessing times vary depending on the method of obtaining a divorce certificate copyCopies of Tennessee Divorce Certificates are $15 each

  • Brianna Esays:

    I am looking for a date of divorce and nothing more. This is for Kevin C Berthelsen and was married in Jackson County Mo. should be around 1989-1991.

  • squarryadministrator


    We dont show any Missouri divorce decree dates in our database resources. You might also want to check with the Missouri Department of Health and Vital Records as they manage the divorce records for the state of Missouri. You can also contact your Missouri county courthouse clerk.

    So Where Did His Money Come From

    New York Vital Records (Search Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce, and Genealogy Online).

    When Santos first ran for Congress in 2020, he filed a disclosure showing a salary of $55,000 working as a vice-president at a business-development company called LinkBridge Investors, where he says he introduced investors to hedge-fund managers. Soon after that failed run, he started working at a Florida investment firm called Harbor City Capital. When he was employed there in 2020, Santos said he managed a $1.5 billion fund and bragged of record returns of 12 to 26 percent, depending on the type of investment. That year, according to CNN, a customer told Santos that the companys promise that they had a full bank guarantee on investments was bogus: Deutsche Bank claims is a complete fraud and not signed by the bank officer on the document, they wrote. Santos replied that they were 100% legitimate.

    But in April 2021, the Securities and Exchange Commission accused Harbor City of being a Ponzi scheme that stole $17 million from investors. The companys assets are currently in mediation with an independent receiver appointed to manage them.

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    He Never Worked On Wall Street Either

    His campaign bio states he worked at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, but representatives for both companies told the Times they had no record of his employment. The lies werent that hard to figure out: Santos said he worked in Citis real-estate wing in the 2010s, though the bank sold off its asset-management operations when he was in high school. After Santos was sworn into Congress, the Times obtained a copy of his inflated resumé claiming that he graduated in the top one percent of his class at Baruch, earned an M.B.A. at NYU, and was able to double the revenue on the project he worked on at Goldman:

    You can read George Santos’s résumé for yourself, courtesy of reporting by the NYT:

    Nicholas Fandos

    Full Divorce By Act Of Parliament

    In order to remarry, a full divorce by Act of Parliament was required. Before 1858 fewer than 300 full divorces were granted. Only four of the petitioners were women and they had to prove life-threatening cruelty by their husband.

    You can find divorce acts in the Parliamentary Archives. Only a few examples exist in The National Archives in C 89 and C 204.

    C 89/15/20-21 contains the first true parliamentary divorce in 1670, between John Manners, Lord Roos, and Lady Anne Pierpont. This created a precedent for parliamentary divorces on the grounds of the wifes adultery.

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    How Do I Find Divorce Records In New York

    New York divorce records are not available from Family Courts. These are provided by the Supreme Court and usually maintained by County Clerks. To find divorce records, visit the office or website of the county where the divorce was filed and finalized.

    County Clerks offices usually provide separate forms for requesting certified copies of divorce judgements. You can find a downloadable copy of this form on the county or court website. Note that copies of divorce judgements are only provided to the parties involved and their attorneys of record. A third-party may obtain these records by presenting a court order granting access to them or providing a notarized statement from one of the parties involved in the divorce.

    The New York State Department of Health also provides copies of divorce certificates upon request. Its records include divorces granted in the state from 1963 to the present. The Department of Health only releases divorce certificates to the parties involved. A third party may obtain this document by presenting a New York State Court Order granting access.

    How To Find Annulment Records

    The Reilly Family: 2012

    To find annulment records you can visit the courthouse where your annulment was filed and request a copy of your annulment record from the court clerk. There will be a small fee for a certified copy of your annulment and you must show photo ID.

  • James Jonessays:

    How do i get a list of recent divorces in my city?

  • squarryadministrator

    You will want to contact the relevant family divorce courthouse and inquire with the clerk if this is possible. Most divorce courts will have a record of divorces, annulments and legal separations that can sometimes go back several decades. Even though this is public record they might not be able to hand you a list but its a good starting place. If they cant provide you with a list of divorces they can probably point you in the right direction.

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    Does New York Recognize Common

    The State of New York does not recognize Common-Law Marriages. Since 1933, the state has prohibited such unions. However, New York accepts common law weddings as legitimate if they occur in states where such marriages are legal and valid. By acknowledging common-law unions formed in other states, New York implements and enforces the âfull faith and creditâ provision of the United States Constitution, which states that states must accept the legal decisions of other states, including marriages. Thus, if someone who has a common law marriage in one of the ten states that accept such marriages as legal moves to New York, the State would recognize that marriage as lawful.

    Its Unclear If His Mothers Death Was Related To 9/11

    In July 2021, Santos wrote on Twitter that the September 11 attacks claimed my mothers life. On December 23, 2021, he said it was the fifth anniversary of his mothers passing, a loss confirmed by her obituary. On his campaign website, Santos claimed his mother was in her office in the South Tower on September 11 and that she passed away a few years later when she lost her battle to cancer. Aside from the fact that people rarely refer to 15 years as a few years, there is no record of Santoss mother suffering from the well-documented health problems caused by toxic debris following the attacks. There is no evidence she was at the World Trade Center on 9/11, and though Santos has claimed she was a finance executive, public employment records obtained by NBC News list her only known employer as an imports business in Queens that folded in 1994. The Timesreported that she once worked as a nurse in Brazil.

    Weeks after Santoss lies were made public, two genealogists found documents showing that his mother was in Brazil in September 2001.

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    How To Look Up Family Law Cases In New York

    The New York Unified Court System has a central online portal for accessing cases filed in courts around the state. The eCourts platform provides a dedicated section for active cases in Family Courts in all 62 counties of New York. It also includes ongoing cases filed in New York Integrated Domestic Violence Courts in select counties with such courts.

    To look up a family law case, visit the WebFamily section of the portal. There, you can search the calendars of the states Family Courts as well as find their locations and serving judges. You can search for cases by providing their file or docket numbers. The portal also allows anyone to see the complete list of cases handled by a firm or an attorney currently tried at New York Family Courts.

    His Grandmother Was Definitely Not A Holocaust Victim

    How to find Divorce Record

    In an interview with a conservative podcast in May 2022, Santos said his grandparents survived the Holocaust, and his campaign bio claimed that they fled persecution during WWII.

    For a lot of people who are descendants of World War II refugees or survivors of the Holocaust, a lot of names and paperwork were changed in name of survival, Santos told Fox News last year, claiming he had Ukrainian heritage on his mothers side.

    Apparently according to genealogy records reviewed by CNN and the Forward, this did not apply to his family. Theres no sign of Jewish and/or Ukrainian heritage and no indication of name changes along the way, genealogist Megan Smolenyak told CNN. Multiple family records show that Santoss maternal grandparents were born in Brazil. The name is common among Catholic families in Brazil.

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    His Campaign Has Also Reportedly Caused A Lot Of Trouble

    After Santos was sworn in, CNBC reported that a campaign staff member named Sam Miele impersonated the chief of staff of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy during the 2020 and 2022 cycles to raise money.

    Further reporting from TalkingPointsMemo showed that Santos campaign staffers charged a credit card on file for donors without their permission and racked up huge unexplained expenses and payments to anonymous as well as payments to themselves.

    Where Do I Get A Copy Of A Divorce Decree

    Divorce records dating since July 1, 1847, are filed in the office of the county clerk where the divorce proceeding occurred.

    Divorce records dating prior to July 1, 1847, are filed either at the New York State Archives or the New York County Clerk’s Office, 31 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007 phone 374-4376 .

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    Are New York Divorce Records Public Or Confidential

    Generally, when cases are litigated, the court papers become part of the public record. Family and matrimonial cases in New York, however, are different. They remain confidential, and cannot be accessed without a court order.

    Under New York Domestic Relations Law Section 235:

    An officer of the court with whom the proceedings in a matrimonial action or a written agreement of separation or an action or proceeding for custody, visitation or maintenance of a child are filed, or before whom the testimony is taken, or his clerk, either before or after the termination of the suit, shall not permit a copy of any of the pleadings, affidavits, findings of fact, conclusions of law, judgment of dissolution, written agreement of separation or memorandum thereof, or testimony, or any examination or perusal thereof, to be taken by any other person than a party, or the attorney or counsel of a party, except by order of the court.

    Where Can I Find Wisconsin Divorce Records

    A Record of Those Who Came Before Us: October 2012

    You can order them from the Wisconsin Vital Records Office . Birth, marriage, death, and divorce records are also available through Wisconsin county Register of Deeds offices . For Wisconsin birth and death records you can also contact the Milwaukee City Health Office or the West Allis City Health Office .

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