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24 Hour Emergency Dentist Bronx Ny

Seeing Emergency Dentist No Insurance

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Unfortunately, the lack of dental insurance is still a number one reason for many to avoid regular visits to a dentist. 209 NYC Dental offers services to private patients. We offer reasonable fees along with various payment options. If you do not have dental insurance and are experiencing a dental emergency in NYC, it is possible to get the dental treatment you need.

209 NYC Dental offers a Dental Emergency Evaluation. The cost of the Dental Emergency Evaluation visit is $125. It includes a limited oral exam that is, an evaluation of a SPECIFIC problem with one periapical x-ray and one bitewing x-ray if needed. The x-rays are required to determine the possible cause and treatment necessary to resolve the issue.

If you need additional treatment beyond the emergency evaluation, our treatment coordinators will discuss with you cost of the required treatment. Our practice accepts all major credit cards, as well as outside financing from companies such as CareCredit.

What Is A Dental Emergency

A dental emergency is a condition that involves the teeth and supporting tissues. It is an issue that needs to be treated by a dental specialist. Dental emergencies do not necessarily cause pain. However, pain is a common signal that something needs to be evaluated.

Other signs of dental emergency include:

  • Serious infection
  • Severe pain in the oral cavity

When youre in pain, handling tooth pain can be tricky. Assessing your care and finding the best treatment is what our dental practice does. Your local Bronx emergency dentists goal is to relieve your pain and discomfort and to get you back to your life and routine as soon as possible.

Emergency Dentist Bronx Ny 10454

Emergency Dental Service is an online resource for patients that are experiencing a dental related emergency. We directly partner with local dentist in Bronx, NY 10454 that are open during off peak hours and weekends to help patients find a same-day or next-day appointment. Our services include: direct scheduling with dental providers, insurance verifications, discounted dental plans, and dental financing for emergency, specialty, and cosmetic dental procedures.

For patients that are looking for an emergency dentist with no insurance or extra cash/credit to pay for their dental emergency, EDS now offers multiple financing options to help cover unexpected dental expenses. Get an Instant approval : .

To schedule a same-day appointment, simply call , enter your zip code, and our patient support team will help you find a dentist immediately.

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Hour Dentist Ofbronx Ny

A 24-Hour Dentist truly goes above and beyond because they are available 24 hours a day for your convenience. This means that no matter what time of day or night you have a dental emergency, you can receive the treatment that you so desperately need. A 24-hour dentist could work at a 24-hour emergency dental center or just might be an on-call dentist that is available at any time- day or night.

Because this type of dentist is committed to working such odd hours, they are naturally the most difficult to locate. In fact, your local area may not even have an emergency dental facility. However, theres no need to fear because if you do require dental assistance at 2 oclock in the morning, we can still help you find a dentist near you that can help.

Believe it or not, most emergency rooms have a 24-hour dentist on staff in order to accommodate those patients who happen to have dental emergencies that require immediate medical attention that occur after normal business hours. In the event that there arent any 24-hour dental centers located in your area, you will be connected with the nearest dentist that will be able to see you ask quickly as they possibly can.

Why Choose 247dental For Your Emergency Dental Treatment


Our team has emergency dentists who are located in Bronx, NY and can address your pain and resolve the problem. We are on call 24/7 to assist you in any emergency dental care. We can arrange a same-day or next-day appointment to ensure you receive treatment in the most efficient time possible. Patients who are currently patients get dental emergency care after hours even when we are closed.

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Emergency Dental Care Usa Bronx

Understanding how to find emergency dental care in the Bronx area is the first step to getting out of pain during a dental emergency. There are several dental referral websites that you can search in order to find a dentist near you that has availability during your time of emergency.

Having the knowledge of what to do in a dental emergency is very critical. There are several things that a patient can do in order to prevent a small dental problem from getting worse. Most dentist recommend calling an emergency hotline and getting advice from a license professional in the case of an emergency. The number one recommendation is to keep calm and immediately find a way to ease pain, either through over the counter medication or a doctorâs subscription. Emergency dental care that is handled at home the proper way will most likely prevent you from having a costly dental bill and sometimes save a broken or fractured tooth.

There are many resources that you can use to locate a dentist near you that will help with a dental emergency. Most of the resources are accessible online and have an easy way for you to call and get additional information. Some of the top emergency dental resources include: Emergency Dental Service, 1-800-Dentist, Emergency Dentists USA, Emergency Dental Care, 24 Hour Dental, & Aspen Dental.

Emergency Dental Care In The Bronx

At Morris Park Dental of the Bronx, weve been addressing dental emergencies for over 40 years. Some dental emergencies can include a toothache, abscess, cavities, infections, and chipped or broken teeth. If not treated immediately, some dental emergencies can cost you a tooth or threaten your health by increasing your risk for diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. Seemingly small problems can turn into large ones when left untreated. Its important to know the difference between standard dental issues, which can wait, and an emergency that should be addressed as quickly as possible. Our team readily provides emergency dental care in the Bronx.

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Emergency Dentist Bronx Ny

It takes only a single telephone call to locate an emergency dentist in Bronx NY. Emergency Dentists USA is the top place for you to find the closest 24 hour dental professional to your location. Call our 24 hr, 7 day a week hotline and youll be sitting in the practice of an after hours dental office in Bronx right away! Our associates ensure it is our objective to get connected to dental professionals who definitely have after hours dental clinic offices across the nation, and this includes Bronx, NY. Weve put together a listing of dental offices coming from across the nation which provide emergency dental care.

After browsing our directory, if you are unable to access a dentist, please use the Bronx emergency situation telephone number we provide to find appointments with weekend and evening dentists in Bronx. Twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week youll be able to reach the providers at our emergency dental telephone, simply call today and then get placed in connection with a Bronx after hours dental clinic.

What To Expect At The Emergency Dentist

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Visiting an emergency dentist shouldnt be too different from a regular trip to the dental clinic. Take care to speak to the front desk person on the phone ahead of your appointment in order to insure that your paperwork will be ready for when you arrive. The staff at emergency dental clinics are used to seeing patients who are suffering and they will expedite your visit as quickly as possible.

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Where To Go For An Emergency Dentist In Nyc

If you are experiencing a dental emergency or have had a traumatic dental injury, who should you see in New York City? As mentioned above, if you are seeking dental emergency treatment your best option is to find a dental office, not an emergency room. Not every dental clinic sees new patients on an emergency basis, so call first. If you happened to have the misfortune of toothache on off hours looking for the office with extended hours is a given.

As a multi-specialty practice, we believe that having dentists with various expertise is most favorable for patients care, comfort, and convenience. Thus we recommend reviewing the services the dental clinics offer. If you were previously referred for treatment like extraction, or root canal seeing that specialist is strongly advisable. Visiting a general dentist might be a good idea. Since they are most adept at dealing with various types of emergencies they will be able to provide the emergency dental treatment to make you feel better. If necessary they will refer you out after that.

Bronx Emergency Dentists Usa Referral Service

Address: Different Dental Clinics in Bronx, We Recommend you!DDS VariousDescription Call today, 24 hours a day and 7 days every week to talk to our emergency dentist Bronx NY telephone service. Whenever you have got a oral unexpected emergency our own experts can be found right here to assist you to locate the best urgent care dentists in your area. It could be a night time dentist, a Saturday and Sunday dentist, or perhaps a dentist whenever, were the Bronx crisis dental center referrer you want to work together with! The partnerships we now have designed permit us to become connected with countless after hours dental practitioners in the states.

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Emergency Oral Care On Saturday And Sunday

Are you searching for the best urgent dental care in the Bronx? Well, look no further since we are here to help! Unlike other dental centers, we are delighted to welcome our patients seven days a week.

Do you have any questions about emergency dental care? Would you like to schedule an appointment with a top-rated dental specialist? Please contact our dental center for a consultation with a board-certified dentist, Farzin Farokhzadeh, DDS., or call us today if you require immediate dental care.

Farzin Farokhzadeh is a dentist and cosmetic dentist based in the Bronx, NY. Dr. Farokhzadeh received his dental degree at the State University of New York, Stony Brook. He was named as one of the top dentists of America in 2014 and 2017, winner of the 2017 Galler Cup and he was awarded as the Top Invisalign General Dentist in North America.

What To Do If A Tooth Is Knocked Out:

Meet The Team

For permanent teeth that are knocked out, rinse the tooth and put it back in the socket. If you cant get the tooth back in the socket, place it in a container of milk, water or saliva to keep it moist. Do not touch the roots and dont brush the tooth. Contact us IMMEDIATELY for information and emergency treatment the sooner you get to us, the more likely we can save your tooth!

For baby teeth that are unexpectedly knocked out, leave them out and contact us immediately for instructions.

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Pediatric Emergency Dentist In Bronx Ny

Bronx Family Dental Surgeon in Bronx, NY are here to help your child during their time of need. We have Highly Qualified Dentists in pediatric dentistry and will provide the best possible care for your child. We want to ensure that your child feels comfortable and safe during their visit, and will work hard to make sure they have a positive experience. Our goal is to provide Quality Dental Care for every child who walks through our door. We want to ensure that your child has a positive experience at our office, so they will be more likely to visit us again in the future.

Emergency Dentist In Bronx Ny

Use Emergency Dental Services to find emergency dentists that are available 24/7 in the Bronx NY area. Most dentists are closed after normal 9-5 work hours and most weekends but Dr. Greco has a patient care team open 24 hours a day 7 days per week by phone.

At the main office in Bronx, Dr. David Greco is the primary dentist with over 25 years of experience in dentistry. The dental clinic is located at: 2535 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY 10468. Unlike most other dental offices, they are open 24/7 and have many payment options that will help make any dental related emergency affordable.

Dr. Greco is our Bronx Emergency Dental Service pre-screened dentist that has a 24-hour emergency support center to call for any dental related emergency. The emergency dental clinic offers most general dental services that will help to get you out of pain immediately, without having to wait for hours at a traditional emergency room. Some of the most common dental procedures for emergencies include: tooth extractions, repairing broken or chipped teeth, root canals, removing wisdom teeth, fixing a broken or missing crown/filling, and treating a abscess tooth. Use the convenience of our 24-hour emergency call center and weekend hours as a way to receive dental treatment around your schedule.

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What Do You Do If You Have A Dental Emergency

As we mentioned earlier, waiting to see a dentist can make the situation even worse. You need to know how to tell the difference between issues that require emergency dental care and the ones that do not. Typically, here are signs you need our urgent dental care services:

  • A severe and persistent toothache. These may be as a result of a rotten tooth, gum disease, or an infection.
  • Swollen gums and jaw
  • A broken, chipped, or knocked-out tooth from an accident or hard bite
  • Extreme gum bleeding and aching
  • Objects trapped between your teeth
  • Mysterious tooth loss

This isnt a comprehensive list of all the situations where you need emergency dental care, but these are the most common. If you experience any other situation and think you need emergency services, call us right away. We have a wide range of solutions such as extractions, root canals, crowns and bridges, dentures, gum cleaning, and many others designed to suit your needs.

Emergency Dentist In Bronx Ny 10451 263

The Talk

24/7 Emergency Dental care Bronx, NY 263-4605

It happens. Youre out enjoying the kids, playing a high-energy game of touch football. A surprise tackle from your little one results in you chipping a tooth. Or you wake up in the morning bothered by a dull ache in the back of your mouth that quickly escalates into a full-blown toothache. Anytime you experience injury to your teeth, mouth or jaw, its time to see an emergency dentist.

Signs Youre Having a Dental Emergency call us 24-7 in Bronx, NY

Mouth, jaw and neck pain are key indicators you are experiencing a dental emergency. Pain is the universal signal that something is wrong. So, if youre experiencing pain, find the nearest 24-hour dentist in Bronx, NY 10451. Here is a list of issues that you should consider dental emergencies.

  • Bitten Lip or Tongue
  • Lost Dental Filling or Dental Crown

A Dental Practice Built for you! in Bronx, NY 263-4605

Our team exists to support your emergency needs in Bronx, NY. If youre experiencing tooth pain, we can help. Our dentists provide great dental care at convenient hours and affordable prices. We know dental emergencies can be extremely painful, and we are here to help. If youre experiencing serious oral pain in Bronx, NY 10451, call us directly right now!

Services we offer in Bronx, NY 10451:

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Best Emergency Dentist In Bronx Ny

We are the best emergency dentists in Bronx, NY. All of our dentists are highly trained and experienced, so you can always feel safe when you come to your home. We provide a variety of the Best Emergency Dentist Services, so you can find the perfect one for you. Our dentists strive to make sure that each patient leaves with a smile on their face. We want to help you get the dental care that you need so that you can have a healthy mouth for years to come. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the dental care that you need. That’s why we offer a variety of services, including same-day appointments, Walk-ins Dentist Services, and weekend hours. We want to make sure that you’re able to get the dental care that you need when you need it.

Words From Our Patients

  • “…Office was great. Not a long wait. As soon as I came in I was greeted by the girls in the front desk which were amazing and friendly.”

    Yaryly M.

  • “Great experience at Glad Dental! Very professional, personable, staff. They have made me feel good about smiling again. I would HIGHLY recommend.”

    Debra S.

  • “I live over an hour commute from Glad Dental but I can assure you that it is well worth the drive. Thank you, Glad Dental!!!”

    Leon B.

  • “They did very good work, and they made me feel comfortable even though I am deathly afraid of dentists…”

    Kelly M.

  • “… I know that walk-ins are welcomed, the ladies at the front desk are very friendly and helpful, and the dentists are extraordinary.”

    Evelyn T.

  • “I recommend this dental clinic to anyone. The women that work there are so kind and understanding.”

    Verified Patient

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Types Of Dental Emergencies In Our Dental Practice

Accidents happen. Tooth pain can come on suddenly. Most patients are visiting our emergency dentists for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Usually a result of untreated cavities or damage to your tooths root and pulp, toothaches can be constant, throbbing pain. Swab the area with clove oil, use cold compresses, and take over-the-counter medication to relieve the pain until you receive prompt emergency treatment.
  • Broken, chipped, or fractured tooth. Sports injuries, accidents, falls, or hard foods can cause a tooth to chip, crack, or damage. Rinse your mouth with warm water. If youre in pain, cold compresses and over-the-counter pain relievers help. Bring any tooth fragment to our dentist.
  • Knocked-out tooth or tooth needing extraction. Your dentist, open on Saturday, always tries to save your natural tooth. If one gets knocked out, rinse your mouth and the tooth in warm water. Dont touch any tissue at the root of the tooth. Bring the tooth fragment in a container of milk or saline solution to your urgent dental care clinic. If the tooth isnt salvageable, your dentist may have to pull it.

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