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Who Is Leading In The New York Mayoral Race

The Yang Blame Game Begins

New Poll: Garcia Leads NYC Mayoral Race

Andrew Yang, who for months was the races front-runner, badly underperformed expectations on Tuesday night, taking only 11.66 percent of first-place votes in the current count and conceding late in the evening. Now Yang allies who worked on his 2020 presidential campaign are blaming his poor showing on a lobbying firm closely aligned with his mayoral campaign.

The Uprisings Hunter Walker reports that associates of the candidate claim that his mayoral bid was mismanaged by Tusk Strategies. The firm is run by Bradley Tusk, a wealth venture capitalist whom some had cast as a political Svengali, shaping a relatively blank-slate candidate around his policy preferences.

For months, several senior staffers from the presidential campaign offered guidance to Tusk Strategies without response in regards to earned media and digital that were largely ignored, an unnamed senior adviser from the Yang presidential campaign told Walker. This loss is being squarely placed on this firm.

Garcia Rounds Out The Race And Andrew Yang Concedes

Democrat Andrew Yang has ended his mayoral campaign after his fourth-place finish. He conceded Tuesday night.

With 11.7% of votes, former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang will not be moving on to the next stage in his campaign.

Yang conceded after 11 p.m. Tuesday, saying he couldn’t win the nomination with the numbers he had.

“Our city was in crisis,” he said in a speech, “and we believed we could help.”

Curtis Sliwa Wins Republican Mayoral Primary

The Associated Press has the GOP primary for Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the vigilante group the Guardian Angels. To celebrate, he appeared onstage with Rudy Giuliani while talking about refunding the NYPD and taking the handcuffs off the police and putting them on the criminals. Sliwa defeated businessman and taxi-driver advocate Fernando Mateo. In his victory speech, he gave a shout-out to his many pets:

Curtis Sliwa, now officially the Republican nominee for the mayor of the City of New York, notes in his victory speech that each of his 15 rescue cats have their own distinct personalities

Eliza Shapiro

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Not So Fast On The Defund Takeaways

Intelligencers Zak Cheney-Rice pours some water on the idea that Eric Adamss likely win in the mayoral primary is some kind of death knell for defund the police:

Adamss success probably has less to do with his stance on defunding the police, which almost none of his opponents supported either, than with being a skilled and opportunistic politician who performed well for the same reasons that most opportunistic politicians do. As for what this race reveals about the viability of defunding as a political proposal, its hard to say when its primary feature was its absence. Were left with what weve known all along: Politicians tend to avoid unpopular stances, and activists tend to embrace them despite their unpopularity.

This may very well be a revelation to some aspiring progressive champion seeking higher office and will cause them to rethink putting defund the police at the center of their future vote-getting strategies. But the more practical lesson of Adamss triumph is that its still useful to be the guy willing to say whatever it takes to accrue power and influence.

Read the rest of Zaks response here.

Which Way Will Absentee Ballots Break

NYC elections 2021: Race tightens among top candidates for ...

The elections final result almost certainly hinges on more than 124,000 absentee ballots whose ranked-choice votes were not included in the latest tally reported by the Board of Elections. Its not yet clear which of the final candidates has the most to gain from the tranche, but that hasnt stopped speculation focused on which districts returned the most absentee ballots.

A New York Postanalysis found districts that backed Adams during in-person voting have returned more absentee ballots than the districts that backed Garcia, Wiley, or Yang. Garcia would need to win more than half of absentee ballots to surpass Adams in the end, which is doable according to how absentee ballots came disproportionally from the Garcia stronghold of Manhattan.

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Who Is Eric Adams And Who Are The Other Nyc Mayoral Candidates

Adams commanded 31.7% of voters’ first choice preferences in the results released from Tuesday and early voting. Maya Wiley, the former counsel to Mayor Bill de Blasio, was in second with 22.2%. Former sanitation department head Kathryn Garcia had 19.5% in third. And Yang, the entrepreneur riding the momentum of his 2020 presidential run into the mayor’s race, sat in fourth with 11.7%.

Adams, 60, made public safety his campaign’s central message at a time when the city has seen an uptick in crime. He’s also been an advocate for police reform in the past and promised to address racial inequities in the city.

Though briefly registered as a Republican in the 1990s, Adams was first elected to the New York Senate in 2006. He became Brooklyn Borough president in 2013. He would be the city’s second Black mayor.

Born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, and raised in South Jamaica, Queens, Adams grew up in a working-class household and, as a teen, was beaten while in police custody, sparking his desire to become a police officer and change the department from within.

In 1995, he formed 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, an advocacy group that sought to fight racial profiling and police brutality while restoring trust among Black residents.

Bruce Berg, a political science professor at Fordham University who specializes in New York City politics, said Adams, a “homegrown” candidate, gained credibility from both his police and political background.

Who Will Win The New York Mayoral Election

Former presidential hopeful Andrew Yang is leading an energetic campaign ahead of next months Democratic primaries as progressives trail behind.

ByEmily Tamkin

Its election season again in the United States or, at least, it is in the countrys largest city. The New York City mayoral election is not until November, but the Democratic primaries are next month, and the winner will likely go on to become mayor.

New York has had Republican mayors in the recent past among them Rudy Giuliani, who went on to be Donald Trumps attorney. Giuliani, who led the city from 1994 to 2001, was reviled by black and Hispanic New Yorkers but was hailed for his response to the September 11 attacks.

His successor Mike Bloomberg, who was mayor from 2002 until 2013, was also a Republican, though the billionaire then switched political allegiances and spent $500m running as a Democrat in the 2020 presidential primary. But New York remains an overwhelmingly Democratic city, which means that whoever emerges victorious from the Democratic primaries in June will likely triumph in November, too.


Trump shows what Putin gets right about America

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Adams Talks About Black Lives And Knocks Rivals In Freewheeling Speech

Taking the stage at an Election Night party in Williamsburg, he was met by supporters chanting, The champ is here! Adams was his usual, idiosyncratic self, speaking sometimes in the third person and stopped just short of declaring outright victory: New York City said our first choice is Eric Adams.

Speaking for 40 minutes, Adams took shots at the media and his rivals, made a tribute to his late mother, and spoke in particular about the lives of Black New Yorkers, whose votes propelled him into first place. If Black lives really matter, it cant only be against police abuse, said the man who was beaten by cops as a teenager and then became an officer himself. It has to be about the violence tearing apart our communities, he continued, talking about the need for residents to not only be free of guns and crime, but to also have affordable housing and healthy food.

Despite apparently trouncing Wiley and Yang, he couldnt resist taking jabs at them. Adams said he has real experience fighting crime as a cop, opposed to Wileys theoretical experience. He also dunked on Yang, saying some candidates misunderstood is that social media does not pick a candidate. People on Social Security pick a candidate.

Wiley: We Know We Can Win

Leading NYC Mayoral Candidates Harness Star Power To Appeal To Voters

Wiley addressed supporters and the media outside the Parkside Avenue subway station in Brooklyn on Wednesday afternoon, and despite Wiley being nearly ten points behind Adams, she said that she absolutely sees a path to victory. Fifty percent of the votes are going to be recounted. The way that folks ranked their No. 2 and their No. 3 votes are gonna count. Weve known all along that we have strong support in the top rankings. So, were excited about the possibility here, she said. We know we can win. The voters will decide. Were gonna wait patiently.

Wiley was asked if she thought that some of her endorsers, such as Representative Hakeem Jeffries, did her a disservice by ranking Adams high up on their ballots, which could potentially give him a bigger boost.

No, I dont think they did me a disservice because I dont think you can do anyone a disservice by doing democracy, and thats what ranked-choice voting is, Wiley said.

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Andrew Yang Is Leading The New York City Mayors Race But His Policies Are Off Base

This op-ed argues that Andrew Yang is more conservative than people think.

Withpoll after poll confirming Andrew Yangs lead in New York Citys highly contested mayoral race, the narrative that he may win is crystallizing. Sub-headlines from Michelle Goldbergs opinion column in The New York Times and an article in The Atlantic proclaim, respectively, The eccentric-entrepreneur-turned-failed-presidential-candidate is campaigning on a promise to make the city fun again. It might work and His proposals are radical. Hes obsessed with robots. Hes never even worked in government. And next year he might be running New York.

In her comments to Teen Vogue, Sojwal continues, Representation for representation’s sake is an empty measure of social progress. I care much less about the race of my mayor than their commitment to working people, racial justice, expanding health care access, and creating a New York where all of us can thrive and live with opportunity.

Teen Vogue has reached out to Yangs campaign for comment on this op-ed.

Overall, Yangs progressive cred leaves much to be desired. After working as a test-prep executive, he ran a nonprofit called Venture for America , which helped launch start-ups in cities that were devastated by industrial decline and the loss of manufacturing jobs. Although VFA told funders that it would create 100,000 jobs, it created only under 4,000, according to Vox.

The Numbers As They Stand Wednesday

The ranked choice election results provided by the BOE show that after nine rounds, Eric Adams leads with 51.1 percent of the vote over Kathryn Garcias 48.9 percent. In the penultimate round, Garcia bested Maya Wiley by just 347 votes.

This is insane. Kathryn Garcia gets into the final round over Maya Wiley by 347 votes

David Freedlander

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How Does The Voting System Work

Mr Adams is so far well short of the 50% of first-choice votes needed for him to be the outright winner under the ranked preference voting system.

The ranked preference voting system works by eliminating the candidate who comes last and redistributing the ballots cast for them to voters’ second choice candidate. This process is repeated until a candidate passes the 50% threshold. A final result may not be known until July.

Nearly 800,000 votes have been counted from more than 80% of voting precincts. The provisional count shows Mr Adams in the lead in all boroughs except Manhattan, where Ms Garcia is leading.

Absentee Ballots Are In And Theyre Good News For Adams

Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio wins re

The results from nearly 126,000 absentee ballots in the NYC mayoral race were released Tuesday, dropping Eric Adamss lead over Kathryn Garcia from 14,755 votes to just 8,426. While the ballots were expected midafternoon, according to a Board of Elections spokeswoman, they were released just after 6:30 p.m.

Pending lawsuits and challenges and whatever else, Eric Adams is the next mayor of New York City, beating Kathryn Garcia by 8,426 votes out of nearly 1 million cast

David Freedlander

The BOE also notes that there are around 4,000 outstanding ballots that need to be cured before they are added to the tally.

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Asians In Nyc Turn On Dems At Polls Over Gifted & Talented Bias Crimes

Eric Adams now holds a significant lead in the New York City mayoral race, jumping six points ahead of rival Andrew Yang in the latest poll as voters trust the retired police captain most to fight rising crime in the city.The new NY1/ IPSOS poll, conducted in May and released Monday, has Adams topping the pack with 22 percent support from likely Democratic voters, followed by Andrew Yang at 16 percent, and former sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia at 15 percent.Thats an impressive jump for the Brooklyn borough president, who trailed Yang by 9 percent in Aprils poll.

Garcias support also shot up 11 percent from April following New York Times and Daily News endorsements of the former de Blasio administration official.Adamss vault to the front of the pack comes as crime and public safety take center stage in the Democratic primary.

Nearly half of likely voters, 46 percent, told pollsters it should be the top priority of the next administration and the ex-cop leads all other candidates by 22 percentage points when voters were asked who they believe could best handle the issue. However, Yang leads Adams by 6 percentage points 19 to 13 when voters were asked who would best handle reopening the citys economy in the aftermath of the devastating coronavirus pandemic.

And Garcia staked out a razor-thin 1 percentage point lead over Yang and Adams on managing COVID-19, which is inside the polls margin of error of plus-or-minus 4.5 percent.

Who Are The Democratic Candidates

Eric Adams, a centrist candidate, was the first choice of more than 30% of those who voted in person or during the early voting period.

In second place was Maya Wiley, a lawyer who previously served as counsel to the outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio. She is a left-wing progressive candidate who has received support from rising Democratic star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Kathryn Garcia, who was head of New York’s sanitation department, is in third place with nearly 20%.

Both Ms Wiley and Ms Garcia would be New York’s first female mayor Ms Wiley and Mr Adams would be its second black mayor.

“Tonight we took a huge step forward,” Mr Adams was quoted as saying by the New York Times. “As a city we’re going to turn our pain into purpose. We’re going to become a safe, affordable, fair city.”

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Where Are The Exit Polls

Unlike the 2013 primary , it does not look like there will be exit polls helping to inform election watchers where the count may be going. As Larry Rosin, the president of the polling firm Edison Research, told the New York Times: If we arent doing it, its probably no one doing it. Its a very arcane little corner of the research world and not many people hang out in this arcane little corner.

Ranked choice is most likely the reason for the absence, as exit polling is complicated and expensive even in traditional races.

De Blasio Weighs In On Boes Flaws

NBC News Projects Eric Adams Will Win New York City Mayoral Race

De Blasio released a statement Wednesday morning, calling out what he considers to be the fundamental structural flaws of the Board of Elections.

There must be an immediate, complete recanvass of the BOEs vote count and a clear explanation of what went wrong, de Blasio said. The record number of voters who turned out this election deserve nothing less.

The mayor is pushing for a structural rebuild of the Board of Elections, advocating for the state legislature to professionalize the board, remove party affiliation, and make it accountable to the citys elected officials.

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Sliwa Goes After Adams For First Time

Curtis Sliwa was back out on the trail after securing the Republican nomination and took aim at his assumed future general-election opponent, Adams. New York Daily News Shant Shahrigian reports that Sliwa said he blames Adams, an outspoken former NYPD captain, for the end of qualified immunity for the citys officers. In March, the City Council voted to end qualified immunity, making it easier for victims of police misconduct to pursue legal actions against officers. Adams, the Brooklyn borough president, has advocated for the change as a way to bring about police reform. Sliwa said he intends to show that he is the true pro-cop candidate in the race: Theres no doubt Im a tough guy.

New York Elections Board Blames Mayoral Ballot Chaos On Unacceptable Human Error

The New York City Board of Elections on Wednesday released its latest vote totals in the citys mayoral race and apologized for what it called an unacceptable human error after 135,000 test vote records were mistakenly included in an initial tally.

The latest numbers show that Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adamss lead in the Democratic primary has narrowed since primary night, with former city sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia pulling into a close second place. The two are now separated by fewer than 15,000 votes.

Yesterdays ranked choice voting reporting error was unacceptable and we apologize to the voters and to the campaigns for the confusion, the Board of Elections commissioners said in a statement early Wednesday evening.

They defended the citys voting system, arguing that ranked-choice voting was not the problem, instead blaming a human error that could have been avoided.

As we continue to count absentee ballots and run further RCV tabulations, we will do so with a heightened sense that we must regain the trust of New Yorkers, the commissioners added.

On Tuesday afternoon, the board released numbers showing that Adams was leading Garcia by fewer than 16,000 votes. Hours later, the Board of Elections called those results into question, saying there was a discrepancy in the vote tally.

Then, the announcement of the mistaken counting of test ballots came around 10:30 p.m.

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