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When Does The Harry Potter Store Open In New York

Harry Potter Store New York

BRAND NEW Harry Potter Store New York | Full Tour & Walkthrough

New York is considerably more interesting than I expected.- Newt Scamander

  • Harry Potter Store New York

Harry Potter New York is the first official Harry Potter flagship store in the heart of New York City next to the iconic Flatiron building at 935 Broadway.Now open, the storehouses the largest collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products in the world, from pocket money items to rare collectibles. Spanning three floors and over 20,000 sq. ft., the flagship store offers exclusive lines, magical photo opportunities and lots more!

Are you planning a visit to Harry Potter New York?Our newly-opened flagship store is operating a virtual queuing system check our website for more info.

If you cannot visit our magical experience at 935 Broadway, you can shop from a hand-picked selection of Wizarding World products and Harry Potter New York exclusives in our online store.

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935 Broadway

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  • The Harry Potter Flagship Store In New York Is Now Open

    Wizards and witches may have Diagon Alley, but we now have Harry Potter New York a new, three-storey retail experience that houses the largest collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products under one roof. From photo opportunities to upcoming virtual reality experiences, heres just a peek at what to expect.

    Located at 935 Broadway, next to the iconic landmark, the Flatiron building, Harry Potter New York is so much more than a normal shopping experience, offering 15 different themed areas, exclusive products and interactive elements, all celebrating different facets of the wizarding world.

    Upon entering Harry Potter New York, visitors will be greeted with a huge, floating model of Fawkes the phoenix, created especially for this new store. Created by a team of specialist propmakers over a number of months, Fawkes weighs over 100kg and is just one of several meticulously detailed homages you can expect to see. In fact, the shop will be home to hundreds of Wizarding World props, with some authentic items featured in the films on display.

    Due to the many glorious details showcased in the store, fans will find several photo opportunities to try out on each storey, from a Ministry of Magic London-style phone box to an extremely immersive setting where you get to pose inside one of Hagrids boots! Were sure youve never had that photo opportunity before.

    What Should I Wear

    Dress for adventure. Long skirts or flared pants may get tangled up and/or interfere with sensors. For guests experiencing Wizards Take Flight, short skirts are not recommended. For Chaos at Hogwarts, guests will be walking around, so please wear clothing that is comfortable to move in. Guests should wear comfortable walking shoes for their experience. Bare feet, stiletto heels, open-toed shoes, backless shoes, and platform shoes over one and a half inches are not allowed in the Chaos at Hogwarts experience.

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    What Are Your Opening Hours

    We operate Monday through Saturday 9:00 AM- 9:00 PM and Sunday 9:00 AM 7:00 PM. Any changes to this will be publicized on our social channels ahead of time.

    Holidays with regular trading hours include: Martin Luther King Jr Day, Presidents Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Indigenous Peoples Day, Veterans Day.

    During the months of November and December we may adjust store hours to reflect holidays and allow additional time to shop with us. This will be published on social channels ahead of time.

    We will be closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

    Best Time To Visit New York City

    Warner Bros. Is Opening a Flagship " Harry Potter"  Store in NYC

    New York City can be visited year-round, as each season has its own charm. If you want to be able to walk outside, then avoid visiting the city during the winter months. Spring and Fall are the best seasons to visit New York City and the perfect time of the year to be in the city as the first one brings nice weather and green colors to Central Park and the latter the fall foliage and its magnificent color show.

    Do you have any questions about visiting the Harry Potter flagship store in NYC? So, leave it here in the comments and Ill love to answer.


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    Merchandise Prices At Harry Potter Store

    Now, lets talk about prices!

    You can get some stationery items like pencils, pens, and notebooks for about US$ 2, US$ 8, and US$ 15, respectively.

    As for sweets, a Chocolate Frog costs US$ 12, and Every Flavour Beans are US$ 12 in the paper wrapper or US$ 22 in cute tins.

    The wands, which can be of various characters like Harry, Dumbledore, and Hermione, or just from the houses of Hogwarts, cost US$ 38.

    Keyrings and other small souvenir items cost about US$ 10.

    What Happens If I Can No Longer Make My Experience

    Tickets are refundable or may be exchanged up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled experience. For refund requests, please use the link provided in your confirmation email to directly manage your booking online. For exchange requests, please contact us here and we would be happy to assist you with this process, subject to availability. For ticket holders that will not be able to make their scheduled experience and the 24 hour policy has already passed, we will not be able to offer refunds.

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    Harry Potter Flagship Store To Open In Nyc

    There are also plenty of photo ops for Potterheads looking to add some magic to their Instagram feeds. Fans can take photos in the London phone box where they can be transported back to the Ministry of Magic headquarters. Wand engraving, house robe embroidery and other personalized sacraments of sorcery will also be available. All told, more than 1,000 Wizarding World props will be on display, many of which were used in the films.

    Plus, theres a number of virtual reality stations to give visitors the experience of flying, as well as an up-close look at the enchanting Hogwarts campus.

    For fans hungry for more, theres signature snacks usually found only at Diagon Alley, such as Honeydukes Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans and the magicians staple brew, Butterbeer, for sale.

    Can I Make A Reservation Or Walk

    Harry Potter flagship store opens in New York City

    You do not need a reservation to enter the store. We utilize a virtual queue system when the store reaches capacity. When the virtual queue is in use, scan the QR code located at the entrance of the store to get your place in line. You will receive a text when it is your turn to enter. This is generally during school holidays and weekends. Please check our social channels for the most up-to-date timings.

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    Harry Potter Fans Wait Hours In The Rain For Nyc Store Opening

    Despite being a wet afternoon in New York City, hundreds of Harry Potterheads who could use a little magic right now stood on line for the grand opening of Harry Potter New York.

    Inclement weather wasnt enough to keep fans away from the franchises first US flagship, as seen in showing lines wrapping around the block Thursday.

    Note, also waiting in line in the pouring rain for the Harry Potter store to allow you admittance is not what Id ideally like to be doing right now. I have only about 3 more hours to go. Possibly. It may be double that,one fan tweeted.

    Located at 935 Broadway in the Flatiron District, the shop is three stories and over 20,000 square feet of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts swag.

    Harry Potter New York will be open Mondays to Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    Warner Bros. announced the store based on author J.K. Rowlings books back in April. The shop includes 15 distinct areas of Harry Potter New York, including a large-scale statue of Fawkes the Phoenix that lords over the entrance an NYC exclusive that was handcrafted by a team of custom propmakers, who prepared a number of unique features throughout the store.

    What Will I See Inside The Store

    Stepping inside Harry Potter New York, you will pass under a huge model of Fawkes the Phoenix gazing down from the ceiling, created especially for Harry Potter New York.

    Aspiring witches and wizards will be able to browse for Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans in an area inspired by the whimsical surroundings of Honeydukes and stop under the Dirigible Plum tree to find your favorite magical creature plush. Youll also be able to browse over 50 wands inspired by characters, locations and props from the Wizarding World including special collections only available at Harry Potter New York.

    Fans can visit the stores personalization area to engrave a wand, emboss a journal or embroider a robe with your name. Dont forget to pose for a picture with the Griffin that guards Dumbledores office or the Ministry of Magic phonebooth.

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    Best Tours In New York City

    • New York CityPASS: If this is your first time in NYC, you should definitely purchase the New York CityPass, which allows you to visit up to 6 attractions of New York City and receive up to a 40% discount. With the New York CityPass, you can visit popular attractions such as the Empire State Building, the American Museum of Natural History, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can also choose between either the Top of the Rock Observatory OR Guggenheim Museum Ferry Access to Statue of Liberty and Ellis IslandOR Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises and 9/11 Memorial & Museum OR Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.
    • Manhattan Island Helicopter Tour up to 30 Minutes: Ready for a birds-eye view of NYC? On this helicopter tour, you can experience Manhattan from above and see the main points of interest, like Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Hudson River, and the Statue of Liberty from a different perspective.
    • 1-Hour Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Cruise: Get up close to New Yorks main symbol, the Statue of Liberty, along with the Brooklyn Bridge on this 60-minute boat ride.

    The Harry Potter Nyc Flagship Store: An Amazing Hot Mess

    To Diagon Alley! There

    In early 2020, Warner Brothers announced that a giant, 20,000+ square foot Harry Potter flagship store was going to open later that year, next door to the Flatiron Building, in lower Manhattan.

    Wizarding World, the U.K.-based official online entity for Harry Potter fans, reported that when the first-of-its-kind experiential store opened, fans would, be able to peruse everything, from Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans to personalised robes, along with rare collectible items, hand-signed artwork, and exclusive ranges. The space would also offer new interactive experiences as well as cool photo opportunities.

    Of course, COVID put the kibosh on the store opening in 2020, but Harry Potter New York finally had its launch in early June 2021.

    Meanwhile, Joe and I had a 32-hour stopover in NYC on July 9-10, so we decided to check it out.

    The bottom line is that its a mixture of being amazeballs and an operations nightmare. Heres the good, the bad and the ugly.

    The good

    Aesthetically, the store is beautiful, with theming everywhere that almost makes you feel like youre at Hogwarts, Olivanders, Dumbledores office, etc. It has several rooms with 15 themed areas, each of which focuses on the things you could buy. Works of art. Items that represent each Hogwarts House. Candy & Butterbeer. Wands. Books. Items having to do with the Dark Arts. You name it.

    The bad

    The one bad thing about the store? THE LINES!

    The ugly

    Isnt that special?

    But back to those 551 people in front of us.

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    The Magical Harry Potter New York Store Is Opening June 3rd

    Fans of the Wizarding World will be excited to visit Harry Potter New York, the new store opening in the city on June 3rd. This store will feature the largest collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products under one roof, making it an incredible experience for fans of the series. Covering three stories and over 21,000 sq. ft., Harry Potter New York will make for a great outing everyone can find joy in.

    The store will also incorporate digital technologies that will integrate with the Harry Potter Fan Club app. Users can find Enchanted Keys throughout the store that unlock exclusive behind-the-scenes facts, figures, and videos that help keep guests interested throughout the entire experience. To include even more innovative technology, there will also be two unique virtual reality experiences guests can enjoy.

    The first, Chaos at Hogwarts, lets young witches and wizards journey through Hogwarts and theyll encounter magical creatures and secrets along the way. The other is called Wizards Take Flight and allows Quidditch lovers to fly on their brooms around London in a battle against the Death Eaters. These exciting virtual experiences will allow you to see and experience the Wizarding World in a whole new way.

    Real Movie Props And Movie Moments

    Throughout the whole store, props from the films are displayed among the merchandise, from the major characters’ actual wands to some of Voldemort’s horcruxes like Tom Riddle’s journal and the Ravenclaw’s diadem.

    You can see these all up close but also scan a code next to them with the Harry Potter Fan Club app that’ll give you information about the items and a single letter that you will need to solve a puzzle. If you do, you’ll get a reward at checkout.

    The store is full of moments fans can geek out over, like a chance to “try on” Hagrid’s boots, apparate into the Ministry of Magic inside a red phone box, be transported by way of the Floo Network using the elevator, and even pick a wand like at Ollivanders. There’s even an interactive wand table where you can “duel” with another wizard. A majestic griffin in the middle of the grand main atrium also turns at certain times, catching the unsuspecting witch off guard.

    “The level of artistic detail and quality of the design inspired by the movies means Harry Potter New York will bring a completely new shopping experience to the city,” said Sarah Roots, EVP Warner Bros. Worldwide Tours and Retail. “With over 1,000 Wizarding World props on display , the incredible theming, along with experiences such as photo opportunities and the fantastic range of products, there will be something special for every fan.”

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    Can I Explore The Store Before Or After My Experience

    Yes. Once your VR reservation has been confirmed and you and your group have been admitted inside, you are free to shop and explore the store at your leisure before your VR experience. Depending on the time of your experience, you may be able to explore the store after your experience. For experiences scheduled later in the day, we recommend exploring the store prior to your experiences.

    What Steps Are Being Taken To Keep Our Guests Safe

    Inside the new Harry Potter New York flagship store

    The health and safety of our guests and employees is our highest priority. We have implemented the following processes to ensure the highest possible sanitization standards when experiencing Harry Potter VR:

    • VR Gear: Headsets, foot and hand sensors, backpacks, wands and brooms are sanitized before every use.
    • Physical Safety: We have added padded rails to our Chaos at Hogwarts experience, and VR Hosts are present and accessible in the pods for each experience.

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    How Do I Purchase Tickets In

    Online booking is the best way to secure a ticket for your preferred time slot and to ensure that you and your group can all experience Harry Potter VR together. We currently do not offer tickets for purchase in store, however a member of the VR team can guide you through the process on your device, just ask for assistance when needed.

    What Additional Measures Are Being Taken For Covid

    We are operating the Harry Potter VR experiences in compliance with state and local guidelines and following strict cleaning and sanitation protocols. Additional measures we are taking include:

    • Masks Required: For the time being, all guests and employees are required to wear a face mask before, during, and after experiences.

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    If I Have A Vr Reservation Do I Need To Join The Virtual Queue As Well

    No! Guests who have purchased VR experience tickets will not need to register in the Harry Potter New York virtual queue and may proceed to the front of the line when they arrive for entry to the store. Please be advised only those with a valid VR booking are guaranteed entry to the store. Our team will make every effort to accommodate other members of your group if we have the capacity available but entry cannot be guaranteed.

    Harry Potter New York Store To Open In Flatiron District

    Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition Review

    Go inside the Harry Potter store

    The Harry Potter store in New York City opens June 3 in the Flatiron District.

    NEW YORK – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is coming to New York City at the Harry Potter New York store in The Flatiron.

    The three-story, 20,000 square ft. establishment is packed with all-things-Potter and Fantastic Beats from exclusive New York products, to personalized wands, candies and a Butterbeer hall.

    While youre there you can pose for a pic with the Griffin that guards Dumbledores office or the Ministry of Magic phone booth!

    Coming later this summer, there will be immersive, multiplayer virtual reality experiences, where muggles can fly on brooms with the excitement of a magical wand battle against Death Eaters, over the skies of London and Hogwarts Castle.

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    Harry Potter New York will be open starting June 3 from 10 am 9 pm, Monday-Saturday and 11 am-7 pm on Sundays.

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