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What Is The New York Pass

How Much Does It Cost

The New York City Multi-Attraction Explorer Pass

The New York Pass charges per day rather than per activity, making it different from some of its competitors.

Here are the prices you can expect to pay:

1-Day Pass: $134/Adults | $99/Children

  • Price per Day: $100/Adults | $74.50/Children

3-Day Pass: $276/Adults | $201/Children

  • Price per Day: $92/Adults | $67/Children

4-Day Pass: $304/Adults | $227/Children

  • Price per Day: $76/Adults | $56.75/Children

5-Day Pass: $344/Adults | $247/Children

  • Price per Day: $68.80/Adults | $49.40/Children

7-Day Pass: $384/Adults | $262/Children

  • Price per Day: $54.86/Adults | $37.43/Children

10-Day Pass: $490/Adults | $299/Children

  • Price per Day: $49/Adults | $29.90/Children

As you can see, the pass becomes cheaper per day the longer the duration of the pass.

The prices listed above are the official prices as of April 2020. You may find that the New York Pass is running a discount on their site .

Listen to tour guides Lori and Katherine discuss these passes on an episode of our “NYC Travel Tips and Hacks” podcast.

This podcast offers bite-sized audio clips with tips on how to plan your trip to NYC. You can get our podcasts on Apple, , or wherever you get your podcasts.

Who Is The New York Pass Good For

First-time Visitors If this is your first time visiting New York City, investing in a New York Pass is a good idea. The pass allows you to see many of the Big Apples top attractions, and it helps you save a lot of money doing it. And dont forget about the Fast Track Entry feature! This is a valuable time saver for anybody who is sightseeing in NYC.

Families and Groups Anybody can save money in New York with the New York Pass, but the savings are multiplied when traveling with your family or a small group. While a 3-day pass can easily save a single adult $100, a family of four could potentially save $400 plus with the pass! Thats a lot of money, and it can make a huge difference on your NYC travel budget.

Visitors Planning on Lots of Sightseeing Heres the simple truth: The more you use the pass, the better value it becomes. So, if youre planning on doing a lot of sightseeing, the New York Pass is really a no-brainer. By visiting 2 to 3 sights a day, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars, depending on the length of pass you buy.

Travelers With Extended Stays Speaking of length, travelers with extended stays tend to benefit more from this sightseeing pass than those who will only be there for a weekend. While passes with a shorter duration are good, the real value of the pass is felt when you use purchase a 3-day pass or longer.

Attractions Included In The Pass

The 10 most popular landmarks include:

  • Empire State Building Observatory
  • Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center
  • One World Observatory
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Madame Tussauds

Visiting these ten landmarks and museums without a tourist card would cost over US$ 250. The New York Pass® not only includes these top attractions but offers much more, for example, tickets to the Yankee Stadium, The Edge, Madison Square Garden or a ticket for a New York bus tour, to discover the city in a comfortable and practical way.

Moreover, the card includes a digital guide with information on all the attractions included in The New York Pass®. .

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Is The Ny Pass Good For Kids

The NY Pass has discounted rates for children age 3-12. Children two and under do not need passes. Those that are 13 or older have to get an Adult Pass. Again, you will need to do your own analysis to figure out if it is worth it based on what you would like to see.

There are lots of kid-friendly options available with the NY Pass.

There are plenty of kid-friendly attractions included as part of the NY Pass including:

Who Is The New York Pass Not Good For

¿New York Pass o CityPass?

Visitors Not Interested in Sightseeing If your New York plans dont include visiting a lot of attractions, the New York Pass isnt for you. The only way to get value from the pass is to use it frequently. So, if you only plan to visit one or two spots, skip this pass.

Those Who Need a Few Days Off Remember, once the New York Pass is activated, its good for consecutive days only. With a 3-day pass and below, you cant take day off from sightseeing and still get a good value from the pass. That said, with the 5, 7, and 10 day passes, you could potentially take a day or two off and still get your moneys worth.

Travelers on a Very Tight Budget If youre on a super tight budget, this pass may not be right for you. There are plenty of free things to do in New York. It doesnt cost a penny to wander through Times Square or Central Park. But, if you want to go into some of the sights instead of just walking by, a New York Pass could be a money saver.

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How Do The New York Passes Work

The New York passes are offered specifically for tourists. Maybe youve already seen something similar in other cities. These passes are often called City Cards as well.

You buy the passes for a certain amount and can then use them to visit different sights, museums and attractions.

Besides that, you can take part in numerous guided city tours for free and take various bus and boat rides.

There are two types of New York passes:

#1 Time-based passes

There are passes that are valid for a specific amount of time, e.g. for 3, 5 or 7 days. In this time, you can go to all of the sights, tours and attractions that are included in the pass.

#2 Attractions-based passes

The second variation is passes that can be used for a certain number of sights and attractions. So you buy these passes for 5, 7 or 10 attractions, for example, and are more flexible time-wise.

Today, youll simply get an email with a mobile pass after your purchase. You can then show this on your smartphone at all sights quite comfortably. You dont necessarily need internet while there either, as you can easily just save your pass and then show it offline as well.

Alternatively, theres also always the possibility of printing out the pass yourself. Anyone who doesnt have a smartphone or doesnt trust their battery-life can choose this option. In any case, theres no annoying pick up on-site.

Traveller #: As Much As Possible

Are you one of the travelers who wants to see as much as possible in New York? Then the time based New York Passes are interesting for you.

A typical itinerary could look like this:

Empire State Building Top of the Rock One World Observatory Metropolitan Museum of Art MoMA Museum of Natural History Bicycle rentals in Central Park Hop-on-Hop-off-Bus tour Boat ride, for example with Circle Line 2 further attractions according to your interests 2 guided tours Total price: $506

In total, thats 15 attractions, which you can manage well over 7 days. For all of that, youd have to spend around 500 dollars for individual tickets.In the following table, you can see how much youd save with one of the New York Passes.

Note: the New York Citypass and the Freestyle Pass arent made for this type of travel, since they both only include relatively few attractions. Weve therefore not included them in this table.

If you want to see a ton of attractions in New York and also have some time for that , then the New York Pass is the best option for you.

The savings with the New York Sightseeing Pass is only a little lower, so its worth taking a look at the included attractions. Your own itinerary will probably look a little different than our example itinerary.

Buy the pass

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How Does It Work

The New York Pass can be used in two ways: either by downloading the mobile pass with their app, or getting a physical pass which you can collect on arrival in New York or have delivered to your house.

After you activate the pass, you can take it to any included attraction and present it to the cashier in order to receive free admission.

Some activities will require reservations to be made ahead of time, but most of the services included can be enjoyed simply by walking up to the ticket counter and showing your pass.

In addition to this, youll also enjoy skip-the-line privileges at certain locations, which could save you a lot of valuable time!

The Great New York Pass Comparison: Which Pass Should You Get

Excelsior Pass expired? New York State wants you to go ‘Pass Plus’

The search for the right New York pass is really not so easy. In total, there are five different passes that can help save you time and money. Well show you the advantages and disadvantages of each provider and tell you which pass is the best for you.

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When you start with the planning of your New York trip, youll quickly come across the many offerings for New York passes.

With these passes, you can save some time and money, which is why its worth taking a closer look here.

Well answer these questions in this article.

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Ny Sightseeing Flex Pass

Are you utterly bamboozled yet? Stay with me this is the final NYC pass option!

The NY Sightseeing Flexpass is a little different to the others. This one is valid for 30 days and you get to choose the number of attractions that you want to visit from over 90 different options. This is ideal if you have been to NYC before or have limited time to sightsee and only want to see a few things. Even if you just want to see two attractions, you can save 50% and you will get fast track entry at some attractions. Plus, you also get the free 250-page guidebook, detailing all attractions and special offers available to Pass holders.

What Do You Want To Do

Travelers who only plan to visit a few attractions may want to consider another option because the New York Pass is really geared towards people who are interested in multiple activities per day.

If you know exactly what you want to do and youre trying to save money on just those few things, a pick-your-own-attractions or build-your-own-pass option might work better for you.

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The Best New York Pass If You Leisurely Want To See The Most Important Sights:

Best choice: Sightseeing Flex Pass, Explorer Pass or New York Citypass

If you want to give yourself a little more time and would rather visit the most important sights in New York a little more gradually, you also have the choice between two passes.

The differences of savings between these three passes are not very great. It really just depends on which sights youd like to see the most. Simply take a look at whats included in each pass and compare it with your personal to-do list.

What Is The Ny Pass

New York Pass

The NY Pass is the Ultimate Sightseeing Pass and probably the most-well known NYC tourist pass. The pass includes admission to over 100 different New York City attractions.

If you were to purchase admission to all the attractions individually, it would cost you over $2000. The price of the NY Pass depends on how many days you want to use the pass. You can visit as many of the attractions as you want or can fit in during the time your pass is valid.

The New York Pass could also make a great gift for someone that is planning to visit NYC.

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How To Buy The New York Pass

You can purchase your tickets online and then either collect your pass from the designated pickup location in Times Square, or receive it immediately via the New York Pass mobile app.

I recommend choosing digital delivery via the mobile app, because then youll have the pass on your phone and can just scan it at the entrance of each attraction. Its one less thing to keep up with!

For an additional fee, you can also have the pass delivered to your home before your trip.

Nyc Sightseeing Day Pass

The New York Sightseeing Pass gives you access to over 100 attractions for the number of days you have purchased the pass for. You can choose between 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10 days and save up to 70% compared to regular ticket prices. On top of that, our promo code LNYOFFER can save you up to 30% additionally.

  • Valid for up to 10 days
  • Pick from over 100 NYC attractions
  • See an unlimited amount of attractions per day
  • Hop-On Hop-Off bus included for the duration of the pass

Is the New York Sightseeing Pass worth it?

Yes! The New York Sightseeing Pass can save you a ton of money, provides you with a lot of flexibility in terms of attractions, as well as removes a lot of the hassle from your NYC Sightseeing trip. As the pass with the best value for money of the lot, it is definitely worth it if you are planning on up to 10 days of consecutive NYC sightseeing. In order to get the most out of your sightseeing pass, you should plan on visiting around 2-3 NYC attractions with your pass each day.

How to use the NYC Sightseeing Pass?

Does the NY Sightseeing Pass include the NY Sightseeing Bus Tours?

Yes! The NYC Sightseeing Pass includes the Sightseeing bus tour for the entire duration of the pass. All you need to do is head to the Gray Line visitors center and pick up your ticket.

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What New York Passes Are There

In most cities theres only a single City Card. In New York, five of these offers exist. There are actually six really, since one of the passes is available in two very different variations.

That doesnt make it any less difficult, but thats what our New York pass comparison is for.

In the following table, youll find an initial overview of the available passes. Following the table, youll find more detailed information about every pass, as well as the advantages and disadvantages.


Beware of supposed rebate codes for the New York Pass: rebate codes for the New York Pass circulate on some websites that allow you to get a 20% rebate off the pass, for example. This rebate is only on the original price of the pass though. Because the prices on the site are always reduced anyways, sometimes youll pay more with a rebate code than without.

New York Pass Verdict

New York Pass Moments (2015)
  • FREE entry to top 90 attractions
  • FREE 130 page
  • Hop-on Hop-off tours including for bus tours plus 50 + Hop-on Hop-off steps
  • Fast Tracks entry at the busiest New York attractions
  • Has Discounts on a variety of restaurants, shops and other attractions that are not included in the Pass
  • Saves up to 50%
  • Has a free pocket guide available in 5 languages
  • Its flexible and convenient
  • One World Sightseeing New York Twilight & Sunset Cruise
  • Top of the Rock Observation Deck
  • Gray Line City Sightseeing Double Decker Tour
  • Reply’s Believe it or Not
  • Radio City Music Hall Stage

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What Does New York States Pass

New York recently passed the Pass-Through Entity Tax, which allows some business owners to pay tax at the business level. If you own a business, this may enable you to avoid the $10,000 limit on state and local tax deduction on Form 1040, Schedule A, that was imposed by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017.

However, to take advantage of this new rule, you must elect to pay your tax this way.

The deadline for this election is the 15th of October, so it is coming up quickly.

Since New York State only enacted this new provision in April 2021 and has modified it since it is likely that partners, members, or shareholders of entities may still have questions, such as:

  • How does the PTET work?
  • What entities are eligible for the PTET?
  • How is the PTET election made?
  • What are some key advantages of the PTET?

This post will answer these questions and help you determine if it is beneficial for your entity to elect to pay the New York State Pass-Through Entity Tax.

New York City The Tourist Traps

What are you interested in visiting? How much time do you intend to spend in New York City? What is your budget? All of these are questions you will likely be asking yourselves each time you visit The City That Never Sleeps. From the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty, New York City is a city of global iconic landmarksbut wait for itsome may also rephrase this to say:

New York city is a city of tourist traps

Its TRUE! Honestly, you cant blame all of these attractions in New York City from raising their prices because the reality is, this is one of the most frequently visited cities in the world.

Tourists from all corners of the globe visit all year round and with that brings a desire to experience everything New York City has to offer.

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