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What Is The Best Attraction Pass For New York

Why New York Pass Is Worth Buying

The New York City Multi-Attraction Explorer Pass

NEW YORK PASS is suitable for you because of so many reasons. They include:-

  • It has no daily limit to the amount of attractions you can visit per day
  • It has a 300 page guidebook with opening hours, maps and directions to all New York City attractions and tours.
  • You can save money with the more attractions you visit
  • Has unlimited free entry to 90 + attractions with additional discounts
  • It is the only Pass that includes all Hop-on Hop-off buses for the duration of your sightseeing.

Benefits With The New York Pass

The last promise from the New York Pass is 100+ attractions from $34 per day. This is quite easy to check as it is based on the 10-day pass. Including the current online discount this pass costs $339, so $34 per day. However, most people will opt for a pass with fewer days, say for 5 or 7. In that case, the cost per day will be slightly higher. The pass for 7 days calculated costs $38 per day and the pass for 5 days calculated at $51 per day.

Based on the latter option and planning 4 attractions per day, the average price per attraction is $13. This is ordinarily very low, however, this price only applies if 4 things are planned for 5 days. There are also activities that charge a relatively low entrance fee. In those cases the amount of $13 is not always cheaper. If you dont want to experience more expensive attractions like the Hop-on Hop-off bus, Empire State Building and Top of the Rock, it immediately becomes more difficult to save money with the pass. You probably have to plan a little more than 4 things a day, in that case, to keep the savings from the pass financially interesting.

The Museum Of Modern Art Only C3 Pass

What is it?

New York Citys Museum of Modern Art is home to one of the largest collections of modern art in the world.

Works include media, paintings, architecture, photography and sculpture.

Why visit?

If you like modern art, this is the place to lose yourself for a half day hit of Dali, Cezanne, Kahlo, Matisse, Monet, Warhol, Pollock and Picasso but to name just a few.


Entrance to the MoMA is located on W 53rd street between 5th and 6th avenues, half way between Rockefeller Center and Central Park.

Closest subways to MoMA:

  • Blue Line E 5 Avenue 53 St
  • Orange Line M 5 Avenue 53 St
  • Without a New York C3 Pass US$ 25 adult
  • With a New York C3 Pass Free

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How Do New York Attraction Passes Work

All New York Attraction Passes work identically. After you purchase a pass, you have 24 months to activate it. The pass will automatically be activated when you visit your first attraction. Unfortunately, you can visit each attraction only once when using a pass. The only exception to this is the New York CityPASS. If you choose to visit the Empire State Building, you can do so twice within the same day!

Once you purchase a pass, you will be able to select from a number of delivery options. The easiest way to obtain your pass is the mobile pass. It will be emailed to you right away. In order to use it, simply present the pass at your selected attraction. The QR-Code will be scanned and you will obtain your ticket! You also have the option to pick up your New York City Pass in New York or have it mailed to you for an additional fee.

Other Benefits Of The New York Pass

Visiter New York pas cher avec les pass
  • Mobile Ticket on Free App Now, you can use your phone as your ticket. Simply download the free New York Pass app and scan it at each attraction. The app also provides info on included attractions, helps you create an itinerary, and syncs with your calendar. The majority of the features can be used offline, which is handy when youre out and about.
  • Unlimited Access to Attractions With the New York Pass, you can visit as many included attractions as you like. Youre only limited by your time!
  • New York Guidebook A free NYC guidebook is included with your New York Pass. Inside, youll find descriptions, addresses, hours of operation, and other information for select New York attractions. The guidebook also includes a subway map, which is super useful for getting around the city. It comes in nine different languages, so choose the one that suits you best.
  • Good for 2 Years Due to the recent pandemic, you now have 2 years from the date of purchase to use your New York Pass.

Save Big in New York With the New York Pass, you can save big money on admission to New Yorks biggest attractions.

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Need Help Planning Your Visit To New York City

NYC is a vacation planning beast and it can be overwhelming trying to get every aspect right. Trust us, we know!

After living in New York City and exploring non-stop for 3 months, we created a comprehensive NYC travel guidebook & itineraries that will answer every question you have about where to stay, what to do, where to eat and how to get around the city.

We hope this in depth review helps you decide if the New York CityPASS or C3 Attractions Pass is perfect for your visit to NYC!

Have you been to NYC? Did you use a New York CityPASS for attractions and did you think it was worth it?

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any help planning your visit.

Happy NYC Attraction Hunting,

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Tuesday 13th of April 2021

This is great, the map is so helpful too! I love how you break down the logistics on how to explore NYC. So many great tips in here that I did not know about and must do. Love hearing it from a travelers perspective like you guys. Keep up the great work!

Wednesday 14th of April 2021

Thank you Mariana, we’re glad you found the map helpful! Using a New York CityPASS is the perfect way for visitors and even NY residents to hit the city’s top touristy highlights at a relaxing pace and save money in the process. Hope you are able to tick all of the best NYC attractions off this year!

Citypass New York Review

Many of the attractions included in the CityPASS are iconic to NYC and are definite must-dos. While the attractions list does include quite a few museums, it also includes the option of a sightseeing cruise or a ferry to the Statue of Liberty which are both great options.

The Top of the Rock observation platform is also included and you can even visit the Empire State Building twice in one day meaning you will get to see the city from above during once during the day and once at night if you like! We definitely recommend this as watching the city turn dark before the lights in the skyscrapers start to sparkle is an amazing experience.

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How Much Is New York Citypass And What Is Included

The beauty of buying a CityPASS or C3 pass is having the ability to choose between the very best of New Yorks attractions.

*CityPASS allows entry to 6 New York attractions, while the C3 ticket lets you select any 3 attractions from a list of 12 options.

  • A 6 attractions New York CityPASS costs US$ 136 per adult and US$ 112 per child .
  • A 3 attractions New York C3 pass costs US$ 87 per adult and US$ 67 per child .

Here are the 12 attractions you can select from with the New York CityPass and C3 Attractions Pass. Individual adult prices you would pay without either pass are included for reference:

  • Empire State Building:
  • C3 = US$ 42 49
  • CityPASS = US$ 64
  • American Museum of Natural History US$ 28
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art or MET US$ 25
  • Top of the Rock US$ 38
  • Guggenheim Museum US$ 25
  • Ferry Access to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island US$ 23.50
  • Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises US$ 19-44
  • 9/11 Memorial & Museum US$ 26
  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum US$ 33
  • Hornblower Sightseeing Cruises US$ 35-37
  • The Museum of Modern Art or MoMA US$ 25
  • Edge at Hudson Yards US$ 41.37

Note: We each used our own CityPASS and C3 pass to gain access to 10 out of the 12 attractions listed below. Both Intrepid and the Hornblower Cruise options were unfortunately closed due to coronavirus for the entire 3 months we lived in NYC.

New York Pass Quick Review

New York CityPASS: Things to Do and Attractions In New York

In a hurry? Here are the broad strokes.

The New York City Pass is a GOOD deal if:

  • You want to see a lot and you dont mind packing your day with activities.
  • Youre only in NYC for a few days.
  • Youre a first-time visitor.
  • Youre already planning on visiting most of the expensive attractions.
  • You want to use the Hop-on-Hop-off bus tour.
  • You want to skip the ticket lines at multiple attractions.

The New York City Pass is NOT A GOOD deal if:

  • Youre on a super tight budget.
  • You only want to see a few paid attractions.
  • Youre in NYC for an extended period of time so you can spread out the sightseeing.
  • You have a valid student ID many museums have student prices but youll want to double-check.

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What Does The New York Citypass Offer

9 attractions are included in the Citypass, of which you can visit 6.

Three of those are fixed and then for the other three attractions, you have a choice between two options for each:

  • Empire State Building
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Top of the Rock OR Guggenheim Museum
  • The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island OR boat ride with the Circle Line
  • 9/11 Museum OR Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
  • What About Fast Tracks

    Please know that attraction passes primarily focus on price, not on time. That being said, the passes do include a few fast tracks that allow you to skip the line. They are, however, not that many. The CityPASS does not offer any fast tracks. You can, however, upgrade your tickets at the attractions at additional costs.

    Sightseeing Flex Pass

    • Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park Ice Rink
    • Empire State Building

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    Lets Do The Math Is The New York Pass Worth The Money

    Obviously, there are hundreds of combinations when it comes to choosing what attractions to visit. However, were going to list out the most popular but youll have to do some of your own planning based on what interests you.

    Note: You get to skip the lines at most attractions which is certainly a bonus.

    New York Pass Comparison 2022

    New York City Attraction Passes

    So what is the Best City Pass for New York City ? Lets find out:

    For those who want to see as much as possible

    For those who want to visit the One World Observatory and like to stay flexible

    For those who want to see a lot and ride the hop-on-hop-off buses for several days

    For those who want to visit the Empire State Building and like to stay flexible

    For those who are first-time visitors and want to explore New Yorks must-sees

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    Top Attractions Included On The New York Pass

    The New York Pass provides entry to over 100 of the citys best attractions and tours, including:

    • Empire State Building Observatory: $45.73
    • 9/11 Memorial & Museum: $28
    • and many more

    Editors Note: Do to the continuing coronavirus pandemic, some attractions may be closed or have limited availability at this time. Additionally, some attractions may require reservations.

    Remember, these are just 16 of the top attractions included on the New York Pass. As you can see by their regular entrance fees, they arent cheap. Luckily, entry for each is covered through the New York Pass.

    Pass Comparison New York At One Glance

    Its important to understand a key difference: Some passes are attraction-based, meaning you choose the number of attractions beforehand, while others are day-based, meaning that you choose the number of days beforehand. Besides the type and validity, other differences can be found when it comes to inclusions, advantages, pricing, and discounts.

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    How To Compare Nyc Attractions Passes

    I would suggest using at least 2 hours per attraction as an average time and 3 as the average number of top attractions you will see per day. Four big attractions is aggressive, and that kind of schedule will leave you almost no time to wander, eat, window shop or see the Insider New York City.

    You get the peak financial value out of most of the NYC Attractions Passes when you do a lot of NYC tours, such as a Hop On and Off Bus Tour, Bicycle Tours, Food on Foot Tours, Boat or Cruise Tours, NBC Studio Tour, Movie and TV Tours or the Sex and the City Tour.

    As for shortcutting lines, there is no guarantee, but there may be an advantage. However, you can never shortcut a security line, such as the one at the Statue of Liberty.

    Empire State Building three of the New York City Discount Passes include admission to the 86th Floor Observatory . It is an additional $15 for the 102nd floor . The Sightseeing Pass does not include the ESB, but it does offer a $40 credit towards your ticket.

    Museum of Natural History The Planetarium Space Show is included only with the CityPASS. Museum access is a $23 suggested donation or admission to the Museum and Space Show is $25 at all times. The Planetarium and Space Show is a must-see for kids, and frankly, I think for all adults as well.


    New York Pass and Explorer Pass

    Back to Topof NYC Attractions Passes

    City Cruises Only C3 Pass

    The New York Pass – Top Attractions in NYC
    What is it?

    Hornblower Sightseeing Cruises are another way to see NYC from the water and again you have multiple options with this one:

    • One hour See NYC Sightseeing Cruise Similar to Circle Line with famous NYC landmarks
    • Two hour Alive After Five Happy Hour Cruise DJ, cocktails and dancing in the evening
    • Hop-On, Hop-Off Sightseeing Cruise Narrated tour of NYC traveling between Midtown and Lower Manhattan
    Why visit?

    Similarly to Circle Line, soak up the world famous Manhattan skyline from out in the bay. Happy Hour cruise is for those looking to celebrate being in New York City with a cocktail or five.

    Hop-on, Hop-off works well for visitors who are staying West of Midtown and want easy access to Lower Manhattan without having to take a subway.


    Both the See NYC and Alive After Five Cruises depart from Pier 15 in Lower Manhattan .

    The Hop-on, Hop-off cruise transports passengers only between Pier 78 in Midtown and Brookfield Place Terminal in Lower Manhattan.

    • Without a New York C3 Pass
    • Hop-on, Hop-off US$ 35 adult
    • Alive After Five US$ 37 adult
    • See NYC No price currently listed
  • With a New York C3 Pass All Free
  • Tips:
    • Hop-on Hop-off cruise is narrated and will be similar to Circle Line landmarks cruise.
    • Alive After Five cruise has more value when used as part of a C3 pass bundle.

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    New York City Pass Discounts

    Sightseeing Pass, New York Pass, Go New York Card, CityPASS Compared

    In MOST cases, the New York City Pass discounts can help you save money. We review the New York Pass, New York Sightseeing Pass, Go New York and New York CityPASS . Find out the best New York Attractions Pass, if you can buy the New York Pass in New York, how to buy a New York Pass @ Costco and more.

    NY Sightseeing Pass

    • Choose 1-10 days or # of Attractions
    • Unlimited Hop On Hop Off Bus
    • Includes 100 tours and attractions
    • Choose 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 Days
    • Digital or Physical Pass
    • 30 Days Unlimited or # of Attractions
    • Smartphone, print or physical card
    • Go New York

    You can also download the NYC Pass Discounts Comparison for a side by side comparison with attraction prices. Please read the tips below on comparing the passes to help evaluate the right New York City Attractions Passes for you and your family. Hidden marketing behind the each discount pass is revealed and please read the Full Disclosure below.

    Nyc Sightseeing Day Pass

    The New York Sightseeing Pass gives you access to over 100 attractions for the number of days you have purchased the pass for. You can choose between 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10 days and save up to 70% compared to regular ticket prices. On top of that, our promo code LNYOFFER can save you up to 30% additionally.

    • Valid for up to 10 days
    • Pick from over 100 NYC attractions
    • See an unlimited amount of attractions per day
    • Hop-On Hop-Off bus included for the duration of the pass

    Is the New York Sightseeing Pass worth it?

    Yes! The New York Sightseeing Pass can save you a ton of money, provides you with a lot of flexibility in terms of attractions, as well as removes a lot of the hassle from your NYC Sightseeing trip. As the pass with the best value for money of the lot, it is definitely worth it if you are planning on up to 10 days of consecutive NYC sightseeing. In order to get the most out of your sightseeing pass, you should plan on visiting around 2-3 NYC attractions with your pass each day.

    How to use the NYC Sightseeing Pass?

    Does the NY Sightseeing Pass include the NY Sightseeing Bus Tours?

    Yes! The NYC Sightseeing Pass includes the Sightseeing bus tour for the entire duration of the pass. All you need to do is head to the Gray Line visitors center and pick up your ticket.

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