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How To Vote Online In New York

How Do I Vote

How To Register To Vote Online In New York State Or Change Your Party Affiliation

All New Yorkers have three ways to vote in the November 2021 General Election. Choose the best option to make your voice heard:

Early Voting

Vote in-person from Saturday, October 23 to Sunday, October 31st. Your Early Voting site may be different from your Election Day poll site, so be sure to check your poll site location on the poll site locator.

Vote by Mail

All registered voters also have the option to vote by mail .

  • The deadline to request your absentee ballot online or by mail is Monday, October 18, 2021. The deadline to request your ballot in-person is Monday, November 1, 2021.
  • Ballots must be postmarked on or before Tuesday, November 2 andreceived bythe Board of Elections When you receive your ballot, make sure to sign and date the back of your absentee ballot envelope.

When applying for an absentee ballot, you may select Temporary illness or disability, as your reason, which includes the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

You can track your absentee ballot here.

Election Day

As always, all registered voters can vote in-person on Tuesday, November 2. We anticipate high turnout this year, so lines may be long at some poll sites. If youre worried about crowds, consider voting early between October 23-October 31st.

Whats on the ballot?

This following local races are on the General Election ballot:

  • NYC Mayor

Learn about the candidates on your ballot by visiting voter guides published at Voting.NYC .

National Conference Of State Legislatures Report 2018

On February 14, 2018, the National Conference of State Legislatures released a report on the costs of election administration in the states: “The Price of Democracy: Splitting the Bill for Elections.” The report’s authors noted that “no one knows how much spend on elections … good research on election costs is slim.” Generally, local units of government are primarily responsible for election administration costs, though states and the federal government may also contribute. The report identified the states listed in the table below as assuming financial responsibility for at least some aspects of election administration.

To access the complete NCSL report, click here.

Election administration costs assumed by state
State pays all expenses for federal or state elections State bears a portion of election costs State pays for statewide special elections or statewide elections that donât coincide with regularly scheduled elections State pays for primary elections
  • New York Elections for the Sheriff and County Clerk, Proposal 1
  • What Is Voter Registration

    New York requires voters to register with a local board of elections prior to Election Day. Paper registration forms can be submitted in person or by mail. New Yorkers with state identification and a social security number can also register to vote, or update registration information such as name, address, or party enrollment, online at the states MyDMV website.

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    Qualifications To Register To Vote

    To register to vote, you must:

    • be a United States citizen
    • be at least 16 years of age
    • live at your present address for at least 30 days before an election
    • not be in prison or on parole for a felony conviction and
    • not be adjudged mentally incompetent by a court
    • not claim the right to vote elsewhere.

    What Is The Deadline To Register To Vote

    How to Register to Vote in New York State

    The General Elections will take place on November 2, 2021. In order to be eligible to vote in this election, New Yorkers must register to vote online , in person, or by mail by.

    Register by mail – Your mailed registration form must be postmarked no later than October 8, 2021. and received by a board of elections no later than October 13, 2021.Register in person – You can register in person at your county board of elections or at any New York State Agency-Based voter registration center up until . Please call the office ahead of time to check current hours of operation.

    See here for more information on registration deadlines.

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    Do I Have To Join A Political Party When I Register

    No. You do not have to join a political party when you register to vote. However, only members of political parties are eligible to vote in primary elections. So if youd like to vote in primary elections for a particular party, you should join that party when you register. Learn more about primary elections.

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    Voter Registration In New York

    Who Can Register In New York

    To register to vote in New York, you must:- be a United States citizen- be 18 years old – resident of this state and the county, city or village for at least 30 days before the election- not be in prison or on parole for a felony conviction – not be adjudged mentally incompetent by a court- not claim the right to vote elsewhere.You must register to vote at least 25 days before the election you wish to vote in.

    New York Election Day Registration

    New York does not offer Election Day registration, so be sure to submit your voter registration before the deadline.


    You can pre-register to vote in New York when you turn 16.

    Voting Rights Restoration

    New York does remove voting rights for people with felony convictions. A person convicted of a felony may register or vote at any election if: -they have been pardoned or restored to the rights of citizenship by the governor, president, or the appropriate authority of another state, or -their maximum sentence of imprisonment has expired, or -they have been discharged from parole.

    Vote-by-mail & Absentee
    Early Voting In New York

    New York offers in-person early voting. No excuse is needed to vote early. Early voting begins on the tenth day prior to an election and ends on the second day prior to the election.

    Primary Elections In New York

    Vote At An Advance Voting Location

    How To Vote In New York 2020

    You can vote at any of the advance voting locations in your electoral district. Advance voting locations are open from 10 AM to 8 PM.

  • When you enter the voting location, you will be greeted by an election official who will direct you to a desk.
  • At the desk, you will show your to an election official who will check if you are registered on the voters list. If you are not on the list, you will be asked to complete a form to register.
  • You will be asked to take an oath and sign a document to confirm you will vote only once. The election official will then issue you a ballot.
  • You will go behind a voting screen to mark your ballot. To vote for your chosen candidate, mark an X in the circle beside their name.If you make a mistake and mark your ballot incorrectly, you may return the incorrectly marked ballot to the election official. The election official will cancel the ballot and issue you a new ballot.
  • In a poll with technology, you will place your marked ballot in to the secrecy folder and take it to an election official operating a tabulator. In a poll without technology, you will fold your ballot and deposit it yourself into a ballot box.
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    How Do I Register To Vote

    New York voters can register by mail, in person or online if eligible.

    To register by mail, send your voter registration form to your local board of elections.

    Voter registration forms are available online in English and Spanish. On the New York City Elections website, registration information and forms are also available in Chinese, Korean, and Bengali. All of these registration forms can be used statewide.

    The federal government provides a uniform voter registration form with state-specific instructions in 15 languages: English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

    Voter registration forms are also available by calling 1-800-FOR-VOTE , or at the Department of Motor of Vehicles, state public assistance agencies, public libraries and many government offices. To register in person, visit your local board of elections or a participating state agency office and fill out a registration form. New York City residents can register at a New York City Board of Elections office.

    How To Vote By Absentee Ballot:

    • Follow normal registration procedures and abide by standard registration deadlines.
    • Apply for an absentee ballot with your local board of elections: apply online, fill out an application in person, request an application form and ballot by letter, or submit a completed application for an absentee ballot .
    • Observe the deadlines for requesting an absentee ballot and for voting by absentee ballot. Generally, an application or letter requesting an absentee ballot must be postmarked 7 days before an election and the day before an election is the final day to apply for an absentee ballot in person, as well as the final day to postmark an absentee ballot for submission by mail.
    • If you live with permanent illness or disability, you may request on your application that an absentee ballot be mailed to you for each election without having to submit a new application.
    • On Election Day, if you are unable to appear due to an accident or sudden illness, you may send a representative with an authorized letter to the board of elections to obtain an application and absentee ballot for you, and your representative must return both to the board of elections by 9:00 PM on Election Day.

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    Reporting Violations Of Voting Rights

    Voters who believe that their rights have been violated have local, statewide and national resources.

    • The person in charge of a polling place handles most routine complaints.
    • Poll watchers at the polling location from nonprofit organizations or campaigns may be able to provide assistance. Remember, you do not need to disclose who you voted for or intend to vote for to receive assistance.
    • Voters who experience discrimination or other barriers to registration and voting can contact the Civil Rights Bureau of the New York State Attorney General’s Office at 416-8250 or email .
    • The NYCLUs partners at the national Election Protection Hotline provide assistance to voters before and after the election, and on Election Day. Call 866-OUR-VOTE for help.
    • Contact the NYCLU at -607-3300.

    Other Voting Rights and Election Day Resources

    Qualifications To Vote By Absentee Ballot

    2016 Voter registration information for New York, New ...
  • Absent from your county or, if a resident of New York City absent from the five boroughs, on Election Day.
  • Unable to appear at the polls due to temporary or permanent illness or disability .
  • Unable to appear because you are the primary care giver of one or more individuals who are ill or physically disabled.
  • A resident or patient of a Veterans Health Administration Hospital.
  • Detained in jail awaiting Grand Jury action or confined in prison after conviction for an offense other than a felony.
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    Convicted Felons’ Voting Rights

    See also: Voting rights for convicted felons

    On May 4, 2021, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed S830 into law, providing for the automatic restoration of voting rights for individuals convicted of felonies upon completion of their prison sentences. Previously, state law provided for the restoration of voting rights after completion of both prison time and parole.

    Voting rights for convicted felons vary from state to state. In the majority of states, convicted felons cannot vote while they are incarcerated but may regain the right to vote upon release from prison or at some point thereafter.

    Find Your Electoral District

    The Voter Information Service provides information about your electoral district, including the list of candidates, locations of advance and election day polling places, the address of your local Elections Canada office and a map of your electoral district. You can also submit a job application to work as a poll worker in your electoral district, or see additional instructions:

    Type in your home postal code, then click the “Search” button.
    Search by electoral district name:
    Choose a province from the pull-down menu, click the “Search” button, then follow the additional instructions on the screen.
    Search by candidate name:
    Choose a province from the pull-down menu, click the “Search” button, then follow the additional instructions on the screen.
    Search by using maps:
    Choose a province from the pull-down menu, then click the “Search” button. You can then click on a riding or city on the map shown to display a more detailed map.
    Search by place name :
    Choose a province from the pull-down menu, click the “Search” button, then follow the additional instructions on the screen.
    Search by list :
    Choose a province from the pull-down menu, then click the “Search” button. A list of electoral districts for that province will be displayed. Choose your electoral district.

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    After You Receive Your Ballot

  • Carefully read and follow the instructions, and fill out all required fields.
  • Sign and date the outside envelope.
  • Mail or hand-deliver your ballot to your.You can also hand-deliver your ballot to a state-provided dropbox.You can use ourtool to find an official dropbox.
  • If you mail your ballot, it must bepostmarked by 1 day BEFORE Election Day.
  • If you hand-deliver your ballot, it must bereceived by Election Day.
  • If you miss the deadline or forget to sign the outside envelope your vote will not be counted.
  • Change Of Party Enrollment

    New Yorkers Face Voter Registration Deadline

    The should be used to change your party enrollment from one party to another or to enroll for the first time in a party. Changes of enrollment received after February 14th and until seven days after the June primary will take effect the seventh day following the June primary. All other enrollment changes will take effect immediately. Please see Deadlines referenced above.

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    Overseas Voting Registration Faq

    Under Republic Act No. 9189 as amended by Republic Act No. 10590, all citizens of the Philippines or dual Filipino-American citizens, who are not disqualified by law, at least 18 years of age by 09 May 2022 may register as an Overseas Voter and vote for President, Vice-President, Senators, and Party List Representatives in the upcoming 2022 elections.

    All Nyc Voters Can Vote By Mail

    Voting by mail is a safe, easy, and secure way to cast your vote! This is a great option if you are unable to vote in person, have health or safety concerns, or just want to vote from the comfort of home.

    The deadline to request an absentee ballot for the November 2nd election is October 18th. We recommend requesting your absentee ballot as soon as possible.

    Why are all New York voters eligible?

    Currently, all NYC voters are eligible to vote by mail due to COVID-19. A recent law gives all NYC voters the option to vote by mail in 2021.

    Did you know: Over 33x more voters requested absentee ballots in the June 2020 presidential primary election than in the 2016 presidential primary election.

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    Mail Time Considerations When Returning An Absentee Ballot

    When mailing your completed ballot, the USPS recommends that voters allow enough time for ballots to be returned to the Board, which is generally seven days ahead of the general election. Voters who mail in their ballots on Election Day must be aware of the posted collection times on collection boxes and at the Postal Serviceâs retail facilities, and that ballots entered after the last posted collection time will not be postmarked until the following business day.

    Vote Before Election Day At Your Returning Office

    Register to Vote Online in New York

    You can vote in person at your returning office from the day after an election in your electoral district has been called until 6 PM the day before election day. Depending on when you go to vote, you will be given either a write-in ballot or a ballot with the candidate names listed.

    From the day after an election is called until six days before election day:

  • When you enter the returning office, you will be greeted by an election official who will direct you to a desk.
  • At the desk, you will show your to an election official and complete a Vote by Mail application form.
  • You will be issued a write-in ballot to complete. The write-in ballot will not have any candidate names listed, but will have a line indicating where to write the name of the candidate of your choice.
  • You will go behind a voting screen to complete your ballot. You will write the first and last name of the candidate of your choice on the write-in ballot, and you will fold your ballot and deposit it yourself into a ballot box.
  • From five days before election day until 6 PM the day before election day.

  • When you enter the returning office, you will be greeted by an election official who will direct you to a desk.
  • At the desk, you will show your to an election official and complete a Vote by Mail application form.
  • You will place your marked ballot in to the secrecy folder and take it to an election official operating a tabulator.
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