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How To Grill New York Strip

Should You Serve Steak Pre

How to grill the best New York Strip Steak of your LIFE!

Just like any and every cut of meat that comes off a hot grill, make sure to let the meat sit and rest. This allows the moisture in the meat to reabsorb into the full cut of meat and helps keep it juicy and flavorful.

If you cut it too soon, you will know it because all the juices will run out onto the cutting board. Some people think that water is blood because it has a reddish tint to it, but its not! Blood coagulates and does not just sit in a piece of meat waiting to spill out. Not trying to gross anyone out, but just trying to point out the difference, which is very important.

Restaurants typically serve a New York Strip cut into a bunch of slices. They slice against the grain of the meat which helps the bite of meat be easier to chew rather than stringy.

If you are serving as an appetizer, then cutting it into strips which folks can pick up easily with a toothpick makes perfect sense. When it comes to serving individual steaks as an main course though, Id leave the slicing up to the eater.

Cooking Thinner Steaks On The Grill

You can grill a steak of any thickness successfully, but there is a sweet spot of thickness. Steaks that are too thin will probably not get those beautiful pronounced grill marks by the time the interior is cooked to your liking. If you are cooking thinner steaks on the grill, 1-inch or thinner, only flip them once so that the outside can sear up before the steaks overcook. Keep the heat fairly high so the outside has a chance to sear and caramelize before the inside gets too well done.

How To Grill A Ny Strip Steak

When we grill a NY strip steak we cook it to a medium over direct heat. A NY strip steak is a cut of beef from the short loin of a cow is actually the larger side of the T-bone steak. Typically it is easy to find a well marbled cut of strip steak making for a delicious grilled steak option.

A common misconception about this cut is that it is tough, a tough strip steak is an over cooked strip steak.

When selecting a New York strip to grill remember that thicker is better. A thicker cut steak takes longer to cook which allows for a larger margin of error when grilling. Thinner cut steaks are what leads people to believe that they are a tough cut. A steak that is cut to 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch thick can be fully cooked in only 5 to 7 minutes.

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What Is Strip Steak

A strip steak is cut from the short loin of the cow. This muscle doesnt do too much work, making the strip steak a rather tender cut of meat. Its not quite as tender as the nearby tenderloin, but its still a great option for a nice, typically boneless steak that cooks evenly and quickly with a great beef flavor and nice chew.

Strip steaks have many names, including Kansas-city steak, New York strip steak, top loin, and a hotel-style steak. No matter what you call them, they are delicious and tender and a popular restaurant steak. Strip steaks are best when they are well-marbled with nice, white fat weaving through the muscle of the steak.

How Long Do You Grill A 1

How To Grill New York Strip Steak At Any Temperature ...

A 1-inch thick strip steak might not seem like it is too thick, but for a tough cut of meat, you need to grill it for longer periods of time to allow the heat to seep through the meat.

Usually, I cook mine for at least 10 minutes as with that amount of time, I like the slightly medium-rare finish.

This takes a lot of practice though, as the timer is not the most reliable indicator.

So if you want to make sure that the steak is cooked to the doneness that you want, invest in a good meat probe to measure the internal temperature of the steaks.

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Reverse Sear Strip Steak The Professional Way

  • Preheat oven to 275°F. Place steaks on a wire rack over a baking sheet.
  • Place baking sheet on the center rack of the hot oven. Cook until internal temperature reaches 10°F lower than the desired final temperature.
  • Remove and let steaks rest for 5 minutes, covering lightly with foil.
  • Preheat a heavy skillet or cast-iron skillet over high heat until very hot, about 5 minutes. A hot skillet delivers the best sear.
  • Add some butter or oil and sear steaks for one minute each side. The final internal temperature of your steak should be 135°F for medium-rare and 145°F for medium.
  • The sear will give your steaks the rich golden brown color and enhanced flavor that is typically associated with grilled steaks.
  • Serve immediately. Unlike other methods of cooking steak, the low heat of the oven used in reverse searing does not draw the juices of the meat to the surface so additional resting time is not needed.

How To Grill The Perfect New York Strip Steak

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The New York strip steak is probably the easiest of the more popular cuts to grill. Why? For a few reasons. First, its pretty uniform in shape, unlike a skirt steak for example. Its nearly impossible to cook a skirt steak to a uniform doneness because of the shape and inconsistent thickness of the cut.

Second, the strip steak isnt typically cut too thick, like a filet mignon for example. The thickness of the filet mignon makes it difficult to cook evenly throughout unless youre using some of the more advanced cooking techniques.

Finally, the strip steak doesnt consist of more than one muscle like for instance, the ribeye. The ribeye cap cooks much faster than the eye of the ribeye, so its challenging to get a consistent doneness on that cut as well.

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The multi-flip technique is as simple as it sounds. We are simply flipping the steak often and continually placing it on a different spot on the grill grate. This technique, which is great for cuts less than 1.5 thick, will result in even doneness from edge to edge of the steak. Its also great when youre applying a marinade or sauce to a steak like this bourbon molasses steak.

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How To Grill New York Steaks

New York Steaks are sometimes called New York Strip Steak, Kansas City Strip Steaksor just the abbreviated Strip Steaks. Its is one of the most common cuts in restaurants, from the most expensive Steakhouse to the restaurant chain down the street from you. For good reason. New York Steaks have a great flavor , while still being very tender and juicy. Its also a cut of steak that does really well with a variety of cooking methods. I love to cook them in the oven, but frankly, theres no substitute for a perfectly grilled New York Steak.

Cooking New York Strip Steak over the grill gives the steak a wonderful charred crust that is salty, savory and crispy. The high heat also allows you to get the steak charred on the outside, while keeping the center anywhere from rare to well done. But, you do need to know the best techniques for grilling that steak to ensure you dont end up with an overcooked, dry, hard, and tough piece of shoe leather. The steps for perfect grilling are actually simple to learn, and after you cook a few, its easy to become an expert. Just follow the advice below, and youll be grilling up the best New York Steaks youve ever had!

For The Compound Butter:

New York Strip Steak (How to Grill)

The harissa compound butter melts over the hot Strip Steak and drenches each bite with buttery, juicy, smoky, spicy goodness. For the butter you will need:

  • Butter: use unsalted butter so you can salt to taste. You dont want to ruin your NY Steak by making it too salty!
  • Harissa paste: is a hot chili paste made from spicy red chilies and often includes garlic, cumin, coriander, and caraway seeds. It is spicy, smoky, a bit tangy and earthy with more deep, complex flavor than just chili paste.
  • Where to buy harissa: your grocery store may or may not carry harissa. harissa chicken recipe.
  • Lemon zest: brightens the butter and cuts through the heat.
  • Mint: its not the end of the world if you dont add it, but you will love the subtly sweet taste and cool sensation paired with the earthy cumin.
  • Chives: are meant for steak! They taste like mild onion with a slight garlicky note but they are actually classified as an herb verses an onion. When purchasing chives, look for plump green stems without brown spots or wilting

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How To Cook New York Strip Steaks To The Ideal Temperature Every Time

There are so many variables when cooking NY Steak such as the thickness of your steak, the heat of your grill or skillet, your type of skillet, and your desired level of doneness each will all impact the time it takes to cook your steak. To eliminate the guesswork and guarantee perfectly cooked, juicy steak every time, invest in an instant read meat thermometer.

You can pick up an inexpensive instant read thermometer at the grocery store or Amazon, or I am obsessed with this digital probe thermometer you will never overcook any protein again! Instant read thermometers can be temperamental, but this digital probe thermometer retrieves temperature precisely to within ±1.8°f and you leave it in the steak while it cooks, whether on the stove, grill or oven.

The digital thermometer allows you to set the desired temperature for each of the two probes and an alarm will set as soon as it reaches the set temperature so walk away and be rewarded with perfectly cook NY Strip every time!

Tips For The Best New York Strip Steak Recipe

  • Room Temperature Meat: Let the steaks rest on the counter at room temperature for at least 15 minutes before grilling. This will take the chill off of the meat and help the steaks cook evenly.
  • How to Season New York Strip Steak: Don’t over-do the seasoning — you just need enough kosher salt to help draw out moisture, create a nice sear, and flavor the meat you don’t want too many other ingredients that will detract from the natural flavors. That’s why we love a light dusting of the simple combination of garlic, onion, parsley and basil in our all-purpose seasoning. Just some plain kosher salt, freshly-ground black pepper and a pinch of garlic powder will also work well!
  • Use a Meat Thermometer: As explained above, the total grilling time will vary. Use an instant-read thermometer to know when your meat is done. For a medium-rare finish, the beef should reach an internal temperature of 130-140°F.
  • Let the Meat Rest: Allow the steaks to rest on a platter or cutting board for at least 5-10 minutes before serving. This will give the juices time to redistribute through the meat so that they don’t all run out onto your cutting board.

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Oven recipes are super popular here at Wholesome Yum, and its time to add one more: how to cook New York strip steak in the oven! This New York strip steak recipe is made with just 5 pantry staples to let the flavor shine.

Serve your strip steak just like a steakhouse with a wedge salad and brussels sprouts for a special and delicious meal.

If you like this New York strip steak recipe, youll have to try out my other oven steak recipes: filet mignon, sirloin steak, and flank steak. They all use this tried and true stovetop-to-oven method that cooks your steaks perfectly every time. You can also make surf and turf with New York strip.

You Cant Put Moisture Back Inside A Steak

Around The World Restaurant: Easy Grilled Indoors New York ...

Steaks grilled over high heat will lose moisture. This means that the fat and juices are literally pushed out of the meat. Over time, as we’ve made steaks easier to digest, this is an unfortunate reality. Perhaps the most important part of maintaining this moisture when grilling a steak is to take it off the heat before it becomes too dry.

You usually only have a minute or two to execute this. When steaks go from medium rare to medium, or from medium to medium well can happen quickly. You must be vigilant to catch that window. Never walk away from a steak on the grill. Be cautious as its always better to take a steak off when its underdone than to let it over cook, because you can always return it to the grill.

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Why Make This New York Strip Steak Recipe

This New York Strip Steak recipe is one of my husbands and my absolute favorite steak recipes to date. We grilled it, pan seared it and oohed and awed over it every time. Not only is NY Strip Steak naturally tender and the ideal size for fast cooking, this recipe bolsters it with hypnotic flavor. Heres why youll love this Strip Steak recipe:

Do New York Strips Have Any Other Name

Most people I know and most places I see it sold call it New York Strip steak. However, it does go by other names too even though it is exactly the same cut of beef.

The New York Strip steak also might be found as Boneless Club Steak, Hotel-Style Steak, Ambassador steak, Kansas City Steak, or Top Loin, and even Veiny Steak. Just to make it even more confusing, in New Zealand and Australia, it is known as Porterhouse and Sirloin or striploin steak.

The New York comes from Delmonicos, a famous New York Steakhouse that became famous for its strip steaks.

Also, a T-bone steak is a steak with the New York Strip on one side of the bone and the tenderloin on the other side of the bone, which explains the tenderness. It also explains the sticker shock most people experience when they see the price of a T-bone.

All of the Traeger Beef recipes you can handle. All of them.

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Tips For Grilling The Perfect Ny Strip Steak

Know your steaks temperature: Grilling the perfect steak with consistency is impossible without using a reliable meat thermometer. Trust me, this is the one tool I talk about most, and its a must-have for anyone who cooks.

Be Careful: We are cooking at extremely high temperatures on this one so use a long set of tongs to flip your steak.

Be Patient: Because of the extremely high temperatures used for grilling this steak, the meat will be very tight coming off the grill. The rest period is a must youll lose all the meats juices if you slice it too early.

Make use of the hot grill: Dont forget the sides when planning this steak. Plan for some that benefit from high direct heat like this grilled broccolini or grilled baby bok choy.

What Temperature Do You Grill A 1

Grilling New York Strip Steaks over Charcoal | How to Grill New York Strip Steaks | AntStill BBQ

The same goes with 1-inch strip steaks when it comes to the temperature you need to use to cook it properly. However, you need to make sure that you cook it longer.

1-inch strip steaks can get up to 177 degrees Fahrenheit when it comes to the internal temperature, which means that the interior is cooked but not dried out.

Since the steak is thicker, it is only natural to allow it to reach a higher internal temperature so that the interior cooks and all the bacteria inside are killed.

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What Is A New York Strip

New York Strip steak comes from a little used muscle of the cow called the longissimus. .

The important thing to remember about this cut is that it comes from a muscle, similar to tenderloin , that stays tender because it doesnt get used too much by the cow.

See all of my Easy Traeger Recipes here!

How To Buy Strip Steaks

If you have a choice and can discuss it with the butcher , try to get a steak from the rib end of the tenderloin.

Buy the best grade of beef you can afford. USDA Prime is the top of the range, with only about 2% of the beef in this country earning that label. This will ensure that your beef has nice fat marbling throughout, which is what gives beef steaks their incredible flavor, not to mention tenderness. USDA Choice comes after that, and within Choice there are different levels, so once again, it will come back to the conversations you have with your butcher as to what is best behind the meat counter that day. The grade Select is below Choice, and will be leaner still.

A freshly cut steak should be a pretty bright red color, and have no dark spots. It will turn a more brownish red as it ages, which doesnt mean its bad, just that it was not cut as recently, and the exposure to oxygen causes the darkening of color. Steer clear of any streaks with an odor that is slightly sour, or anything but fresh.

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