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How To Get Auction License In New York

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How to get a New York State Dealers License
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Willthis Car Dealer’s License Program Work In All States

Requirementsdo vary slightly from state to state, but most states have certain requirementsin common with each other. For example, most states require a bond, but vary intheamount of the bond. Oneof the books available, called “Secrets of Licensed Car Dealers”contains the requirements of all 50 states in the appendix! Inmy “Dealer License” manual, I discuss the easiest and cheapest ways toacquire the bond.

Thematerials we provide will help you get a dealer’s license in all the followingstates: Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado ConnecticutDelaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois. Indiana Iowa Kansas KentuckyLouisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri MontanaNebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New. Mexico New York North CarolinaNorth Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode.Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont VirginiaWashington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming.

Information on Curbstoning

Clever techniques people use to buy and sell cars without a statedealer’s license.

NOTE: This book iswritten as a nation-wide publication. Most states prohibit unlicensedauto sales for a profit. This book does not “teach” you how tocurbstone. It is an educational tool that sheds light on what goes on outthere. If you become a dealer, you need to know about curbstoners becausethey give dealers a “bad name”!



Important Message About Business Certificate

You must have the applicable Business Certificate based on your businesss legal structure. Although DCWP does not require submission of your Business Certificate in order to process your application, DCWP may request this document under section 20-104 of the New York City Administrative Code.

Sole proprietors operating under a name other than your own must have a Business/Assumed Name Certificate.

Partnerships must have a Partnership Certificate and, if applicable, an Assumed Name Certificate for your business.

Corporations, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, or Limited Liability Partnerships must register and remain active with the New York State Division of Corporations. You can check your status at

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How To Get A Dealer License For Car Auctions In Ny 2021

How To Get A Dealer License For Car Auctions In Ny. $487.50 for the application and business fees. After you get your dealer license, you register with auctionaccess and they issue you an access card to enter the dealer only auctions that use their registration service.

An auto dealers license is needed to buy and sell vehicles at wholesale. An auto wholesaler purchases vehicles from the manufacturer at a discount and sells those vehicles at a franchised dealership.

How To Get A Car Auction License


When states require a car auction license, this usually means you’ll need both a car dealer’s license, which allows you to sell cars commercially, and a separate auction license if your state requires one. Both are state issued, though some municipalities may also require their own additional licenses such as wholesale or franchise dealer, and specific guidelines vary from state to state.

Determine if you need a car dealer’s license. Each state has its own regulations that specify the maximum number of cars per year you can sell without a dealer license. In New York, for example, it’s up to four cars annually. If you want to sell more cars per year than your state’s unlicensed maximum, you will need a dealer license.

Meet all of the prerequisites required by your state for an auto dealer’s license. Proof you’ve met these conditions will have to be attached to your application. Each state is different, but generally, these prerequisites include:

Send your application with all required supporting documents to the appropriate agency for your state. For example, New York auto dealer licenses are issued by the Bureau of Consumer and Facility Services, and in North Carolina they are issued by the North Carolina License and Theft Bureau. Include any fees your state requires at this time, such as a license application fee, license certificate fee, sales representative fee and dealer license plate fees.


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Warning To New York Residents: If You Live In New York You Need A Cardealer License To Retail Cars In New York


There are many programs online where you can “rent” a dealerlicense or get licensed out-of-state. If you are wholesaling fromauction-to-auction, it’s difficult for your state to bust you. However, these programs can be problematic, especially if you are advertising tothe retail public in your state, even if you are a wholesaler who sells”through” a network of local dealers. Even if you have awholesale license in another state, by advertising to the retail public in yourstate, you are purporting to be a retailer and since you do NOT have a retaillicense in your state, the state considers it “unlicensed auto sales”,which is usually a misdemeanor crime. If you don’t believe me, simply callyour local DMV investigator and they will certainly tell you the same thing.

What Are The Steps In The Licensing Process

The following points provide a broad overview of what youll need to do to obtain a retail vehicle dealer license.

  • Register your business with the local authorities and obtain a business license or tax certificate.
  • Register with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. Obtain a sellers permit to collect sales taxes from customers and remit them to the state.
  • Open a bank account in the name of your business.
  • Purchase a California auto dealer surety bond in the amount of $50,000.
  • Pass a live scan fingerprint check.
  • Complete a Used Dealer Application and submit it to the nearest DMV Occupational licensing office.
  • Pass a location inspection of your retail business premises.

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Do I Need A Car Lot To Get A Dealer’s License

There are many aspects to the auto business beyond the large, fancy lots. For starters, there are numerous independent dealers who run smaller lots, but there are also many legitimate, licensed sellers who don’t have lots at all. If you’re just starting out in the auto trading business, this might be an option you’re interested in. It can be a good way to start out small without making a big-time investment in a lot or a large inventory.

So, if you’re asking whether you can get a dealer’s license without having your own lot, the answer is yes, you can! However, there are a few key considerations you should be aware of first. For one thing, like any other dealer, you’ll be required to carry a motor vehicle dealer bond to protect your customersand that’s where Surety Bonds Direct comes in. In this article, we’ll talk about how to get a car dealer’s license without a lot, and learn a little bit about motor vehicle dealer surety bonds along the way.

Types Of Car Auction Licenses

  • Table of Content

  • Advantages of Getting a Car Auction License
  • Franchise Dealer License

    Franchise dealer license gives you the opportunity to sell new motor vehicles under an agreement with a manufacturer. It also permits the licensee to sell used motor vehicles. The license also gives you the privilege to service the makes of vehicle that they sell.

    If you have an Independent Dealer License, you will be able to buy and sell used motor vehicles at the retail or wholesale level.

    • Wholesale Dealer License

    Obtaining a wholesale dealer license gives you the right to buy, sell and deal in motor vehicles exclusively wholesale or with motor vehicle auctions.

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    How To Obtain A Car Auction License In California

    Surety Bond Professionals is a family-owned and operated bonding agency with over 30 years of experience. With access to a broad range of surety markets, our expert agents are ready to assist with all of your California car auction license bond needs. Learn how to obtain a car auction license in California, below.

    How Does A New York Auto Dealer Renew Their License

    The dealer license period is valid for two years from the date of issuance, and must be renewed prior to the expiration date. Dealers can renew their license online here if they have the following items:

    • Facility and validation numbers located on the dealers Business Certificate
    • Federal Employer ID number
    • Social Security Number of the business owner, partner or officer
    • Business email address and phone number

    Dealers can also mail their renewal application to:

    NYS DMVBureau of Consumer & Facility ServicesApplication Unit

    There is a $450 fee associated with renewing the dealer application.

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    How To Go About The Process

    Generally, the process of getting your license involves purchasing a car dealer bond which is also known as a motor vehicle dealer bond or an auto dealer bond and you can get information about this from your local DMV or DOL .

    You are expected to fulfill the condition as stipulated by your state and then register your business, meet the zoning requirements, attend a pre-licensing seminar, provide proof of insurance and of course pass a background check.

    Other standard steps that you are expected to follow through before getting your car auction license in the united states of America is filling of a car dealer license application, purchase Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond, and lastly, submit your car dealer license application alongside your other necessary papers to your local DMV or Auto Dealer Licensing Service Department and wait for feedback.

    You will be contacted to come collect your car auction license once it is out. Please note that every state may decide to come up with its own specific requirement hence the need for this article.

    New York Dealer License

    New York Police License Plate

    New York Dealers Licenses are regulated by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles in Albany, New York.

    Dealer Training Podcast

    To obtain an New York Dealer License, you can call the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles at 800-225-5368 or write to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles at:

    New York Department of Motor Vehicle Central Office Customer Service Counter 6 Empire State PlazaAlbany, NY 12228

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    Quick List Of Requirements To Apply For An Auction House License

    See Requirements section for detailed descriptions. Make sure you provide all requirements otherwise, your application is incomplete. DCWP can only consider complete applications for license issuance.

    • Basic License Application

    Submitting your application does not mean your license is automatically approved.

    My Goal As A Licensed Car Dealer

    If you want to make money buying and selling cars, orsimply buy wholesale cars for your friends, family or yourself, you’ve come tothe right place.

    I’ll show you everything you need to know, from getting yourdealer’s license to being successful as a licensed used car dealer. I knowthe business from the inside-out.

    I’M A REAL LICENSEDAND BONDED CAR DEALER and I have been for the past 15 years! . I’m also a licensed Attorney so I understand dealer laws.

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    Advantages Of Getting A Car Auction License

    The truth is that the advantages of getting a car auction license in the US is enormous and here are some of them

    • A car auction license gives you the opportunity to go into private wholesale dealer auctions only dealers can go to same auctions that all used car dealers get cars from, including mega-used car dealerships!
    • With a car auction license, you can go directly to new-car dealerships to buy wholesale cars with closed bids
    • With a car auction license, you can take the advantage of purchasing wholesale cars for yourself, your friends and family members.
    • As a car auction licensee, you dont have a state limit to how many cars you can sell per year.
    • You will own and drive around dealer cars with customized dealer license plates.
    • It gives you leverage in the industry hence you will be able to multiply your turnover
    • Owning a car auction license as a small business owner qualifies you to get gold corporate credit cards, small-business loans and other fringe benefits.
    • Your car auction license qualifies you to export cars outside of the United States of America
    • As a car auction licensee, you can get tax rebate
    • With a car auction license, you can become a legal auto broker in the United States
    • As a car auction licensee, you are qualified to get dealer discounts and make tax-free purchases from almost any business including factory car dealers and parts stores.

    After You Get Your Car Dealer’s License Who Will Teach Youthe Business

    How I got dealer only auto auction access for less than $1000!!!!

    Through the years, I’ve seen many dealers struggle. They get their cardealer license just fine, but they don’t really understand how the car businessworks. If you don’t understand the dealer auctions, you will be eatenalive! Don’t take any chances. You can find car dealer licensepublications at:

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    Election For Owner To Account For Tax

    An owner who is registered for GST/HST purposes and an auctioneer may jointly elect to allow the owner to charge and account for the tax on sales of certain types of taxable goods. These goods include cars or trucks for highway use, certain heavy machinery and equipment, flowers, and horses. The sale of the owner’s goods for which the election is made must account for at least 90% of the proceeds from the auction on a particular day. In this situation, the auctioneer must charge and account for the GST/HST on all services it provides . The owner and the auctioneer must complete Form GST 502, Election and Revocation of an Election between Auctioneer and Principal, and keep it with their books and records. For more information on the election, please call a GST/HST Rulings Centre.

    This info sheet does not replace the law found in the Excise Tax Act and its Regulations. It is provided for your reference. As it may not completely address your particular operation, you may wish to refer to the Act or appropriate regulation, or contact any Canada Revenue Agency GST/HST Rulings Centre for more information. These centres are listed in GST/HST Memorandum 1.2, Canada Revenue Agency GST/HST Rulings Centres. If you wish to make a technical enquiry on the GST/HST by telephone, please call the toll-free number 1-800-959-8287. A ruling should be requested for certainty in any particular GST/HST matter.

    Quick List Of Requirements To Apply For A Secondhand Dealer Auto License

    See Requirements section for detailed descriptions. Make sure you provide all requirements otherwise, your application is incomplete. DCWP can only consider complete applications for license issuance.

    • Basic License Application

    Submitting your application does not mean your license is automatically approved.

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    Standard Process For Getting A Car Auction License In States Not Listed Above

    If you intend applying for car auction license in any of the following states ,

    Then the process listed below applies to you but you must also ensure that you check the appropriate department in your state to get other specific requirements

    • Attend a Pre-Licensing Dealer Training Course
    • Obtain a Permanent Business Location
    • Compile the Required Documents
    • Obtain Proof of Liability Insurance
    • Obtain Your Auto Dealer Bond
    • Submit Your Dealer License Application

    S To Get Your License

    Used Car Dealer License Requirements for NY

    Ultimately, the good news is that you don’t have to have any kind of lot space to get a dealer’s license. You can go through a process that’s fairly similar to the licensing process for a dealer with a lot. The auto dealer license application process can be fairly long and involved, but with the right know-how, thousands do it every year. The steps you’ll need to follow will include:

    • Contacting your local Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Licensing to get all the forms and information you’ll need.
    • Filling out your application packet, which typically includes:
    • Paperwork for creating a DBA
    • Detailed business plan

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    Buying Cars At Dealer Auctions

    Obtaining a dealer license can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, but those who do so gain access to a bounty of vehicles that may serve as the basis of a profitable business.

    With that said, keep in mind that cars bought at dealer auction are also subject to extra auction fees and transport costs, so that low hammer price isnt entirely accurate. And, while sellers are required to disclose significant issues , that seemingly pristine late-model SUV quickly rolling across the auction block may be hiding a host of costly gremlins.

    As with all auction vehicles, it’s best to bid with a buyer beware mentality.

    Obtain A Permanent Business Location

    Your business location must include:

    • Clear and permanent physical barrier from other businesses that may share your location
    • Display lot
    • Mailbox at the business address dedicated to your business only
    • Method of locking items securely
    • Heat, electricity, desk and chairs
    • Landline business phone
    • Your dealership must follow the zoning rules for your jurisdiction

    There are strict requirements for your business sign. It must have:

    • Red background and white lettering
    • At least 3 feet wide by 2 feet tall
    • Must display REGISTERED STATE OF NEW YORK MOTOR VEHICLE DEALER in 2 block lettering
    • Should be permanently mounted and visible at all times from the nearest street or highway


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