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How Do You Change Your Name In New York State

How To Change Your Name In New York

How to Change Your Name in New York

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In love in New York? Marriage is the most common time during which people change their name. But there are other times, of course. Maybe you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling, and wish to return to a former name once the divorce goes through. You might also love New York, but just not love your name. That happens too, and people change their name simply because they wish to. All of these situations arise for residents of the Empire State. What’s a New Yorker to do?

All states have a legal process for people looking to change their names. What needs to be done? How do you do it? When can you change your name? How to change your name in New York depends on your particular situation. Read on find out:

  • The right process for changing your name
  • What paperwork needs to be completed and
  • How to start using your new name.
  • General Summary Of Name Change Laws In New York For An Adult

    NOTE: If you live in the city of New York, you have the option of filing in Supreme Court or Civil Court. If you live outside the city of New York, you must file in Supreme Court.

    Name changes are governed by Article 6 Change of Name of the New York State Consolidated Laws: Civil Rights. In New York, the process for obtaining a name change for an adult begins with the filing of a Petition for a Name Change which sets forth the reasons for the change.

    Along with your Petition, you must provide proof of the date and place of your birth. This is typically done by supplying a copy of your birth certificate. If you were born in the State of New York, special instructions apply for supplying proof of your date and place of birth:

    After filing initial documents, the Petitioner shall appear before the Court at a hearing. The Court will hear any objections to the Petition offered by third parties and review the Petition. If everything is in order and the Court agrees to the intent and nature of the Petition, the Court will sign a Name Change Order. For an Order to be granted, the Court must find sufficient reasons for the change and also find it consistent with the public interest. If the Court approves the Petition, the name change must be published in a newspaper according to the format prescribed by New York law.

    How To Get A New Passport In New York

    The US Department of State is responsible for issuing new passports to US citizens who wish to change their names. Documents required to complete the process of getting a new passport include:

    • A passport application form
    • Documents showing the change of name
    • Most recent US passport
    • A colored passport photo that meets the Department’s

    The various application forms for a new passport are available on the Name Change page. Applicants should ensure they read the requirements on the form to determine which is relevant to them. The type of passport requested determines how much applicants will pay.

    Typically, individuals will obtain their new passports within 10 to 12 weeks. However, the agency allows interested applicants to expedite their application for an additional $60. The travel site provides more details on the requirements of the passport process.

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    Other Places To Change Your New York Llc Name

    Its important to understand that changing your name with the New York Division of Corporations still leaves your old LLC name in place everywhere else.

    Its your responsibility to change your name everywhere else, update your website, and let your customers, clients, and vendors know about the new LLC name.

    This is not an all-inclusive list, but below are a few other places youll need to update your LLC name.

    Yes, its a lot. Create a spreadsheet and tackle it slowly. You can do your LLC name changes gradually as your old LLC name will still work for a while.

    • local tax office
    • business licenses and permits
    • website, domain registrar, hosting company
    • utility companies
    • anywhere else you do business

    First Step Getting Your Marriage License

    Capital of NYC? What Is the Capital of New York?

    If you are intending to get married in the State of New York you have to apply for a marriage license in person in any of the state’s city or town clerks. Remember the license application has to be signed by the applicants before a city or town clerk. You cannot send a representative to apply for the license for you whether he/she has the power of attorney or not. Even a marriage license affidavit that has been notarized cannot substitute personal appearance of the applicants.

    The issuance of a marriage license is immediate in New York, but the marriage ceremony itself might not happen within a day/24 hours after the issuance. Applicants who are 16 years old and above can have the 24 hour marriage ceremony waiting period waived by a Supreme Court justice in the County Court where any of the applicants live. If any of the applicants is less than 16 years old the Family Court judge within the county where the individual resides has to give the order. The marriage license given is usually valid for two months starting from the day it was issued.

    For those in the City of New York, the license is issued by the City Clerk and the fees to be paid vary from time to time. Contact the office of the New York City Clerk for the requirements and current fees.

    A marriage license in the state of New York is only valid within the state. If you intend to get married outside the State of New York the marriage license offered in the state cannot be filed with any New York city or town clerk.

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    New York Marriage Certificate New York Divorce Certificates & Birth Certificates

    New York CITY Birth Certificate

    Certified birth certificates are $15.00 per copy .

    Easiest way is ORDER YOUR NYC BIRTH CERTIFICATE ONLINE. Visit the New York CITY Department of Health websiteto order your birth certificate online.

    Mail in your required documents to the following address:

    NYC Health Department 125 Worth Street, CN4, Rm. 133 New York, NY 10013

    You can send in a personal check or money order made out to the New York State Department of Health.

    New York State Birth Certificate

    To obtain a birth certificate you may contact the New York Department of Health, Vital Records office. It will cost $30.00 per copy .

    Mail in your required documents to the following address:

    Certification Unit 800 North Pearl Street Menands, NY 12204

    You can send in a personal check or money order made out to the New York State Department of Health. Make certain to provide a copy of your GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID with the request.

    Visit the New York Department of Health website here for further details or questions.

    Certified copies of New York Marriage Certificates may be obtained through the county clerks office where your marriage license was issued.

    For certified copies of a New York divorce certificate/decree, visit or contact the court clerk that issued the divorce and request a certified copy.

    Right Name Change Choice

    If you are not happy with the name you were born with, and the name given by your parents or family does not match with your personality, you have the right to change it. It is not necessary that you will die with the same name. You can adopt the name of your own choice. At Legally Name Change we help you to let it happen truly. Our skilled and experienced team of lawyers serves you for Your Name Change Needs in New York. We have a good reputation throughout New York like the most reliable and professional company serving thousands of men in their name change needs.

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    Change Your Name With Social Security

    Once you get your completed and signed marriage certificate in the mail, the next step in the New York name change process is to update your Social Security card. Youll need to head to your local Social Security office to do that. Remember that this should be your first stop, because other government offices wont recognize your name change in New York State until youve updated it on your Social Security card. The good news is, this process is free and pretty straightforward. begin, download and fill out the application for a new Social Security cardbe sure to include both your birth name and your married name. Bring the form, along with a certified copy of your marriage license and photo identification to your local Social Security Office. If you want to handle this process by mail, simply send them your form along with your certified marriage license and original ID. The process takes a few weeks.

    General Summary Of Name Change Laws In New York For A Minor

    How to File a DBA in New York – 2 Steps to Register a New York DBA

    Name changes are governed by Article 6 of the Civil Rights Law of the State of New York. In New York, the process for obtaining a name change for a minor begins with the filing of a Petition for a Name Change which sets forth the reasons for the change, by one biological or adoptive parent or legal guardian of the minor with the other parent/guardian providing consent. A Name Change Order may also be required at the initial filing. The Court Clerk or County Clerk, depending upon where you file, will be able to tell you if this is needed.

    Along with the initial filing, you must provide proof of the minor’s date and place of birth. This is typically done by supplying a copy of the minor’s birth certificate. If the minor was born in the State of New York, special instructions apply for supplying proof of date and place of birth:

    Thereafter, any adult who has a legal right to notification of the Petition shall be given proper direct notice by the Petitioner and all such adults must provide consent to the minor’s name change. If any non-petitioning adult does not agree to the Petition, these instructions are no longer applicable, and you should seek legal counsel.

    If the Court approves the Petition, the name change must be published in a newspaper according to the format prescribed by New York law. After publication, obtain a proof of publication and file it with the Court Clerk within ninety days of the issuance of the Order.

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    Where Do I Go To Change My Last Name In New York

    While couples can change their last names in New York by applying for a marriage license, other interested persons can also request a name change at the county or supreme court located in their county of residence. Residents of New York City can apply at the city’s civil court or supreme court. There are five New York City civil court locations where residents in each borough can file their petitions.

    Interested persons can change their last name with the following steps:

    • Download and fill the Adult Name Change Petition form or the Petition for Adult Name Change .
    • Provide a document establishing birth, usually a certified copy of the birth certificate.
    • Persons that choose to get a name change in a supreme court must get a Request for Judicial Intervention.
    • Notarize the petition.
    • Gather all the documents with a filing fee of $210 or $65 for the New York City civil court.
    • File the documents at the office of the court clerk.
    • The court may schedule a hearing that plaintiffs must attend.
    • If the judge approves the petition, obtain certified copies of the court order. Also, plaintiffs must publish a notice of name change in a publication, as directed by the court. A sample notice is available on the New York courts’ site.

    Name Change After Marriage

    The law permits people to change their last name when getting married. In order to do this, the name change must be written on the couples marriage license application. The new name may be either the spouses last name, a combination of both names or elements of both names, or a hyphenated version of the couples two last names. Any prior last name of either spouse may also be adopted. After getting officially married, the couple will receive a Certificate of Marriage Registration which certifies their marriage and demonstrates their change of name. Using certified copies of this document, individuals can change the identity on their drivers license, passport, social security card, and other accounts or registrations.

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    Change Name Back To Maiden Name In New York

    There are multiple reasons to Change Your Name Back To Your Maiden Name. Those reasons could be after divorce or marriage. Sometimes you would like to Change Your Maiden Name Back Without Getting Divorces. We completely understand how to change your name back to your maiden name. So, you can start your maiden name change petition by us.

    How Can I Insure My New York Dba

    How to Transfer New York Title and instructions for filling out your title

    DBAs dont require insurance because DBAs aren’t a business entity. However, the business entity that the DBA is under will need protection from losses that can happen naturally in the course of business, such as property damage or lawsuits.

    We recommend Commercial Insurance because they provide coverage for a large variety of businesses. Get a free quote from Commercial Insurance or call to learn more.

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    General Adult Name Change

    You can request a name change that’s not related to a marriage name change or change of name through divorce. The adult name change is done by filling out a form to petition the New York State Supreme Court to effect the name change. In New York, you can only do this if you are at least 18 years of age, not incarcerated, on parole or probation and you don’t need to have the change of name kept private for any reason, including safety. However, those applying for a name change due to their own safety should go through their lawyers or, in case of domestic problems, seek the help of a domestic violence counselor.

    It’s also important to note that only residents of New York City can request a name change in the Civil Court of New York City. Residents of the wider State of New York must use the Supreme Court within their respective counties.

    Name change in New York is done through a birth certificate and a petition. Enter personal information and complete the name change petition accordingly. You need to also publish the name change in a newspaper unless the judge asks you not to due to safety reasons. After signing the petition using the legal name you’re using currently, ensure it has been notarized. In case you do not have a birth certificate copy, request one if you were born within the state of New York.

    Filing A Dba In Ny For Llcs Corporations And Llps

    Incorporated businesses must file their certificate of assumed name with the New York Department of State. The following business types are considered incorporated:

    • For-profit Corporations, Non-Profit Corporations
    • Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships
    • Limited Liability Companies
    • Any Foreign Filing Entities

    If you need to know how to file a NY DBA for a sole proprietorship or partnership, go back to those requirements.

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    How To Change Your Name After Marriage In New York

    Partners who want to change their names after marriage in New York can fill in the new name on a marriage license application. After the clerk grants the license and the marriage ceremony occurs, the name change is officially successful. Such individuals can then obtain their marriage certificates as proof of name change and update their identification papers with relevant agencies. However, through this method, persons can only change their last names to any of the following:

    • Their partner’s last name.
    • The former name of either partner.
    • A new name, coined from the combination of the current or former names of either spouse.
    • A hyphenated name

    To obtain a New York marriage license, couples must apply in person at the office of any town or city clerk. Getting a marriage license from the clerk’s office costs $40. However, the City of New York charges $35, payable by credit card or money order. Among the clerk’s office requirements to obtain a marriage license is proof of age and identity. Applicants can establish proof of age with the following documents:

    • Birth certificate

    Any of the following identity-related document can be used for identification:

    • Current driver’s license
    • Work photo identity card
    • Immigration record

    Make An Appointment At The Dmv To Change Your Name On Your Drivers License

    How To Change Name on Birth Certificate & S.S Card

    No one wants to visit the DMV, but if there were ever a reason to slug it out in those long lines, its for a drivers license sporting your brand-new name! And thats just what youll have to do, since the state of New York does not allow you to change your name via the internet or over the phone.

    When figuring out how to change your name in New York, youll need to present your current drivers license along with your marriage license, which will serve as proof of your new last name. Be sure to hit up the Social Security Administration to get a new social security card first, since the DMV will require this in order to obtain a new license.

    Note: New York is a REAL ID-compliant state, which means your new ID should meet the requirements for this federal program that goes into effect on October 1, 2020. May as well stay ahead of the game so you wont have to visit the DMV twice!

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