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Does New York Blood Center Pay For Plasma

The Interstate Companies Earn $50 Per Donation

How plasma of recovered COVID-19 patients helps new cases
  • Learn about donating here:
  • Find your nearest center here:

The Interstate Companies doesnt state how much it pays on its website. The company says to contact your nearest center for exact details on payment.

Users on Reddit, however, do state how much theyve earned with the company.

One user on this Reddit thread says they were paid $50 for each donation, for their first five donations. After that, they were paid $25 to $35 per donation.

Another user on this Reddit thread says that they earned $360 in a month, earning $35 for their first visit and $45 for their second visit, with a $10 bonus on the fifth to eighth visits. This user also states that they can get $75 for their first couple of donations.

The company has locations in the following states:

  • Texas
  • Learn more about donating here:
  • Find your nearest donation here:

Currently, the company says that with a donor promotion, new donors can make up to $250 for their first five plasma donations. So as a new donor, you can get $50 per donation for your first five donations.

Also, Octapharma Plasma says that many of its centers are running frequency bonuses, for people who donate twice per week. With this promotion, you can get up to $60 to $75 extra.

The company has locations in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Alabama

Where Can I Donate Plasma

Obviously, it pays to take the time to find the best center near you that pays the most.

BioLife has centers in almost all states and in many cities across the United States and it is one of the highest paying plasma donation centers.

They have centers from Chicago to Boston, Las Vegas, New York City, San Antonio and everywhere in between.

To find a BioLife blood donation center near you, check out BioLifes locations page.

Who Pays The Most For Plasma

The compensation for donating plasma is generous for recurring donors. Based on the information provided here, donors can expect to be compensated most when going to a donation center that has multiple locations throughout the country. These are considered chains.

The highest paying plasma donation center near me is Octapharma Plasma. If youre wondering which plasma center pays the most near you, you may need to make some calls to your local centers to ask. Offers and incentives may vary based on location and the current need for donations.

To get paid to donate plasma, donors must meet all requirements and be honest about their medical history to ensure the safety of everyone. Once a donation is complete, you can expect to receive your payment afterward.

Visit each website in this post to see if a company has a location near you. Make your donation appointment by calling them and inquire about that locations specific fee amount for donations. Ensure you understand how often you are allowed to donate.

Donating plasma for money is rewarding for your financial gain. Additionally, consider the bigger picture of what your plasma donation is actually doing for someone else! Your donation could save a life.

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I Was Miserable For Weeks Then I Found Out I Could Donate My Plasma

Testing positive for Covid-19 antibodies let me feel useful during a time when it is hard not to feel powerless.

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Like most other people on Earth, I had a really bad March.

I got the coronavirus around the time New York City was shutting down. As soon as I recovered, my boyfriend developed a raging fever that would last for two weeks, along with double pneumonia that eventually forced him to the emergency room. We spent about a month locked in our apartment.

Those weeks of misery culminated in a gift: a positive antibody test. With it, I have had the privilege of being useful to my fellow New Yorkers in a moment when it is hard not to feel powerless in the face of so much suffering.

Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan was one of the first hospitals in the country to develop an antibody test, which was available by late March. Since then, about 45,000 people have emailed the hospital, asking how to donate their antibody-rich plasma to New Yorkers fighting the virus.

I was sick early enough in the citys outbreak to secure a spot in Mount Sinais study, along with more than 25,000 others who have reported to the hospital so far to have their blood tested.

A few days after my blood test, I found out that I was part of an elite group of about 12,000 New Yorkers who had produced high enough levels of antibodies to donate plasma.

How To Make More Money While Donating Plasma

What Is Convalescent Plasma &  What Role Does It Play in ...

According to Grifols, it can take an average of 45 minutes to donate plasma for money. You could simply relax and listen to music while you sit in the donators chair, or you can use the extra time to make money on your smartphone.

Sign up for some of these free websites now so that youre ready to maximize your earnings during your first plasma donation.

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How Much Do You Get For Selling Plasma

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the authors opinions and recommendations alone. It may not have been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.

Plasma a portion of your blood that is used to fight diseases can be sold for a profit, and it can be an easy way to make some quick money while also helping people in need. The amount you will make for selling plasma varies depending on a number of factors, but plasma donation centers generally offer between $30 and $60 per donation session.

Still, selling your plasma comes with drawbacks. Heres everything you need to know about this potential side hustle.

Can I Donate Plasma And When

If you are more than 18 years of age and less than 65 and is at least 110 lb in weight, then yes you are eligible for passing the initial screening criteria. You will require a valid photo id, address proof, and social security number.

For the next round, you will undergo detailed medical testings and few questionnaires.

Questions will include information about diseases in your family history and related standard stuff.

If selected, you can donate plasma at any point of time upon appointment. Two plasma donations will be at least 48 hours apart and a maximum of two are allowed in a week.

That means if you eat a healthy and balanced diet you should be able to rejuvenate your body plasma within 48 hours.

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What To Do After Donating Plasma

You might wonder what to eat after donating plasma or what to avoid after donating plasma.

Once youve made your donation, its important to take a few steps.

Here are a few tips on what to do after you donate plasma:

  • Stay Hydrated: Continue to drink plenty of water once youve donated. This will replenish any fluids that were lost during the donation process.
  • Eat something: Eat foods rich in protein and iron not long after your donation. Also, eating or drinking something sugary right after your donation can make you feel a little better.
  • Avoid smoking for 30 minutes.
  • Dont drink alcohol for 4 hours.
  • Dont do any heavy lifting or strenuous activity for 24 hours after donation.
  • Make sure that you wait two days before you donate plasma again. This means that if, for example, you donated plasma on Monday, then your next donation shouldnt be until Wednesday.

New York Blood Center Uses Technology Which Allows You To Donate Two Units Of Critically Needed Red Blood Cells In Just One Visit Saving Two Lives Each Time

Mt Sinai and New York Blood Center Call For Antibodies As Potential Treatment For Covid-19 Patients

How does an automated red cell donation help patients?

An aging population and new medical treatments are contributing to an increasing demand for surgeries and procedures requiring blood transfusions. At the same time, more restrictive donor eligibility criteria intended to protect the safety of the blood supply has decreased the eligible donor pool. In the face of this growing need, obtaining two units of red cells from a donor will help us to meet the needs of local hospitals and the patients they serve.

What’s it like to make an automated red cell donation?

A red cell donation feels much the same as a whole blood donation but uses a smaller needle. A small amount of blood is drawn into a sterile bag and then spun in a centrifuge to separate your red cells from other blood components. The red cells are stored in a separate bag while your other components are safely returned to you along with saline solution. This helps keep your body’s blood volume balanced, so you actually feel better than if you donated whole blood. This cycle is repeated a few times until we have collected the required amount of red cells.

Who needs your red cells?

Red cells are critically needed by:

  • surgery/trauma patients
  • at-risk infants

Can’t you take red cells from my whole blood donation?

Is it safe to donate red cells?

Who can make an automated red cell donation?

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Plasma Donation Faqs And Tips

Donating plasma is something that many of us consider doing to make money.

A lot of us, though, have questions about the process.

And, thats understandable.

With anything remotely medical, we all want to know exactly what to expect!

In this section, weve included answers to some of the most common questions that people have about donating plasma, including what to expect when you arrive at your local donation center.

And, weve also offered tips for donating plasma successfully as well.

So if youre unsure about anything in the whole process, then read on!

What Are The Requirements For Donating Plasma

Okay, so a lot of people think that donating eggs or plasma is a quick and easy process.

And, while plasma cant be produced synthetically, so it is in demand, companies and organizations still have requirements that potential donors must meet.

Plasma donation requirements will vary from place to place.

So, one place may have a slightly different age bracket for donors, for example.

And, some places may not accept donations from people whove recently gotten a tattoo.

Generally, if you want to donate blood, youll need to:

  • Be aged between 16 years old and 69 years old. Some places, however, require donors to be slightly older than 16 years old in some states, youll need to be 19 and some centers will only accept donations from those aged 18 years or older. Others require donors to be younger than 69 years old, with some putting the cap at 66 years old.
  • Weigh at least 110 pounds. How much you weigh also affects how much plasma you can donate.
  • Be in good health. So you feel well and are able to perform everyday activities.

Also, youll need to be clear of certain health conditions, diseases, and viruses, such as HIV.

Finally, many donation centers will not take donations from you if you have had any ear piercings, body piercings, tattoos or permanent makeup done during the past 12 months.

Of course, as we said above, the requirements will differ from center to center.

So make sure that you read the requirements for your local center.

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What Is Plasma And What Is It Used For

Plasma is the clear liquid portion of the blood. After the red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and other components are removed, plasma is the only portion remaining.

Plasma is known as a transporter of cells and other important substances in the body. It has multiple functions in the body including clotting blood, fighting diseases, and other critical needs.

In general, plasma is typically used for trauma, burn, and shock patients. Patients with other diseases and clotting deficiencies are also among those who receive plasma transfusions.

How Much Does Plasma Donation Pay

What Is Convalescent Blood Plasma, and Why Do We Care ...

Now, heres what most people want to know when they consider donating plasma how much do you get paid?

Well, the answer is that it varies.

Donating plasma isnt the most lucrative thing you can do, but it does pay pretty well, and better than some of the other options for making money that are available as well.

On average, you can get paid anywhere from $20 to $50 per donation, but since each center offers different compensation rates for donors, you could get paid more or less than this.

This means that you could make anywhere from $160 to $400 per month. To make this amount, youll need to donate twice per week.

Aside from the individual compensation rates offered by different donation centers, here are a few factors that can affect how much you earn:

  • How much you weigh

The volume of plasma that youre able to donate sometimes has an effect on how much youll earn.

The FDA has guidelines that determine how much plasma a person can donate based on their weight, which are 110 to 149 pounds, 150 to 174 pounds, and 175 to 400 pounds.

The more you weigh, the more plasma youre able to donate, and the longer it will take to donate, so youll usually be paid more.

  • Promotions offered

Some donation centers offer special coupons and promotions that allow you to earn more.

For example, some may provide refer a friend offers, where you get money, such as $20, when a friend of yours makes a donation.

  • Whether its your first donation

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Can You Donate Plasma From A Whole Blood Donation

You can donate plasma using our automated technology every 28 days. Can you make plasma from my whole blood donation? Yes, plasma can be made from a whole blood donation but when you make a plasma donation using automated technology you donate approximately 2 to 3 times the amount of plasma than can be obtained from a whole blood donation.

How Can I Sell Plasma For A Profit

How to Sell Plasma 1 Locate a Plasma Center. Locate a plasma center by looking in the telephone book yellow pages under Plasma. You can also perform a search online by using keywords such as 2 The Monetary Compensation. 3 Donation Requirements. 4 Before Every Visit. 5 The First Visit. 6 The Donation.

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Is It Safe To Donate Plasma

Yes, at all times during the plasma collection process your blood remains inside a sterile tubing system and is never in contact with the equipment used for your plasma donation. All tubing, bags and the needle used to collect your plasma are new, sterile and used only once for you. After use, the entire disposable kit is discarded.

How Do You Get Your Funds

PLASMA DONATION: Sarasota doctor giving back to those fighting COVID-19 after recovering from the vi

Plasma donation centers used to pay donors in cash after a successful plasma donation.

Some still do.

But, most are switching over to a prepaid debit card.

This is great for donors because it loads your funds electronically right to your card.

No more worrying about losing your cash, and you can also use the card to pay your bills!

In most cases, your funds are loaded to the card immediately after you donate, so its a quick and simple process.

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How To Donate Blood Plasma For Money

by Saeed – Last Updated November 26, 2018

When you need money desperately, one of the first things a lot of people think about doing is donating blood plasma for money.

It is a legitimate way to earn a little extra money and do something at the same time that could be a lifesaver for many people.

Just how much you can make donating plasma differs from center to center, but it sure is an easy way to make some quick cash. In some cases, you could make up to $260 a month donating plasma.

Plasma is used to help burn victims and hemophiliacs, along with other people. Without the plasma there to help, these people could suffer endlessly or even die, which goes to show how important it is for people to donate plasma.

Plus, you get paid for this, so it is a situation in which everyone benefits.

I have talked about selling your hair for cash before, but this is a bit different and can be scary for some folks, but it is relatively pain-free and super easy. Plus, it always feels good to know that your blood could be saving someone elses life.

Need Easy Extra $300+/Month for Free?Daily Goodie BoxInboxDollarsPanda ResearchKashKickSavvyConnectSwagbucks

There are tons of places across the United States, many near you, that pay you for your blood plasma.

These are:

  • You must be between 18 and 69 years old.
  • How To Donate Plasma For Money In New York City


    Blood plasma makes up half of what constitutes human blood. It is a yellow liquid mainly composed of water that also contains a small amount of minerals, proteins, waste products, hormones and immugloben. Blood cells are suspended in plasma, using it as a lubricant to move about the human body, delivering vital nutrients and oxygen. Plasma is a highly sought bio-medical product as it has help greatly in the treatment of many rare disorders and diseases. There are several donations center located in New York, NY that will pay cash as compensation for any plasma donations given.

    Locate a blood donation center near you. See Resources for local New York City donation centers.

    Travel to the donation center and inform the receptionist that you would like to be a plasma donor.

    Fill out all necessary paperwork and provide all required identification. You will go through a brief physical examination and asked about your medical background and any risk factors. Once the application process is completed you will be eligible to donate plasma for money in New York City.


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