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Does Insurance Cover Abortion In New York

Other Abortion Services Information

New York Now Requires Employers Cover Abortions in Employee Health Insurance Plans

If you take any medications, please continue to take these medications normally before your appointment.

Please do not bring children with you to the health center.

During your visit, you may be given the following:

  • pregnancy test
  • a chance to speak with a trained staff person about all of your choices: abortion, adoption, and parenting
  • a conversation with the health care provider about your health history
  • lab tests/blood work
  • medications to make the abortion more comfortable
  • medication if you are Rh negative
  • antibiotics or other medications
  • a birth control method
  • HIV and STI testing

At times there may be protesters outside of the health center. We suggest you avoid interaction with them. This health center offers escorts to walk you inside to your appointment.

Were unable to provide childcare at our health center. For safety reasons children need to be accompanied by an adult when theyre in the waiting room. Children may not be with you in an exam room. Please bring a friend or family member to be with your children in the waiting room if you dont have childcare at home.

Will You Be Able To Have Children In The Future

The most widely used methods for abortion do not prevent a woman from becoming pregnant later.

Keep in mind that you can get pregnant in the weeks right after an abortion. This is a good time to start using birth control that works well and fits your lifestyle.

It will probably take you 1 to 3 weeks to heal and feel better after an abortion. You should not have sex during this time. But when you do have sex again, be sure to use a condom for several weeks or for as long as your doctor tells you to. This will help to prevent infection.

Information On Essential Health Benefits Benchmark Plans

The Affordable Care Act requires non-grandfathered health plans in the individual and small group markets to cover essential health benefits , which include items and services in the following ten benefit categories: ambulatory patient services emergency services hospitalization maternity and newborn care mental health and substance use disorder services including behavioral health treatment prescription drugs rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices laboratory services preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management and pediatric services, including oral and vision care.

For plan years 2020 through 2023, no State opted to permit issuers to substitute benefits between benefit categories, pursuant to 45 CFR 156.115.


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Clearer Standards For Health Insurer Id Cards

In 2017, NIRH successfully fought for no-copay coverage of abortion and contraception for all state-regulated insurance plans in New York. However, many New Yorkers are covered by employer-provided self-funded plans which are governed by federal law and do not have to comply with state-level requirements. NIRH then urged the state to find a creative solution that would ensure that all New Yorkers would be able to understand if their health insurance plan must comply with New York state requirements which guarantees coverage for abortion and contraception. In July of 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a new regulation for health insurer

Do You Have Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Chiropractic


Absolutely, Blue Cross Blue Shield will cover chiropractic services when they are medically necessary by a physician. Additionally, the patient must be suffering from clinical signs of a health issue that can be treated or alleviated with standard chiropractic therapy. the treatment plan has to be documented clearly and the chiropractic treatments must be directly related to the condition of the patient and the chiropractic treatment must be administered by an authorized chiropractor.

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High Court: Ny Abortion Case Ruling Should Be Revisited

WASHINGTON The Supreme Court is telling a lower court to take another look at a case in which the lower court upheld a New York regulation requiring health insurance plans to cover abortions. The regulation exempts certain religious organizations.

In a brief order Monday the high court vacated the lower courts ruling and sent the case back to be reconsidered in light of a case the Supreme Court decided earlier this year involving religious freedom issues. It is not uncommon for the high court to order a lower court to revisit a case when an intervening Supreme Court decision could affect a lower courts thinking on the issue.

Three justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch said the high court should have heard the case rather than sending it back.

New York says its 2017 regulation made explicit what had previously been implicit: that health insurance policies issued in the state must cover medically necessary abortion services. Challengers to the regulation say religious groups whose purpose is to promote religious values and who employ and serve primarily people of the same religion are exempt. But they say the regulation requires religious organizations to cover abortions if they have a broader religious mission or if they employ or serve people regardless of their faith.

Blue Cross And Blue Cross Blue Shield Ppo Cover Abortions

Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans offer this procedure however not in every state. There is a Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funds from being used through abortion facilities in 33 states does not permit coverage in these states, it might be difficult to obtain an abortion except if the mother or the foetus is in danger of death.

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Can I Qualify For A Free Abortion

For women who are not able to pay for an abortion and do not have insurance or other resources, we can work out financing so abortion can be free or low-cost. We partner with funding agencies so no one need to be afraid they will be turned away. If you live in New York State you may qualify for Emergency Medicaid which covers all pregnancy-related services, including abortion. Click here to visit our financial help page.

To see if you qualify for emergency medicaid, take our quiz.

When Can An Abortion Be Done

Supreme Court Orders New York to Reconsider Mandatory Coverage of Abortion | EWTN News Nightly

It will depend on how many weeks pregnant you are. You may have a choice between a medical abortion and a surgical abortion such as vacuum aspiration or dilation and evacuation .

After 10 weeks, surgical abortion is usually the only option. The risks from having an abortion in the second trimester are higher than in the first trimester.

Abortions done early in the pregnancy can be done by your doctor or gynecologist. Some nurse-midwives, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants may also be trained to do some types of abortions. Abortion services are most likely to be offered at university hospitals and family planning clinics.

Some states in the U.S. have legal restrictions on abortion. Talk to your closest Planned Parenthood or other family planning clinic to learn more about restrictions in your state.

In some states, women younger than 18 will need a parent’s permission. A minor can get a court order that will allow an abortion without a parent’s consent.

Abortions are rarely done after 24 weeks of pregnancy . Many states have restrictions on abortions after 24 weeks.

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Do Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Acupuncture

In certain instances, Blue Cross health plans provide acupuncture treatment in the event that it is recommended by your doctor and considered medically required. It could be because of chronic pain that lasts for at minimum six months and is not responding to other treatments, like medication and physical therapy or nausea that is a result of chemotherapy or surgery.

How Much Does An Abortion Cost

According to the Guttmacher Institute, the average cost for a first-trimester abortion is in the US is $508 . The median cost for a second-trimester abortion is $1,195. Later term abortion can cost $3,000 or more.

The specific cost of an abortion depends on the type of procedure and the size of the baby, which are based on gestational age. The price rises as pregnancy progresses. Price also varies by provider clinics and private practice abortionists typically offer lower costs than hospitals.

Typical Abortion Costs in Rochester and Buffalo, NY

  • Dilation and Evacuation : $1500-$2100
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    If You Do Not Have Health Insurance

    If you are uninsured and/or are unable to use your insurance to cover your procedure, additional resources may be available. There are more than 100 abortion funds across the country that provide assistance to those who are facing financial barriers to abortion. The National Network of Abortion Funds provides a helpful map and list by state.

    For assistance in New York State:

    • The New York Abortion Access Fund provides financial assistance and other resources to support anyone living in or traveling to New York State for an abortion who is unable to pay fully for the procedure. For more information, call their hotline at 212.252.4757 or email them at .
    • The Haven Coalition is a network of volunteers who open their homes to low-income people who need to travel to New York City for second-trimester abortions. Haven volunteers can provide meals, a place to sleep, and transportation to and from the clinic. Haven works with people who are receiving two-day abortion care at Choices, Parkmed Physicians, Planned Parenthood NYC, and select other facilities. If you need support from the Haven Coalition, let the clinic know when you make your appointment and they will put you in touch with a volunteer. For more information, email .
    • Several abortion providers have funds or offer sliding scale fees to help people pay for the procedure. View a list of those providers.

    Medicaid Coverage Of Abortion

    Stringer stumps for abortion funding

    Evidence You Can Use: Medicaid Coverage of Abortion is designed to give advocates, service providers and policymakers the data and resources they need to engage in ongoing policy discussions in their states. It includes information on state laws and policies, a synthesis of the relevant research, information on states in which the issue has been debated in the past three years and links to state-specific data. The toolkit provides the evidence base for understanding the impact of restrictions on abortion coverage in the Medicaid program.

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    Abortion Access During Covid

    Abortion services are still available to all patients seeking care. Patients seeking a medical abortion may be able to receive their medicine by mail without visiting their doctor. For help getting services, see the Find a Provider section below.

    Abortion is a safe, common health care service to end a pregnancy. In the U.S., one in four women will have an abortion before the age of 45.

    Abortion is legal in all 50 states. However, some states have different laws about how far along a pregnancy can be to have an abortion. In New York, you can get an abortion at up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. After 24 weeks, you can still get an abortion if your health is at risk or your pregnancy will not survive. Other places, such as Colorado and Washington, DC, can also provide abortion services after 24 weeks of pregnancy for any reason.

    Any person who can get pregnant including transgender men, non-binary people and people of any gender can have an abortion.

    The decision to have an abortion is a personal one. No one should pressure you to have or not have an abortion.

    I Am Enrolled In A Medicaid Health Plan Can I Come To Ppgny

    Yes. New York State law says you can go to any Medicaid provider in or out of the health plan for the GYN, family planning, and abortion services you need. Please see the list of those services below. That means you can always come to PPGNY it doesn’t matter if PPGNY is in your Medicaid health plan or not. You don’t need a referral from your regular doctor.If PPGNY is not in your health plan or if your health plan does not cover the services you need, you can still use your Medicaid card. Bring your health plan card and your Medicaid card to the visit. You will not be turned away.

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    How Much Is An Abortion With Insurance

    If you have insurance that covers an abortion procedure, you can count on paying anywhere from nothing to a few hundred dollars out of pocket, depending on the type of procedure and your policy’s copay or coinsurance requirements, explains Martucci.

    “Patients without insurance coverage can expect to pay upwards of $1,000 — perhaps significantly more — for a surgical abortion later in pregnancy, or a few hundred dollars for a medical or surgical abortion earlier in pregnancy. These costs will vary by provider, state, and other factors,” he adds.

    Without insurance, a medical abortion can likely cost between $300 and $700, and a surgical abortion can cost more than $3,000.

    The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that the median cost of an abortion is $500 at 10 weeks gestation versus $1,195 at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

    Organizations like Planned Parenthood also offer services at no to low cost if you qualify. Contact Planned Parenthood health centers for more information about those options.

    Health Insurance Companies That Provide Abortion Coverage

    New Montana Bill to Ban Coverage of Abortions by Health Insurance Plans | EWTN News Nightly

    Many health insurance companies provide coverage for abortion services if state laws allow it and if the insurer chooses to cover these services.

    Top carriers that may offer abortion services include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare.

    “If you are currently insured, refer to your policy’s plan documents for more details about what it will and won’t cover. And if you are shopping for health insurance on the marketplace or elsewhere, scrutinize plans and insurance companies for information about abortion coverage they offer,” recommends Martucci.

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    How Are Abortions Paid For

    If you have health insurance that covers abortion services and live in a state that allows for this coverage and the services, you can have an abortion procedure done and submit a claim for the costs through your insurance company.

    “The process for submitting abortion procedure claims is broadly similar to insurance claim submissions for other types of procedures,” notes Martucci. “What happens next — the extent to which the insurer will review, verify, and reimburse your claim — will vary significantly based on the company, the provider, and your plan.”

    What Services Does Ppgny Provide If I Am In A Medicaid Health Plan

    If you have Medicaid or Medicaid managed care, you can come to Planned Parenthood for:

    • Birth control pills, condoms, foams, diaphragms, IUDs, and Depo-Provera
    • Abortion
    • Pelvic and breast exams, including Pap tests*
    • Pregnancy testing and counseling
    • Colposcopy, cryotherapy, and loop electrosurgical excision procedures *
    • STD testing and treatment*

    *when part of a family planning visit

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    How The Us Health Insurance System Excludes Abortion

    Abortion is considered to be a separate, politicized entity within the broader health insurance system, but a lack of coverage for this critical health care can have devastating impacts on women.

    • Anusha Ravi

    Abortion access is a critical right for all people, regardless of their race and socio-economic status, that helps ensure long-term economic security for women and families across the nation. Access to reproductive health care can empower people to be able to continue their education, pursue a fulfilling and economically secure career path, and choose if and when to have children. In order to protect and expand access to this safe medical care, health insurance options must include abortion coverage.

    Abortion coverage varies based on health insurancewhether a person has insurance through Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act marketplaces, a private employer-sponsored plan, or another source. States also have a significant amount of control over how individual health insurance companies cover abortion. Insurance coverage of abortion, therefore, has become location- and coverage-specific, creating challenging circumstances for people seeking abortions, especially low-income people, many of whom are women of color.1

    This issue brief outlines several health insurance categories and explains how each respective type of insurance generally covers abortion.

    How Is Your Practice Different From Others In Your Area

    In Support of Abortion, Itâs Personal vs. Political

    We are a private practice with 36 plus years of experience, not a clinic. We are located on a busy hospital campus in the Rochester area, so you cannot be distinguished from an employee, a patient, or a visitor. We are also a full service OB/GYN practice, so other patients whom you may encounter do not know what services you are seeking. Many patients who start off having a termination of pregnancy at our office become OB/GYN patients in our practice. Because of our long history of providing safe and private services, we receive referrals from private physicians from various locations.

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    Access To Plans That Cover Elective Abortions

    Because abortion and the ACA are both such polarizing issues, the areas where they intersect are, unsurprisingly, political powderkegs. Pro-choice organizations fear that onerous regulations could result in abortions becoming more difficult and expensive to obtain, while anti-abortion groups are concerned that premium subsidies could potentially be funding elective abortions if the carriers are not strictly adhering to the separate funds requirement laid out in the ACA.

    But in reality, how accessible is non-Hyde abortion coverage for people who buy their own health insurance? A Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of 2019 health plans indicated that there were:

    • 26 states where non-Hyde abortion coverage is banned for all plans sold in the exchange.
    • Eight states where non-Hyde abortion coverage is not banned, but no insurers offer such coverage
    • Five states and the District of Columbia, where all available exchange plans include non-Hyde abortion coverage, despite no state laws requiring it.
    • Six states where state law requires all exchange plans to include non-Hyde abortion coverage .
    • Six states where state law does not require or ban non-Hyde abortion coverage, and at least one insurer offers this coverage in at least part of the state

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