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Bridge Cleaners Livingston Street Brooklyn

Why You Should Never Wash Your Jeans

Walking NYC : Downtown Brooklyn (September 28, 2021)

Laundry is inevitable, but thankfully there are people like Levis CEO and President Chip Bergh who want to make our lives a little easier. According to him, you should never wash a pair of jeans. Ever. While this may prompt noises of disgust from those are less-then-enamoured by the idea of walking around in dirty clothes, Mr Bergh explained that he “spot cleans” any stains with a toothbrush.

Bridge Cleaners & Tailors

  • Faisal Saidi

    This place is simply the best. I’ve been a customer for nearly ~4 years now, and they always manage to impress me with their exceptional customer service – the best way to describe it is simple: attention to detail. Not only do they do use the best products, have an incredible staff, and generally do a great job with garment care – they do the little things that make you want to want go to them time and time again. For example: there was a button broken on one of my shirts… they noticed it, replaced the button without me asking, and simply left a note with the shirt letting me know they did so . You’ll find other cleaners with cheaper rates, but the higher cost is more than worth it. Their service is so good that it makes people who don’t write reviews often , want to write one for my dry cleaning service. Every company should strive to offer customer service at this level. Great job, Bridge.

  • Mike Tee

    When I called they told me I can leave a deposit when I got down there lady said I had to pay in full I WONDER WHY??? AND IMMA START GOIN DOWN D BOOCK SAME SERVICE CHEAPER PRICES

  • Judy Codrington

    I have been a customer for over 20 years!! Casandra was very unprofessional and refuse to acknowledge her tone and language when dealing with customers. I love this place but that was a major turn off.

  • Tiffany Watkins

    The best place to go to get things done right

  • Tenderly Cruz

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Why We Will No Longer Be A Welcoming Church

Weve decided to quit being a welcoming church. No kidding. Were giving it up. Like so many congregations, weve sunk an amazing amount of time and energy into becoming a welcoming church. We changed worship styles, trained greeters and ushers, wore name tags, brewed coffee, went to workshops on hospitality and put our friendliest people

Bridge Street Cleaners Moves To Navy Yard Livingston St

Cleaning the Brooklyn Bridge, IMG_1020

Bridge Street Cleaners is moving into new space at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and 204 Livingston Street, part of the BE@Schermerhorn complex by developer SDS Procida Development Group. This would be the second move as a result of new development for the 79-year-old cleaners, which is currently located at 401 Bridge Street between Willoughby and Fulton Streets, a block almost entirely under development. Bridge Street Cleaners store is part of the United American Land air rights deal weve previously reported on. Ingram & Hebron Realty, which negotiated the lease, said the Livingston rent is $80 per square foot, a new high rent for this portion of the Livingston Street corridor. According to the brokerages press release, Bridge Street Cleaners has also leased Building 74 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where owner Victoria Aviles is relocating her entire cleaning plant. In addition to dry cleaning, the business does alterations wedding and evening gown cleaning museum-quality preservation and fire, flood and smoke damage restoration.

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Dry Clean Coupon & Hanger Recycling Tips

“What can I do with all of these clothing hangers?” Clothing hangers can easily stack up in our closets, trunks, and laundry rooms. Two great things you could do with them is either A) Recycle them at any of Rick’s 15 locations or B) Take tips from this DIY article to turn your repurposed hangers into something cool!

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