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Who Is The Best Lawyer In New York

Congrats To Those On The List

Who Are Best Defense Attorneys in New York? Medical Malpractice Attorney Gerry Oginski Explains

Everyone likes a good ranking, and now Crains New York has gotten in on the action. Theyve put together a list of the top 100 women lawyers in New York City. The publication has started the ranking in commemoration of the achievements of women, while still being mindful of the challenges of being a high-profile woman attorney.

Some 130 years after Kate Stoneman became the first woman, in 1886, to be admitted to the New York bar, these 100 women celebrated by Crains have climbed to the heights of their careers against a background of sometimes blatant, sometimes unconscious bias. Only a very foolish man, though, would try to objectify or demean these gifted attorneys.

Which, of course, doesnt mean they havent tried

In any event, the list that Crains has put together is an impressive one. In the top 100 there are lawyers who do public interest work, small-law and solo practitioners, in-house counsel, and of course, Biglaw attorneys are well represented.

Without further ado, here are the top 100 attorneys, in alphabetical order, on Crains inaugural Leading Women Lawyers in New York City:

Read more information about the lawyer who made the Top 100 here.

Clifford Chance Us Llp

As a global force, its no surprise Clifford Chance seeks candidates with international aspirations and foreign language skills. This Magic Circle firm offers a welcoming culture and interesting work, and it genuinely supports pro bono and diversity. Today, Clifford Chance has 32 offices spanning key markets across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, with a particularly strong reputation in the financial sector. The firm offers substantive experience in a wide array of practice areas and industry sectors, including banking and finance, capital markets, corporate, litigation and dispute resolution, real estate, and tax pensions, and employment.

New York University School Of Law

  • Website:
  • Price: 66,422 dollars
  • LSAT: 167-172

This is a private university situated in Manhattans Greenwich Village. It has about 1700 students. Its tough to get admitted to NY university school of law, but its acceptance rate is higher than that of Cornel and Columbia law schools. The Curriculum is intensive and the students need to work hard. The school began in 1835, making the oldest law school in the state. Its bar passage rate is great and the post graduate salaries are also good. The yearly fee is costly, but justifiable. It has ranked high consistently in lists of the leading law schools from US News and World Report, and international outlets like QS World University Rankings and Academic Ranking of World Universities. Its international focus is seen in the quality of its alumni. Most of its graduates sit in the international court of justice compared to those from other law schools. Some recognized legal philosophers teach at this law school.

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Choosing The Right Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Many people will consider hiring a well-known trial attorney to handle an appeal. The belief is that because the lawyer won a number of trials that he might be the best person to handle the appeal.

Unfortunately, the reality is somewhat different because the job of a trial lawyer is very different from the job of an appeals lawyer. Each job requires a different set of skills. Having the skills to be a great trial lawyer does not mean that a person has the skills to be a great appeals lawyer.

To properly draft an appellate brief the lawyer must set aside large chunks of time to conduct research and actually draft the brief. That means sitting in an office for hours at a time, day after day, until the brief is done. Trial lawyers necessarily have to go to court every day. If they are successful trial lawyers then they go to court even more often than other trial lawyers. The likelihood is that they are hardly ever in their office. This of course brings into question when they would have enough time to write the brief.

Additionally, knowledge of the law is obviously critical in winning an appeal. People who concentrate their practice in appellate litigation spend most of their time studying the law.

Before retaining appellate counsel, you would be best advised to make sure that the person you hire has the type of practice, skills, and experience that will enable him to do the job properly.

Suny Buffalo Law School

Best Lawyers in New York City 2016 by Best Lawyers
  • Website:
  • Price: 27,964 dollars
  • LSAT: 150-156

Suny Buffalo law school is listed in the top a hundred law schools in the nation, and its reputation is above average. The campus is large and has about 19,500 students. However, the law school itself is small with lower than 500 Juris Doctor candidates. The student-to-staff ratio is 5.5 students to 1 staff member. It is relatively easy to gain admission because of the lower LSAT scores required. The bottom twenty-five percent of the students who get into the school have a score that is lower than 150. However, it is essential to get your application early because the school rejects about 500 candidates every year. The average expense of education at this law school is reasonable, below the average for an institution in the top 100 law schools in the nation. It also offers financial aid to students in need.

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Top New York Criminal Defense Lawyer

Stop being a victim of the circumstances. Trust your freedom to No-one but Bukh.

Yes, thats what will happen to you when you choose Bukh Law Firm for extricating yourself from the legal mess that you find yourself in. We help you in reclaiming your life and freedom and bring back the happiness in your life. Something that has eluded your family and loved ones ever since your existence has been overshadowed by the Damocles sword hanging over your head in the form of a legal case that has been slapped on you by virtue of inclement circumstances. Comprising the very best of New York City defense lawyers, Bukh Law Firm is well equipped to represent you in the criminal courtroom.

Reclaim your life and dignity!

Your Life: Replugged!

We handle a wide variety of cases as our expertise in criminal law extends to not just white collar crimes but also drug crimes, sex crimes and federal crimes. Nothing is too complex for our team of criminal defense attorneys at Bukh.

Drug Crimes: Our experience tells us that most of the ones who have been accused of New York State drug crimes are simply suffering from an addiction and require counseling, not jail time. Irrespective of the charge against you be it drug possession or trafficking, we will ensure that our NYC criminal attorneys put a solid defense so that you are acquitted of all the charges.

New York Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Our federal criminal defense lawyers represent clients from New York City to Buffalo and throughout New York State. If you are under investigation, if you have been served with a grand jury subpoena, or if you are facing federal charges, you can call for a free and confidential consultation.

New York is home to some of the finest criminal defense attorneys in the country. Clearly, theres no shortage of New York federal criminal defense lawyers. Nonetheless, it is important to understand that not every lawyer is equally trained and experienced when it comes to federal cases. Because the vast majority of criminal prosecutions are state cases , most criminal defense lawyers appear occasionally in federal litigations.

Thats a problem. Just like you would not normally pick a real estate attorney to handle a divorce case, you should think twice before hiring just any attorney to handle a complex federal investigation.

Put simply, when your life is on the line and your freedom at stake, there simply is no room to experiment. Everyone knows how harsh the federal justice system is and that there will be no second chances when it comes to choosing the right defense strategy.

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How Does The Sentencing Work In A New York Federal Case

Following a loss at trial or a plea, sentencing in federal cases is subject to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines . The FSG are an attempt to create uniform standards across the country for sentencing in federal cases to ensure approximately similar penalties for similar or the same offenses regardless of the federal district handling the case. Unlike many state proceedings, sentencing in federal court is exclusively reserved to the presiding United States District judge, not the jury. All federal judges consider, but some federal judges nonetheless deviate from, the FSG when deciding the right and fair punishment in a case at hand. The FSG are point-based, that is the gravity of the offense, the defendants prior criminal history, and many other factors all impact and determine the sentence. Nick Oberheiden has repeatedly convinced federal judges to favorably deviate from the recommended punishment for his clients. For example, he obtained probation in a federal fraud case when the FSG suggested years of incarceration he obtained probation in a federal computer case when the FSG suggested a lengthy imprisonment.

How Much Federal Law Experience Should My Lawyer Have

Who is the ‘Best’ Medical Malpractice Lawyer in New York…For You?

When it comes to federal criminal defense, there can never be enough experience, but there can certainly be too little. When you interview lawyers, see if the lawyer also advertises for traditional state offenses such as drunk driving, assault, or theft. If so, that means that the lawyers practice is likely open to any criminal case, including federal cases. Next, be blunt. Ask the lawyer how many federal cases he or she has handled and with what outcomesand how many of these cases are similar or identical to your situation. If you interview, for example, a lawyer that routinely defends federal robbery charges or federal drug defendants, that lawyer may not be familiar with the nuances of healthcare billing laws if you are accused of healthcare fraud or banking regulations if you are accused of bank fraud. You get the point. Ask your lawyer about what matters most to you. Its your right and its your freedom. Call and ask Nick tough questions.

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More Than Half A Billion In Verdicts & Settlementsfor Personal Injury Cases & More

$16,000,000Verdict Awarded to a Victim of Sexual Abuse

$12,157,000Settlement in a Train Derailment Case

$11,750,000Awarded to a Victim of Wrongful Conviction

$9,000,000Awarded to a Victim of Municipal Assault

$6,500,000Settlement in a Construction Accident Case

$5,500,000Verdict Awarded in a Construction Accident Case

$4,750,000Awarded to an Injured Construction Worker

$4,100,000Settlement in a Construction Accident Case

$4,000,000Awarded to Families of Flight 587 Victims

A Quick Look At The Best Law Schools In New York

Each of our options earned its spot by providing a solid education. They’re all vitally American Bar Association-accredited and provide a phenomenal law education. Here are the top 10 options in New York state:

  • Columbia University School of Law: New York City
  • New York University School of Law: New York City
  • Cornell Law School: Ithaca
  • Fordham University School of Law: New York City
  • Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University: New York City
  • St. John’s University School of Law: New York City
  • SUNY Buffalo Law School: Buffalo
  • Syracuse University College of Law: Syracuse
  • Albany Law School of Union University: Albany
  • Hofstra UniversityMaurice A. Deane School of Law Hempstead: Hempstead
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    Boies Schiller Flexner Llp

    Boies Schiller Flexner is the type of firm where associates toss aside the life vest and dive right inand lawyers at this litigation powerhouse wouldnt have it any other way. Litigators looking to roll up their sleeves and learn on the job will feel right at home here. While it also handles transactional matters, Boies Schiller Flexner is known for its litigation prowessand most of its work revolves around high-stakes, complex litigation. Boies Schillers litigation practice is broad, including antitrust, appellate, constitutional law, cybersecurity and privacy, employment, energy, environmental law, First Amendment, health care, intellectual property, family law, products liability, securities litigation, and sports lawand everything in between.

    Albany Law School Of Union University

    Best Lawyers in New York 2015 by Best Lawyers
    • Website:
    • Price: 47,450 dollars
    • LSAT: 151-156

    If you are searching for a school that offers more individualized attention, Albany law school is a great fit. This private school has about 2,200 students in the entire campus and 372 in the law school. Although the acceptance rate is just over fifty percent, admissions are competitive. Therefore, it is essential to take your test scores and application seriously if you wish to gain admission. Most students qualify for financial aid. The salaries in the private sector are relatively high for a law school which is outside the top one hundred, and public position placement is high. The salaries are also relatively strong. This is mainly due to the staff support network. It has a career center which helps in placing graduates.

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    Where Are The Best Places To Look For A Defamation Attorney In The State Of New York

    While you should definitely ask friends and family if they can refer you to an experienced defamation attorney, you can also find attorneys on several websites.

    Many websites have created attorney directories to help you find attorneys in your state, with the experience you are looking for.

    Here are just a few of the websites we recommend checking out:

    • Avvos attorney directory lets you search for attorneys by practice area, city, state, and legal topic. Some attorneys also have Avvo ratings and reviews to help you narrow down your choice.
    • FindLaw lets you browse defamation lawyers by state, metro area, or county. Their directory also lets you know if a particular firm offers free consultations.
    • With this directory, you can search by legal issue and location to find a list of practicing defamation lawyers.
    • Local Bar Association. The New York Bar Association offers a Lawyer Referral and Information Service to help you find a vetted attorney for your legal issue. LRIS attorneys also offer initial consultations at a reduced rate to gather more information about your situation.

    Columbia University School Of Law

    • Bar Passage Rates: 98 percent
    • Post-Graduation Salaries: $60,000 to $180,000
    • Acceptance Rate: 16.8 percent
    • LSAT: 170 174
    • Price: $69,916

    Columbia has one of the best law programs in the country. Graduates from here move on to have some of the highest paying, most prestigious law jobs in the country. The small-sized private university has a class size of only 350 people.

    With a bar exam pass rate approaching 98%, you’re also almost guaranteed to pass the bar if you study here and apply yourself. But of course, thanks to the school’s reputation, they can be picky about who they accept.

    If you want a good chance of getting admitted, you’ll have to hit a minimum of 170 on your LSATs. Even if you do, it’s still difficult: the school’s acceptance rate is only 16.8 percent. So, do your best to get your application in early and study hard. The school will also consider extracurricular activities. Before applying you should try to gain relevant work experience, and explore volunteering possibilities as well. While it’s expensive, it’s one of the best law educations you can get nationwide.

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    What Should You Look For In A Defamation Attorney In New York

    Much like hiring anyone to perform work for you, you should approach hiring an attorney wisely.

    Do not make a rushed decision on a whim without evaluating all of your options. Your relationship with your attorney should be built around trust. After all, you are entrusting them with your confidential information and need them to guide you through a complicated situation.

    You also need to rely on your attorney for appropriate legal advice and online defamation is a highly specific niche. You should ensure your attorney is an internet defamation attorney because not every attorney is well-versed in online defamation.

    In particular, you want to look for an attorney with the right combination of:

    • Experience and expertise,
    • A favorable working rapport.

    Experience & Expertise

    Defamation is a very niche area of law, so it is important to find an attorney with experience in this field. Just as you would not go to a podiatrist for heart surgery, you do not want to go to an attorney who is not familiar with defamation.

    An experienced defamation attorney can be very valuable because they will not need to spend hours researching simple issues such as Anti-SLAPP laws or Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

    A Reputation of Excellence

    Try looking up an attorneys reviews on common review platforms like Google or Yelp . This will help you get a decent idea as to what reputation the attorney has earned among their clientele.


    A Favorable Working Rapport

    New York City Lawyers

    New York City’s 2012 Best Lawyer of the Year, Medical Malpractice (Best Lawyer’s Magazine)
    • Free Consultation


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