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How To Change Your Name After Marriage New York

Make A Checklist Of Name Change Documents And Agencies

How to Change Your Name in New York

In this step, youll make a list of current government documents that include your name and each agency youll need to contact. If you are not a U.S. citizen, the process is somewhat simpler.

Writing down the following documents will help you organize the task of changing your name with the state of New York and the federal government.

  • Social Security card / Social Security Administration
  • A copy of the Order to change your name
  • U.S. birth certificate /
  • U.S. passport / U.S. State Department
  • New York drivers license or New York state ID card /
  • Voter registration card / County Voter Registrar

    For non-citizens or naturalized citizens, you should contact the Social Security Administration for new or replacement cards

  • For non-citizens, a consular report of birth is necessary to update your birth certificate
  • First Step Getting Your Marriage License

    If you are intending to get married in the State of New York you have to apply for a marriage license in person in any of the state’s city or town clerks. Remember the license application has to be signed by the applicants before a city or town clerk. You cannot send a representative to apply for the license for you whether he/she has the power of attorney or not. Even a marriage license affidavit that has been notarized cannot substitute personal appearance of the applicants.

    The issuance of a marriage license is immediate in New York, but the marriage ceremony itself might not happen within a day/24 hours after the issuance. Applicants who are 16 years old and above can have the 24 hour marriage ceremony waiting period waived by a Supreme Court justice in the County Court where any of the applicants live. If any of the applicants is less than 16 years old the Family Court judge within the county where the individual resides has to give the order. The marriage license given is usually valid for two months starting from the day it was issued.

    For those in the City of New York, the license is issued by the City Clerk and the fees to be paid vary from time to time. Contact the office of the New York City Clerk for the requirements and current fees.

    A marriage license in the state of New York is only valid within the state. If you intend to get married outside the State of New York the marriage license offered in the state cannot be filed with any New York city or town clerk.

    Name Change Is A Big Life Event

    A legal name change is a major life event and requires considerable effort. If you are dedicated, however, you will find using a checklist and taking each necessary step will lead to success.

    Changing your name legally isnt a quick and easy processespecially if it is for reasons other than marriage. If you have a criminal record, its even more work so before deciding to change your name in New York, you should decide if you are willing to go extra the mile.

    Its important to also change your credit cards, library card, and other ID you use on a regular basis. Each name change has to be done separately with the appropriate issuing agency.

    Finalizing a completed name change takes effort but if you fail to notify government agencies, youll soon find yourself running into practical and, potentially, legal problems. Any time you change jobs or conduct business requiring your drivers license, birth certificate, or other government issued document, youll be unable to prove who you are. Take the process seriously, and break it down into small steps.

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    New York Marriage Certificate New York Divorce Certificates & Birth Certificates

    New York CITY Birth Certificate

    Certified birth certificates are $15.00 per copy .

    Easiest way is ORDER YOUR NYC BIRTH CERTIFICATE ONLINE. Visit the New York CITY Department of Health websiteto order your birth certificate online.

    Mail in your required documents to the following address:

    NYC Health Department 125 Worth Street, CN4, Rm. 133 New York, NY 10013

    You can send in a personal check or money order made out to the New York State Department of Health.

    New York State Birth Certificate

    To obtain a birth certificate you may contact the New York Department of Health, Vital Records office. It will cost $30.00 per copy .

    Mail in your required documents to the following address:

    Certification Unit 800 North Pearl Street Menands, NY 12204

    You can send in a personal check or money order made out to the New York State Department of Health. Make certain to provide a copy of your GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID with the request.

    Visit the New York Department of Health website here for further details or questions.

    Certified copies of New York Marriage Certificates may be obtained through the county clerks office where your marriage license was issued.

    For certified copies of a New York divorce certificate/decree, visit or contact the court clerk that issued the divorce and request a certified copy.

    Get Your New York Marriage License

    Letter for Change of Name After Marriage Template ...

    Apply to any New York town or city clerk for a marriage license. Licenses cost $35 from the New York City Clerk, or $40 in the rest of the state. Licenses are issued on the spot. Your license can be used throughout New York state and there are no residency requirements when applying. Applicants must provide 2 documents from a list of over 8, one showing proof of age and the other proof of Identity. The applicants must state what name they will prefer to use after marriage on the license at the time of application.

    Once the license is issued it will be valid after 24 hours, for up to 60 days . The 24 hour waiting period can be waived if the couple applies for a judicial waiver at the time of applying for their wedding license at no additional fee.

    After your marriage is solemnized the officiants will complete the marriage license and return it to the clerks office where your license was filed. Your license fee automatically includes the issuing of a certificate of marriage registration , which is generally delivered a few weeks after your wedding.

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    Do I Need To Go Through The Court Ordered Procedure If I Am Only Correcting My/my Minor’s First And/or Middle Name

    If you are only correcting a first or middle name AND you were born in New York, one MAY NOT need to go through the court-ordered process. We recommend that you contact the Vital Records Department/Agency in New York. Contact information for the New York Office of Vital Statistics can be found at . You may also want to contact your local Court/County Clerk for further information.

    The Professionals At Legally Name Change Are Well

    Legally changing your name after marriage isnt a compulsion. However, if you have decided to do so, you have Legally Name Change at your service. Legally Name Change has a range of skilled legal advisors who will explain to you the procedure of a Name Change After Marriage, and guide you accordingly. Changing a name after marriage is not a very complex task, though it does require the following technicalities. Legally Name Change will help you get your Name Changed as soon as possible.

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    Maiden Name Change Certified Copies

    Social Security, Passport, DMV, and other important places require you to give them a Certified Court Order. Banks, other Government agencies and Financial Institutions even Birth Certificates will make the changes you want when you present the Certified Copy. You need at least one Certified Copy to make changes after approval by your judge, and many people get 2 or more. One to keep in a safe place and one to use when required.

    Certified Court Orders are available whether you use your Divorce Case to Restore Your Maiden Name, or file a New Name Change Petition case. And, regardless of which path you choose, the main government and financial places will REQUIRE that you give them one when requesting your Name Change with them.

    Change Your Name With Providers And Other Important Documents

    How to Process Report of Marriage | New York Consulate |

    When it comes to how to change your name after marriage in New York, your Social Security card, drivers license and passport are considered the big three. Once youve tackled those, its time to think about all the other places your name is listed. If youre interested in how to change your name after marriage in New York and make a complete switch, youll have to change your name on everything from your credit cards to your local dry cleaner. It seems like a lot, but dont worryyou can take your time on these tasks. Heres a list of things youll need to change your name on:

    • Bank and credit card companies
    • Immigration documents

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    Complete And Submit Form Ss

    Form SSA-5 is used for replacement and new social security cards. Once youve printed the form, you are ready to begin filing it out. This form is not long but does require accurate information. It gives detailed instructions, but should you get stuck at any point you can call the Social Security information at 1-800-772-1213 for assistance.

    Do not leave any sections blank. It is better to write not available or NA than leave a space blank. Per SSA instructions, use a blue or black ink pen.

    If you do not have a computer available, many people ask a friend for help or use a local library.

    You can either mail the completed form SS-5, along with your original Social Security card and court order , or take form SS-5 to your local Social Security office. Some people are more comfortable going to the local office in person, and remember you can call ahead to make an appointment. Sitting down with an SSA worker can help answer any questions you have, and you do not need to be concerned about your original documents getting lost in the maileven though that is unlikely.

    If you mail your SS-5 and required documents, its okay to send by registered letter for extra peace of mind but this is not necessary. Be sure that if you must submit a court order, you are using a certified copy.

    Is It Okay Not To Change My Last Name After Marriage

    It is quite allowed to change your name after marriage to anything different than your spouse’s name. However, it is occasionally necessary to have more than simply a marriage license normally, a court decree is required. Each state has distinct requirements, so be sure to verify your own state’s legislation on the subject. For example, in some states, only certain names are allowable, such as one’s birth surname or a married name. In other states, any name can be used at all times.

    After your marriage, you should file a “Change of Name” form with the appropriate government agency where you live. This may include filing a “Birth Certificate Replacement Form”. Some states require you to provide evidence of your marriage before you can use the new name, so check with local authorities to be sure.

    Your new last name will be used on all official documents such as driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, and birth certificates.

    The choice of changing your name after marriage is an important decision. It is best to discuss this issue with your partner before getting married so that you can be comfortable with the changes that will need to be made afterward.

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    Right Name Change Choice

    If you are not happy with the name you were born with, and the name given by your parents or family does not match with your personality, you have the right to change it. It is not necessary that you will die with the same name. You can adopt the name of your own choice. At Legally Name Change we help you to let it happen truly. Our skilled and experienced team of lawyers serves you for Your Name Change Needs in New York. We have a good reputation throughout New York like the most reliable and professional company serving thousands of men in their name change needs.

    How Long Does It Take To Change Your Name In New York After Marriage

    Name Change After Marriage in New York: 4 Things You Need ...

    The period it takes for couples to change their names in New York after marriage depends on when they decide to have the ceremony. Although the town or city clerk issues marriage licenses immediately, couples cannot hold the ceremony within twenty-four hours from the day of issuance. However, the marriage license is valid for sixty days, and the ceremony can occur within that period.

    Generally, once the new name is written in the marriage license and the ceremony is held within the state, the change of name becomes valid. A marriage certificate can be issued by a town/city clerk or the Department of Health.

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    The New York City Name Change Process

    1. Understand New York City Name Change Laws

    New York allows most version of married name change, but not taking your maiden as a middle name. Fortunately, theres a loophole! It is possible to take your maiden name as a middle name IF you file your name change forms in a specific order.

    File your Social Security form and your U.S. Passport forms first. Next, wait to receive both of those new documents back in your new name. Then, you can go to the New York DMV and file for your new drivers license. Your updated Social Security card and passport will provide the necessary 6 points of identification needed by the agency for your name change.

    Changing Your Surname After Marriage New York City

    After changing your surname, you can use your new name, anywhere. Start by asking your friends and family to call you by your new name while addressing you. Introduce yourself with your new name, register for memberships, sign contracts, open accounts, and live freely with the new name. Be proud of your change.

    Customer’s satisfaction is our first priority

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    How To Update Your Social Security Card In New York

    Persons who opt to change their name in New York must update their social security card with the Social Security Administration . This application can be done in person or submitted via mail. Individuals can find an SSA office address in New York using a zip code. The following documents are needed to update a social security card:

    • Proof of change of name .
    • A state-approved form of identity, e.g., a driver’s license or employer ID card.

    Individuals born outside the US must also provide proof of citizenship or current legal, work-authorized status.

    Updating a social security card is free. However, the SSA only accepts original or certified copies of the required documents. Additional information about the process can be found on the site’s Frequently Asked Questions page. Inquirers may also call Social Security at 772-1213.

    How To Legally Change Your Name After Marriage In New York

    Name Change After Marriage going from Miss to Mrs

    First things first, you must be solemn about your decision. If you really do want to change your name, it is important to decide what your new name looks like. There are a few things you can do with your name post-wedding:

    • Change Your Last Name To Your Spouse’s Last Name

    • Change Your Name To A Completely New Name

    • Change Your Last Name To Your Spouse’s And Your Own Surname, Combined With A Hyphen.

    Once you have chosen the name you are happy with, the legal procedures begin. Depending on your decision, the impending process varies. It is advisable to contact an attorney to guide you thoroughly through the process.

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    Name Change On A Birth Certificate

    If you were born in any county outside New York City you need a court order to effect a name change on a birth certificate. The order should have the seal of the court and court clerk certified a publication proof is needed. Ensure the order also has the place of birth, date of birth, and name clearly indicated.

    Submit to the Bureau of Vital Records within the New York State Department of Health a completed Correction of Certificate of Birth Application and a notarized affidavit or certified copy of your current birth certificate to confirm you are at least 18 years old. Nonetheless, a court order might not be required to correct a mistake on a birth certificate.

    Can My Husband And I Both Change Our Names To A Hyphenated Version Of Our Two Names Or A Brand

    Yes, but in most places, you’ll have to get a court order to do it. Some couples want to be known by a hyphenated combination of their last names, and a few even make up new names that combine elements of each. For example, Ellen Berman and Jack Gendler might become Ellen and Jack Berman-Gendler or, perhaps, Ellen and Jack Bergen.

    You can also pick a name that’s entirely different from the names you have now, simply because you like it better. It was relatively easy to make all these changes by consistently using your new name in the past.

    Today, you will need to go to court to get an official order changing your name to anything other than your new spouse’s last name. The court process varies by state and may include the following requirements:

    • filing a formal request with the court
    • submitting to a background check
    • paying for your fingerprints

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    Legally Changing Your Name After Marriage In New York

    Adding a hyphen to your name after marriage is a safe option. For example, if your surname is Jane and your spouse’s surname is Jones, your New Surname will be either Jones-Jane or Jane-Jones. That is up to you to decide. However, the process is pretty much the same as changing your name as a whole. You have to fill in the petitions to change your name, and carry on with the legal court order to finalize it. Refer above for details on the process.

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