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1800 Got Junk Brooklyn Queens

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1-800-GOT-JUNK? Jobs: Leuty’s Story

Here are some reviews from our users.

“Fast service from Ryan and Valentino who showed up to the job, offered a price, and took out my junk in less than mins. Great guys, happy to have them over.”

“Gary and Jose were great and got the job done in a timely manor.”

“I have used your services in the past always with excellent results. Most recently on April 8, , for the difficult removal of a Murphy Bed.I was more than impressed with the proformance of your employees, Dayvon and Dequan. Both were knowledgeable, professional, efficient and courteous. In addition, they did an amazing clean-up before leaving. Kudos to these fine young men. They are a credit to your organization!”

“Eric and Gary worked fast and was very friendly, would love to work with them again.Thanks -GOT-JUNK”

“Gary & Jose were the team on my project. Excellent!! Professional! Courteous! Two of the hardest working men I have ever seen. They were quick and efficient, thorough, respectful of my very sensitive equipment, and was sure to clean up before they left. I was very impressed. Definitely a good value the money.”

Bayside’s Top Junk Removal Service

There was a time when dumpster rental services were at the top of the junk removal game– a time saver on par with grocery delivery. But times have changed, and just as the milk man has faded from the lives of most Americans, so too has dumpster rental. Thankfully, things have changed and evolved, and more convenient dumpster rental alternatives have emerged. Services that can suit your busy lifestyle and provide cleaner, more efficient service.

Dumpster rental services are becoming obsolete as busy, modern homeowners and renters opt for a new approach– comprehensive junk removal. It’s pretty easy to understand why. The leader in this domain is 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. Junk removal has several conveniences and advantages that set it apart from its predecessor and can make life much easier for the citizens of Bayside.

New York Ny Junk Hauling Experts

1-800-GOT-JUNK? is your local junk removal solution! Operating in the New York City region, we are ready and able to help reclaim your home or commercial space! As a full-service junk removal company, we are committed to helping our residential and commercial clients haul all types of junk. We are in your neighborhood and always happy to help. Our professional Truck Team members can do all the heavy lifting – so you dont have to lift a finger. We make junk disappearall you have to do is point!

If you dont need it, we can take it! We do our very best to recycle and donate to local charities, keeping as much junk out of our landfills as possible. We take proper disposal to heart!

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How Our Service Works:

  • Schedule your No Contact Junk Removal service online or by calling .
  • Our friendly, uniformed truck team will call you 15-30 minutes before your scheduled 2-hour appointment window to let you know exactly when to expect us.
  • When we arrive, we’ll take a look at the items you want to be removed and provide you with an up-front all-inclusive price.
  • We’ll remove your items, being sure to only touch the items we’re taking away, and sweep up the area. We’ll then collect payment once the job is complete.
  • Full Service Junk Removal

    Junk Removal NYC

    1-800-GOT-JUNK? Is a full-service junk removal company serving areas across the United States. Were in your neighborhood.

    We offer junk removal for homes and businesses as well, including offices, retail properties, construction sites, and more! Our friendly, uniformed teams can help you get rid of just about anything. Well take just about anything non-hazardous that two strong crew members can lift! We care about the environment and are committed to safe and responsible disposal, keeping items out of the landfill wherever possible.

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    Trash Pickup In New York

    Across the Five Boroughs, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? New York City can haul away all of your unwanted items from wherever they are located. No need to worry about moving your items down flights of stairs, our Truck Team Members can do it for you and will even sweep the area after to keep your space extra clean.

    Whether you need basic garbage pickup or youre tackling a larger decluttering project, weve got you covered. Our teams can pick up scrap metal and remove furniture, televisions, sofas, while even recycling computers!

    When living in such a busy city it can be hard setting aside time to clean out your unwanted items. Give yourself the gift of time and let our friendly, uniformed teams remove your junk for you. Whether youre in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklynn, The Bronx, or Staten Island, we can make your junk disappear, all you have to do is point! Often, we can be at your home on the same day, so book your no-obligation estimate online or call today to free up the space in your home.

    A New Approach To Getting Rid Of Junk

    We dispose of your junk in an eco-friendly and community oriented way. We first attempt to donate or recycle all junk before disposing any. We keep our service affordable so that young families can experience the ease and convenience of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? We are extremely flexible and can remove a variety of types of junk from your house through our talented and professional staff.

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    Why Choose Our Dumpster Rental Alternative

    Dumpsters attract unwanted animals who decide to go dumpster-diving for food. The next thing you know, your lawn has turned into a big mess. When the rental service team arrives, you’ll have to pay extra to have them deal with chaos. Or you’ll have to clean it up yourself, engaging in yet another round of clean up.

    Dumpster rental services impose limitations on the weight and material types that you can throw out using their dumpsters. A comprehensive junk removal service can help you remove a wide variety of items and because we use our own trucks, we do not impose the same limitations on your removal amount.

    Our solutions are designed to be convenient for you and tailored to suit your particular needs. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? provides a comprehensive junk removal service that is eco-friendly and affordable. Our company is an effective alternative to dumpster rental services.

    Bayside’s Best Dumpster Rental Alternative

    Garbage Truck Crushing Tons of Stuff. Got Junk? See us in Action in Manhattan.wmv

    There are several obvious problems with dumpster rental services. The biggest is that when you rent a dumpster, you’re agreeing to store all of your junk in one place– a large, ugly, smelly dumpster that sits right in your lawn, angering your neighbors and inviting critters. It also requires you to lug all of your junk from its original location to the dumpster. Unfortunately, many people injure themselves or damage their homes in this process.

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    Book Your Junk Hauling Service Today

    Are you looking for a group of quick, reliable and friendly junk haulers in the Washington DC Area? Youve come to the right place! Here at 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, we make life easier for homeowners, businesses and anyone else with a mess on their hands by making junk removal a breeze. From removing mattresses and yard waste to hauling away old furniture or appliances, well take just about any non-hazardous items we can handle. Just say the word!

    Well take care of all that clutter quickly, safely and responsiblyalways donating or recycling anything we can along the way. Once our shiny trucks pull away with all those old, unneeded items, youll never have to worry about them again. Wouldnt that be a relief?

    Whether youre moving, renovating or anything in between, theres never a wrong reason to clear out the excess clutter and make the most of your space. Let our crew take care of all that heavy lifting so you can take back your weekend! Doesnt a trip to the United States Botanic Garden or a stroll through the cherry blossoms of Tidal Basin sound like a more relaxing way to spend your Saturday than lugging around old items you dont need anymore? Leave all that to us.

    Ready for the sweet feeling of a clutter-free home? Our crew is ready and waiting to make it happen. Call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? today!

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    Woodcliff Lake, NJ

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    What We Take

    The items we most often help people get rid of are mattresses, couches, other types of furniture, and electronics. We can take pretty much anything that two people can lift and load, as long as it’s not toxic or hazardous. We can remove your items from wherever theyre located, whether its your garage, backyard, attic, or anywhere elseall you have to do is point! See a more complete list of items we commonly take here.

    The list of unaccepted items varies across locations, as we need to adhere to local regulations in each location. Generally, we arent able to take anything toxic or hazardous, and are also unable to take car or truck chassis. Here are a few items we typically do not accept:

    • Chemicals, Solvents & Oils

    How It Works

    Junk Removal NYC

    To get started, all you need to do is go to our website and book a ‘commitment-free’ appointment with us. We offer 24/7 customer service support pre and post pick up. Once you book an appointment with us, our experts will come to your preferred location for junk removal within 2 hours. They will call you 15 minutes prior to coming to your place and are willing and able to remove junk from the entirety of property. We are talking lawns, basements and every nook and cranny that you need cleaned or taken care of.

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    How Does 1


    Is this list missing the item youre trying to get rid of? Chances are good that 1-800-GOT-JUNK? will still take it. The company says it will take just about anything that can be lifted into a truck by two peopleas long as it isnt hazardous.

    At, we offer financial assistance to individuals and families who are moving in exchange for details about their experience. Their candid reviews help us provide unique, real-life perspectives about the moving process.

    Visit our Moving Grant hub to find out which companies weve worked with and to apply for funding for your next move!

    Does 1

    Instead of offering a dumpster rental, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? provides full-service junk removal. The company sends its staff to your home to take care of waste disposal, including picking up solid waste , trash, garbage, construction debris, and yard waste. You simply point out what needs to go, and they’ll handle things from there.

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    Will 1

    Nope. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? does not pick up or dispose of household hazardous waste . But it can still offer helpful advicelike contacting your local governments office to find out where to bring hazardous materials like cleaning supplies, paints, batteries, pesticides, pool chemicals, oils, asbestos, or chemicals. If youre getting rid of anything thats flammable, toxic, poisonous, or corrosive, check with your city or town to find out where you can drop off those materials.

    Can 1

    NYC’s Sketchiest Neighborhood? : Walking in The Hole

    1-800-GOT-JUNK? does not offer moving services. However, the company is a great option for pre-move and post-move cleanups. Instead of hauling all those empty boxes, piles of packing peanuts, and sheets of bubble wrap to the dump, you can hire 1-800-GOT-JUNK? to come take it off your hands.

    Moving is also a great time to take stock of what you own and decide what you no longer need. Remember, if you have less stuff to move, your move will be cheaper. Instead of paying to move things you probably dont need, use 1-800-GOT-JUNK? to have that old junk picked up before your move.

    If youre still looking for a moving company, check out our list of the best full-service moving companies.

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