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Where To Buy New York State Fishing License

Over 70000 Miles Of Streams And Rivers

Hunting licenses on sale in New York

If youre not lured to try fishing in Central Park, worry not New York has over 70,000 miles of streams and rivers as well as more than 7,500 lakes!

Clearly, theres really no need for you to go to another state just to turn your wildest angling dream into reality.

But before you spring into action, theres one more thing that you should do: purchase a fishing license!

The good news is that you will only need to get a fishing license for freshwater fishing.

Needless to say, theres no need to get your hands on a fishing license if you are planning on saltwater fishing in New York!

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Nys Dec Announces New System To Purchase Nys Fishing License

New York State DEC announced the launch of the States new system for the sale of fishing, hunting, and trapping licenses. The new DEC Automated Licensing System includes user-friendly information to help users locate vendors, receive instant copies of a license, enter and view harvest information, and more.

Where Can You Buy A Hunting License

  • Hunting licenses can generally be purchased at any retail outlet that deals in hunting and fishing equipment, such as sporting goods stores. Click on the state below for more information regarding state licenses and hunting regulations. If youre hunting on a national wildlife refuge, some also require their own permits and/or user fees.

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Do You Need A Fishing License For Catch And Release In Ny

If youre 16 or older, youll need a valid fishing license in New York if youre hoping to catch freshwater fish, frogs or freshwater baitfish or even to help someone else fish. A license gives you the right to take fish by several methods, including angling, spearing, hooking, longbow, nets, traps and tip-ups.

Common Questions About Ny Licenses

New York will add Hunting and Fishing Permits to Drivers License

Youre almost set to get your license and hit the water. Before you go, here are a few questions and sources of confusion that tend to come up pretty often.

  • What happens if I lose my license?

    Can’t find your license? Not a problem you can get a replacement in no time. If you ordered online, it may be worth keeping a copy saved on your computer so that you can reprint it right away. Otherwise, head to any license vendor and you can get a new copy for just $5.

  • Can I use my New York fishing license in other states?

    Yes. The State of New York has reciprocal agreements with some of its neighbors, allowing you to fish the following water with a standard NY license.Pennsylvania: Along the Delaware RiverNew Jersey: On Greenwood Lake if fishing from a boatConnecticut: On Indian Lake if fishing from a boatHowever, there’s no agreement in place with Canada or Vermont. Make sure you stick to New York waters if you’re fishing the boundary lines here.

  • Who can get a resident fishing license?

    Anyone who has lived in New York for the past 30 days can get a resident fishing license. Full-time students and stationed military also count as residents. The exception to this is that lifetime licenses are only available to people who have lived in the state for over 12 months.You can prove your status with any state-issued ID card, your vehicle registration, tax form, voter card, student ID, military orders, pay stub, or a letter from your employer on letterheaded paper.

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    Free/reduced Fee & Lifetime Licenses

    You need a fishing license if you are 16 years and older and fishing for:

    • Freshwater fish species by angling, spearing, hooking, longbow, and tip-ups.
    • Frog species by spearing, catching with the hands or by use of a club or hook.
    • Freshwater baitfish for personal use.

    You do not need a fishing license if you are:

    • Fishing on a licensed fishing preserve
    • Fishing at a free fishing clinic
    • A resident landowner primarily engaged in farming when fishing on farm lands they are occupying and cultivating.
    • A farm fish pond license holder fishing on waters covered by the license.
    • A Native American living and fishing on reservation land.
    • A patient residing at a qualifying U.S. Veterans Administration hospital or facility in New York State.

    Can I Get A Fishing License From Walmart


    Specific stores in each state can make you a legitimate license for fishing. You just need to check from your states wildlife website and see which stores can help you get one.

    As far as pricing goes, they vary considering two factors: the state you live in and the type of permit you get. The type is determined by the duration of the licenses which are available for a day to a whole year.

    States also play a role in price differences due to some policy shifts. So from Texas, a fishing license cost will be different than that of Ohio.

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    Getting Back On The Water

    The COVID-19 pandemic initially kept some trout anglers home.

    People who normally had no problem dealing with opening day crowds on Catharine Creek and other popular Twin Tiers trout streams didnt want to risk exposure to the virus.

    Among them was Eunice Baker, of Elmira, who greatly curtailed her fishing activity last year.

    I only went fishing two times last year because of the pandemic. I didnt want to catch it, said Baker, 44. I will see about getting out more this year. I go to Eldridge Lake when I can. I didnt even get a chance to go trout fishing . I would like to get out again with a friend of mine.

    If the pandemic initially dampened enthusiasm about fishing, it didnt take long for that trend to reverse itself.

    The bump in interest that started last year isnt showing any signs of slowing down.

    People are wanting to do things that will get them out in the open, said Bill Holmes, president of the Broome County Federation of Sportsmen. Walmart is having trouble keeping rods and reels. Theyre getting shipments in, and theyre gone in no time. People are buying a lot of equipment. The more we can encourage kids and others to get out there, the better off we will be.

    New York State Hunting License

    DNR announces new sportfishing regulations with 2022 fishing license season

    Anyone wishing to hunt small game, big game, waterfowl or migratory birds in New York State is required to obtain a hunting license before doing so.

    If you have never posessed a hunting license, you are required to attend a Sportsman Education Course. The course requires a minimum of 10 hours of instruction. As of 2016, completion of a homework assignment is required prior to attending a Sportsman Education Course. Sportsman Education Certificates from other states and countries will be honored by NYSDEC.

    Anyone interested in bowhunting for deer or bear in NYS are required to take an additional bowhunter education course.

    Minors under the age of 12 may not obtain a hunting license or hunt wildlife.

    License Year:

    NYS Hunting Licenses are valid from September 1 until August 31. To hunt prior to September 1, the previous years license is required.

    Back Tags:

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    When Can You Fish In Ny

    Species Open Season Daily LimitBlack Bass Largemouth/SmallmouthDec 1 through Friday preceding the third Saturday in JuneArtificial lures only Muskellunge Last Saturday in May through Nov 30 1 Northern Pike First Saturday in May through March 15 5 Pickerel First Saturday in May through March 15 5

    Hunting And Fishing Licenses

    The Town of Victor is a Licensed Issuing Agent for New York State hunting and fishing licenses. You must appear in person in order to purchase a hunting and/or fishing license.

    We are able to accept cash, check, and credit cards for payment. Please note there is service fee for credit card payments. This service fee is charged by the payment processor, not by the Town of Victor.

    You may buy your Sporting License online through the NYS DEC site.

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    New York State Fishing License

    Editors Note: As we work to flatten the curve through social distancing anglers, hunters, and trappers should purchase their sporting licenses online. They can be purchased at any time and you may use your privileges immediately by carrying your transaction number with you. Anglers, hunters, and trappers can also utilize the HuntFishNY mobile app to display an electronic copy of the license. Back tags and carcass tags must still be mailed, and customers should allow 10 to 14 days for receipt of tags.

    Anyone fishing in New York State is required to obtain a fishing license before going fishing.

    Fishing licenses can be purchased for the entire year, a week, or just a day. Licenses are available to New York State residents as well as out of state residents. Upon purchase of a fishing license, you will be given a booklet entitled New York Freshwater Fishing Regulations. You are responsible for knowing the regulations in this booklet before you go fishing.

    • Anyone fishing on licensed fishing preserves.
    • Citizens that are occupying and cultivating farmland, when fishing on their own land.
    • Anyone holding farm fish pond licenses and members of their immediate families, when fishing waters that are covered by license.
    • 1-Day Fishing License: $10.00

    You need to register if you are 16 and older and are:

    You do not need to register if you are:

    What Do I Need To Get Fishing License

    Fishing License Info for New York State

    Almost every state has an online system for buying licenses. They can also be purchased at select government buildings or shops. Usually, they will ask for some photo ID and proof of residency. One of the benefits of the online fishing license is that it is easy to print out a new one if you lose yours.

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    Residents Of New York State

    • Annual Senior Fishing License :$5.00
    • Annual Fishing License : $25.00
    • 7 Day Fishing License:$12.00
    • 1 Day Fishing License:$5.00
    • Lifetime Fishing License : $460
    • Lifetime Fishing License : $65

    In order to obtain a Lifetime Fishing License you must have permanent residency in New York State for one full year.

    Buy Your Nys Fishing License

    Anyone fishing in New York State is required to obtain a fishing license before going fishing. Fishing licenses can be purchased for the entire year, a week, or just a day.

    Licenses are available to New York State residents as well as out of state residents. Upon purchase of a fishing license, you will be given a booklet entitled “New York Freshwater Fishing Regulations”. You are responsible for knowing the regulations in this booklet before you go fishing.

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    What Kinds Of Ny Fishing Licenses Can I Purchase

    In New York, you can buy a one-day, weekly, yearly, or even lifetime license. Most of the license options are only for New York residents. But living in the state for 30 days also qualifies you to get a resident fishing permit. If you want a lifetime fishing permit, you must show proof of residing in NYS for one year. Your drivers license with a NY address is usually enough, but if its a recent license, bring some utility bills that prove your NY address.

    At a glance, these are the ny fishing license options for freshwater fishing:

    • Residents

    1-day fishing permits are also available, they cost $5 for residents and $10 for non-residents.

    Is The Fishing License From Walmart Legitimate

    Expired Fishing License! – What Will It Cost? Police Vessel Boarding

    Even though the licenses given out from Walmart arent the most formal of permits, they still stay legal and completely acknowledged by the state. Walmart doesnt bring in people with their boats and have them take comprehensive tests to judge if they are eligible for fishing. Instead, after noting the identification of the consumer, they simply give a handbook that elaborates all the dos and donts of fishing.

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    Getting Your License Online

    A few years back it was quite a task to go to the store and make the purchase. However, the technology has been upgraded and the benefits are tremendous. Now to get Walmart fishing license all you have to do is apply online. Isnt it much easier? Not to forget in the times of pandemic like Covid-19 it is much safer too.

    • You need the documents to place your order
    • You need a credit or debit card for the payment

    Voila, you have your fishing license.

    Is The Walmart Fishing Permit Easy On The Pocket

    Whether the hourly and general license from Walmart is cheap or not is a question that is revised thousands of times amongst millions of people. The truth is, all fishing licenses cost pretty much the same. This is because these licenses are originally given out and priced by the state itself. Stores and organizations like Walmart act like an official vendor to give out the permits.

    The difference comes in when the stores charge for their processing fees. For each store of a state, this fee is different. But such fees go only around 50 cents, which is nothing significant at all.

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    Prices For Various Fishing Licenses

    Even though these permits vary from state to state, the average pricing of these fishing licenses go as:

    • Residents between the age of 16 to 65 > $19
    • Residents between the age of 66 and above > $10
    • 24hrs permit for both residents and non-residents > $11
    • A years license for a non-resident > $40
    • Tourist three-day permit > $19
    • Re-issuance of a license in case of loss, destruction or theft > $4

    Heres A Table Of The Cost Of A Fishing License In New York

    Non Resident New York State Fishing License Purchase


    1-day fishing license $5 $10

    7-day fishing license $12 $28

    Annual fishing license $25 $50

    Annual fishing license for seniors $5 N/A

    Take note that aside from senior citizens, blind residents and disabled veterans in New York are also eligible to apply for a discounted fishing license.

    Do you take your angling seriously and wish to spare yourself of having to purchase a fishing license every year or each time you are about to go fishing? Then youll be more than happy to know that its also very much possible for you to purchase a lifetime New York fishing license yup, for as long as youre breathing, you can fish at any of the states waters and catch any permitted fish of your liking!

    However, to be able to purchase this lifetime fishing license valid statewide you must have been living in New York for not less than 12 months. Whats more, you can purchase this type of fishing license for your child as a wonderful gift that can be enjoyed for the rest of his or her life even if your child is as young as 1 year old!

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    Who Needs A Fishing License In Ny

    Any angler over the age of 16 needs a fishing license in New Yorks freshwaters. This applies whether youre a resident or not. However, you dont need a license if you are:

    • On a licensed fishing preserve.
    • At a fishing clinic.
    • A landowner engaged in farming on your own land.
    • A holder of a farm fish pond license, fishing in waters covered by that license.
    • A Native American fishing and living on reservation land.
    • Residing at a Veterans Administration facility in the state.
    • Fishing in saltwater .

    Do You Need A Saltwater Fishing License On Long Island

    Do I need a license to fish on Long Island? In New York State there are different regulations for fishing in freshwater and in saltwater. Those fishing in freshwaters, such as lakes or rivers, do need to obtain a license before doing so, but those heading out to the ocean or the Long Island Sound only need to register.

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    Lake Erie And Trout/salmon Permits

    Unless you have a 1-Day License, youll need an extra permit to fish in Lake Erie or to keep Salmon and Trout. You can get these individually for $9.90, or as a combo package covering both Lake Erie and Trout/Salmon for $15.90.

    Resident seniors with a Lifetime License get a few more options for these Permits. They last anywhere from 110 years and cost as follows:

    Permit Duration

    Make Yours A Nys Adventure License

    Fish Stocking and Free Fishing at Six Mile Waterworks

    The Department of Motor Vehicles has teamed with DEC and NYS Parks to offer a convenient service for purchasers of DEC-issued Lifetime Sporting Licenses and Parks-issued Lifetime Empire Passport and Boater Safety Certificates. Your NYS DMV-issued photo document can now show evidence that you possess a new NYS Adventure License.

    How to take advantage of this easy new service

    • New lifetime sporting license purchasers: opt to have icons added to your NYS Driver license. You may choose to get your new DMV ID immediately, for a fee of $12.50, or wait for your next license renewal at no charge.
    • Existing lifetime license holders: login to the Online Sporting License Sales System, and request a new driver license or non-driver ID with your lifetime sporting credentials.

    Why not extend your NYS Adventure? Consider buying a Lifetime Empire State Passport that lets you visit more than 170 beautiful NYS parks for the rest of your life. See the NYS Parks website for more details about this and boating safety certificates.

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    When Can You Buy Nys Hunting License

    To receive licenses/tags instantly, visit a sporting license issuing agent location. The 2020-21 season licenses& deer management permits went on sale beginning August 10, 2020. Hunting& Trapping licenses are valid from September 1 August 31 annually. New Year licenses go on sale in August each year.

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