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Men’s Shelter In Brooklyn

Homeless Shelter To Be Built At 137 Kings Highway

NYC man describes living homeless in a hotel

Assemblyman William Colton alerts the community that the city is planning to build another homeless shelter at 137 Kings Highway in Brooklyn.

I was informed by the NYC Department of Social Services that Homelife, a non-profit social services provider, is in the process of opening another homeless shelter at 137 Kings Highway in early 2024. This is in addition to a proposed shelter in our community at 2147 Bath Avenue. All we know so far is that the city intends to build an additional homeless shelter and that the local community was not surveyed and again no public hearing was conducted to hear community concerns regarding this project. As Ive mentioned before that building more homeless shelters do not provide a permanent solution to solving the problem of homelessness, Colton stated.

I am alerting the community to this proposal and would like to hear feedback from you. Anyone who would like to show their concerns and thoughts about the proposed homeless shelter at 137 Kings Highway can contact my office by calling 718-236-1598 I am here for you. My office will be conducting more research on this issue and I will be notifying the community accordingly, Colton said.

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Plans Proposed To Bring Two New Homeless Shelters To Brooklyn

The city announced its plans to build a mens homeless shelter in Bensonhurst, and is reportedly looking to build a second shelter in either Bay Ridge or Dyker Heights, according to an anonymous political insider.

The proposed Bensonhurst facility will rise on the corner of Bath Avenue and Bay 29th Street, a vacant lot that was formerly an Enterprise car rental, the Department of Homeless Services told local leaders in late December. The 150-bed shelter will be operated by a homeless provider called the Institute for Community Living.

Officials have not yet chosen a location for the other southern Brooklyn shelter, but are reportedly searching for a site within Community District 10, which encompasses Dyker Heights, Bay Ridge, and Fort Hamilton, according to the politico who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Community Board 10 had not yet been alerted to the possibility of a new shelter as of Jan. 26, and representatives with the Department of Homeless Services did not respond to a request for comment.

The two shelters, as well as a third planned for Brighton Beach, are part of Mayor Bill de Blasios Turning the Tide program a four-year initiative that seeks to reduce the shelter systems footprint by building 90 community-based shelters spread evenly across the five boroughs by community board district.

In a recent meeting held by the Bensonhurst community board, some local leaders objected to the shelter slated for Bath Avenue.

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Raise Your Voice For The Bushwick You Want

The shelter impacts the community, including:

1,500 STUDENTS at 3 nearby schools and CHILDREN who live nearby & use local parks.

RESIDENTS nearby in two Brooklyn city council districts and one Queens district.


LOCAL HOSPITALS and the POLICE PRECINCT, who are already overburdened.

Your tax dollars

These are your tax dollars: the Department of Homeless Services will pay Core Services $33 Million over 5 years to operate this facilitythat’s $6875 per bed, per month.

According to a recent report in the New York Times, half of that amount typically goes to the landlordAcuity Capital Partners.

We all want to ensure that the homeless have all the support they need, but there are more humane and efficient ways to help that don’t burden the city budget and strain other resources!

More than our share

At present, Bushwick embraces homeless members of our community with 11 shelters, more than Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Maspeth combined. This will be our 12th shelter.

Clustering shelters in specific neighborhoods violates the Fair Share Criteria outlined in the New York City Charter in 1989, which established a process for equally distributing shelters throughout the city.

No Toilet Paper Constant Fighting

Atlantic Men

The Post spoke to more than a dozen New Yorkers living inside of large, barracks-style congregate shelters where safety concerns have long reigned. They described treacherous, squalid conditions that have left some in fear for their lives and others regretting their decision to come indoors.

At the 30th Street Intake Center, residents said toilet paper is so hard to come by, they have to wipe themselves with blankets and sheets.

At the Tillary Street Womens Shelter, which houses mentally ill adults and those with substance abuse problems, chaos is the only constant.

You dont get to sleep. You have to watch over your shoulder 24 hours, said Lauren, 34, a mom of three who is trying to get back on her feet at the Downtown Brooklyn facility after a six-month stint on the streets. If you are not with your stuff every day, its gone Some people lock up their bedding until they come back to make sure its still there.

She continued, They shouldnt send people here I feel like Im back in jail really needs to clean the place up before he sends them here.

Sandra, who is in her 40s and is also living at the Tillary Street shelter, said weapons and drugs are constantly smuggled in, mentally ill residents arent given their medications and police are called to the facility almost everyday because of incessant fighting between clients.

I feel like somebody is going to beat me up or kill me in there. I dont look at nobody. I walk with my head down, Sandra said.

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Mayor Eric Adams Digs In Despite Overrun Nyc Shelters

Cockroaches in the food and mice crawling on beds. Constant assaults and thefts. Sanctuaries that feel like jail cells.

This is what life is like inside three major Big Apple homeless shelters and why many indigent residents say theyd rather take their chances on the street over entering a system they say is broken.

I used to leave here after bed check and go sleep on the A train going to Far Rockaway. You cant really sleep here. It aint safe, Sean McAloney, a 50-year-old US Navy veteran, recently told The Post outside of the notorious 30th Street Intake Center where hes lived for the last six months.

Last night, this kid who hurt his back was in the shower and this big dude came in and started pressing up on him, naked. He wouldnt leave. Thats scary! Its not going anywhere good. Thats why I shower fully clothed, he continued.

The trains are the best place to get some sleep, the safest place. At least they were.

McAloneys fears echoed by other homeless New Yorkers in more than a dozen interviews will be one of Mayor Eric Adams biggest challenges as he seeks to fix violent crime and homelessness underground with his new subway safety plan, which kicked off on Feb. 21.

In the programs first week, roving teams of social workers, cops and clinicians trawling through major subway stations and train lines engaged with 1,000 homeless people. But just 22 of them accepted a shelter bed, City Hall said.

Its Not The Way We Should Be Approaching Shelter

The Big Apple shelter system is comprised of more than 400 facilities funded and supervised by the city including those dedicated for families with children, couples and single adults.

The barracks-style facilities for single adults some of which are literally built in old armories have repeatedly come under intense scrutiny over safety concerns. But they still exist because New York is required by a decades-old court settlement to provide every homeless New Yorker with a bed, and the barracks facilities are usually the cheapest way to do that.

Weve been having this conversation about shelter security for years, said Levin, who left the Council in 2021 after 12 years because of the citys term limits law. Its not the way we should be approaching shelter.

Jacquelyn Simone, the policy director of the Coalition for the Homeless, said the city needs to redesign the system so people feel safer and more respected.

When we speak with people who are unsheltered on the streets, we find that many people have made a decision to avoid the shelter system because they do not meet their needs for safety and dignity, said Simone.

A DSS-DHS rep adamantly denied that life outdoors is safer.

To all New Yorkers in need: sleeping on the streets is dangerous and under no circumstances safer than sleeping in a City shelter, said spokesperson Isaac McGinn.

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At A Brooklyn Homeless Shelter Staff And Residents Readying For Return

With the citys hotel shelter transfers once again imminent, City Limits reached out to nonprofit providers to talk with shelter staff and visit the buildings where the city puts up New Yorkers experiencing homelessness.

Above: scenes from a womens shelter on Prospect Place in Brooklyn, where Center for Urban Community Services staff are preparing for residents to return from the hotels theyve been staying in during the pandemic. Photos by Adi Talwar.

Inside an empty womens shelter on Brooklyns Prospect Place, a few objects hint at the chaotic, terrifying early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A 2020 calendar lay on a mattress in one of the shelters six-person bedrooms. A memo affixed to the wall near a second-floor bathroom, dated March 3, 2020, described once-current information about the novel coronavirus including guidance against wearing masks. This is proving to be a fast-changing situation, the document reads.

Sharing space

Each adult shelter in New York City is structured differently: Some are laid out barracks-style, with hundreds of people packed together inside retrofitted armories, schools and factories others are divided into shared dorms inside existing apartment complexes, or partitioned in brand new buildings, freshly constructed after withstanding community backlash.

Adi Talwar

I dont want to stay there too long, she said, adding that she is trying to secure housing elsewhere.

An outlier in a sprawling system

Adi Talwar

Mayor Eric Adams Says Every Community Must Do Its Part To House The Homeless Yet His Own Department Of Homeless Services Is Canceling Planned Shelters In The Face Of Community Pushback

9 More People Shot Across New York City As Spike In Gun Violence Continues

This article was originally published on Jul 26 6:30pm EDT byTHE CITY.

Since late spring the number of homeless families seeking shelter in New York City has risen steadily, putting increasing pressure on the limited supply of beds available to keep them from winding up in the streets.

Mayor Eric Adams has called the spike unprecedented and claimed its driven by asylum-seekers instructed to check in at the citys shelters. On Tuesday, he announced a new push to find more spots for beds across the city.

We have to continuously find new locations for emergency housing, he said. Were going to reach out to all of our electeds who are advocating on behalf of our brothers and sisters who are homeless and were going to ask them to assist us in finding locations within their districts.

And, he made clear, all neighborhoods need to be part of the solution. Everyone must be in the game, he said. You cannot say, House the homeless, lets get them off the street just dont put them on my street. You cant do that.

But five years after Adams predecessor, Bill de Blasio, promised dozens of new shelters in every community district, the initiative remains far behind what was promised and the shelters remain inequitably distributed, disproportionately concentrated in the citys lowest-income communities.

Other shelters have been in the planning stages in those districts, in some cases for years, with no opening dates in sight.

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What Are People Saying About Homeless Shelters In Brooklyn

Here is a review from an user.

I used to live here and I liked it I guess but not all the way where I currently am feels way better because I have my own room instead of sharing one though it’s better than being homeless of course it’s a mediocre place to be when you cant afford a house but good enough it’s kinda half and half when it comes to the nice people though

Ooo! There was an article about a new “Bedford men’s shelter” online but it’s Bedford, Indiana. It was even called a “warming shelter” and I wondered how Adams had the audacity to say it was welcoming, in any way. Anyway, my bad! Adams on the tape: “Man, imma tell you what, Bill D, you right. We keeping that money. I say Castle Greyskull now, Castle Greyskull tomorrow, Castle Greyskull foreva!” To the castle chambers…!!!

It’s a men’s shelter.

Live there almost 2 years. Some good days some bad days overall not a bad place but would recommend % of the staff at least should take communication classes. Most of the time they’re not professional when they are communicating with clients.

Now A Homeless Shelter

We ended up here by accident. We had reservations at the other Red Lion property, which is very nice. Our taxi brought us to the Butler property and two men met us outside, telling us we couldnt stay there and it was out of commission. It seemed like a homeless shelter and later I found out it was.

0.5 miles

2.9 miles

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1.9 miles


I cannot day enough good things about our stay at this hotel. Hotel staff were incredible and accommodating. Room was extremely clean. Extremely! Bathroom was awesommmmmme! Many many plug outlets which allow for adequate charging of all devices. Lots of TV channels. Quiet which allows for a restful sleep. Only downside is that there was really no stores within walking distance at night. Overall, a better hotel than one I ever stayed in, in Manhattan. We will def be staying here again when we return.

  • Trip type: Traveled as a couple

Dear Milz,Thank you for your candid feedback. I am very sorry to hear that your stay at the hotel was not up to par. Please note that this information has been passed on to our concerned staff. Despite this, we hope to be able to welcome you back on a return visit to NYC.Thank you

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Hundreds Of People Are Living In Nyc Subway Stations And Tunnels Mta Says

The fact is that the health and safety of our clients is our top priority, which is why we have made unprecedented investments to address decades of underfunding and transform the shelter system, and we are constantly working to continue making improvements across our system.

A City Hall spokeswoman said the Adams administration was committed to ending homelessness.

We will continue to invest in providing quality shelters and services to help New Yorkers get back on their feet and put them on a path to permanent housing, said the rep Kate Smart.

But despite the many investments and DSS-DHSs whopping $2.1 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2022, an employee at the 30th Street Intake Center said the facility still isnt any safer.

Its not a lot of security. There are seven floors of living space here, thats a lot of people Youre on your own, the worker said.

Many of them are old or disabled and they are the ones being injured. They are the ones being killed They cant defend themselves and they cant run, so they are abused. Security can only do so much.

So yes, it may be safer for them on the street in some cases.

Additional reporting by Khristina Narizhnaya

Stop The Opening Of A Homeless Shelter At 2147 Bath Avenue In Brooklyn

Atlantic Men

0 have signed.At 15,000 signaturestop signed on Change.orgAt 15,000 signaturestop signed on Change.orgVadim Dubatov

The Issue

The city plans to build a homeless shelter for over 150 single men at 2147 Bath Avenue in Brooklyn but failed to inform city residents of its plan nor offered any public hearing for our voices to be heard. Our thanks for Assemblyman Bill Colton for raising the flag.

As residents of Bath Beach and Bensonhurst, we support the homeless community but want to be included in conversations around any addition to our home.

The current location poses additional issues:

1. We believe that this project will create serious safety and quality of life issues for the neighborhood without solving the basic homeless issue. The following facilities for children are in very close vicinity:

East Academy of Science & Technology High School I.S. 281 Joseph B Cavallaro Middle School P.S. 200 Benson School Muslim American Society Youth Center Bensonhurst Park Playground . P.S. 128 P.S. 101 Verrazano School Heartshare Preschool

3. Small businesses and mom-and-pop stores are the backbones of Bensonhurst and Bath Beach. Many are already experiencing difficulties as a result of the pandemic. The building of a homeless shelter will negatively impact these businesses even further.

The Solution

Join our Facebook group to stay updated:

Signing a petition is NOT enough, we must take further action. Please email our local elected officials to let them hear your voice:

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