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How To Obtain Autopsy Report In New York State

Requesting The Autopsy Report

How to Apostille a New York State Death Certificate
  • 1Understand the purpose of an autopsy. An autopsy is an examination of the body of a deceased person, carried out by a qualified pathologist. The pathologist creates a written record of the autopsy findings, including the microscopic and laboratory tests. Next of kin or other authorized individuals can then request copies of these reports. There are two types of autopsies:XResearch source
  • The hospital autopsy: This type is often referred to as a post-mortem exam or necropsy. During hospital autopsies, the pathologist use surgical techniques to perform an external and internal examination on the deceased. Hospital autopsies are performed to help answer specific questions about the cause of death and identify diseases or problems related to the patients death.
  • The forensic autopsy: This type determines the persons cause of death, as well as the manner of death . Forensic autopsies are also performed to determine the identity of the deceased, as well as the time of death and/or the fatal injury. The evidence collected from the body during a forensic autopsy may be used in a criminal case to prove or disprove a persons guilt or innocence.
  • 2Check your states policy on autopsy results. Autopsy policies vary from state to state, and country to country. However, in general, most final autopsy reports are available 30 to 45 days after the autopsy. Complex cases may take up to 90 days before the final autopsy results are complete and available.XResearch source
  • How To Get A Copy Of A Ny Death Certificate

    Contact the NY Department of Health and request a copy of a NY death certificate online, by mail or over the phone. You must meet the eligibility requirements and pay a nominal fee for a certified copy

  • Amit Ramdatsays:

    Hello i am look for an relative who died in new york not sure about the year its in the late 60 her name is Armande Alice georgine shury her husband was Doctor Vibart shury there is a pending matter thats need the urgencey of the copy of death her adoptive daughter needs a copy please advise .Thank you.

  • squarryadministrator

    Thank you for reaching out about our New York death record search. We would be happy to assist you with looking up a NY death records however, we cannot find the New York death record with the information you provide. That being said, if you need a certified copy of a death record, you should reach out to the New York State Department of Health, as they are the NY state run agency that manages and archives death records for the entire state. They can expedite a certified copy of the requested NY death record for an extra fee. Below is additional information on how to procure a copy of a NY death record for your convenience.

    New York State Archives

    CO2 150 260

    a: Violent or suspicious or undetermined circumstances death :RETENTION: PERMANENTb: Natural death:RETENTION: 20 yearsNOTES: Records of coroners’ inquests, filed before Sept. 1, 1965 with county clerks, are in fact records of the County Court and are not covered by item nos. 260 and 261. For information on retention of these records, contact the Office of Court Administration. Other death investigation records of coroners, records of coroners’ inquests created after Sept. 1, 1965 and all records created by medical examiners are covered by this Schedule.

    Death report and related records,

    when no investigation is conducted by coroner or medical examiner:RETENTION: 6 years after last entry

    CO2 151

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    What Organs Or Tissue Can Be Donated

    Persons received by the OME are screened by tissue recovery agencies. After their review and determination that a person would be a suitable donor, a call will be made to the next of kin to obtain permission for recovery and to obtain necessary social and background information. Some tissues, such as corneas, may be recovered without permission from the next of kin provided that the deceased had been placed on the donor registry previously, for example when a drivers license is renewed.

    Organ donation, such as kidneys or a liver, would be recovered in a hospital setting prior to arrival at the OME. Tissues may be recovered within a certain time frame after death provided certain conditions and criteria are met. You may also be asked about donation of tissues for research purposes.

    Who Can Receive An Autopsy Report

    You Are Where You Came From: The death certificate of Mary King O

    To obtain a copy of an autopsy report, you must be an immediate family member or legal representative. Immediate family is defined as an individuals spouse, child , parent, sibling, grandparent, or grandchild. A legal representative, defined as a legal guardian of the deceased or a personal representative of the deceaseds estate that was appointed by a court of competent jurisdiction, may also access these records. All immediate family members and/or legal representatives have equal access to medical examiner records without preference or priority.

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    A Referrals To The Office Of The Chief Medical Examiner

    The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has jurisdiction over all deaths occurring under the following circumstances:

  • All forms of criminal violence or from an unlawful act or criminal neglect.
  • All accidents
  • All suicides
  • All deaths which are caused or contributed to by drug and/or chemical overdose or poisoning.
  • Sudden death of a person in apparent good health
  • Deaths which occur unattended by a physician and where no physician can be found to certify the cause of death. In this context, unattended by a physician means not treated by a physician within thirty-one days immediately before death.
  • Deaths of all persons in legal detention, jails or police custody, including any prisoner who is a patient in a hospital, regardless of the length of hospital stay.
  • Deaths which occur during diagnostic or therapeutic procedures or from complications of such procedures.
  • When a fetus is born dead in the absence of a physician or midwife. Stillbirths in the hospital need not be reported to OCME unless there is a history of maternal trauma or drug abuse or the case has some other unusual or suspicious circumstance. Neonatal deaths from prematurity and its complications must be reported if the premature delivery was caused by maternal trauma or drug abuse.
  • Hospital deaths from natural causes, in which a diagnosis has been made with reasonable medical probability, despite the fact that the patient survived less than 24 hours in the hospital, need not be reported to OCME.

    How Do I Obtain Free Autopsy Reports

    While state law does not always require an autopsy when someone dies, any violent, suspicious or accidental death must be investigated by the medical examiner in your state. Many people confuse the medical examiner with the coroners office, but they are not the same: the coroner records the death certificate from the medical examiners findings. Medical examiners determine the cause of death, and issue an autopsy report. Once the physical examination, toxicology, microbiology and chemistry results are completed the report becomes a public record in most states.

    Allow six to eight weeks for the medical examiner to file a complete autopsy report with the coroners office. If you are next of kin or the executor of the decedents estate youre entitled to a free copy of the autopsy report. However, if the death is under investigation by law enforcement or is part of pending litigation, you will have to wait until the investigation or court case is closed to obtain the report. Read More:How to View Autopsy Reports

    Provide a written request for a copy of the report to the county coroners office or state department of vital statistics. Some counties provide an online form. Check online or visit the local office.


    • Some states like Alaska and New York either do not make autopsy results public or redact information from the official report.


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    What Should I Do Now

    Our staff will do all that we can to have the deceased ready to be released to a funeral home or family within 24 hours after arriving at our facility. Additional testing, investigation, or confirmation of identification may delay this process.

    The family should begin selecting a funeral home to handle their arrangements.

    When meeting with the representative from the funeral home, simply inform them that your loved one is at the Utah Office of the Medical Examiner . The funeral home will contact our office and arrange for transportation of your loved one to the funeral home.

    You do not need to contact our office yourself.

    The Utah Funeral Directors Association Website can be accessed below.

    How Do I Obtain New York Death Records By Mail

    Itunu Babalola Death | Family, FG Reject Ivorian Autopsy Report

    The first way of obtaining death records in New York is by mail. How can you make a request for and obtain New York Death Records through mail? To make a mail request for New York Death Records, complete and mail the Application for Copy of Death Certificate along with a copy of valid photo ID and 2 utility bills that have your name on them to:

    New York State Department of Health Vital Records Certification Unit 800 North Pearl Street Menands, NY 12204

    In addition to the aforementioned documents, mail a pay order or cheque for the fee to above-mentioned address. The fee for the record will vary depending on how you want your application to be handled. The fee for priority handling is $45 while the fee for non-priority handling is $30.

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    Community Education And Lecture Services

    Medical Examiner Office operations are often veiled in secrecy or misunderstanding. To assist the public, representatives of the Medical Examiners Office are available through the Monroe County Speakers Bureau.

    Through this service, lectures series for specific audiences related to issues surrounding death and dying, violence, drugs, and other issues in the community are provided.

    Additionally, the Medical Examiners Office provides limited internship programs for qualified college students.

    Record Confidentiality & Restrictions

    The release of death certificates is governed by New York State Public Health Law §4174, which protects their confidential nature. New York State is a closed state and death records are not subject to FOIL and available to individuals who are:

    • The spouse of the deceased and you were married at the time of death
    • The biological sibling of the deceased
    • Biological child of the deceased
    • Someone with a NY State court order
    • The administrator or executor of the estate
    • Someone with a documented legal right or claim
    • Someone with a documented medical claim

    All requests are subject to review of identification and documentation presented at time of service. If you have specific questions, please contact our office.

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    Westchester County Health Department Offers Tips To Help Residents Protect Themselves From Rabies

    The Office of the Medical Examiner investigates and determines cause and manner of death occuring in Westchester “due to unlawful act, criminal neglect, violence, casualties, or by sudden or unexplained circumstances.”

    Notification of such deaths is usually made to the office by a police officer, physician or funeral director at the scene of death. Staff from the ME’s office are available around the clock. Thus, notification should be made as soon as possible so a decision as to whether or not the case falls under the Medical Examiner’s jurisdiction can be made quickly.

    How extensive the investigation will be, depends on the circumstances of the death. Read the for more information.

    To obtain copy of the Medical Examiner’s Report:Please complete the following and mail it to:

    Department of Labs and ResearchOffice of the Medical Examiner10 Dana RoadValhalla, NY 10595

    When the report has been completed , you will be notified of the fee required for obtaining a copy of the report.

    To obtain an Amended Death Certificate:When the cause of death includes “Pending Further Investigation”, an Amended Certificate with final determination will be mailed to the Registrar of Vital Statistics in the town where the deceased died. This requires approximately 16 or more weeks for completion. Copies of Amended Certificates can be obtained ONLY from the Local Registrar not this office.

    Contact the medical examiner:

    How Do I Obtain New York Death Records By Telephone

    New York City Death Certificate Application Download Printable PDF ...

    Only a few places in the United States allow you to request for death certificates by telephone and New York is one of them. To make a telephone request for New York Death Records, call vitalcheck, an independent company contracted by the New York State Department of Health, at 1-877-854-4481, provide the required information, and pay the relevant fee through credit card. In addition to the application fee, Vitalcheck will charge you $8 processing fee.

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    Retrieving The Autopsy Report

  • 1View the autopsy in person. In some states, for example Maryland, you can read and review the autopsy report in person by appointment at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, free of charge. However, you cannot copy the autopsy or take it with you without paying for a copy.
  • Check the website of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in your state for more information.
  • The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner will have most of the information that you need to request an autopsy report. Most large cities and counties have a coroner’s and medical examiner’s office
  • 2Pay for the report, if necessary. Most autopsy reports are provided at no charge to the next of kin and other legitimate individuals. However, some states, like Maryland and Texas, require a fee for a completed, detailed autopsy report.
  • The fee may vary. For example, the fee for an autopsy in Texas is $0.10 per a pageXResearch source, and the fee for the autopsy in Maryland is $30 for family members.
  • 3Receive the report by mail. Processing of your written request will vary state by state. However, you will receive the autopsy report via regular mail. Remember to be patient as this might take some time to receive.
  • Responses To New York Death Records

  • David Campbellsays:

    Ive recently seen some photos of a Great Aunt, Elizabeth Caroline Gordon Cox, nee Black, who died in Brooklyn 17th Nov 1895. I have found a certificate number 20036 on Family Search. I only want to know the cause of death at age 27 because the photos show her as a good looking young woman. Vitalchek doesnt have this record. Where else could I look online? Thank you.

  • squarryadministratorsays:
  • Michael Brian Sorensonsays:

    I am seeking information on the death of an aunt. Mary Lou Carroll was three years old when she died in 1935. She was a younger sister to my mother, Nancy Rose Carroll. I tried to fill out an application for a copy of Mary Lous death certificate but I am not a parent, sibling or child. I want the information only for family genealogy purposes. Before my mother died in August 2019 she did not know how her younger sister had died, as my mom was only six years old at the time.

  • squarryadministratorsays:

    Michael, we can show the basic death record information however some death record information is limited on older NY death records. there is something in particular you would like us to help you lookup from a New York death record?

  • Michael Sorensonsays:

    The only thing I want to know is cause of death. Thank you.

  • squarryadministratorsays:

    Michael, our records do not show a cause of death unfortunately. You will need to resources the NY death certificate for this information and its not always listed unless there was an autopsy performed

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    How Do I Get An Autopsy Report

    In the State of Utah, copies of the autopsy report are not public record. The Office of the Medical Examiner will provide copies of the autopsy report to the decedents immediate family members or legal representative. This will require a fee of $10 . Additional records beyond the autopsy/toxicology report will require additional fees.

    New York Death Records Lookup

    Gabby Petito autopsy from Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue

    In New York, the death records are maintained by the Vital Records Division of the New York State Department of Health. The aforementioned Vital Records Division maintains death records of 1881-present. As they are not public records, only the parents, spouse, or children of the deceased can obtain the New York Death Records. In addition to aforementioned relatives of a deceased, New York Death Records can be obtained by people with a court order, documented medical need or a documented legal right. However, the public can obtain non-certified death records dating back at least fifty years.

    It is important to keep in mind that the Department of Health does not maintain records of deaths that occurred in New York before 1914. If you want pre-1914 New York Death Records then you?ll have to visit the office of the local registrar. There are three ways for you to obtain death records in New York: by mail, by telephone and online. Following is how you can obtain the New York Death Records through each way.

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    Office Of The Medical Examiner

    740 E. Henrietta Rd.

    Nadia A. Granger, M.D.Medical Examiner

    The Monroe County Office of the Medical Examiner is an agency of the county government that serves in the public interest to investigate all reported deaths which are not attended by a physician and those which may not be natural in manner. Service is provided for Monroe County and many surrounding counties to aid in the administration of criminal and civil justice and to provide accurate data that can be utilized for public health and educational needs.

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