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Ali’s Roti Shop Bronx

Reviews For Ali’s Roti Shop

Ali’s Roti Shop

When I say the walk ? to here when you don’t know where you are going is crazy, but the enjoyment of eating a good roti is good ?? nice and big soft rotiKid-friendliness: The old lady was very friendly I felt welcome to spend my money will come again and she even give me extra

True Roti as far as I’m concerned, no roti shop in Schenectady can top it! To me, when I ask for the skins, they’re not always fresh in Schenectady. You can’t even get Tamarind sauce or real pepper sauce! What I usually get in Schenectady is salty curry meat with 2 dry roti skins! The city is the place to go for authentic curry and roti. Shame on the restaurants that serve to people who don’t really know what a good curry and roti should taste like.

I Love This Spot! Best Roti I know. Ive been coming for the past 5 or so years. I always get the boneless chicken and Never disappointed. Friendly and Fast Service. Pholourie Always Hittin too Love their Tamarind sauce ?

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“I’m from Brooklyn and this is not affiliatedWith Ali from fulton st or UticaI too had a roti from this establishment since moving to the bx.I’m not used to cheap impostors and thisNot an roti shop.”

“Wonderful experience the workers were exceptionally nice and accommodations. It was almost their closing time and I was given extra doubles. I definitely will be to purchase roti.”

“The vegan vegetable Roti was huge and delious. Yum! The chickpea doubles were amazing. Go here if you want the bomb vegan roti and doubles!”

“Roti’s are fabulous, just make sure you have the preparer repeat your order after you put in. Word of caution check your order before departing.”

“This is not real trini food. After eating here I cried and drove an hour and mins to the real Alis Roti shop in Brooklyn on Utica ave to satisfy my craving. The chickpeas in the doubles were disgusting big and hard like they got them straight out of a can. That drive to Brooklyn was worth it.Update* another good roti spot is Triniciti roti shop in queens”

Street Eats: Ali’s Roti Shop

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“One doubles,” a lady in line was ordering at the counter of Ali’s Roti Shop. Is this some sort of code language that only Caribbeans know? How can you have just one doubles? It turns out that doubles is the essential snack food of Trinidad, and doubles is/are delicious. It starts with a small biscuit-sized disk of fried bread that is slathered with a thick chickpea curry and then topped with another round of bread. This finger sandwich of sorts may sound like a vegetarian dainty, but it packs a wallop. Especially if you ask for the hot sauce, and you should. The turmeric-colored bread is as soft and comforting as a pillow, and at first you might think you’re taking a bite out of the Pillsbury dough boy. Then you hit the warming, earthy chickpea mixture, spiked with tamarind, cilantro, and cumin.


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Ali’s Roti Shop Coupon And Promo Codes In Bronks Bronx

Ali’s Roti Shop prices tend towards the moderate side, with the average tab at Ali’s Roti Shop running under $30 per person. A great place for spending time with the family, Bronxs favorite Caribbean restaurant has a wide range of menu options, including low-fat and gluten-free items!

Ali’s Roti Shops menu offers meals throughout the day, so swing by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Contact us to see if brunch is available again on Saturday & Sunday. Dine in or order curbside dining for all your favorite foods, and remember to mention Goodshop sent you for a special discount. For families or large parties, call +1 718-655-2178 ahead of time to confirm a time that fits your schedule. For curbside delivery drivers or customers picking up orders, a nearby lot is available for use.

Ali’s Roti Shop is located at 4220 White Plains Rd Bronx New York. Isn’t it time you indulged in your favorite Caribbean food?

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