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Stand Up Mri Of Brooklyn Pc

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How to Read an MRI of the Brain | First Look MRI

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“I came here a few weeks ago to have an MRI done on a Sunday which was pretty convenient for me. The receptionist was pleasant and the tech that did my MRI was pretty cool. My experience at this location was great.”

“After trying to schedule an appointment for several weeks, being told I need a new referral despite having one, and talked to as a child, I had a doctor call them on my behalf. The incredible rude receptionist suddenly had a different tone and eventually I got an appointment. I show up at 8. for my 9am appointment and told they are a little bit behind and that I might be seen at . At 9. I ask for an update and am told its gonna be another minutes. I am appalled. At the tone, attitude, service and nonchalance. Edit: When a shoulder surgeon looked at the images he said quote Im sorry but these are so bad I can barely see what body part I am looking at Had to get a new MRI elsewhere. Save your money – this place is straight up scamming you.”

“I got to my appointment minutes late and was still treated like I was priority .. Tina R is amazing she helped me beyond her means and made sure that I was seen right away.. I highly recommend stand up mri especially Tina R for her absolute amazing hospitality”

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